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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: super sweet baby who turned 5 months on Friday
    Rant: Her sleep has been going downhill for the last few weeks. I’m a walking zombie and almost started crying in the middle of the night because I was so tired.
    Rant: What happened to WAMU traffic reporting? I felt like the guy seemed like he was losing it a little in the last few weeks (just how many times can you say there’s bad traffic on the Chain Bridge) and am wondering if DC traffic just got to be too much?

    • Re your last rant: I thought they made an announcement that they were not going to run traffic reporting anymore since there are more up-to-date ways to find out about traffic (i.e. Waze, Google Maps, etc.)

    • re: your first rant: Sorry you’re going through this. Mine was doing ok but last night was basically up all night. It’s misery. I’ll never understand what they have against sleep. It’s not like they’re missing anything or working on homework. GO TO SLEEP! But, she might be on the verge of a milestone (crawling? standing? teeth?) so at least you have that to look forward to, perhaps!

      • Thanks for the commiseration! She just started rolling and sitting last week, but the sleep has been crappy for a couple weeks, so I don’t think it’s that. I’m hoping it’s an ear infection (mother of the year award over here), so that it can be treated with antibiotics.

    • WAMU canned Jerry Edwards
      washingtonpost. com/news/dr-gridlock/wp/2015/11/13/wamu-drops-longtime-traffic-reporter-jerry-edwards-announces-end-to-morning-rush-hour-reports/

    • This was interesting, re: baby sleep. Biased for sure, but interesting.

    • I hate that WAMU ended traffic reporting. Sure, we all have smart phones now, but it was nice getting the traffic report while brushing my teeth, and we’re not supposed to use our phones while driving, right?

    • Agree w/Kenyon Dweller – the on-the-air traffic reports are more helpful in my driving than looking at on-line traffic news before I leave. Guess I’ll be turning now to WTOPs “traffic and weather on the 8’s, or when it breaks”

  • Rave: First ever business trip and event in NYC went well! Got to go home for a night as well before coming back to DC.
    Rant: Soo tired…
    Rant: Paris. So awful.
    Rant: ISIS released a video saying they’re planning something similar for DC.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: everything going on in the world and people still feel the need to talk to me, the uber non-morning person, first thing in the morning.
    Rave: The dogwood tree that is flowering on Calvert.

    • My impatiens are about to bloom again – I usually just stop watering them around this time of year, but lo and behold – they have new growth and lots of buds. Odd.

    • There’s a camillia in bloom in my neighborhood that was particularly cheery this weekend. And most of my annual flowers are still going strong….I know winter is coming, but happy for the lingering warm weather. Except – mosquitoes!

  • Rant: Taking the metro only in desperation from now on because Paris. I know that is flawed logic but really, to me the metro seems like the least secure place in DC.
    Rave: Lovely, sunny weekend. Started working on my final paper, got to do some window shopping alone which was a much needed recharging time for me.
    Rave: Walked to work this morning because of the situation downtown. Why be annoyed when I got some exercise and it was a beautiful day. Hoping the person in crisis is okay and gets the help he or she needs.

    • Accountering

      The least secure place in DC is the massive lines out front of Verizon center while Ted insists on (slowly) wanding everyone entering the arena. They are going to respond to this by making the wanding even more secure, which will result in even longer lines and more people gathered on F/7th St.

      • Good point, accountering. I didn’t think about the Verizon Center because I’m hardly ever down there, but now that you mention it I think that trumps the metro.

    • Regarding your metro point- yep, that immediately came to mind after the Paris attacks for me. If ever there were a perfect target with a mass of humanity to shoot at, the Metro would be absolutely perfect. They don’t have armed police around, people would get stuck, etc. It’s not flawed logic at all- it makes perfect sense tactically for a terrorist.

  • I remember seeing a calculation once of how many deaths it took to get on the front page. One blond American woman = 8 black Americans = 10 Europeans = 80 South Americans…
    Can anyone pinpoint that reference?

    • No, because that’s desultory, useless, and glib.

      • I think you’re missing the point.

        • Which is? Something about the coverage of the Paris attacks vs. coverage of Beirut/Palestine? Please let me know if it’s something actually new and worth saying.

          • Why don’t you don’t think it’s worth discussing that the media covers things differently based on the race/ethnicity of those attacked? Why isn’t the world standing with the Kenyans who were attacked by terrorists at a university?

          • To nevermindtheend–

            I definitely think it’s worth discussing; my background is international, not American. I just find wdc’s fishing for statistics on “how many dead people does it take to make the headlines” right now pretty repugnant.

          • You could look at it that way, but sometimes it takes statistics to really drive home a point.

