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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: my BIL gave me a lovely goat beard cashmere scarf as a thank you for helping out the nieces while he was away. Seriously, it is only made of cashmere goat beards. It is so soft.
    Rant: I made my latte with bad milk or something this morning, but didn’t realize it until I was well on my way and well past Qualia. So I stopped at Starbucks, which is okay, but not nearly as good.
    Rave: it’s better than chunky coffee.
    Rave: Things are moving ahead with the guy who temporarily moved away. He’ll be back for a bit soon and he’s adorable. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.
    Rave: my hilarious DOG. I stopped at the car to drop something in the trunk on our walk and he loves riding in the car so much he tried to jump in the trunk. When he couldn’t make it he stood there with his paws on the bumper, excited out of his mind. He cracks me up daily.
    Rave: Pablo for giving me great advice!

  • Rave: Going to do a night or two in NYC (originally asked for MIL to watch kid, and she said “I’d love to watch him for a few days”….so we’re going to ask for Saturday and Sunday nights)
    Rant: The cost of seeing a show. WTF!
    Rave: Have a friend who is a casting director who recommended which shows were worth it
    Hive: Do I stay near the Highline or in the villiage? Considering Highline hotel and the crosby street hotel….and any vegetarian friendly restaurants near them or the Barrymore theater are welcomed!

    • Ooh, mind sharing which shows? I have a few vacation days to burn before the end of the year and I was thinking about a trip to visit a friend who moved to NYC.

    • I stayed in the Highline right after it opened and I think it’s my favorite place to stay in the city -though more for the wonderful room (we had a room looking out over 10th Avenue) than the amenities: no bar or swimming pool (g/f loves the Greenwich, which also has a great bar) or restaurant. There were couple of very good restaurants less than a block down 10th which totally had that “vegetarian-friendly” vibe, though we didn;t look closely. Close to a lot of galleries, too, if you want to play art collector.
      I’m sue the tickets are ludicrously expensive, but Hamilton is brilliant,.
      If you want to treat yourself to dinner, we ate at Batard (Beard Award “Best New Restaurant”) which was wonderful and informal and a $70 prix fix is not bad for a big night out. Wear jeans or a ball gown.
      Also, Buvette, in the West Village, is absolutely the cutest , tiny restaurant ever to wedge yourselves into, hold hands across the table and gaze into one another’s eyes while waiting for your Coq au Vin. On a weekend where we also hit Grammercy Tavern, Mission Chinese and Batard, that easily the most romantic and possibly the most memorable meal.

    • Not super, super close, but Zen Palate at 516 3rd Avenue. We moved out of NYC nearly a decade ago and I still miss it.

    • Ohhh fun – I hope you have a great getaway! Look into signing up for TDF online – if you’re employed by a non-profit you can sign up, it’s only 35 bucks for the year and you get great discounts on awesome shows. Curious Incident is incredible – but also consider Spring Awakening by Deaf West (so so good). Enjoy your trip.

    • Accountering

      Its like $130/ticket, but well worth it!

  • Crowdsourcing: Reflecting on my year, I’ve come such a long way in acceptance and happiness but there are still rough days and triggers that can send me backwards. I’ve decided I would like to join a suicide survivors group, bonus points if I can find one for loss of a parent that isn’t only for kids. I found several thanks to our old friend Google. The problem is I haven’t received a reply email from a single one of them for information on how to join and where they meet. Any phone numbers listed are incorrect/inactive lines. (What terrible irony – the feelings of rejection/abandonment are the worst lingering emotions and this is what happens upon seeking help). Anyway, does anyone in the PoPville community know of any support groups in the DC, NOVA or Southern MD areas?
    Also, a huge thanks to everyone who has given words of support and encouragement this year. I tend to only post when I really need an anonymous outlet and your responses have helped me navigate feeling lonely in this very crowded city. I’m in a great place overall and I owe a lot to the PoPville community. Much love to my fellow anonymous neighbors!

    • also interested in suicide survivors group- please let us know what you find. you are not alone!

    • I wish I had advice, but I think it’s a great idea to join a group, and so awful that these things are not well managed. It sounds like these are in the junk drawer of the internet.
      I hope you don’t let this obstacle derail you, though it sounds like you’re trying hard not to let it. I witnessed a traumatic event a number of years ago and I let a small insurance issue completely derail my plans to talk to someone about it because it’s hard to overcome that stuff when you’re in pain, but I really regret it.

