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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • phl2dc

    Rave: All the pictures of this morning’s beautiful sunrise in my Facebook feed.
    Rant: All the horrible things happening in the world. I can’t shake the sadness.
    Rave: I bought myself a Kinder Bueno just because.
    Rave: The office is mostly empty.
    Rant: I’m not in my bed.

  • Rant: Kittens wanted to play with my face at 3:30 AM.
    Rave: Kittens!

    • phl2dc

      KITTENS?!?! Tell me more!!

    • Right there with you. New baby kitty often has a burst of manic energy in the wee hours. The best thing is his conversation. He tries to talk to me to get me to play with him. “Mrow? Mmmmmrow! Mrr.” Followed by a purr that sounds like a rusted out muffler.
      His biting play gets really old, but he’s great because when he wants to play at 3am, he leaves the bed of whatever kid he was sleeping with, and comes to find me. He never wakes them up. Weirdly intelligent of him.

      • HaileUnlikely

        That’s pretty adorable. My 17-year-old cat (which came into my life at age 15 via my wife) jumps into bed usually about 15-30 minutes after we go to sleep and again sometime around the middle of the night, and each time greets us initially with a soft little meow, circles or climbs over us for a little while, and then lies down and commences purring. She is also an excellent furry little alarm in the morning – she reliably jumps into bed and meows more persistently about 15 minutes before the time when she knows we usually get up. If we open our eyes and pet her for even a couple seconds, she’ll purr for a few minutes until we drift back to sleep, and then meow again if we stop petting her for a few minutes, sort of like a snooze alarm.

    • special_k

      So cute!
      But it’s not just kittens. My 8-year-old cat brought a toy into bed this morning at 5 a.m. and batted it around while I tried to sleep. It oddly made me very happy.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My last cat used to drop her toys on my face when she wanted to play. She was also a great conversationalist. she had a great vocabulary and spoke in sentences. I miss it. Donna only mews when it’s food time and then only sometimes. But she makes up for it by being the sweetest cat in the world.
      Send MANY pix to AAF!! Please!

  • Rave: I finally saw “The Martian” last night and it was exactly what I needed.
    Rant: I was doing REALLY well with this new eating plan and I sabotaged myself on Sunday.
    Rave: Found a dress for my friend’s wedding this weekend!
    Rant: It’s the biggest size clothing I’ve ever worn
    Rave: That will be the last time I say that sentence, because of the being back on track thing.
    Rant: I need to go grocery shopping and I haven’t really had the time to make that happen.
    Rave: I took the day off on Friday. So I guess I’ll go then.

    • phl2dc

      I am HORRIBLE at grocery shopping. I mean, not the act itself, but the act of getting off my butt and going… and I live so close to the grocery store. BOOOOO ME. BOO.

      • I actually LOVE grocery shopping. It’s just this week/last weekend, I didn’t have enough time in my schedule to go when it was reasonable. I don’t like late-night grocery shopping.

        • Ha, I find big grocery stores oddly comforting. I think they remind me of home and going shopping with my mom. That said, have you tried instacart? They’ve been a lifesaver when I don’t have time to make it to the store (I’m now a 20 min walk from the nearest store).

          • +1 for instacart. The first time I did it, I told myself it was a one-time luxury thing, and now I’m considering making it a permanent thing. Groceries just show up at your door! Like magic!

          • I’ve never tried Instacart. I looked into Peapod once, and they didn’t have the things I wanted them to have (it might also be the having control of what I get and seeing it in person thing, but when I lived in NYC, I used FreshDirect with no issues). I’ll see what they have. πŸ™‚

          • SouthwestDC

            I tried Instacart once and they made so many frustrating substitutions. I remember needing a cup of raisins for something and having to open and pour out many tiny boxes because that’s what the Instacart lady brought.

          • I kinda like grocery shopping. It’s so optimistic. Like, I’m going to buy all this healthy stuff, and I have plans to use it all, and it will be delicious and none of it will go bad before I cook it and I will save money by taking the leftovers to work and because of how delicious it is, my colleagues will all be jealous. It doesn’t usually work out quite like that but hope springs eternal.
            My favorite chore is laundry. It is the most perfect making-order-from-chaos task.

          • My frustration with peapod is that you can’t order same day, and I usually don’t know what my schedule is going to look like one day to the next. And don’t even think about Safeway delivery. Half of my order was either wrong or rotten. I use Instacart mostly for Whole Foods. It actually keeps me from getting suckered into buying a bunch of stuff I don’t need. You can choose what you want as a substitute if they don’t have your first choice or just to not sub at all. If you want to try it, here’s my $10 off code: http://inst.cr/t/ryxx6z

          • phl2dc

            wdc… my most hated chore is laundry. I suspect it has to do with the fact that I live on the top floor of my building and the laundry room is in the basement.

            My favorite is washing dishes!

          • Oh yeah, I hated laundry too when I had to go to the basement. But now I have the machines right between the bedrooms. It’s the most important element of home design, to me.

