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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: We ran out of leftover dressing and gravy at exactly the same time. I call that a win.
    Rave: My part of the Christmas shopping is about 80% done.
    Rave: Also, the Christmas cards are ordered.
    Rave: AND, I got an awesome dress for Emily’s holiday party. Now to research how to create big 70s hair.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Great holiday party over the weekend. All the food turned out perfect, the cats weren’t spooked by everyone coming over, parents didn’t offend anyone, and guests made almost no messes. Love the new turkey fryer. Couldn’t have asked for a better result.
    Rave: Big wins by FSU and UNC. Brady losing last night was a nice capstone to a good football weekend. (although most of Saturday’s games sucked on the actual competitive play level)
    Rant: Black Friday sales seem pointless now. Went looking for a new side table and task lamp to pair with my recliner and basically nobody was doing any incentives. Arhaus at least had a “sale” on lighting, so went with them by default. The rest of Tysons was a zoo, at least my folks got a kick out of seeing the spectacle.

  • Rant: Rough thanksgiving with my friend still institutionalized… visited twice and spoke with her on the phone a lot but she’s not good. And her mom is now working to get her out of there with no plan in place for her care. And she’s cutting off her brother…who has been the only practical, committed family member
    Rave/Rant: Walking into my family’s loving embrace after spending the afternoon in the hospital with my friend. I sobbed most of Thanksgiving – alternatively from loving my family to feeling utmost despair at my friend’s situation.
    Rave: Good work trip to Guadalajara and heading off to Paris on Wednesday.

    • Some other good stuff:
      Glen Hansard at Constitution Hall. New Adele & Glen Hansard albums. One last swim in the National Capital Y before it shuts down the end of December.

  • That is an awesome photo!

  • House Buyers Beware:

    I give up. After over a decade of living among loud, disrespectful neighbors, we’ve finally thrown in the towel and sold our house. We go to closing next month. We live on a sweet little street in Shaw right off NJ Ave. Perfect location, plenty of wonderful neighbors, and you could never tell anything was amiss by just driving through once in a while. But multiple times a week there are groups of loud, drinking, pot-smoking, cursing and yelling people (mostly men but sometimes a few women too) in front of houses on either side of us for hours on end. They sit on other neighbors’ steps who have to ask them to move to get in and out of their houses. They litter for someone else to pick up. It’s ridiculous. We’ve tried talking to them, befriending them, calling the police, nothing works. It’s weird too, as they’re otherwise nice people. They just are completely blind to and easily offended by the suggestion that their behavior is rude and disruptive. They’ve lived here forever and feel like it’s their right and that people should just get used to it. After a decade, I still can’t. So just a lesson learned for folks who are looking for houses. Be sure to spend some time on the block and try to find out how much sound carries through your walls and windows before you commit.

    Learned the hard way….

    • Accountering

      Sorry this happened to you, and that you were forced to move as a result. This sucks.
      I suppose the brightside is, you made a lot of money on your house over the last ten years, but that can’t be much consolation. You would have made just as much money had you bought one block over, but you wouldn’t have had to deal with crappy neighbors. Horrible situation, and agree with your comment, I think before a real estate purchase, people should spend a good amount of time walking around the neighborhood at all times of the day and night.

      • Yeah- but then if you buy in colder months where things seem pretty quiet until to find out its a zoo in the warmer months. im more curious as to where the OP is going to relocate to?

    • Wow – better hope your buyers aren’t PoP readers!

      • Probably too late now. Not doing your research on the neighborhood isn’t reason to rescind the contract.

        • Have you seen the signed contract or is this pure conjecture? A savvy buyer would likely have several ways to back out and keep their deposit.

          • Even an unsavvy one has ways to back out; although, I have yet to see the neighbors are too loud as a reason.
            Since you know as much as I do on the topic, I’ll stick with probably until other info presents itself to the contrary.

    • Oh Shaw resident, I am so sorry you had to deal with this. I went through something similar the past year and a half, and recently threw in the towel as well. I am a lucky renter though, so I can’t imagine your frustration. Good luck with the house hunt and know you are not alone in your frustration of loud loiterers!

    • So did you list your loud neighbors in the disclosure docs? You’ve given enough clues to make it pretty simple to isolate your particular house.

      • Accountering

        Loud neighbors would not need to go into disclosure docs.

      • No, we didn’t disclose it as it wasn’t required. Not sure where we’re moving yet. We’ll probably rent for a bit while we do some research for the purpose of, among other things, not getting in the same situation next time. We do want to stay in the general area.