    • Try the Women’s Center. I think they have locations in Alexandria and I know they see people by McPherson Square in NW DC. I don’t know if they have suicide specific services but they might be able to point you in the direction of someone who can. I saw a therapist there for almost two years and have known of many others who have had great experiences using their mental health services. It’s just thewomenscenter dot org.

    • special_k

      The Wendt Center: http://www.wendtcenter.org/
      They do have suicide-specific support groups.
      Wishing you the best.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Fawncy work party was awesome. So nice to see former colleagues, and I’d never been to the Textile Museum before.
    Rave: Mr. Zelda enjoyed himself, even though cocktail parties are pretty much his worst nightmare.
    Rave: Making plans for my trip to Sweden with Emily. Travel planning is one of my favorite things.
    Rant: Have to wait until June for the trip to Sweden.

  • Rave: Quiet morning at work. Can do some research/writing for school in between tasks.
    Rant: Feeling like I’m getting sick, throat/ears feel funny and I’m so tired. Bad timing, immune system.
    Rant: BF got laid off this week. Is now scrambling to find a new job. Thoughts and prayers welcome.
    Rave: It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! ^_^
    Additional rave: I went back and looked at yesterday’s RRRR because I was really not paying much attention yesterday, and I wanted to thank you all for the sympathetic and nice comments. It made my day a little brighter.

  • Rave: Looking forward to book club tonight! I forget how much I enjoy reading sometimes, this has been an all-around good thing!
    Rant: This weather is doing my allergies/sinuses no favors.
    Rave: Looking forward to the weekend, should be fun and relaxing.
    Rant: A very good friend of mine is having some serious medical issues. She has been dealing with many serious medical issues for 6 years, but things may have just gotten a whole lot worse. I’m very concerned, and trying to figure out how I can help support her, which is tricky since she lives in NJ.

    • Good luck – It’s tough to be away from friends during their time of need. But if you know the area (or good at google) maybe look into places that deliver good, home-cooked meals, or a local spa or bookstore that your friend can relax at and send along gift certificates. Or plan a trip up there!

  • Rant: Had a dermatologist appointment last week and he ended up cutting off a mole for a biopsy. Results should come in any day now, and I’m terrified.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Work thing this afternoon
    Rant: My legs hurt often and I fear it’s my wonderful insomnia drug. Sleep or pain, I can’t decide. I’m starting to feel old.
    Rave: Book club tonight.

  • Rave: Trying something new: sleeping in rather than being first at work. I like it far too much.
    Rave: For whatever reason (I’ve changed nothing in my profile recently), I’m getting lots of interest from seemingly normal ladies over the past 2 weeks.
    Rant: Saturday is overbooked, and I don’t know what to cut.
    Rant: Conservative jackholes. I thought I got them all in the last culling, but this refugee thing is bringing out the worst in ppl. I don’t care if we disagree, but when you bring in Black ppl to a discussion on foreign and domestic terrorism namely what to do about all these crazy white men who can’t get a gf and kill ppl you come off as a casual racist.

  • Mostly a rant: had a huge ding (100 points!) on my credit score due to an ‘unpaid medical bill.’ I called around to figure out what happened and learned it was all an error. It will be erased from my credit report … In 30-60 days. Thanks, GW hospital! (LBP, didn’t this happen to you recently too?)
    Also, a PSA: I think GW is transitioning its billing systems and I think it’s causing major problems for its patients. If you think you might be affected I recommend checking your credit score. The lady I spoke to in billing was surprisingly nice and helpful.

    • My wife received a final notice bill from one of GW’s urgent care offices even though we never received an original bill, or any subsequent notices. So they definitely have something going on. Thankfully I think we caught it before it hit the credit report, but will have to check that.

    • ugh! that shit is the worst! Thanks for reminding me, I need to check my credit score and make that bill thing has been resolved. I’m going to got through the roof if it dings me! BTW, any suggestions on good ways to monitor my credit score on a more consistent basis than my once-a-year freebie check? (I’m terrible at this kind of thing!)

      • Credit karma is free, and you can check it as much as you like. They will alert you to changes and occasionally send out the score on its own.

      • I Dont Get It

        Are you wanting to monitor your credit scores or your credit report since you get three free reports per year? My bank or maybe credit union puts my credit score on my statements.

    • I Dont Get It

      WHC is no better–I got random bills for 18 months.