          • +1 for Instacart. Like Caroline I’ve had a bad experience or two with oddball replacements, but over time I’ve started to make very specific notes about what I want and don’t want and it usually works out well. And when they really screw up (like replacing culinary coconut milk for curries with the kind of coconut milk you drink, as happened to me recently), they give you a full refund and offer to send a replacement right away. I’ve been really happy with the service overall.

        • I know this will sound cliche, but going to the store, alone, is like my Zen.

        • phl2dc

          I love grocery shopping too, I just get reallly lazy sometimes and don’t feel like leaving my apartment. I’ve spent up to 2 hours walking around in a grocery store looking at everything… but generally I know what I need and it’s in and out.

    • I hate grocery shopping. Hate it. And yet instead of setting up a peapod or some other grocery shopping service, I still force myself to go. Because I like the control of picking my stuff out. So of course I never have any food at home.

      • phl2dc

        YES! I could never let a service pick my stuff for me. I need to make sure the packaging is ok and that the expiration date is ok, too.

    • I love late night grocery shopping. I really miss the 24 hour grocery stores of NYC.
      Good people watching, lots of weirdos.

      • When we lived in CA, I never grocery shopped during daylight hours. It was always midnight or later. But I found myself buying some weird things in the middle of the night. Like 8 packs of pudding cups, because they were on sale. I never bought pudding cups before or since…

        • 24 hour grocery stores re-stock in the middle of the night. That’s usually when you get the fresh produce and the milk with the longest expiry dates. WIN!

          • phl2dc

            That’s also when you can go there to ask for their cardboard boxes — ideal for moving!

          • Yup. When I lived in Columbia Heights we would always go grocery shopping around midnight on Friday or Saturday. Pretty empty store and in the middle of re-stocking.

  • Rant: Insurance companies and the awful on hold music. Not the best way to start my morning.
    Rave: I have insurance and don’t generally have major questions about my coverage.
    Rave: I woke up in a lot less pain/discomfort than I felt when I sent to bed. I have NO idea how my grandma carried ten pregnancies to live birth. No one she was kinda grumpy in her older age. πŸ˜‰

    • JFC, 10 pregnancies?!?! I did three and the third completely did me in (there’s only so much puking one can do i a lifetime and don’t get me started on the symphasis pubis dysfunction). I can’t imagine doing that 7 more times!

      • Ten on my maternal side; five on my paternal side. And that’s just live births — who knows how many potential miscarriages there were in between. All I have to say is thank the gods for legalized birth control.

        I honestly don’t know how I would do more than this one pregnancy. I don’t think i am made from the same tough stock as my foremothers.

        • Ha! My OB used to say I had a good ol’ birthing uterus because of how easily I got pregnant and how easy my deliveries and recoveries were. However, as much as my uterus may have cooperated, the rest of me did not! Being pregnant while very much a blessing, is also very difficult. Hang in there mama!

        • folks do it again because they forget. So much is awful, but so much is wonderful that you forget the awful. Unless your child never slept and then you never forget because your mind is basically mush and never recovered. But there are times when I say, “oohhhh this is how people get tricked in to having another”. Then he throws his dinner on the floor and doesn’t sleep and it’s easy to remember why he’s alone. πŸ™‚

    • phl2dc

      I hate hold music in general. Fills me with dread.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Lost a credit card. I think I threw it away.
    Rave: Got it cancelled, and no suspicious charges.
    Rave: Favorite, supercool work event today.

    • Related rant: Lost my work credit card, just noticed today. And now the travel agency can’t issue my Amtrak tickets for tomorrow’s business trip to NYC. Pretty sure the card fell out of my wallet on my last business trip back in August.
      Rave: no suspect charges to my work credit card. I’m very lucky.

  • Rant: SO and I went to see an amazing, pretty much perfect apartment last night that I think we’re going to pass on because of crappy timing with work issues. After almost two years in our current, really not great, place, we were both so excited about the prospect of somewhere so lovely. Damn you work obligations and time sucks.
    Rant: Some punk kid threw a rock at me yesterday on U St for literally no reason. I’m lucky that it just hit me in the arm, and I kept walking because I wasn’t about to start a fight with a middle schooler and all his pals, but seriously now. What the hell is wrong with kids? It kind of stunned me. On a busy street at a busy hour? That’s ballsy. I’m not proud to admit that I came home and cried about it because WHO THE HELL THROWS A ROCK AT SOMEONE FOR NO REASON?
    Rave: So this is not a long list of rants, my dog makes an excellent little spoon, particularly when he is freshly washed and fluffy.

    • Oh man! I feel you on the rock thing, I got pegged in the back of the head by some punk ass middle schooler at the Columbia Heights metro, and was so stunned and furious! I seriously hate kids. Or at least, the awful one like that. Hate ’em.

      • oh, and this was just about 2-3 weeks ago, so I guess this is just a think kids do nowadays?