  • Rave: Wonderful Thanksgiving with the family, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world again
    Rant: Or make, that, did. Then I grabbed fast food for breakfast (why?! Why did I do this to myself?!) and now I feel disgusting and like I want to curl up in a ball and die a little. I didn’t have any food in my house (Why go shopping right before you go away for 5 days?), and figured I’d pick up a breakfast sandwich. Ugh. My body hates me right now.
    Rave: Things seem a bit slow at work so far, so that’s helpful in terms of easing back into the work week.

  • Rave: Fabulous Thanksgiving exploring the SO’s hometown and meeting some of his old friends.
    Rant: 5 hour drive each way crammed into a car with three dudes ranging in height from 6’5 to 6’9. I’m sure it’s much worse for them but my back and legs are not happy with me right now.
    Rave: $2.50 double bourbon drinks all weekend.
    Rant: Back to DC prices now.

  • Rave: Thanksgiving was mostly drama free! Visited my cousins on my dad’s side. I don’t see them very often, despite living in the same city.
    Rant: Mostly drama free. My cousin got into it with her daughter right at the end. They are now carrying on a Facebook argument. Whack shit like this is why I don’t visit that side of my family very often.
    Rave: I get to see my Mom’s side of the family this upcoming weekend. I haven’t seen my Grandma in Indianapolis in a shamefully long time. I look forward to catching up.
    Rant: I hate flying, and I especially hate flying during the holidays.

  • Rave: Awesome Thanksgiving with family. Lots of amazing outdoor time enjoying the weather.
    Rant/Rave: From time to time, I find the contents of stolen purses/briefcases dumped out in the alley next to my building. Came home to another yesterday afternoon, clearly the remains of a purse with anything remotely valuable gone. Among the detritus were several matching pieces of sturdy silverware that must have been stolen from a restaurant. Bag theft sucks, but I must admit there’s a certain schadenfreude in seeing a thief getting her just deserts.

  • Rave: fantastic trip to Iceland! I saw the Northern Lights(!), snowmobiled on a glacier, rode Icelandic ponies, saw lots of beautiful nature things and even had Pablo on call to help with my pictures! Thank you so much!
    Rant: I am so tired right now. I’m not sure I’m going to last the day.
    Rave: free international roaming data and texting. Sometimes you kill me TMobile, but sometimes you are the best.
    Rave: where was the holiday traffic last night? The ride back from Dulles was about 40 minutes, maybe less.
    Rave: it was awesome to be out of the country for Black Friday.
    Rant: I think my dog had a better time at the dog sitter’s than he does with me :-/

    • Hooray for all your raves, looking forward to seeing pics!

    • Where was the holiday traffic? They were all trying to get into National. It took 20 minutes (it seemed) just to get from the back-up before the exit on the GW Parkway to get to the terminal.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Loved seeing some pix from Iceland, what an awesome trip!

    • Jealous of your Iceland trip! I am going in the spring- did you get reliable T Mobile coverage? I am planning on driving the ring road, and assume that there won’t be a lot of coverage out there, but in the towns I am wondering if it worked well. Thanks!

      • We went around the Golden Circle and up part of the glacier, to Blue Lagoon (since you’re doing the Ring Road find a better hot spring, this was insane), and out to who knows where to find the Northern Lights. So, we never really went too far from Reykjavik, not as far as you’ll be going, but coverage was impressive. I uploaded a picture to FB from the bottom of the glacier. There were times when I really didn’t have much or any coverage, but I was never doing any navigation, so it was fine for me. I was pleasantly surprised.
        I don’t even get that kind of coverage when I visit my parents in suburban CT.

    • Rather surprisingly, my boss asked me if I went to the Phallological Museum while in Iceland.

  • Rave: Hovercraft time at the farm — sensible transport for going over the meadow and through the woods
    Rave: Lovely extra long weekend with bonus blue skies and sunshine
    Rave: Bluebirds came to the feeder for the first time
    Rant: Driving home yesterday in the dark, in the rain, in heavy traffic

  • rave: Cyber Monday + eBates = $$$
    rant: being the one who has to buy gifts for my husband’s nephew/niece. I don’t know the children, so I don’t know what they like or have. I went with a Highlights subscription and will hope for the best.
    rave: glad to be back at work and not having to travel anywhere for Thanksgiving. It’s amazing to not have to travel.
    rave: my corn pudding got rave reviews at turkey day. So good.