      • I’m starting this fight now. They STILL haven’t updated my insurance info even though I’ve called them twice. It doesn’t help that there are two separate billing places – one for the ER physician who saw me and then WHC itself. What irritates me is that I *know* that both billing centers have access to the same information. What irritates me further is that I know the person who (at least used to deal with billing) for the hospital and I *so* want to call them.

      • +5000. I got scary bills for the full cost of my surgery for almost a year afterwards, despite presenting WHC with an insurance card, following up with them several times, getting my insurance to call them, etc. I was sure they were going to sue me for it. I would never go there again.

    • GW is horrible at billing – they claim to have an integrated system but they don’t. So definitely double and triple check your insurance info AND how they spell your name. Good luck – that’s so frustrating.

      • I think they -just- got an integrated billing system. My most recent bill looks very different and is finally itemized in a way that makes some sense. But still
        It can be a Kafkaesque experience to try to figure out what is owed for what. I spoke to five different people in different offices and am still not sure what the supposed overdue bill was for or why the error was made.

  • Rave: Tree missed parents house and only took out the garden shed
    Rave: Quietish week at work
    Rant: Getting that sore throat feeling
    Rave: Niece may come for Christmas – along with Sis and BIL – yeah!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: The slowness of using the new chip cards at Trader Joes—I feel sorry for the cashiers and the customers!
    Rave: I was running late and blamed “the Red Line meltdown.” No one bothers to question the accuracy of that excuse!

    • Ugh, +1. I used to swipe, PIN and say no/yes to cash back all while I was still being rung up. As soon as the last item was in my bag, I only had to hit yes to the final amount. I realize it’s significantly more secure now, but it seems to add a lot of seconds to the finely-oiled machine that is TJ’s checkouts.

      • +1. I went the first day they got the software upgrade and the cashier said it was already driving all the employees completely bonkers.

  • Rant: What’s with the warrantless searches at the CoHi metro this morning? We begin with the assumption that searches should begin with probable cause or a warrant specific to a person, implying that searches should be targeted, not random? That would be effective, and reduce arbitrary searches.

    This is nothing more than security theater. Metro police permits people, such as myself, to turn around and walk away if they do not want to be searched, but of course they are reluctant to inform you of this. If you are a suspicious person you would walk away, and go to a different metro.

    When I asked they also told me that I could walk away, but that I couldn’t use the bus. I didn’t ask for details on the bus ban, such as how long it would last. The bus ban only stems from declining the search, and not related to any suspicious activity.

    I know people are concerned about security following the Paris attacks. Metro needs to demonstrate that they are doing something, and no doubt like any government agency, they seek to expand their authority. We should require that the police operate rationally, and target actual suspects, rather than arbitrarily search citizens. It is in the aftermath of attacks that we have to work the hardest to protect our rights.

  • Rant: My coworker had her apartment broken into yesterday and they took her purse along with a lot of other things. Thinking of her this morning. At least she wasn’t there when it happened.
    Rave: My new apartment. It has its own washer and dryer. Can’t wait to move in next weekend.
    Rant: I burst into tears last night without warning. I’ve been on the verge of tears for a while now and have suppressed the urge to let loose so far. But last night I was talking with Mom on the phone about how someone we knew was bragging about their kid’s educational achievements online (3 lawyers in the family). For some weird reason, I thought about my deceased dad and how he would’ve loved to have gotten a doctorate in education. Then, I remembered that it was beginning to be offered at his alma mater and the tears started to flow. It’s been 21 years since my dad died and I thought that I was over all of the crying.
    Rave: upbeat music flowing through my earphones.

    • I actually really admire you for still crying when thinking of your dad from time to time. Sometimes armor is actually the easier way out.

      • Thanks. I never thought about it that way. I thought that after this long, I’d be past this. I thought it would be strong to be have that armor.

  • Question: I’m looking for a place to meet with a prospective client in Columbia Hts or Adams Morgan for a semi-formal initial consultation. Any recommendations where we’d be able to have a semi-private conversation where we wouldn’t need to scream to hear one another on a weekday morning?

    • La Fourchette on 18th is quiet and charming

    • ooh, sorry, just saw the morning part, La Fourchette might not be open early enough. I would think the Diner wouldn’t be too loud on a weekday, but not really sure…slim pickings for morning offerings that won’t be cray

    • I hold morning meetings at the Coupe pretty frequently. On weekdays it’s quiet enough.

    • jim_ed

      Highlands Cafe at 14th and Decatur is a hidden gem for weekday breakfast, and during the week usually has plenty of room. May be a bit further north than you’re looking for, but worth looking into at least.