        • We should start a support group for folks who randomly have rocks thrown at them. I am definitely in full-get-off-my-lawn-damn-kids-these-days mode right now.

          • yeah, I pretty sure there’s at least 2-3 other people on here who have recently (over the past several months) written in about being hit by rock-throwing kids, so they can join our support group πŸ™‚ Seriously, though, random violence in all forms is quite upsetting! I also had a little cry when I got home that day, so you’re not alone in that either!

      • Friend used to call those kids that did that kind of crap around the CoHi metro, las ratas. Totally are rats and jerks.
        I got pegged by kids in Old Town Alexandria – I sounded like my Mom yelling at them.

    • There are many posts on PoPville over the last 5+ years about rock throwing truants nailing random pedestrians and cyclists in Le Droit Park, Bloomingdale, and on the hill going up 11th (next to Cardozo HS and the housing projects).
      It seems to be a cyclical trend among the middle schoolers.

      • Sadly, as much as I love being in the LeDroit/Bloomingdale/U St area, this is a huge reason why we were looking at another apartment last night. I don’t want to have to worry about being pelted with rocks when I walk home, walk my dog, live my life, or just have to have such generally high concern for basic safety.

      • I remember my summers on the Vineyard and hanging out with kids who threw pennies at tourists bikes. It was their way of protesting.

    • Gah, I hear you on the whole perfect place/ crappy timing thing!!

    • So sorry about those rock throwing kids. They awful.

    • I’m sure they’re just protesting gentrification.

      • That may be the case, and I can understand why they’re upset, but it doesn’t make it any more pleasant to be hit with a rock when you’re just walking down the sidewalk. :/

  • Rave: Popville Anniversary Happy Hour tonight! Its my only evening off this week, can’t wait to join everyonoe.

    Rant/Rave: The sheer absurdly of the anti TPP protests in the middle of rush hour last night. After all the rigmarole with the blockage situation it was like the capper of a crap day. I feel horrible for anyone driving on K Street yesterday. However, this gets a rave for the PROTEST LLAMA! Guys, the Drama LLama literally made an appearance last night. It just summed up the day’s event perfectly.

  • Rant: Another round of random baby-related health problems have reared their ugly head. At least they do not appear to be too serious this time.
    Rave: As a result of the aforementioned rant, we’re going to get to see Baby Rabbit a few days early. Crossing my fingers that we can find out the sex today.
    Rave: Apple-cranberry-pecan muffins with a streusel topping. So good yet so bad.
    Rave: Less than 10 days to the other Mrs. Rabbit’s birthday and I already have her gift wrapped. I think this may be a new record for me.

    • Good luck with the scan. It really is a pretty awesome experience — I cried the entire time.

      I hope all turns out to be well with you and Baby Rabbit.

    • Rabbitx3 I was thinking about you yesterday and hoping all was well with you and the little one! If you didn’t post today, I was going to ask how everything was going. GOOD LUCK with the ultrasound and I hope you and Baby Rabbit are doing well!

  • Rant: I thought allergy season was over. But I guess not, because I feel like I am drowning in disgustingness. Nose, head, sinuses, eyes, everything is so freaking inflamed and drippy and gross. I was so close to calling in sick today.
    Rant: Woke up at 3 am, unsure as to why I was awake, and then realized there was some sort of strobe effect going on – didn’t have my blinds pulled all the way down, and the light from a bunch of cop cars that were parked across the street with lights blazing and blinking (but no sirens) was streaming in and messing with my sleep. So mad.
    Rave: Being a bit more successful at life so far this week…
    Rant: Can I please, please please go back to bed yet?

    • Ugh, I feel you on the allergies. This fall has been really bad for me! I hope you feel better soon.

      • Leaf mold. I have two very sneezy, snotty leaf mold allergic kids at home right now!

        • ohhhhh! Well, I guess that’s what’s doing me in, then. agh! So tired of allergies!

        • Bear

          There’s such a thing as leaf mold? That explains a lot, given the quantity of fallen leaves in my yard right now…

          • Yep! It’s the #1 cause of fall allergies, and if you are having issues after the first freeze, that’s your culprit most likely. It is worst a few days after rain and when you are kicking up leaves. A quick shower when you come in (for good) will help.

          • SouthwestDC

            I’ll bet that explains why I’ve been having headaches. Does it end up in hair? I only wash mine once a week; maybe I should wrap it up in a hat when I go out.

          • Caroline — I think I read somewhere that pollen _does_ end up in hair. Probably a good idea to wrap it up before you go out and/or wash it before going to bed and/or change your pillowcase daily.

      • Thanks, SKT! I thought I could get away with just using up my allegra until it ran out and not restocking on Zyrtec til the spring, but obviously this is not working. Gonna have to hit CVS tonight and get more allergy meds πŸ™ hope you feel better too!