    • binntp

      I loved Highlights for children when I was a kid. Only ever got to read it at the dentist’s office, where I’d turn immediately to the cartoons of Goofus and Gallant. I didn’t even know they still published that!

      • yes there are specific Highlights for different age groups.

      • Blithe

        I, too, only read it at the dentist’s office — and I, too, turned immediately to Goofus and Gallant, and the hidden pictures page. Much appreciation to Dr. Emmett Scott for those stacks of Highlights magazines!! Not to mention decades of excellent dental care. πŸ™‚

      • I too, only read Highlights at the Dentist or Doctor’s office. Would go directly to the hidden pictures page. I still love Highlights. Great gift idea.

  • Additional rave and possible rant: Amazing treats from Reading Terminal Market. OMG.

    • It’s such a great place!
      Every time I am there I wonder why I left Philly. (Though life is more than Reading Terminal…)

  • Rave: Made it to the interview stage for a government job.
    Rave/Rant: 3 months pregnant. I’ve been at my current job for 6 years, so I can take a long maternity leave. If I get and take the new job, not sure what the situation would be. But, since I applied for the job in July and still haven’t interviewed, I’m assuming I could at least take 4 months off before they would hire someone else.

    • ugh that’s a big dilemma. I would just wait until you have the offer. gov can take FOREVER, which can be to your advantage. Good luck!

    • I recently became a fed (2 weeks ago), the process between applying and final offer was about 3 months. Also if offered a position, negotiate your 6 years or whatever your total related professional experience is counted toward your credit for leave time. I was given about 8 years, so that translated into earning 6hrs of leave per pay period instead of the normal 4hrs. This also put me closer to the 15 years of time served where the 6hrs turns into 8hrs/per pay period. The HR person who gave me the verbal offer didn’t know this was even possible and she had to call me back a few times after speaking to her manager. This info is available on OPM website. This delayed my final offer by about a week.

      Good luck!

    • Hiring time depends on whether they need a security clearance. I’m a former fed and application to hire date was a year! That was pretty quick compared to some others too–it can drag on for two years or more.

  • Question? Anyone sold a home recently that was a rental property with tenants? Can the owner and tenants come to their own agreement in regards to first right of refusal? Or must you go through DCRA and file letter with the city etc?

    • Your realtor should be on top of this, but it’s my understanding that paperwork needs to be signed by the tenants stating that they give you the first right of refusal. You can make whatever deal you’d like including buying them out of a lease if they agree. Without this paper, they could sell this right to someone else and stymie the sale. I’m not sure if that paperwork is filed or simply made available to the buyer to be.

      • A realtor will not be involved in the transaction. I just want to know if I tell my tenants I’m not renewing their lease because I’m planning to sell the home(I’m 99% sure they aren’t interested in purchasing) that if I draft up a letter and we both sign it where they agree to NO interest in purchasing- if that protects me from any issues down the road. I’m giving them 5 months notice, and if they were to find a new place, I’d let them break lease early. In reading the TOPA stuff- it says you have to do xyz with the city/mayors office…

        • there’s a DCRA form you’ll need to have signed re: right of first refusal. You can’t NOT renew a lease, DC leases all go month to month. You have to offer them right of first refusal and there are time limits on all of these things. This is why an agent very familiar with the laws would be helpful.

        • sorry for additional post – I believe, if you list it when they live there – there are also forms you’ll need to file with DCRA under TOPA with the listing. We managed to get our tenants out before listing, however. Which, again, would be my recommendation because many buyers know about TOPA and don’t want to get screwed or severely delayed because of paperwork. You’ll get more money for an empty place.

          • No problem- That’s what I’m trying to figure out.. I’m not expecting to close on the sale until April timeframe. Which if tell my tenants now that I plan to sell then- that they’ll start looking for a new place and be moved by time I close on the sale?

          • Maybe, maybe not.
            They might not find a place they like in their price range in time or they’ll try to hold it to get money from you. Who knows? I would get an experienced seller agent to walk you through the process and get all your ducks in a row.
            It doesn’t matter if they move by closing simply having them living there during the listing process can cause any number of headaches from what jin said above to simply having a messy place to show.

          • I am NOT listing the place. I am selling the place to myself and another partner into and LLC, so the home can be redeveloped for future sale.