          • justinbc

            Paris is an iconic destination where this type of stuff doesn’t typically happen. Beirut, Palestine, Kenya, etc, not so much. People are reacting the way they are because it’s unexpected, not because it’s more valuable or whatever other silly analogy you want to make. You can be upset with more than 1 thing in the world at a time.

          • Why isn’t the world standing with Kenyans? Well that attack was 7 months ago, so that’s likely part of it.

            I was outside of the US during the Garissa attacks and I remember overwhelming coverage in the international press (english language satellite channels like France 24, BBC, CNN Int’l) and a somber attitude prevailed. People WERE standing with Kenya. Perhaps your question is why did the US not stand with Kenya, and that would be a question for someone who experienced those attacks while in the US I suppose.

    • I haven’t seen that specific reference, but thanks for bringing it up here. I’ll elaborate in another post.

  • Rave: Saw my favorite classical music piece performed at Lincoln Center. Such an incredible experience.
    Rave: Spent the day yesterday celebrating a good friend big birthday by brunch on a beautiful day and then belting show tunes at a classic Village piano bar.
    Rant: Trying hard to push away the anxiety and frustration caused by my friend’s family and her situation.
    Rave: Get to spend the day puppy sitting while telecommuting so a good friend can get her hopefully semi-final medical procedure following her bout of cancer.

  • Rave: moving day is finally here.
    Rant: I will miss my neighborhood.
    Rave: I can still feel a part of it thanks to popville.com!

  • Rant: Was having a terrible day Friday and thought it couldn’t get much worse until it did – as soon as I started getting BBC news alerts, I tried to contact my dear friend living in Paris. Radio silence is terrible, even if you know that statistically, odds are in your favor.
    Rave: Heard back from aforementioned friend – she was in attendance at the football (soccer) game at the Stade de France and had to be evacuated. Had some really scary moments but she is safe and sound. I cried with relief.
    Rant: Also cried with rage and depression, as the world just really sucks sometimes.
    Rant: And nearly had a heart attack when I opened up a letter from the IRS telling me that I owe them almost $1000 for some sort of issue with my 2013 taxes – what in the actual f#ck?!
    Rant: Sick this weekend.
    Rave: I’m alive, my friend is alive, I have food and shelter and friends and family. Trying to focus on the important things in life.

    • SouthwestDC

      Hey LittleBluePenguin, I’m just popping in to tell you I got my nose piercing! It was quick and painless and I’m enjoying seeing the little stud on my face. So far no one’s noticed, or if they did they haven’t said anything. You should do it too!

      • What made you finally do it? I have been thinking about it, but not sure I’m brave enough to actually go through with it, haha!

        • Do ittttttt says the 30 year old with a hoop.

        • SouthwestDC

          Welll…..I got the idea in my head when I went to India six years ago and one of my friends had it done while we were there. I always thought I’d wait until I went to India again, so I’d have a story to go along with it, but had second thoughts once we started planning another India trip. Probably smarter to get it done here where the risk of infection would be lower. My 33rd birthday was coming up, which seemed like a good enough milestone.
          But my fiancΓ© and I got really busy, and there aren’t many piercers in DC, so it didn’t happen for three weeks. Then on Saturday night we were both free and willing to make the trek to Dupont, and I’d confirmed that the piercer was there. I wasn’t sure when all the pieces would come together again so I went ahead and did it. πŸ™‚

          • Ha, yeah I am 31 so sometimes I feel like I am “too old” to do it, butttt I didn’t even get my first tattoo until like 27. If I do it I’m going to wait until after Xmas so I don’t have to deal with my mom seeing it until spring!! Haha.

          • SouthwestDC

            I feel like my 30’s was the perfect time to do it– my personal style is more solidified and I’ve been in my career long enough that my work/work experience should speak louder than my appearance. And maybe it balances out the grey hairs.

      • Thanks Caroline! I’m still pondering – my main concern is that I get sinus infections on a fairly regular basis, and my fear would be, since mucous membranes would be involved, that any infection could more easily travel within the bloodstream. It’s possible that prophylaxis antibiotics would help prevent anything developing, I just need to do a little more research! but thanks for the feedback! Where’d you get it done?

        • SouthwestDC

          Fatty’s in Dupont. Michelle the piercer and the rest of the staff were great, and would probably be able to answer your questions. I get sinus headaches but not the nose congestion, so I wasn’t concerned about that, but I did confirm that I can still use a neti pot.