    • I’ve done meetings at the coffee shop attached to Room 11 but it’s kind of hit or miss on space. It’s not huge but the baked goods and coffee are great.

  • Smilla

    Question: anyone know of casual, not upscale, places downtown that are open for lunch on Thanksgiving Day? I’m talking about fast casual (not McDonalds), bar food, and sit-down restaurants that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ll be down on the Mall with visitors from out of town, checking out the museums. I know that the Museum of the American Indian has the best food of all the museums, but we’d like other options besides the museum cafes — if there are any.

    • Not sure if the direct link will get through the spam blocker, but Eater DC has a really good guide to who’s open on Thanksgiving and what they’re serving.

    • The Black Squirrel and Libertine are doing a $10 Thanksgiving dinner. It was linked here yesterday. And I just read about another place(Southern Hospitality?) doing a $20 Tom Hanks themed Thanksgiving dinner in the Express paper today. I cannot for the life of me remember which restaurant.

      • I Dont Get It

        Okay I assumed that was some typo but apparently Hanksgiving is a thing now with punny Tom Hanks themed side dishes. Mr. Google says Smoke and Barrel will be hosting this event.

    • Clyde’s @ Gallery Place is my go-to for a downtown eatery with out-of-towners. Their menu is reasonably priced, especially at lunch, and the Chinatown location is good. Food is okay, nothing spectacular. I’m not sure if they are open on Thanksgiving so give them a call first.

    • Also, OpenTable has a list of places offering Thanksgiving meals. The pricing info is included for most. There are some reasonable options mixed in here.

    • Smilla

      I should have been clearer in my original post. We’re not looking for a place for Thanksgiving dinner. We have that covered for later in the day (after the museums are closed, so that we can see as much as possible). We’re just looking for a place for a light lunch to tide us over until dinner, and we don’t feel like brown-bagging it.

    • That One Guy

      Hill Country BBQ is also open for Thanksgiving.

    • The cafe at the Native American museum will likely blow the table skirts off any other similarly-priced place nearby.

      • Agree it’s got some excellent food, but for what you’ll end up spending on a complete dinner for a whole family there, I’d much rather enjoy a relaxed sit down service over something that’s just a really good cafeteria. I love trying new and different things there, but the prices are a serious turn off.

    • I’m hungry for crab cakes so we’re eating at Clyde’s Gallery Place on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Rant: New baby kitty is really into people food. He jumps on the table, we put him back on the floor, he bounces back up like he’s on springs. We have to eat hunched around our plates like prison inmates. Doesn’t help that the kids try to sneak him food. He’ll eat ANYTHING. Please tell me he’ll outgrow this. I’ve never had a cat before that was so indiscriminate about food, and so desperate for it. (And we free-feed him, so it’s not like his own bowl is empty.)

    • One of my 2 kitties is the same way. They are 6 months old now, and the one just tried to eat everything!
      I was cooking yesterday and he tried to lick the hot olive oil out of the pan! (good thing I caught him in time!) He has also eaten straight coconut oil, veggie scraps from the sink, an entire bag of cool ranch Doritos, (which he clawed open, while I was taking a shower). Also had to move the recycling bins to under the sink since he was getting into those! His brother does not care about people food, but this one we have to lock in the bedroom when we are eating so we can eat in peace. And they both get 2 small cans of wet food daily, and have dry food free fed!

    • One of my cats is like this and it’s really hard. Be careful with certain foods, especially grapes and raisins.

    • Have you tried a squirt bottle? Otherwise, get a dog and train her to chase the cat off the table. (My dog actually trained herself to do this!)

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Sounds like my Abyssinian. She really likes the mashed potatoes from Whole Foods.

  • Rant: ANC1D going off the rails. Looks to be gearing up to block the Farmer’s Market in the spring, having just passed a resolution requiring ANC member objections to park permits to be secret. The resolution actually specifies it should be done with private email, despite instructions this summer to use ANC emails for all ANC business. This is spearheaded by the three members who tried to block the market this year because it’s racist.
    They also failed to get to a resolution for a bike lane on Adam’s Mill that everyone wants. Mt. P I love you and hate you.

  • Rave: Flying to see my Grandma in Indianapolis in a few weeks! I haven’t seen her in a few years, and she is getting up there in age.
    Rave: Lots of family time coming up! Thanksgiving, Trip to Indy, my baby brother is graduating in December and finally Christmas.
    Rant: I love my family, but sometimes a little family time goes a long way. Hopefully no blowout fights occur.
    Query: Are we doing an unofficial PopVille Happy Hour for December?