  • Pablo Raw

    Big Rant: Missing the anniversary tonight because of work. Fun work, but still.
    Rant: The itchy part of tattoo healing process is officially here.
    Rave: Tattoo looks awesome

  • Rant: In a sour mood. Visiting Family Member is driving me up the wall. This weekend’s family event can’t come soon enough.
    Rave: My irises (well, one cluster of them) are continuing to bloom. And my creeping phlox are really thriving — I had no idea when I planted them in the spring that they’d have a second blooming season in the fall!

  • justinbc

    Help: My plumber’s phone # seems to be disconnected, and the last post of recommendations here is from 2013 (at least one I could find, it doesn’t help that Atlantic Plumbing building monopolizes the search results). Anyone have a good plumber rec, and know their service rates if possible?

    • Matt Smith 443-996-7686

      I don’t know his rate, but his prices are always way more competitive. I had a tenant call a major service company and they messed something up. They wanted $375 to fix it and another ancillary issue, he fixed both for $175 the same day I called him.

      He works near the Hill, so you may be able to get him today.

      I hope it’s nothing too serious!

      • justinbc

        Nothing serious but I need it done before my parents arrive next week and all the ones I’ve called so far have 1+ week lag times already!

        • I hope he has some availability – I really like the guy and he’s gotten me out of several pinches quickly and for a reasonable price!

      • I _think_ I called Matt Smith on Andie’s recommendation last time I needed a plumber… but he didn’t have any availability for a week or something.
        Not that that will necessarily be the case now, but…

    • I Dont Get It

      Brookland Plumbing is great. Don’t recall their rate though.

      • 2nd Brookland Plumbing. Wife-Husband-and-Father-in-Law team that seems to only book a few jobs, so they were super accommodating. Fast and did a great job.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I do *not* recommend Clover Services.
      Having none to recommend personally, I took a quick look at Consumer Checkbook, screened for ones that say they service NE DC and have their top ratings for quality (based on percentage of reviewers who rate their performance as “superior” on a bunch of criteria), then sorted in descending order by total number of reviews (prefer 200 positive reviews over 2 positive reviews), and the top one was Thomas Plumbing and Heating (301-933-5995). Their rate at the time of the article was $50/call plus $110/hour (I do not know how recently that was updated and whether it is still their rate.)

      I’m a big fan of Consumer Checkbook (checkbook.org). It’s not expensive – I find it to be well worth the subscription fee (I think I paid $48 for a four-year subscription). It’s sort of like Angie’s List but more independent of the contractors that they rate (e.g., they do not have paid advertising from the contractors that they rate)

  • Rant: The going away party for one of my favorite colleagues is tonight. I am so not ready for this.
    Rave: I ordered some cute work clothes and they all fit!
    Rave: I”m starting to get excited for Thanksgiving.
    Rant: How is it possibly happening next week? This year is flying by.

  • Rant: Stressing. I feel like I just have no time. I meant to log on and do some work for the side job last night but was super tired and went to be early. I woke up early in hopes of logging on and working but didn’t have time between getting dinner ready for the oven tonight, taking a shower, and somehow getting me and the kids all ready so that I can be on time to the actual job. I just don’t know how to make this work, or if it’s even worth it. Side job still hasn’t paid me out my vacation time from when I went from full-time to PRN and is still taking out my portion of health insurance, so all the work I’m doing equals zero paycheck. Plus I am now paying two workplaces for insurance! I know that they have filled my old position, so I don’t even know why they are keeping me around doing bits and pieces, and I don’t know why I am still doing it because it really isn’t worth it. Probably time to have a conversation.
    Rave: Lasagna for dinner.
    Rave: Coconut cake for dessert!

  • Rant: missing the PoPville anniversary tonight
    Rave: but for Supper Club with some good friends I don’t get to see enough.
    Rave: Final trip prep for Iceland this week! Eeek, I haven’t traveled abroad in such a long time, I’m rusty.
    Question: does anyone have a good electrician for small-ish jobs? I need to get some quotes and some ideas of how I can set up my under cabinet lighting so I can finally get this project moving.

    • OOOOhhhh we had our layover on the way back on Sunday in Iceland and it looked GORGEOUS flying in! The woman sitting next to us on the way home said she totally recommends it. She had nothing but great things to say, and her pics were absolutely stunning. Have a wonderful time! She said they went to a less touristy hot spring up north and really liked it (but I didn’t catch a name). So jealous – and that’s saying a lot because I HATE the cold πŸ™‚

      • I was on that flight too! Iceland is such a beautiful country filled with very friendly people and lots of culture. Would highly recommend it!

    • Make sure to go to the Blue Lagoon! It was my favorite part of my Iceland trip several years ago.

      • +1. Would also recommend Fontana. It’s a ways out and not as large as Blue Lagoon, but very peaceful and the pools are 100% natural.

    • Oh yay for Iceland! I’m hoping to go sometime in the spring. Have an awesome trip!

    • Oh! I’m so excited for you, you’re going to have so much fun! I hope to get over to Iceland someday soon(ish)!