        • Bah! So I just consulted one of the medical professionals I work with, she said while the team won’t tell people a solid “Don’t”, there is a significantly higher risk (for me with my particular health issue) to piercing any mucous membrane and it raises my risk for a particularly terrifying infection. I also did a whole bunch of reading of various journal articles and they all reinforced that while infection risk and dire consequences are very low in the general population, for my particular issue, this is a huge concern. I think I’m sadly coming to the conclusion that it’s not worth the risk for me πŸ™

  • Accountering

    Rave: Vacation! Andie and I had a wonderful time. New York was wonderful, I had a blast doing the Tough Mudder in Liberty State Park with my older and younger brothers – first beer after the event at 10:30am had to be the most delicious beer I have ever had in my entire life. I am already planning my next Tough Mudder – leaning towards the one in Scotland next year πŸ™‚
    Rave2: Kinky Boots was amazing. Seriously. I have been to plenty of musicals, and always kind of zoned them out, but this one was incredible. If you are going to be in or near NY, make a point of going to this show. It was awesome.
    Rave3: Copenhagen! What an amazing city – we loved everything about it! Went to a restaurant founded by a former NOMA chef (one of the hardest 5 reservations in the world) and it was incredible! Best part was the Copenhagen bikeshare is $3.50/hour, and gives you electric assist bikes. We were cruising around almost effortlessly!
    Rave4: Paris! The AirBNB conference was good, we learned a lot, and enjoyed meeting other hosts. 6,000 hosts from 110 countries, it was very cool.
    Rave5: (Most importantly!) Andie and I were safe, and are home safe. We were at a restaurant less than 1/2 of a mile from the attacks, and it really puts things in perspective. So sad, and extra hard to process being in the city when it happened. The police and military presence the next day was quite serious (as expected) and seeing the Eiffel Tower closed, and the area around it quite empty on a Saturday afternoon was sobering to say the least. I love the city, and certainly keeping it and the French people in my thoughts.
    Rave6: Flying home through Iceland! What a beautiful country. We will be back!

    • Glad to hear you guys are ok and that you had a lovely vacation! And I so wanna go to Iceland soon! Did you stay anywhere there or just sort of fly over/through it?

    • Wow, that is scary. I’m glad you guys are OK!

    • So glad to hear you guys are okay! Also, Kinky Boots is fantastic. I saw it with my dad last year and we both loved it.

  • Rant: Having to explain what happened in Paris to my oldest. We don’t have cable so they are pretty sheltered from that sort of thing usually, but they were at their dad’s when it went down.
    Rant: The extremist response to the extremists.
    Rant: The world. I try not to be one of those people who go all “what kind of world am I bringing my kids up in” when stuff like this happens, but it does give me fear.

    Rave: At the BF’s nephew’s birthday party, his uncle asked him what his intentions were with me, and proceeded to lecture him on how I’m a great catch and the family loves me so he’d better not eff it up lol. I think my BF’s family likes me more than my family!
    Rant/Rave: Party was in a house, in a lovely neighborhood, in a place where you could see the stars. The conversation started about how nice it would be to be close to family and have the cousins grow up together. Like magic, we find a house a short walk away. Although we have agreed to wait until January, I think I may have just consigned myself to a life in the suburbs, and worst of all, I think I might end up liking it.

    • The suburbs?! Blasphemy! (j/k!) Glad you had a nice weekend and that you’re developing nice relationships with BFs family!

      • I knoooow! It is total blasphemy. But, in reality, the closer we get to Middle School, the more I have to do with DCPS (I’m currently a part of a community cabinet), the more I get why people leave. Even if it weren’t for my BF, all it would take is one bad lottery year to have us out of the city at this point.

    • Which ‘burb? I am curious as to how far out you have to be to see stars.

      • I’m curious too. I’d recommend the OP try their commute from that location a few times before committing to it (either stay with the BF’s family or get a hotel room nearby). The charm of the suburbs wears off FAST when you’re spending half your day in traffic.

        • Thank you for the advice, and I also completely agree with it. This particular place is about 10 minutes from my Bf’s current place, and I am well-traveled in his place to DC, and his place to my work, so I know the area would work well for me (I work in the suburbs already and my job will not be changing).

          • Lucky you! I posted before you responded about the location. I think traffic in MD is a million times better than traffic in NoVA, so that helps.

          • Oh jeez, I would NEVER move to NOVA. The traffic has been hell since I lived there as a kid.

      • It’s in Baltimore County… I’m sure you can see stars closer than where I was.

    • “I think I may have just consigned myself to a life in the suburbs, and worst of all, I think I might end up liking it.” I love this. I think the suburbs can be great if you find the right suburb, and especially if that brings proximity to family. I hope you get the house and enjoy every second of it!

