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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: My new tattoo is so awesome.
    Not much of a rant because I don’t actually care: In design and placement, it looks rather basic.
    Rave: But it’s not what it appears to be and is deeply meaningful to me.

  • Rave: Great weekend– watched two friends get married, had a great pre-Thanksgiving with friends at my condo!

    Rant: My playtime is over. New Attorney is back from Europe this week and it wasn’t even 5 minutes before he started bitching about our procedures here and how inefficient everything is and it’ll be a “career destroyer” (I had to walk out of his office so I did not laugh at him).

    Rave: My friend’s Happy Hour is tonight – she’s here from out of town and I miss her so this is going to be super fun!

    Rave: Short work week.

  • Rant: Some jackhole hit my car on Sunday while I was in the store and scraped my bumper up pretty good. Security cameras were not on in the area of the parking lot I was in, so there is pretty much nothing I can do. Also, no confirmation that it was a Maryland driver, however, considering I was in White Marsh at the time, the likelihood is pretty high. Also, the ensuing discussion between my mom and another family member that it’s apparently perfectly ok to hit someone’s car in DC so long as you don’t set the car alarm off really pissed me off. The fuq is wrong with people?!?
    Rant: Feeling stressed about main job work, side job work, and getting everything ready for Thanksgiving. Decided to take some pressure off myself and at least but pies instead of making, but still – arg!
    Rave: Made a real dent on the Christmas shopping. Hopefully I won’t be stressing about that in a few weeks!

    • Additional Rant, which “trumps” all Rants: Donald Trump. His fascism is no longer amusing.

      • He legitimately scares me

        • His followers scare me much more. He’s only saying what they want to hear.

          • Good point. I feel as if we are one step closer to the movie Idiocracy. His comments about thousands of Muslims cheering on September 11th horrify me.

          • Did you see the latest? He posted statistics from a neo-nazi which were you guessed it all lies and wouldn’t take it down after being proven wrong.

          • I cannot understand how he is still leading in the polls.
            His insistance that thousands of Muslims in NJ cheered when the twin towers fell…does he really believe this is true? Or he knows it is a lie but insists otherwise to play on people’s fears? Either way, this man is not fit for any public office.

          • Blithe

            MPinDC – I’m reasonably sure that Trump knows that this is a lie — but knows that many of his “fans” (his word, not mine) will either not know that this is a a lie, or won’t care — because it stokes their current beliefs. Trump has also given out blatantly false statistics regarding black -on-white crime — which don’t match FBI statistics, and were apparently lifted from a neo-Nazi website (at least according to what came up on Google). I think what’s key is to realize that many people remember “facts” that support their current beliefs. The number of people who feel moved to do critical analysis and fact checking or even fact corroboration is depressingly small.

          • His followers tend to be the exact definition of “sheeple” and he “leads” them by completely and totally feeding into every fear they have, but the worst thing is the “facts” he uses to back his statements up. He is a complete and total bold-faced liar and his points have been proven false or completely misleading time and time again, yet none of the people who like him seem to care.

    • Re: getting sideswiped-not sure if you’re aware but in DC you can file a claim on your insurance and pay a $200.00 deductible to get the damage fixed if it’s worth it to you. The $200.00 deductible is for all hit and runs in the district.

      • This one happened in Maryland, which has something similar, but from what I was told, you need a police report and it goes through your insurance and end up paying 50% of the deductible. I’m worried if I do that Geico will find someway to raise my rate, given the conversation not long ago about insurance companies.

        • Oof-yeah that stinks. I’ve been hit and ran twice (once in VA and once in DC) and both were $200.00. FWIW, I also have Geico and never had my rates jacked up, but leave it to MD to be different.

        • Yeah, I wouldn’t risk that considering you have Geico. They’re not kind to claim filers.

        • I’ve had Md Insurance, and that sounds weird.
          My rate was raised slightly when I bought with Geico for having a lot of claims (all not at fault) in a short time, so unless you’ve had a lot of back to back claims, you should be ok.
          If you’re really that worried though, maybe you should check out other insurance. You don’t need to wait until the end of your term to do so.

          • I was told about filing a claim with MAIF for the uninsured driver part, and that my insurance would be the one filing the claim (vs me). I haven’t had any claims for probably 4 or 5 years I think, but honestly, I don’t even want to risk it going up. So I’ll just live with it and perhaps fix it down the line. It just sucks because I only bought the car this summer.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Found out we’re probably getting picked for a TV show! Yay free stuff.
    Rant/Rave: First fireplace usage of the year. Smells so good, but I hate that it’s cold enough to want one.

  • Rant: Keep getting woken up in the night by some of the radiator pipes expanding and making a loud bang where they touch or go through joists. It’s definitely not a matter of bleeding the pipes – I know that noise and this ain’t it. Any recommendations for a plumber or HVAC guy who can solve this?