    • Flying WOW out of BWI, I assume? There is NOTHING to eat at BWI; the “international terminal” is a cruel joke. Bring food with you from DC. Also, the food for sale on the WOW flight is utterly disgusting.
      Still, cheap flights! And the flight attendants look like Icelandic models (both male and female). πŸ™‚

      • This is dead-on…our 6 hour 10 minute flight provided nothing unless we were willing to purchase it. One mediocre sandwich, a yogurt, some trail mix and one water later and bam…$30. I can’t blame them, they have to make money somehow! Take food with you for SURE! It may even be worth stashing a bit in your bag for the trip back, if you have something easy like bars or nuts or something.

        • Accountering

          I thought the sandwich was delicious. Perhaps not worth $9, but it was good πŸ™‚
          Though I agree, best bet is to bring food with you. Other than the delicious sandwich, it all looked pretty meh. Also, get ready to spend a lot. Iceland is expensive. Have fun!

      • We actually couldn’t make the WOW flights work for some reason, though I can’t remember what it was. We’re flying Icelandic out of Dulles. A bit more annoying to get to, but my friend and I live near each other and can Uber out there together.

        • I think Icelandic doesn’t feed you on flights either — I remember being awfully hungry on an Icelandic flight several years ago.

        • Nicer planes, IMHO. Icelandic is decent and tons of food options in Dulles. However, way too short of time in the air to get a proper sleep πŸ™
          Ambien is your friend

    • Don’t miss the Penis Museum! And the Blue Lagoon is fun, but there are also lots of local hot-pool public bathhouses.

  • Rant: Allergies.
    Rave/Rant: Out of town every weekend until the second week of January. Most of it’s fun stuff that I’m really looking forward to but I get cranky when I don’t have some time to myself.
    Question: Anniversary, bf’s bday and Christmas all happen within a week and a half. Do I get three gifts? Do I get him one big gift? I know he doesn’t care but these are the kinds of things I stress about for no reason.

    • You sound like me. If he doesn’t care, get him what you think he’d like best – either three small things, or one big thing. I hate forced gift giving. I love nothing more than finding fabulous gifts for people that I know they’ll love, but that doesn’t always happen on the regularly scheduled holidays. Normally I have one or two ideas by now, but I’m really struggling (not that I’ve put a lot of thought in yet) and worried that this will freak me out getting closer to the holidays.

      I do have one gift idea already – I got my nephew the cutest custom kids plate from Sarah + Abraham and now it’s time for one for my niece. The good news is she’s much more of an eater than my nephew was as a toddler, so hopefully she’ll put it to good use.

      • I would at the very least do a separate anniversary gift. However, I would advocate for three separate things. My birthday and my brother’s birthday are the same day, and it is usually the same weekend/day as Mother’s Day. Growing up we constantly got group gifts, and now I usually get a joint Mother’s Day-Birthday gift. I hate to admit it, but it really does bother me. I hate to be the person who says, no I want to be recognized as both me (on my birthday) and as mom (on Mother’s Day), so I always just say “oh, it doesn’t bother me” but it does lol…. I should work on that.

        • Also, meant this as a response to SKT – sorry!

        • I’ve heard this *a lot* from late-December babies too, which is partly why I asked the question. We’ll be overseas for his birthday and I have a night out planned but I still feel like I should get him something for the anniversary and Christmas and not lump them all together. Though honestly, our anniversary is the same day that the new Star Wars movie comes out so I think going to see that instead of doing something anniversary-ish would be his favorite gift of all. πŸ˜›

          • I think that’s a great way to spend an anniversary!! And it’s not that you have to get something for each thing, just acknowledge them separately. If you guys are the gift giving types, then don’t worry about it for the anniversary. Or it could be cute to tie in the Star Wars theme some how.

          • I love these ideas! I’m writing as a 1/1 baby, so sometimes I luck out and get to ask for things that didn’t make the Christmas list, but normally I’m just hungover and anxious from all the booze the night before.

    • Right there with you on the gift front. SO’s birthday, Christmas and thesis defense are within two weeks of each other. I’m doing one small gift and then a celebratory trip for thesis defense to a location of his choosing. I’m with Andie – if your guy doesn’t care, you know him best! Do what he’d like most.

    • My birthday, Christmas, and my fiancΓ©’s birthday are all pretty close together (and of course we are planning a December wedding!) so we usually do birthday presents and then $10 Christmas presents. It is really fun to get creative with a super low budget.

  • Rave: Had lunch with Quotia Zelda yesterday. Great to finally get to meet her!

  • I suppose I should know, but where is this happy hour?