          • you could still probably seek the advice of an agent familiar with TOPA even without listing, maybe for a nominal fee, to make sure they don’t screw you over. That said, selling to yourself is possibly less time sensitive so if they don’t agree, you can always raise their rent a lot and see where the chips fall at that point. It’s difficult to be the “good guy” when kicking people out, so if you’re in no specific rush (as in, April being good market timing for a sale), you should talk to them about their plans. They may be looking to buy somewhere else (like my tenant was, so we worked with him on move out timing) or may put up a fight. You really never know.

          • Ok. thanks….The April timeframe is when I should expect all of my permits for the future work, which is why I want the place the vacant so I can start construction as soon I get permits.

        • Is it possible for you to move into the property yourself before selling? It is the easiest way to have a tenant leave, and could also give you tax advantages.

      • It was ten years ago when I sold tenanted property so things might have changed, but DCRA did not have any kind of form letter for tenant refusal. I wrote one up, tenant signed and I sent a copy to DCRA. I also had the tenant sign the actual sales contract acknowledging their right of refusal. The property was sold and only then did I get a letter from DCRA asking if I had complied. My response:

        “I appreciate your concern in the matter of my tenants. They were all duly notified with the offer of sale with a third party contract and as you could see, at the advice of my settlement attorney, in addition to signing individual letters, they signed the actual sales contract proving that they indeed saw it.

        I also appreciate your offer for your office to provide me with sample contracts, but since I previously made two trips to your office in February, (after three phone calls and fruitless hunting on the dcgov. website) only to be told that a) they were out of forms b) given the wrong forms, then upon returning them told they could give me one form which I then had to copy. c) there actually was no such thing as an official form, just suggested language, d) it was not the responsibility of the office to keep a ready supply of available forms actually in the office, and there was no one willing to bother pulling them up on the computer and printing them out, and no one even knew which forms I needed anyway. (It appears I am the first person in the history of Washington DC to ever sell tenanted property.)

        Subsequently I consulted the settlement attorney, a real estate lawyer and several realtors who managed to come up with template letters. None of my tenants has any desire to purchase these units and have made their first right of refusal perfectly clear. So you may rest assured that this matter requires no more of your time and energy.”

        Remember that anytime you deal with DCRA about anything, always ask at least three different people as you will get different answers.

    • You can come to your own agreement, but you should file everything with the city ASAP so you can get the clock ticking in case negotiations break down with the tenant. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

    • definitely use a Realtor familiar with the DCRA issue. The BEST is to get them to move out. Some renters don’t know their rights, but others will try to fleece you out of a ton of money. If possible, try to get them out via raising their rent or whatever else. SOME tenants, it’s possible to talk to them about your plans. However, some will just try to get money out of you. It’s an awful law for property owners, especially good ones who simply want to stop being landlords. We are lucky that our tenant moved out when he bought a house (thanks, Shawess!). But I feel your pain – get a good agent (ours knew a ton about DCRA issues which was helpful, and we sold two rental properties this year).

      • Again- I don’t anticipate there being any issues with the tenants. I just want any issues at closing where title company would refuse to title the property etc just based on an agreement between the owner and former(current) tenants. I’ve signed a new lease every year with them every year- where in return I’d keep their rents the same. So the current lease expires end of April- but if all parties involved agree that they don’t want to purchase- and they start looking for other places to live- I should be fine right? Isn’t that a voluntary move at that part? Even if I offered them an incentive of some sort?

        • Yes, you’re allowed to offer a lease buyout to get them out sooner. If you really want to do this solo, I’d offer something to ensure they leave and not rely on their good graces. Get everything signed and filed quickly.

          • ^^yes, this. Don’t go by your gut because tenants DO have rights and you don’t want to be surprised. Good tenants or not, you can get screwed. You didn’t need a renew a lease, really. You go month to month and any rent increase is a 30 day written notice. No, you shouldn’t “be fine”. There are documents they sign declining their right to buy. And even then, that makes the selling process longer and buyers will be more hesitant without that documentation. It MIGHT make sense to just talk with them. That’s what we did. We asked what their plans were, told them we were interested in selling but not in kicking them out. I would STILL have them sign over their TOPA rights, which then is I think a 45 day waiting period, just in case a lease is still in place (ours had expired and they were month to month)

      • sorry, since there are no buyers, forget that part. Regardless, if a lease is in place until April and they move out before then, I would have TOPA documents signed.