  • Rant: Got on a sardine-level crowded train this morning and a two guys were loudly exchanging dirty jokes to make everyone uncomfortable. It was too dang early for that.
    Rant: Cranky about being at work today. If I had enough vacation time I would take the whole week off, it’s so slow around holidays.
    Rave: Visiting family getting in later today. Can’t wait to see them.

  • I have a question for PoPville parents out there. I’m participating in one of those Angel tree gift programs through work and I have no clue about what toys the kids are into. My kid is a 6 year old boy and he asked for a hand held educational device. Does anyone have recommendations for which of these are good?

  • Rant: Speeding ticket came in the mail over the weekend
    Rave: First ticket of any kind since I started driving many (many) years ago
    Rave: Lezo’s Taqueria opened on Mt Pleasant St, replacing Burrito Fast. Tasty tacos and tamales!
    Rave: PIcked a few more tomatoes and peppers – very small garden haul, but a respectable harvest for the end of November. Plus, lots of chard and kale and arugula

  • Rant: Neighborhood kids spitting in our faces when we ask them not to sit on our stoop and bang on our door.
    Rant: Upstairs neighbors having hours-long sexathon combined with their hatred of rugs means I was lucky enough to hear EVERYTHING.
    Rave: At least I found my earplugs I use for camping?
    Rave: Bad timing be damned, we’re going for the perfect apartment we saw last week. Fingers crossed we get accepted today. I cannot take any more spitting, thrown rocks or first-row seats to sex concerts. I don’t even care that we’ll have to move essentially on Christmas. I do not care.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Just out of curiosity, about how old were the kids, and where (very roughly – not giving sufficient detail to identify your block is fine)? If they still refused to leave, I hope you reported it to the police.

      • They’re about 13 or so. We definitely called the cops particularly because a knife was mentioned, but even that made me feel weird about the whole thing. The cops came in and were saying how we would’ve been right in hitting them and they can ‘make their lives hell’ and it just made me even more uncomfortable and I couldn’t help but wonder how the conversation would’ve gone if we were a black couple instead of a white dude and a white-looking undercover latina.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I could be mistaken, as I have no knowledge of the kids or officers in question, but my hunch is that the conversation with the officers wouldn’t have even occurred because you wouldn’t have had to call them because the kids would have listened to you or at least not spit on you in the event that your hypothetical were true.

          • That’s very possible. Regardless, I’m just done with it. It’s a crappy way to live my day-to-day.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Completely agreed. Really sorry you have to put up with this sh!t. If I remember correctly approximately where you said you lived in another discussion, yeah, I’ve had other friends leave the neighborhood because of similar issues.

    • That One Guy

      Is this the state of parenting in DC? This sort of behavior deserves a public shaming of both parent and child.

      • I thought about going to where I’m pretty sure they live and asking to speak with the parents, but I know it’s an entirely futile effort. The whole thing is not only frustrating to live with/by, but also just disheartening to know that it’s a systematic problem and not just my street. :/

    • justinbc

      The guys who live next to us are at least nice enough to start playing loud piano music before their escapades.

  • Rave: I saw my sister and my niece this weekend. The little one is growing up so fast.
    Rave: I slept a lot and feel so much more rested going into this truncated work week.
    Rave: Short work week.
    Rant: I haven’t started my holiday cards, and I need to do some major prepping for Thanksgiving.
    Rave: If that’s my only personal rant, I’m doing ok.

  • Rant: Trump. Everything about him. His rhetoric inching further into fascism by the day. His support of violence against people who disagree with him. His steady support and front-runner position in GOP primary polls. The thought of him winning, even just the primary, is terrifying.

  • Rave : visited by awesome friends this weekend. Yay for low key house guests who help me get more sleep and help around the house!
    Rave : baby snuggles
    Rant /rave: ent appointment today. Not sure anymore that it’s needed but better to get the information?
    Rant : already one third of the way through maternity leave! How did that happen?
    Rave : actually largely enjoying it thus far.

  • Rave: Close on the sale of our condo tomorrow – it actually got moved up a day!
    Rant: I’ll no longer be broke as joke
    Rant: For about 10 minutes, then I gotta pay for all our renovations for our current house 🙁
    Rave: Having a dad that can and will front me the money to make our house much better. It’s amazing.
    Rave: We’ll still have a lot from the sale – best investment ever. And the buyer loves the place, which makes me happy. Our neighbors also have their unit under contract – looking forward to seeing what it goes for.
    Rave: preschool thanksgiving on Wednesday. I imagine it will be cute. Or awful. 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: People who can’t make minor decisions for themselves.
    Rave: love my new tattoo even though it hurt like a bitch. Seriously, never get an inner arm tattoo.

    • Too late! I have to say the one on my side hurt way way worse, but that was also my first one.