  • Rant: I ended up “breaking up” with my mental health provider and no, she didn’t offer a lower rate. She ended up making me feel worse about it because I hadn’t told her it was a hardship. When I said it would be over 1/4 of my income to continue and I couldn’t justify it, her response was to offer day time visits to me at a slightly lower rate
    Rave: not paying that much money
    Rant: The fact that GOPers don’t realize the whole “sneaking in with groups of refugees” won’t happen in the US. It’s now how our refugee programs work. And the passport was a stolen/doctored document that anyone could use.
    Rant: My 2 year old has been waking up nonstop and I don’t know why. He need a good night sleep, but the less sleep he has the harder it is to get back to that. So frustrating

    • So many rants about the knee-jerk anti-refugee BS. Most of the opposition I’m seeing on social media focuses on “we have to take care of our own homeless and vets before taking care of foreigners.” But these are the same people who are constantly voting to cut social programs and wasting money on drug testing assistance recipients, and generally waging war against the poor. The hypocrisy of hearing them advocate for “our own” now is galling.

      • This, this, all of this. It is making me exceedingly grateful that my parents and brother are not coming to Thanksgiving this year, because my tongue gets super loose when I drink and the are as conservative as I am liberal.
        A few weeks ago, I saw a clip of a Chris Christie speech in which he gave an impassioned example of being pro-life and how this relates to all, giving the specific example of addicts. For a second, I was like, ok, at least he’s a pro-lifer who is REALLY pro-life? Maybe? Possibly? And then I saw his comments on refugees. Also, Ben Carson was all “I wouldn’t abort baby Hitler! All lives are sacred!” Except for refugee lives apparently. Life, to these a-holes, is apparently very selectively important.

      • One of my few remaining conservative friends on FB was mad that VA wasn’t going to join the states refusing to accept refugees. (Not that they can legally do so anyway, but that’s another rant.) And this friend, is of course, a Bible-thumping Christian otherwise. I seem to remember something in there about taking care of poor people, butt that seems to be one of the parts that the GOP ignores when it suits them.

  • Rant: Weekend was less than stellar.
    Rave: Monday was pretty great though.
    Rave: Awesome friends.
    Rave: Lost 7 lbs in under a week by doing nothing. I ate fast food every day even. Good genes rock!
    Query: Have a date but I really don’t want to drive out of dc to meet (she lives far out) & it likely has only short term potential. Just not sure if it’s worth the effort.

    • I think you answered your own question.

    • My BF and I met on Tinder and the only reason why he ended up in my list to begin with was because he was working in DC (I had distance set to, I think, 5 or 10 miles). Almost two years later, I can tell you it was worth it. But then in the lead up to our first date, I also never questioned if it was too far to go (first date was in Baltimore City), I just looked at it as going to Baltimore for the day. If you’re already questioning this, then yeah, it’s probably too far for you.

      • It’s more effort vs (potential) reward than the pure distance. I’ll give more time to a potential gf than I would to a potential Netflix & chill.
        Ironically, I’d rather it be Baltimore. I visit there a lot more often than any other part of Maryland.

        • Fair enough! I’ll be perfectly honest, I went on one date in VA and decided never again. For some reason, I found a disproportionately high number of Republican/”Libertarian” types in VA. Also, I agree, if it’s for “Netflix and Chill” there have got to be closer options.

    • I’m sure this isn’t always the case, but the women I went on dates with who lived in the far out suburbs ended up not being my type. And by that I mean complete opposite. One woman lived in Front Royal and as a gay person I CANNOT imagine living out there. Once we went on a date it was evident why she lived out that way. Just saying.

      • As a straight person, I cannot imagine living out there. Ew! #justsaynotoVA

      • My wife was living in Annandale when I met her, and I ended up moving in with her because her rent was ridiculously cheap. The goal was to save money while looking for a house to buy in DC, but the way the housing market is that ended up taking three years. So I got the house and woman of my dreams, but the trade-off was basically losing three years of my life.

      • LOL pvr I’ve met 2 ppl farther than my cutoff distance. Both were ultimately too busy for various reasons which is why I like sticking close. If I’m going to waste time, let it be as little as possible.
        Also I’ve found ppl living far out in Maryland are living at home and not because they’re tending to a sick parent or trying to buy a house. They’re ALWAYS struggling financially. No thanks.

  • Rant: lost my administrative hearing with DC water. Seriously, f those guys.
    Revel: just found out the public service commission will provide free legal representation so it’s off to the court of appeals I go.
    Revel: 5.5 days until break!

    • I was wondering about this recently. We recently switched all our utility bills to our tenant and DC Water said they’d add our tenant to the account, but at the end of the day we were still responsible for our water bill. Not sure if that just means we’re responsible if the bill doesn’t get paid or if we’re responsible if some crazy bill comes?

      • IIRC, DC Water can put a lien on your property if the bill is not paid. At the end of the day, DC Water is getting paid – either by the tenant or you (if tenant fails to pay). DC Water does not care about whatever arrangements you made with the tenant.

      • I think you’re responsible if the bill doesn’t get paid. And a delinquent water bill can result in a lien being placed on the property — not good for your credit report.
        Probably best just to pay the water bill yourself (and not have the tenant’s name on the account), and then bill the tenant for the amount each month.

        • Basically, having your tenant pay the electricity and gas bills is comparatively simple. The water bill sort of sticks with the property owner — probably best to pay it yourself, send the tenants PDFs or screenshots of the bill, and have them add it to the next month’s rent.