      • Thanks πŸ™‚ We are in debates as to whether or not we should speed up the timeline or just relax. There seems to be a pretty high inventory in that general area, so it might be a gamble worth taking to wait until Spring when everyone lists.

    • There are some lovely neighborhoods outside of Baltimore!

  • Rant: Have to fly to Utah tomorrow, have a meeting, then immediately turn back around for appointments in DC.
    Rant: That means I have to be at the airport at 5:30 tomorrow morning.
    Question: How is getting an Uber at 5am? Are there cars usually available?

    • We used Lyft to get to DCA around 4:30am the last two times we flew and had no issues. I’m sure it’d be the same with Uber.

    • I live in Petworth and haven’t had a problem getting an early morning Uber. Maybe start looking at availability a litter earlier than you normally would, just to be safe. But, there seems to be a solid group of drivers that get out very early in order to catch early morning runs to the airport or Union Station.

    • I’ve taken Uber to the airport around that time from Takoma, and it was fine. Just request a car a little earlier than usual in case you have to wait a few minutes.

    • You’ll also be paying surge – so if it gets to 1.7/1.8 territory, just request a regular uber and not the uberX.

  • Rant: No mention of Beirut (or Baghdad, among others) on this page, after multiple lamentations of the Parisian attacks. Worthy and unworthy victims, eh? One sees it again and again. Anybody know what’s happening (and our government is enabling) in Yemen?

    Rant: In 2002, I was warning about what would happen if Bush and Company topple the secular Iraqi government. Had I been alive and old enough in 1979/1980 through 1992, I would have said the same about Carter/Reagan and Afghanistan. Now see Obama and friends in Libya and Syria.

    • Claptrap. People mourn for those with whom they feel an affinity. So, when some stranger’s kid dies from leukemia you pay no attention, but if a colleague’s child dies you are saddened and if a child close to you dies you’re devastated. Feeling personally affected by the Paris massacres — because you’ve been there and have lovely memories, because you enjoy French culture or the French people, because you identify with the lives of the people who lost theirs — while being unaware of or untouched by the deaths of others is perfectly legitimate, rational and unavoidable.

      • That doesn’t make it right, and frankly that excuse doesn’t always hold water.

        • That wasn’t an “excuse” it was an explanation. A good one. Are you mourning all of the 250 people who died in traffic accidents over this past weekend?

          • Agreed with Victoria – there is a great difference between making excuses and giving a reason.
            Makhnovisti – you remind me of myself after 9/11. Here I was this young, firey American living abroad and largely untouched by what I saw as the propaganda in the month and years following 9/11, screaming from the roof tops exactly what you are saying now, in addition to many, many other arguments. However, trying to spread the message fell on deaf ears mainly because of the way in which it was delivered. People do not listen to scolding. They do not listen when you take the holier than thou, more-cultured than thou, sanctimonious approach. If you want to change people’s perceptions, if you want to change what people actually see in this world, if you want to change sympathies, you can’t do it in this manner.

          • But, as I sort of said below, people are largely reacting to the media coverage. If we weren’t seeing bleu-blanc-rouge everywhere we turn for days, would the public emotional outpouring be so intense? I contend that it would not.

          • Apples and oranges. We’re talking about two ISIS attacks, back to back, and shortly after the airliner bombing. Accidents are another situation.

          • It’s not a matter of “worthy/unworthy” victims, but victims in whose shoes American readers can more easily imagine standing. Most Americans haven’t been to the Middle East and don’t have much of a frame of reference for Beirut, other than the early 1980s terrorist incidents there and the Lebanese civil war. Paris is the subject of countless films; even Americans who’ve never been there have some familiarity with it.

          • textdoc, I hate to say it but the point has been made a few times and Makhnovisti is dismissive. He/she can think whatever he/she wants, but refuses to view the issue from the perspective of the general public, who is not as well-informed or well-educated as I believe many of us are. Sadly, until we all learn to view issues from many different perspectives (that we may or may not agree with) I don’t think this topic is going anywhere.

          • Friday Girl your response is also dismissive, and preachy. We can hold different opinions, that has nothing to do with “refusing to view” issues from ohter perspectives

    • Your scolding is noted, and will be given the consideration it deserves.
      So, how ’bout that Washington football team?

    • I hear you. I really do. However, the difference between Paris and Beirut is that I know people who live in Paris. I have been to Paris. It’s more real to me. Also, Beirut has been a virtual war zone since I was a child – I’m desensitized to it. It doesn’t make it any less important or the victims any less worthy. It just affects me in a different way.

      • Beirut has been safe since the Taif peace accords around 1995. It has not been a war zone in a long time. The recent bombing was the worst violence it has seen in a long time.