      • Emmaleigh504

        This is the first one that actually hurt, the rest were just uncomfortable. I’m glad I have no plans for a side tattoo if those hurt too.

    • That’s where I want mine to go….. I have a penchant for painful tattoos, so I’m hoping I just have a high tolerance?!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I thought I had a high tolerance for pain, turns out I’m a wuss 😀

        • I thought you were the enabler?!? Or is that just for baubles and not ink? 😉

          • Emmaleigh504

            get all the ink! Just not on the upper-inner arm 🙂 The top of your fore-arm is a great place, like no nerves there. When I got my tattoo there I had to look down to make sure he was actually inking me!

          • Emmaleigh504

            also, give me a week when the memory fades and I’ll be enabling inner arm tattoos. Mine is still all red and swollen and hurty. But I totally recommend my tattoo artist, Deidre Aiken. She does the water color look super well. I love her work.

  • Rave: Getting to see my adorable 4.5 month old nephew tomorrow! I last held him when he was a week old – he has more than doubled his weight and I plan to snack on his delicious cheeks.
    Rant: Brother doing that irritating thing where he’s annoyed at our folks so everything is terrible.
    Rant: Mom forgets what it’s like to have an infant around and yes, you do need to wash your hands before you hold him because you have a cold.
    Rave: Giant nephew to snuggle.

  • Rave: Thanksgiving vacation and all the food and fun that comes with that is fast approaching!
    Rant: Frantically trying to wrap up several high-priority projects and work and nearly having a heart attack – I have no idea how this is all going to happen! I’ll be pretty quiet here the next few days!
    Rave: Nice weekend and a fun brunch with some fellow PoPvillians yesterday.
    Rant: Headache – I’ve had this headache since Thursday and still can’t seem to kill it – my migraine meds have made it retreat, but it’s still there and I feel like a zombie but a zombie that must work suuuuper fast anyway.
    Rave: Cutest video of my nephew and his “sister,” my brother’s cat- seriously too cute!

  • Rant: Bad weekend for the furnace to go out.
    Rave: My contractor/rowing buddy (who actually probably hates me and my house after the endless back-and-forth over the last two weeks of the reno) called his guy who put me to the front of the list and so the repairman is here now.
    Rave: Large check for freelance work arrived just in time for Christmas. friends and family will benefit, except for the son, who had to spend $800 to get hos car unbooted (I warned him!) two days before leaving for Vietnam and asked for all birthday (November baby) and Christmas swag up front, in cash.
    Rant: hoping I don;t have to spend it on a new boiler.
    Rave: Daughter appears to have landed an entry-level baking job at hot and well-regarded establishment in DC. I don’t know if she’ll pursue her father’s secret dream for her of a culinary career, but there is literally almost no better operation to get involved with than where she is going to be (assuming paperwork etc gets done).
    Rave: Happy daydreams of backing my daughter’s restaurant and spending my retirement sitting at a corner of the bar, snarling at the servers to deliver the kind of service I like to get when I go out (and it wouldn’t hurt to run a comb through your hair and press your short before you punch in, dammit!).
    Rant: Restaurant hours mean she will never actually clean her room until she moves out.

    • Holy shit! $800!!!! OMG, that’s a lot of money. Why was it booted–unpaid tickets?

      • he moved but had to pay off existing tickets to get a new zone parking permit but didn’t get one and so continued to get tickets for parking in his neighborhood as well as well as a speed camera or two, which are quite costly. He deserved it, but I still feel for the boy. Inherited his father’s tendency towards fiscal irresponsibility. He would have a bright future as a Republican tax theorist.

        • I’m really shocked he didn’t just get a visitor pass until he felt like taking care of it. They can be ordered by mail.

  • hammers

    rave: in a fairly pleasant mood, and checked out of work enough to enjoy it
    rant/rave: in desperate need of a career change, but open to any signs of what I can do. Should I open a business? Should I be an artist? Should I be a butcher, baker, a candlestick maker?
    rant: I missed book club due to a spot of travel last week– and I had even done my homework :p cant wait for the next one!

  • Rant: coming back to a stressful job after an amazing weekend.

    Rave: Getting to see my college basketball team win twice in Madison Square Garden, for free, while playing with the alumni pep band; getting to see my best friend’s week old baby; getting to eat amazing food and drink great wine with my family all in one weekend.

    Rant: our boss deciding TODAY that we get a few hours off on Wednesday afternoon for Thanksgiving, but not giving people those hours back if they already took them off. Also not being able to go home and see my family for Thanksgiving because of this.

    Rave: Amazing friends who can relate when I talk about how much I miss West Africa.