  • Rave: Being useful at work amongst an alarming amount of people who throw their hands up at the smallest speed bumps. Its rewarding to be persistent and follow through, and when it actually fixes something that people desperately need…even better.
    Rant: My performance review got delayed til next week….apparently they are ‘crunching numbers’. They had all year to crunch numbers! Long story. But frustrating….esp with me signing a new more expensive lease soon, I would like to know how much I will be making before I sign on the dotted line.
    Rant: Can anyone who lives in Ivy City/Trinidad calm my nerves about moving out there? Good or bad I just want some feedback…I read some not so great articles from city-data/popville that its too dangerous…that being said theres more crime where I live currently (according to the DC crime map) including 2 homicides down the street in the past year…I think I just need to walk around the surrounding area a bit more and get a feel for it…day and night

    • I can’t speak on Ivy City- but there’s not enough “new” comers there where I’d feel comfortable. Trinidad is pretty safe from Oates heading south to Florida. The further North you go, its gets more dicey, lot more loitering, lot more apartments vs homes, and lots more kids/teenagers- which to me is usually the cause of most trouble across this city.

      • the building I am moving into is brand new and has ~300 units coming on, so there will be significant new comers in the area. Plus additional shops that are opening up likely to bring some foot traffic to the area. My other concern is…some of this stuff might not even be finished in my first year living there! And dealing with construction noise could be a lil annoying. But at the same time, its a unique opportunity.

        • Oh then you’re definitely moving into Ivy City and not Trinidad as they don’t have any big developments like that. Yeah you will definitely be a pioneer moving into those Units over at the Hecths warehouse developments. There is still a lot to be built over there, and you’re right construction will be on going for the next 5 years at least. Even more to the south at Union Market. It’s just the beginning of massive construction projects for unforeseeable future. I just feel trapped every time I go to Ivy city. There’s really no full east/west streets, and you’re either dumped on NY ave, West Virginia Ave or Mt. Olivet Rd- and it just doesn’t feel residential to me at the moment. But I am pro development and I’m sure it will be a great place to walk/bike to. If they put a metro stop somewhere over there, that’ll be a huge game changer as well, especially with the development further east on NY ave.

        • I go to the Planet Fitness right next to the Hechts Warehouse and do hot yoga right down the street in the continue-to-be-developed warehouses. I generally get to Planet Fitness between 4:30 and 5:30 in the morning. I have done yoga at 6 am, 5:30 pm and 6 pm. I understand that this is different than living there, but I have never felt unsafe. I believe that they have 24 hour security driving around. The amount of development that is planned for that area makes me really excited. From what I have seen, those apartments are going to be great. Plus, you have that beautiful Mom’s Organic right around the corner. I think once the apartments become occupied, it will feel like much more of a community as well. Just my two cents.

  • Rant: Heard from my good friend that an ex (who she is still friends with) was asking about me and has been stalking my FB page (though he can only see what the general public sees, which isn’t much). This wierds me out and pisses me off at the same time.
    Rave: Sometimes you just have to just look at situations that piss you off and laugh.
    Rant: Got a call from my daughter’s specialist and was advised to find a new doctors because they can’t see her until April and that there is a very good chance she will get bumped then too (they were rescheduling her December appointment). What a pain in the ass!

  • Rant: Not going to make book club
    Rave: I really enjoyed the book! It wasn’t something I’d normally read but loved how much of a page-turner and easy read it was.
    Rave: I hope to make it to the next one!
    Rant/Rave: I feel such guilt when we get a reservation request that we cannot accommodate. I need to get over it and realize that people have other options and that I’m doing them a favor by responding quickly.
    Forgotten rave from our trip: We got to hear Marie Kondo speak (via interpreter) at the AirBNB open. She was the most adorable person ever.
    Rant: I’m surrounded by a whole bunch of shit that doesn’t bring me any joy. And going through it is also not going to bring me joy. I wish I was born with the organizing gene. Or that Sarah didn’t move to Philadelphia, because her one visit was helpful!
    Biggest rave: I woke up with less pain today (at like 4am, but still…it’s a step in the right direction thanks to a muscle relaxer and starting to be active again).

    • oh man! I hear you on going through the shit that doesn’t bring you joy – it’s one thing when it’s things I can easily chuck without a thought, but things that I have to actually deal with that aren’t bringing me any joy whatsoever – looking at you, stack of bills and scary letter from the IRS – it just goes so slowly, and I get discouraged and just leave the room. Because as much as I want to, I can’t just throw that stuff out. And it slows my progress down to a crawl. Glad you are having less pain today, though, that’s a great thing!