        I get your point, but please do not perpetuate a false stereotype.

    • While I very much agree with the sentiment that all lives deserve recognition, a lot of people (particularly on social media) seem like they’d rather Paris not have been recognized if Lebanon and other attacks weren’t as widely reported on. I strongly believe that ALL those whose lives are lost should be acknowledged and respected.
      Makhnovisti – Personally, I would appreciate if you were to bring these other attacks to light, to keep us all in check and aware. But also, note that your post (unintentionally) makes it sound like perhaps the victims in Paris were not as worthy of coverage. It is possible to mourn for both, not at the expensive of another group.

      • +1

      • Do you have a ranking for the relative “merits” of all the various tragedies going on in the world? Malaria versus Polio? Child soldiers versus child sex slaves? Malnutrition versus deforestation? I’ll just go with Brecht on this one – “The world is poor and man’s a shit and that is all there is to it.”

    • why don’t you mention the over 300 people killed in shootings in Baltimore in 2015 or more than 400 in Chicago?

      no one’s ‘grief’ is perfect – attempting to make people feel bad for not grieving enough, in your opinion, is opportunistic. You don’t know why people feel what they do. If you’re annoyed at “the media”, tune in to other media.
      I won’t even mention the number of posts I’ve seen like folks posting never comment/note when Jews in Europe or Israelis are killed by terrorists. It doesn’t make it right nor does it make you (or them) better. but lets be more divisive

      • +1

      • +1000 “no one’s ‘grief’ is perfect”

      • Again, common crime is distinct from the differing attention given to two attacks by the same group within a day or so.

        • But it is not.
          A life is a life.
          How can we put a value on a life? Accidents are not the same?
          Dead people are still dead. Who are you to say that someone killed by a terrorist and someone killed by a drunk driver are “distinct”?
          You’re a huge hypocrite and I cannot believe you can’t recognize that.

          • And you are hugely judgemental Frigirl, can’t believe you can’t recognize that.

          • But my point being, if Mak.’s argument is that lives in Lebanon are at least equal to lives in Paris, then it doesn’t follow logically to me to say that lives elsewhere would be less “worthy” of attention (at least on the aggragate, I mean, DC homicide rates did get quite a bit of media attention over the summer). Then again, who are any of us to say? It completely depends on personal experience. My job is to watch the news. I always see these stories. But I’d really like to hear Mak.’s suggestions for how we can work to being more equality in the attention given to these types of events, rather than just how one side should get more attention with no solutions or show of consideration for the other points mentioned today.

          • In other words, compare/contrast the way different categories of accident victims are regarded, and different categories of crime victims are regarded, different categories of terrorism victims, etc. It makes more sense that way.

          • No one is saying any lives are more or less worthy!!! Only that we as humans naturally pay more attention to those lives that are more closely connected to our own. Probably an evolutionary essential kind of thing. There are about 20 million people living in deprivation and horror in North Korea right now. Are you upset about them?

    • Does Beirut have a cool symbol of support like Paris though? Unfortunately in the world of social media branding makes a big difference.

      • I actually think this is a lot of it. I’m not worried about individuals’ personal reactions. Like Irving Streete said, a lot of people have a personal connection to Paris. What bugs me is the media bias. You could argue they’re talking to their known audience, that is, people with connections to Paris. But it feels to me like reinforcing the us vs them mentality that is so dangerous. The eiffel tower peace sign, the lit-up monuments, the moments of silence… this is all invented or at least promoted by the media, and it’s a conscious choice to favor French victims over other victims.

        • +500 THIS. I don’t expect individual people to value all news stories equally. But the news media should not be showing such blatant favoritism.

      • Yes, a cedar tree, and some have shown up on social media.

    • There’s always more media attention given to disasters, etc. that affect people we think are “like us.” (One could argue that this is a bit of a chicken-and-egg thing — is it because of demand? Or does the coverage that’s supplied shape the demand itself?) Accordingly, there’s more coverage of disasters in Western Europe than in Eastern Europe, more coverage of disasters in Europe than in the Middle East, more coverage of disasters in wealthy countries than in poor ones, etc., etc.
      Coverage also depends to some extent on how common/unusual an event is, how brazen it is, and how drawn-out it is. My recollection is that there was pretty significant media attention with the Nairobi shopping-mall situation, as well as with the hostage crisis in the Moscow theater. I think the recent attacks in Beirut have received less attention because the Middle East as a whole is perceived as a conflict zone, and because Lebanon in particular had a LONG civil war (1975-1990) and a major assassination (in 2005, of a former prime minister).
      More than 800 people died in the Estonian ferry disaster in 1994, but the Costa Concordia incident in 2012 — with 32 dead — got more press coverage. Why? Because of the brazenness (the captain leaving the ship while passengers were still aboard), because it was Western Europe and not Eastern Europe, and because U.S. and Western European audiences relate more to the situation of being on a cruise ship than to the situation of being on a passenger ferry to get from point A to point B.