  • Rave: I had a lovely Thanksgiving with the in-laws and a quiet, yet productive weekend. The tree is up; 90% of the holiday gifts are purchased and wrapped; the stash of holidays cards has been located and awaits handwritten messages and signing.
    Rant: I am finding it so impossible to work out in the morning. Even when I do wake up early, the acid reflux kicks in and gym time just seems like a bad idea. I’m going to the gym during lunch and trying to supplement with yoga 1-2 times in the evening, but it is so annoying. Morning workout time frees up the rest of the day quite nicely.
    Rave: Not a permanent issue.
    Rave: The spawn is growing and kicking and seems quite active and healthy.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: I don’t always get sick, but when I do it lasts for days

  • Rave: Had a wonderful day relaxing at home and decorating and watching TV yesterday. It was a much needed break amidst the finals/holiday/boyfriend chaos.
    Rant: Looked at the federal employee viewpoint survey results for my agency this morning. I’m sure it could be worse but some of the responses are pretty sad, and were already very predictable to me even though I’ve only been around a couple years. I’m thinking it must not get much better the longer you’re around, since the vast majority of those who responded were GS-12-14.

    • justinbc

      Those things pretty much always boil down to “I’m not being paid enough” and “I want to work less”.

      • Actually, it was interesting — the “I’m not being paid enough” was one, but ~89% of respondents said they were willing to put in extra work. Some of the results that surprised me included poor perceptions of senior management, and that people don’t feel empowered with respect to work processes. (Not so surprised that creativity is apparently not rewarded. This drives me nuts on a weekly basis.)

  • Rant: Two friends had to drop out of our New Zealand bicycle trip.
    Revel: Two spaces opened up (previously sold-out) if anyone wants a great adventure in February! http://www.greatbiketours.com/new-zealand-bicycle-tour.php

  • Rave: how VT is both saying goodbye to a legendary coach while simultaneously welcoming a new coach.
    Rave: think I’ve decided to get a dog. I’m still debating, but regardless, I spent the weekend looking at puppy pics and that is just awesome.
    Rant: it’s only 11am and I’m already hungry for lunch.

  • Rave/Rant – Had a nice thanksgiving with my family, but visiting them always brings up so many mixed emotions. My husband and I built ourselves a nice life here in DC, but I feel like I’m missing out on important family time, especially with my parents, who are not getting any younger. I’m missing my nephew’s holiday show. I’m missing the family Christmas tree cutting (my family does it Clark Griswold style). It would be nice to move closer to them. But it would also be nice if they made an effort to visit us in DC too.
    Rant – Traffic was awful coming home yesterday. NYC to DC took 6.5 hours.
    Rave – My dog was so well behaved all weekend! It’s great to see all my training efforts pay off.

  • Rave: It was a lovely Thanksgiving. I made my first successful batch of gravy from scratch (thank you Alton Brown!) And the rest of the food turned out very well.
    Rant: Family members who didn’t disclose that they had recently become vegetarians before the meal. Sorry they had to skip the stuffing, but I can’t know to adjust the recipes if I don’t get a heads up that it’s necessary.
    Rave: I seem to be getting a head start on all of the Christmas things this year. The tree is up and decorated, the cards and addresses are pulled out and ready to go, and I have a few ideas about presents. This is not how things usually go, but I’ll take it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: feeling stressed out for no good reason
    Rave: took a mental health day, watching HGTV renos.

    • I feel the same. I got a bad burst of anxiety this weekend that I can’t quite shake. I think it’s the holidays. I love them, but it can be so hectic.

  • Rave: I started packing up the apartment, and we should be moved in before Christmas!
    Rant: Moving right before Christmas means no Christmas decorations this year. I know it’s a silly thing to be bummed about, but I always love putting up my little 2 foot apartment tree, hanging up lights and a wreath.
    Rave: It was a wonderful weekend full of hikes and checking out the Wonder exhibit.
    Rant: Lost my beloved aviators after 5.5 years together on my hike.
    Rave: Cyber Monday sales means I’ve procured new sunglasses already.

    • You should still get a wreathe for the door. I do that every year (even when we are traveling for the holidays). It really puts me in the holiday mood even if that’s the only decorating I do.

      • SouthwestDC

        I’m skipping the decorations this year but I’m still doing a wreath on the door. It’s been a tradition of mine to make one every year and it’s a lot more enjoyable than hanging lights.

      • I thought about it, but considering the fact that one of the main reasons we’re moving has to do with awful neighbors, I worry it wouldn’t last a week. I’ll just put the reindeer antlers on the dog and let him be my festive reminder.