          • I’m still on the account so I can check it and make sure it’s paid. I trust him to pay it, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

  • mtpgal

    Car question: I’m looking to replace my very elderly car and I was hoping one of you guys might have a little car buying knowledge to share as I haven’t done this in a long time (15 year old car). As a District resident, do you know if there’s any tax, title, fee advantage to buying the car in VA or MD? I was hoping someone might have done the comparison. Many thanks!

    • I don’t think it matters; the DC DMV is going to hit you with their tax when you go to register the car in the District. VA has the annual road tax, which is quite high. DC hits you up for the cash all at once when you register the vehicle.

    • I bought a car from a dealer in MD over the summer. They estimated the DC tax and rolled it into the loan amount. As it turns out, tax was less (DC does not use a percentage of the sales price to determine tax, so apparently it can vary) and I got a refund. The dealer took care of the tax, tags, and title for me, the only thing was having to get the car inspected in DC and getting this to the dealer. I would suggest making sure whoever does the titling at the dealer is used to dealing with DC. My dealer was so used to it, they knew to ask if I needed a Residential Parking Permit. I did not pay any fees in Maryland for the car.

    • jim_ed

      Nope. Tax is paid to where you register it, so you’re paying DC tax either way. Dealer Title and tag, processing fees are all set by the dealership, so you can shop that around when you factor in your total price for the car.

    • mtpgal

      Thanks so much everyone, this is really helpful.

    • It’s actually better to buy in MD than VA because MD has a low maximum “dealer fee” (the BS charge you pay the dealer that’s impossible to negotiate, they call it doc fee or processing fee or dealer prep or whatever). I forget what the amounts are, but I think VA was around $500 and MD was around $200. Other than that, I don’t think it makes a difference since you’ll be registering the car in DC.

    • I have heard some people negotiating really good deals out of West Virginia dealerships, since they generate less sales. Cars are just simply cheaper out there due to lower demand and lower wages. That might be one way to save money. That said, you’ll still need to go pick it up.

  • Rave: get to meet my boyfriend’s niece this weekend. She will be six days old!
    Rave: seeing all the love and hope in response to all the recent tragedies abroad.
    Rant: got a summons for grand jury duty. The instructions say it will be twice a week for 18 months. How is that a reasonable expectation? (Yes, I realize it’s often just several months, but I still think it’s not humane to ask an individual to stay local for up to 18 months. Aside from the perq of vacations away, what about visiting elderly family in other states for more than a weekend?)

    • Yikes. Sounds like GRAND JURY duty. I got that once when I was about 23, but luckily I was dismissed. You might not be selected so don’t worry…yet.

    • Accountering

      I would not do this. Twice a week for 18 months is way past doing your civic duty. I would get out of this one if I were you. I would even “move” home with parents to avoid this one.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Serious question: did you read the summons correctly and type your rant correctly? My understanding, which may not be correct, is that grand jury service could be 25 working days straight plus 2 recall days, or two days a week for 18 *weeks* (not months, weeks). What you describe is unlike anything that I have ever heard of.

      • One of my employees had grand jury duty. It was every Wednesday for 18 months. I mean, it couldn’t even be Monday or Friday, so his entire week was messed up for a year and a half.

      • A coworker of mine at a former job had grand jury duty twice a week (I think — maybe it was just once a week?) that lasted for at least a year. (This was several years ago, so I’m somewhat hazy on the details.) So this type of “jury duty from hell” really does exist.

      • I was summoned for grand jury duty, for the same term that 17th Street describes– two days a week for 18 months. But as there are many more grand jurors, and you don’t have to have the same ones every time, apparently it’s pretty flexible about getting excused on certain days (vacation, work commitment, etc.)
        I had a newborn at the time, so got excused.

    • I got called for Grand Jury duty and I had a trip scheduled during the time it was supposed to meet and I said that in my reply. I didn’t have a flight because we were driving and I didn’t make the reservation, so I had no proof, but they excused me anyway.
      I’ve been called for petite jury duty 4 times in 11 years and served once, so I’ve done my civic duty and I didn’t feel bad at all.

  • Rant: sick yesterday with horrible sinus pressure.
    Rave: Starbucks barista actually spelled my name write on my drink.
    Rant: realizing all of the places I’ll have to change my address when I move. It’s crazy how many places my address goes.
    Rave: wearing my new sweater to work this morning.

  • Rant: Renting. Home ownership has its own problems, but ahhh I forgot how annoying it is to be a renter at times. Maybe it’s because this is the first time I’ve rented from an owner. But I already got into it with the realtor managing the property. The condo comes with 2 FOBS and owner provided 2, but one only worked half the time/was broken and taped together! It took two very strongly-worded emails and a tense conversation to get the second one replaced. The owner tried to say they weren’t spending $50 to replace the FOB. NEWSFLASH: That’s part of being a landlord and last I checked you’re bringing in almost $23k by renting this property. I hate people. There are other issues with the condo too, but the FOB was the most pressing. Unfortunately for our landlord, I do not take shit lying down.
    Rave: Our tenant is great so far and this experience is more motivation for me to go the extra mile to make our tenant happy.
    Rave: People are very friendly here. I was so confused in the grocery store yesterday and standing in the wrong place for the line and a very nice gentlemen let me get in line in front of him!