    • My problem with all of this is Why wait until the day after something happens to decided to go in and bomb sites that were already known enemy strongholds? To me that’s where the attention needs to be focused on. Why are they sitting on all this intel and doing noting until something like this happens?

      • I think they wanted to show ISIS that there would be swift consequences.

      • Probably because no one wanted to provoke an attack. But once you’ve been attacked it’s no longer pre-emptive.

      • Also, the NYT says: “While France has been conducting scores of airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq, it had been bombing inside Syria only sparingly, wary of inadvertently strengthening the hand of President Bashar al-Assad by killing his enemies.”

  • Rant: Still very distraught by my mom’s response to my request that they only visit after the babies are born. I wish she could understand that the ways she wants to help (creating new and complicated to-do list tasks for me, second-guessing the work I’ve already done, complaining to my very helpful mother-in-law that I “like her more”) are the exact reasons I don’t want her help. I’m coming very close to completely uninviting them but really want to avoid the nuclear option.
    Rave: Somehow I manage to like my husband more and more all the time. Feeling extremely lucky there.

    • Ugh — sorry to hear that your mom is being difficult.

    • I’m sorry this is still causing you stress. I can especially relate to MIL issues. I think that the only hope you have is to be direct and just say how her actions are making you feel. Honestly though, that may not do anything at all. My mom have cycled through this for years and years. Our current cycle appears to be coming to an end (I saw her yesterday and she was back to apologetic loving mother), however, give it a year and there will be another issue. It’s exhausting. I wish I had better advice!

  • Rant: The one day that my office agrees to let me work from home, and I’m not checking my messages. And I was just thinking how nice it would be to not have to go in this morning. Booooo.
    Rave: I have the office pretty much to myself.
    Rant: I’m sad about what happened in Paris, but I would also like to see more coverage of the Lebanon attacks, and the same sort of support being extended to those victims. The round the clock Paris coverage and everyone mourning about that while completely ignoring the equally horrific Beirut attacks feels really tone deaf to me.

  • RAVE: a gorgeous weekend with friends, *Afghan AND Vietnamese food, and attendance at the Red Dirt Studio’s grand opening in their new location in Mount Rainier.

    RANT: people praying for Paris, Beirut, etc. Ugh. It just strikes me as so tasteless. Even Jesus spoke against such things in Matthew 6:6: “When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. ”

    *the best kebabs, naan, and samosas you will ever eat are to be found at College Park’s Food Factory. Get the boneless chicken kebab, and you will understand. Also: Hani Hanjour ate there on at least three occasions.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Lots of photo work; happy clients.
    Rave: First tattoo, found the right artist for the theme.
    Rave: I don’t need to have it wrapped in plastic anymore and I think it’s healing well
    Rant: (ish) Now I feel like my design is incomplete and I need to add more stuff to it.
    Rant: World events that trigger anxiety and PTSD from past events in my life.

    • Emmaleigh504

      oohh can’t wait to see the tattoo!
      hugs for your PTSD

    • Your Rant (ish) made me laugh. You’re much faster than me – my first tattoo didn’t lead to more for a couple of years. (And then that quickly lead to #3; the next one is ready on paper…)

  • Does anyone know of a way that I can look at an interactive map of DC and see where bus lines go, when not zoomed in to see just a couple of blocks? The “show transit” option on google maps just draws in the metro lines. When you’re zoomed way in you can see bus stops and can hover to see a list of lines that serve the stop, but once you zoom out beyond 3 or 4 stops you lose that feature, and you can’t see where the route goes.
    I’m in the process of house hunting, and would like to be able to see how close houses are to bus lines and where those lines go (and how directly they get there). I’d really like to do this on a computer, not an app on my phone.

    • Pablo Raw

      Maybe using the wmata trip planner and check the option “bus only”?

      • Yes, but that would require entering every address, and would list buses going in one direction from the house (from the “start address” entered), but wouldn’t show what route the buses take (does it go past some other key landmark?). I want to be able to look at a neighborhood on a map and see where the buses in that neighborhood are and where those lines travel from there (in either direction).
        Basically, I want lines to show up on a map, similar to the line that google maps shows for metro. I feel like I saw this feature at one point 2 or 3 years ago…

    • Download the BusTrackDC app. It will show all the stops for each individual bus line.