  • Rant: Mosquitoes. Oh yes. Still. Got a bite on Saturday, killed two in the house yesterday. This is like the less-amusing flipside to Christmas trees in May, June, etc. Mosquitoes at the last gasp of November.
    Rave: Turkey-leek-asiago quiche. I brought two slices to work, so I can have early lunch and late lunch.

  • Rave: Great Thanksgiving, followed by a great day after Thanksgiving that did not include any shopping. Instead, we took the kids ice skating after I got off work.
    Rant: We dropped the BF’s kid off at his ex-inlaws’ other family compound on Friday on the Eastern Shore. It’s the first time I’ve been and JFC. It’s gorgeous, absolutely amazing. Completely how the other half lives. And it made me feel so incredibly small. It also highlighted for me how difficult this whole blended family thing is/will be. While my kids are stuck in Y camps every summer because their mom works but still can’t afford all the fancy, posh camps, and his kid will be spending summers at the family compound. When she’s getting an Audi for her 16th liker her cousins did, my kids will be lucky to share my old Jetta. I can’t even wrap my head around how to deal with that.

  • phl2dc

    Rant: This weather.
    Rave: Baby animals are SOOOO CUTE.
    Rant: I’m hungry but don’t want to go out in the grayness.

  • Rant: Second guessing my motivation to move. Not only will the apartment (and all the other costs associated with moving) be higher than expected, but I am starting to see that the whole Ivy City thing is not really even close to complete. I don’t really want to move in and be paying top dollar, for living essentially in a construction zone for at least the next 6-9 months. The units wont even be finished in my building by the time I would be moving in….let alone the many sites outside of the building.
    Rave: Realizing that my current place is just fine…I need to make the most of my situation, not dwell on the fact that I still have a roommate (who is actually great). I would really rather save some money and live with a roommate and work towards buying my own place, instead of renting until I am at least 29.
    Rave: Hanging out with the family always makes me feel better about my situation
    Rave: Got a date for later this week!

    • Can you back out on the Ivy City place, or did you already sign a lease?

      • I didn’t sign the least, I put a deposit down to reserve an apartment…which I am going to try to get back because there is stuff in the lease that wasn’t made clear when they gave me the reservation application. Kind of shady sh*t actually. IE they waived the amenities fee…but you have to sign an 18th month lease. I guess that is my fault, I am new to this and kind of got ‘worked’.

        • I’ve heard big buildings do that sort of thing. Also free months are actually priced as reductions of the monthly rent over the lease term, so your actual rent is very high and will jump significantly at lease renewal time.
          Always read before signing.

    • There are people both renting and with roommates well past 35, so I wouldn’t sweat such things. You can buy your starter condo and live alone while getting a nice tax deduction down the road.

  • Rant: Family stuff, in particular my mom’s no-good boyfriend and her continued deference to his unreasonable wishes.
    Rant: Too many daffodil/tulip bulbs and not enough space to plant them.
    Rant: I think I might need to do some digging up of bulbs I just planted a month ago and swap them around. Hmm, at least the digging should be somewhat easier this time?

    • Blithe

      I didn’t realize that it was even possible to have too many daffodil/tulip bulbs! Could you share some with a neighbor and increase the density of tulips on your street? Plant them in a tree box? Put them in planters and pots? Can you tell that I’m more than a little envious? πŸ™‚

      • I’m already planning to put some of them my own treebox area. πŸ™‚ The tricky thing is that daffodils don’t do well with landscaping fabric (as I discovered this past spring — I cut lots of slits in the landscaping fabric, but not all of the sprouts came up where I expected they would and a couple got stuck under the fabric). So any place I want to plant daffodils, I need to fold back the landscaping fabric. And because far too many people on my street can’t be bothered to mow their weeds, folding back the landscaping fabric means future weeds.
        I tried putting bulbs in planters last year, but they didn’t bloom and turned out to have rotted. I need to get a bunch of rocks/stones at Home Depot and try again to see if that helps with the drainage.
        I’ve even thought about planting some bulbs in overgrown treeboxes that nobody is maintaining, but the one I have in mind (I was doing some pruning on it this past weekend) is close to a main street and I worry that the flowers would get promptly swiped.

      • I have some neighbors who appear to be interested in gardening but not very good at it. I’ve thought about maybe offering to help them out, so that’s another possibility.

    • I Dont Get It

      Yeah I still have some double blossom pink daffodils to plant that someone made me buy. πŸ˜‰

      • πŸ™‚
        If you want to get even MORE bulbs, they’re now 50% off at the Rhode Island Avenue Home Depot (and probably other Home Depots).

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