    • I’ve had the same tenant for almost 4 years with almost another 2 years to go. The peace of mind is great even if I’m not squeezing out every possible dollar. And to think had I simply looked at credit, I’d have passed right by them.

  • Rant: I found a condo I generally love, but there isn’t really room for a dining table. So I guess I don’t really love it, I just want to love it. Anyone know where I could get a nice dining table that I could fold up against a wall, but would still sit at least two people when placed like that?

  • Rave: teleworking for the first time! It’s wonderful! I’m in yoga pants! But still being fairly productive.
    Rant: it’s 8 weeks until I can get an appt w/a therapist at my hmo, unless I want to do group therapy (I don’t) or drive to silver spring (I don’t). This is making me seriously consider switching fehb plans.
    Question: i’d like to consult with a financial planner about long-term planning, student loans, etc., but I don’t even know where to start looking. I’d appreciate any suggestions, please

  • Question: The previous owners of our condo were long-haired cat-owners and my husband has cat allergies. When we visited the place before buying it, he had no issues, but we we went for our final walk-through, husband was definitely not feeling well. What would you recommend we do before moving in to de-cat-ify the place? Do you think a deep cleaning will suffice or should we do something more aggressive live an air vent cleaning?

    • I have a long-haired kitty, and while I adore her, her fur really does seem to pose a challenge when it comes to air vents / systems – I think a cleaning of the whole HVAC system, new filters, cleaning the vents can’t hurt and may help a lot.

    • Clean the vents, change the air filters, get in the crevices of the windows. If there’s a gap between the floor and the baseboard, get in there. Scrub down the corners where the cat rubbed its cheeks; it’s possible to be allergic to the shed skin cells in addition to the fur.
      And stock up on allergy meds, because every time you vacuum for the next year, you’re going to kick up a little something. πŸ™ Sorry!

    • justinbc

      Go ahead and have him start on a daily Zyrtec routine as well just to be safe. It works wonders for my cat allergies.

    • Fur length has nothing to do with cat allergies. It is the protein in the dried saliva from a cat’s grooming, or dead skin cells, and sometimes proteins from urine. But Google offers lots of resources for “de-catifying.”

    • That stuff gets everywhere – even under and behind the appliances. It’s the cat dander (aka dead skin cells) that is the cause of the allergens and it gets into every microscopic crevice. He’ll probably have issues for 6 to 12 months before it’s fully eliminated with regular cleaning.

      • Also, you might as well just replace the washer/dryer. I don’t think it’s possible to get cat dander out of that and it will continue to be a source of issues, as it gets into your clothes.

  • Rave # 1: Seattle update – husband and I are expecting! And just shared the news over the phone with my grandma in Ukraine, can’t wait for the little monster to meet her, it will be the cutest thing in the world!
    Rave # 2: this baby made a decision for us to go back to DC. It will be closer to all the relatives, even the ones in Europe, and much less lonely for us since we’ll have all our friends back. So, hopefully within a year we’ll be back!
    Rave #3: doing a little DC pilgrimage this weekend, my list of things to do/eat is so long. Renwick, falafel, swachos, more falafel…

  • Rave: Have had so much fun shopping for my two Angel Tree kids. Having been on the receiving end growing up, it’s always nice to give back.
    Rant: They still have 934 angels who haven’t been claimed, and some people gave names back (who does that?!?!).
    If any PoPvillagers out there want to feel all good and tingly inside and sponsor a kid for Christmas, google the dc angel tree for salvation army. Gifts are usually due before December 5, so it may not be on a lot of people’s radar screens yet.

  • Rant: Today would have been my nephew’s 24th birthday. He died in an accident when he was 14. It’s such a bittersweet time of year with his birthday, then the holidays, then the anniversary of his death in January. Fortunately my last Christmas spent with him was wonderful, but the holidays haven’t been the same for my family ever since.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: not feeling so (mentally) great.
    Rave: the kitty thread started by jenster8dc.

    • Hope you feel better! Too bad you can’t make it to the happy hour.
      And yep, that’s a very sweet kitty subthread.

  • Rant: had my first cleaning with handy.com yesterday, the guy was startled when he showed up and I was homing (was running late to work) and I should’ve thought it was suspect he had no cleaning equipment on him only a backpack. Dude did not even clean my apartment and stole my shit. So that was a terrible monday. Also serves me right for cheating my nice cleaning lady to save money.

    • I was looking at their website and they claim that “Handy professionals” are “background-checked and insured”… have you complained to the company?

    • So how did you expect him to clean with no supplies?
      Do they get keys beforehand? I’m just not familiar with this setup.

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