      • YES! That is what I remember seeing a couple of years ago!! Thanks!
        It’s not really what I want (all the bus lines are the same color, for example, so heard to track any individual line around). But will do.

      • SouthwestDC

        Only works for DC though. πŸ™

    • The transit app that is a green square with a white segment of a bus/subway line with two stops on it has this feature. Sorry, I can’t remember its full name.

    • Honestly, as someone who really loves taking the bus vice other transportation options, when I found my new apartment, I really just had to type intersections into google maps and “get directions” to the places I frequent (i.e. work, school, etc.) I don’t know if there is a simpler way to only view the bus lines as you can with the metro. (But also note that google will give you a pretty accurate estimate of transportation TIMES, as well. You may find that one place has a lot of buses but takes longer to commute than you’d expect.)

      • I guess my frustration is that this is something a lot of people would use (like you!), and the data is out there, and it would be relatively trivial for someone who knows what they’re doing to add this feature to an online map (e.g. someone employed by google maps). Yet it’s 2015 and the best options most people can suggest are to look at a pdf of the metro map or do the tedious work you had to do.

        • That is true.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I’m sure you could pay somebody to build this for you. If you have more business acumen than I do, you might be able to figure out how to sell it for money. Best wishes.

          • If I could afford to pay someone to do this or had any business acumen myself, I could also possibly afford to look for houses in a neighborhood I’ve actually been to and know transit in already. πŸ™‚

          • HaileUnlikely

            Fair enough πŸ˜‰ I picked my house/neighborhood similarly, though I live one block off of one of the major north/south routes (in Takoma, near Georgia), so the simple PDF map was sufficient for me (and I had already rented there for 10 years so I was pretty familiar with it…)

  • Revel: just realized how quickly Thanksgiving break is coming up. 6.5 more days of work until a 5 day weekend!
    Rant: it will probably be a boring Thanksgiving
    Rant: Hidden bacon in foods. Thanks a lot Costco baby broccoli salad. Serves me right for not checking the label.
    Revel: got a fancy slow cooker on sale at Costco too!

  • Rave: Its not official yet, but I’m likely moving to ivy city in January. Very much looking forward to a fresh start, my own place. I have way too much baggage at my current place, I hope I can leave it behind.

  • Question for Popville – does anyone know the name of the pop up store in the Shay, on 8th st NW, that has some fancy home goods (candles, etc) and some jewelry? I saw something there I really loved and want to tell my husband but can’t remember the store for the life of me. Help! They said they have a permanent location coming at 18th and Florida, I think.

    • Probably Hudson & Crane. They already have a permanent location under MINT at Florida and U St. Last time I was in there they said they were going to have a pop-up at the Shay. I love the “neighborhood” candles that they sell.

  • Rant: i’m feeling congested and sick.
    Rant: So much work to do.
    Rave: Dutch desserts. Delicious.

    • Dutch desserts, you say? (Ears perk up in curiosity. #IsThisGestationalDiabetes?)

      • Oh Shawess, I am not looking forward to the gestational diabetes test in a couple months because my sweet tooth is SO strong with this pregnancy.

        But back to Dutch desserts: banket (marzipan wrapped in a flaky pastry) is the most amazing thing ever. My partner’s family is Dutch, so we tend to binge on those sweets during the holidays.

        • My test is this week and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I have it! I’ve never had a huge sweet tooth, but now I want all the baked goods always! Marzipan + pastry sounds like an absolute dream come true, too.

  • Rant: I’ve gone into coward mode. I’ve lived in this area for a decade at this point and have never felt super unsafe in regards to attacks. This weekend has rattled me. I can’t handle reading the news about Paris or Beirut. To make matters worse my office is a few blocks from the blockade area. I have never seriously considered leaving the area, but the thought crossed my mind today.

    Rant: People who seemed shocked, shocked at the depths that humanity can reach. Who seem to think that mass violence is an issue that popped up “these days”. Newsflash, people have found ways to hurt each other since the dawn of time. This isn’t a new development.

    Rave: The nice lady who complimented my boots on the way to work. Sometimes the littlest things can make your day.