    • Emmaleigh504

      We’ll miss you tonight, but I’m glad you liked the book. Scott Westerfeld is one of my favorite authors.

      • I may miss book club too – a friend who just had major surgery is getting released from the hospital. waiting on details on timing and whether visitors wanted.
        I want to echo what Andie said about it not being something I normally would read, but that I really enjoyed it. To me the best thing about a book club is being introduced to something outside my typical preferences. thanks Emmaleigh for the pick.

  • Rave: Friend moved to a better facility.
    Rant: Going to be in their over Thanksgiving and they’re currently not offering visits for Thanksgiving. What a way to further depress someone who is dealing with anxiety, depression, paranoia, etc.
    Rave: Other friend had a successful surgery and is onto recovery. Plus, I got to hang with her pup for the day.
    Rant: No electric from stupid Pepco all day while I cared for the pup and tried to work.
    Rave: In NYC, trying to build up a community/network. Lunch with a new colleague today and coffee with a visiting colleague.

  • Revel: no longer a thanksgiving orphan. This Jewess will be eating at a church in Havre de Grace. Still orphaned for Christmas though.
    Rant: too many observations at work. As if my job weren’t enough of a pressure cooker.
    Revel: was given a longer list of strengths than challenges from my observer

    • really? I LOVE being a Jew on Christmas. It’s so quiet. So easy to get great chores done, binge watch, sleep. I love it. Well, I did. Now I have a kid and it’s like “what do I do with this guy”

      • I actually do enjoy it. It just gets kind of boring after a while. I usually just do the whole Chinese food/movie thing. Last year I did it with other PoPville orphans.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Christmas is the best for binge watching movies and TV. When I’m not celebrating with the family that celebrates, I love to cook all my favorite food and watch all the things.

    • Ha! BF’s sister lives way up yonder in Havre de Grace, enjoy the drive!

  • rant: I am done with DC. the violent crime is out of control. Now thugs are attacking moms with their toddlers in broad daylight?
    rant 2-shooting on M Street at 3 in the afternoon. It doesn’t even make the papers. Just a big crime scene.
    rant3-did a tour of our IB school today. its ok for preschool but despite the hype from all the parents, its clear that none of them actually ended up sending their kids to the school. And the admins don’t understand that the lousy test scores might be keeping some families away. The lottery is NOT school choice, its just luck.
    Over 15 years in the City and this is the unsafest I have ever felt. Even worse now that I have kid I am responsible for. VA is looking more and more like a reality in the next year. I guess its a rave that we have actually have options when a lot folks don’t

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Oh really? Good luck with that. Did you see any of the many recent interviews with Cathy Lanier? One interviewer explained that the area in Brussels where the terrorists abound is “so dangerous that the police don’t go there.” She got this WTF? look on her face. Priceless.

    • Here’s some honest advice from a mom with three kids in DCPS; if you aren’t happy with pre-school or elementary school, then you may as well just go. Looking at Middle Schools now, my emotions range from disappointed to pretty scared. Depending on what Ward you live in, lottery may very well be your only option at that point. However, you also need to look at the fact that if you do move, and if you are still planning on your kid being in public school, the grass is not always greener. Good luck with your decision!

  • New job rant
    I’ve been here for a couple of months and am feeling like my duties don’t really match the job as advertised. Not bad, exactly, but not quite enough; happy to do what is assigned, but interested in additional things too.

    Today after a meeting, I mentioned to my supervisor that the meeting topic was one that I found really interesting and that I would like to be included in that issue as much as makes sense, and was pretty clearly batted down with a “Hmmm, but you were hired to do (the other stuff) ….”

    So, it seems like I will have to have more conversations on it.

    • oh my god, are you me? I’m trying to accomplish the stuff that was actually advertised (and that I want to do) but getting brought in on a bunch of other stuff that is slowly taking over my actual job duties. And I hate it. This week has been rough.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Too many R+F related posts on FB feed. Is this happening to other people too?

    • Rodan + Fields? My FB feed isn’t filled with those posts but I do have a friend who sells for them and posts often about it. It’s tricky because I want to support her and like nice products, but it seems like once you express interest you get a hard sell on a $200 “system.” I’m sort of regretting asking more about it.

    • After seeing this post, I opened FB, and sure enough the first post in my feed was R+F related.

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