  • RAVE: Thanksgiving in NC with my new niece, whom I have yet to meet
    RAVE: Roadtrip down to the heart of NC. Will definitely stop for BBQ tomorrow while on the road 😀
    RAVE: BIL and his buddy (both are Special Forces) want to take me hunting on Wednesday morning. I’ve never been hunting before, but I’m stupidly excited.
    RANT: GF (pescetarian) is not happy about our hunting excursion lol

  • Rave: I’m a little late to the game, but boy oh boy do I love watching The Great British Baking Show.
    Rave: A friend is willing to indulge me and allow me to make her a Princesstarta for her birthday cake next month.

  • Rave: The staff at the Washington Humane Society was fantastic this weekend when I brought a found feline in to check for a microchip. They were sweet to the cat and grateful to me for rescuing him.
    Rant: It breaks my heart that some pet owners are irresponsible and abandon perfectly lovely fur balls.
    Rave: I have a new cat! And my dog has not eaten him yet!

  • Rave: My preeclampsia seems to be under control and I could be going home from the hospital today.
    Rant: Preeclampsia almost always gets worse, and going home could mean I end up right back here in a couple of days. If I had the choice, I’d probably stay here under close watch rather than shuffling back and forth.
    Rave: Amazing friends and family have rallied to make us feel supported and ease our stress. It makes such a big difference.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Stay in the hospital! I just watched the Sybil birthing baby episode of Downtown Abbey and all I could think of was you. (I know medicine is way better and there’s no asshat, Sir Phillip, but I worry.)

    • Yikes I missed the pre-eclampsia scare, but so glad to hear you’re doing better. Will keep sending you positive and healthy thoughts and prayers.

    • Best of luck. MY sister had preeclampsia and it was scary. They kept her in the hospital a few days before the delivery, but everything turned out fine. I’m crossing my fingers that it works out as well for you.

    • Blithe

      Glad that you’re getting lots of support and care. If you really want to stay in the hospital, is there a way that you could find out what the criteria are for doing so — so that you could maybe skew things in the direction of your preference?

  • topscallop

    Rave: I’m back! I missed America.
    Rant: It’s cold!
    Rave: just one day in the office before spending the rest of the week in the pioneer valley for thanksgiving, and my favorite food truck is here
    Rant: so much time on planes! I literally just finished unpacking and now I have to do it all over again
    Rave: I get to eat delicious stuffing, celebrate my birthday with my family, see my best friends from high school, hang out with my dog, and when I get back to DC, boyfriend will be back from his epic trip! All in all, good things.
    Rave: excited for the next Popville book club selection. I really hope I’m in DC and not traveling for the next meetup!

  • Rant: Locked front door behind me before I realized my keys were still inside. Whoops. Tripped the alarm trying to get back in.

    Rave: At least security alarm works?

    Rant: Locksmith charged $220 to open 1 lock for me. 1!!!!

    Rant: Slow as f*ck at the office.

  • SouthwestDC

    Rant: Have to contest a parking ticket because the parking enforcement guy didn’t check to see that I paid with Parkmobile.
    Rave: Ann Taylor Factory is selling cashmere sweaters for $40, so I knocked out 90% of my Christmas shopping in one fell swoop.

  • I haven’t posted in a while so here I am.
    Rave: after 2 months of not dating, I have dipped my toe back in the water. Went on two dates this weekend. Nice people but nothing extraordinary. One unfortunately turns out to be friends with low match so that’s a no-go. We realized we’ve met before, and then found out who are mutual friend/acquaintance is.
    Rave: have feelers out there for a new job. my “great” job has turned out to be not so stable, so I am on the hunt for a new gig. I managed to snag a phone interview for a job in SF with a tech company, you know the one we all use to search stuff online. I guess I’m sorta employable.
    Rant: I don’t know how I feel about possibly moving out of DC for a great job. I could use a new scene. I’ll miss my friends here.

    • Do you have friends or family in the Bay Area? One reason I was reluctant to move from DC to the Bay was the friends factor (most of my good friends are in DC), but it hasn’t been a problem so far due to other friends and family in the Bay.

      And I’d advise taking the job if it is a nice pay bump, but maybe pass if the pay is the same as DC. My take-home is about $700 more a month here, but when factoring in higher housing costs and other extra costs, i really didn’t gain anything financially (but I expected that thankfully).

      • My family is in SoCal. The pay would be significantly more if I move out there considering the position and the company versus the nonprofit job I have now. Cost of living would be astronomical compared to here. I don’t mind moving to a new city and making new friends. That’s what I did here in DC. It’s just daunting thinking of leaving.

  • Blithe

    Rave-ish?: Trying out the Birkenstock Stowe boots. They do look crunchy. How scintillating will the conversations have to be to distract from “duck feet”? Wicked comfy though.
    Rave: I spent part of the weekend hanging out with a six year old and a seven month old. Bliss-y. Baby chuckles are the best!
    Rave: Finally read the Flavia de Luce books.

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