    • houseintherear

      I keep remembering what my brother told me when he was a contractor in the war 10+ years ago. He was in Baghdad, and there was a big wall or river or something that separates the city from the makeshift Army base. When I asked him if he was scared, he said actually he felt more safe than at other bases he’d lived at in the past. Basically all day and night, there were bombs and explosives being thrown/shot at the base, and they were all shot down. Without exception, every time. They were totally, 100% protected there. So in a way, sometimes the scariest place to be (like DC) can actually be the safest. This may or may not be true these days, but it helps me feel better!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m spooked by the attacks, too. hugs

  • Rant: Pantry moths
    Rave: Pantry moth traps delivered in a day
    Rave: Clean and reorganized pantry while deciding what dry foods to replace, or not
    Rave: Polenta – hadn’t made it for awhile and was reminded of how delicious it can be (with spinach/mushroom/onion saute)
    Rant: All the violence in the world

  • Recommendations for getting knives sharpened before Thanksgiving?
    I saw a car that advertising “mobile knife sharpening,” which I thought meant they would come to you, but when I looked up the website, there’s nothing mobile about it… just Union Market and Annie’s hardware (one week turnaround. I can’t be without my knives for a week!)

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: The Office Princess is back. Why won’t she retire already?
    Rave: Weekend full of good things.
    Rant: Not enough lying-around-doing-nothing time. I need lots of that.

  • justinbc

    Rant: It’s a sad state of affairs that Facebook has a built in “disaster safety” check-in feature.
    Rave: Really glad it does though. Within 30 minutes of the Paris attacks the half dozen friends I have there had all alerted us that they were OK.
    Rave: An otherwise really nice weekend here in the District.
    Rave: Great food and especially great drinks at The Dabney. Really awkward service though. I do not recommend going with more than yourself and a date.
    Rave: First preview pics from our shoot with Pablo are really stellar.
    Question: Anyone got a reliable fire wood vendor? It’s about to get chilly in a hurry!

    • Accountering

      This was the most effective way to quickly and efficiently let all of our friends and family know we were safe. Well – we called/texted family, but it was nice to know our friends could quickly determine that we were safe. Glad that feature exists..

      • Emmaleigh504

        Reminds me of the texts I got after Katrina. All of Lawrence’s people thought my number was his. He was found after a couple of days safe in Houston. I also got texts from Rosa’s people. I never found out if they found her. I talked to them a week or so after Katrina and they still hadn’t found her. There is so much chaos after disasters/tragedies.
        I’m glad y’all were safe.

        • Were Lawrence and Rosa random people whose families/friends thought your number was theirs?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yes. I got some other texts for people, but Lawrence and Rosa stuck with me. Lawrence b/c I got so many texts asking if he was ok. And Rosa b/c when I called to say they had the wrong number, the person was so excited to hear from me, but when I said I didn’t know Rosa, the grief in her voice was heartbreaking.

    • I thought Facebook introduced the “I am safe” feature specifically in the wake of the Paris attacks — was it already there?

      • I read that they already had it, but it had only been used in the wake of natural disasters until Friday.

      • They launched it at some point in 2014. I noticed it being used during the Afghanistan earthquake a few weeks ago, and the first time I saw friends popping up as “safe” was in the Nepal earthquake.

        I believe Paris was the first time they made the choice to turn on the feature during an even other than a natural disaster. I expect it will now be used more commonly going forward (I also suspect that if Beirut were the day after Paris and not the day before they would have turned it on for that attack).

    • Gary McPeak, (540) 948-5210; 304 Resettlement Rd, Madison, VA

      A friend has used him for years and really likes his service!

    • Tim Corbin’s Tree Service for firewood.

      This was my third year having them deliver – great quality, decent-enough price, and they stack on my below-grade patio.

    • I Dont Get It

      The Red Cross has had a Safe and Well app since Katrina.

  • PSA: Public meeting TONIGHT (Mon. 11/16) regarding the city’s proposal to use the current Bruce-Monroe park site to house Park Morton residents.
    Mon. 11/16, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. — Bruce-Monroe Elementary School @ Park View, 3560 Warder Street NW
    “Park Morton, a 174-unit public housing community along the Georgia Avenue corridor, is slated for redevelopment into a new, mixed-income and mixed-use development as part of the District’s New Communities Initiative. The city has proposed using part of the Bruce Monroe site (along Georgia Avenue, between Irving and Columbia), to replace existing units at Park Morton, minimizing the displacement of Park Morton residents during redevelopment. There are also opportunities to preserve and improve park/green space at both sites, [and] add retail and community amenities.”

  • Rave: Getting a cat! So crazy how even just the act of planning for the cat, making a vet appointment, buying a litter box, etc., has just affected me so positively. I’ve concentrated so hard on “getting myself out there,” volunteering, being busy all the time, because that’s what you’re supposed to do to feel better, even if it doesn’t feel good… and I still want to do those things, but gosh does this feel right! And for the first time in so long too!

  • What sites/ publications are good for senior policy jobs? Like 20+ years experience in really specific issues. Failing that (because I can’t imagine the person I want to hire is perusing anyone’s want ads) headhunters that specialize in this sort of thing?

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