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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

We will return to our regular posting schedule on Thursday.

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  • Rave: I work today (I get the day after Thanksgiving off instead) and wow, the metro was empty and peaceful… made for a nice, sitting down commute.

  • Rave: Traffic was beautiful this morning. It took me 30 minutes to get to work versus my normal 40-50 minute trip.
    Rant: Still wish I was off today. Apparently my co-worker feels that celebrating Veteran’s Day with Christams music is appropriate.
    Rant: I may have screwed up my allergy testing scheduled for Friday by taking Benadryl on Sunday when I felt like I might’ve had the starts of a reaction. Apparently I was not supposed to take Benadryl in particular for 7 days before the testing. Which I would have known had they actually sent me the pre-appointment instructions.
    Question for the Football/Futbol loving PoPulace: My son has decided he is a Barca fan. This is, most likely, due to the prevalence of Messi kits among his friends at school. I, on the other hand, am a Man City fan, having lived a mile from Main Road for most of college. Would it be wrong to get him a City kit versus Barca for Christmas? While on most things I am happy for my kids to make their own choices, I firmly believe that sports associations should follow that of the parents….

    • blast cadence. That’ll learn her!

    • 1) Why not get him both? The teams are from different countries, there’s no conflict. 2) If you really are a Man City fan and your son has not picked that up from you yet, then you’ve already lost him. Sorry. 3) That’s not totally true – kids pick “favorites” for all kinds of reasons. The team I supported as a kid I picked because all the kids at school picked it, and it is not the team I support now. Let him be a Barca fan.

      • I Dont Get It

        I agree with Krampus . (From a IU/UK/Notre Dame, UofL family)

      • I agree let him be the Barca fan.
        That being said, seeing most of the top teams play for the Champions league these days, the chances of conflict of interest are pretty high…

        • I suppose a slight rivalry could be fun….
          I may not have been doing my job as well raising him to be a City fan as I could, but we don’t have cable and I don’t take him to bars to watch matches. Most of his soccer experience comes from actually playing the game and a little Fifa on the Xbox.

    • Blithe

      I’m NOT a fan, so take this with multiple grains of salt. If your son has decided that he is a Barca fan because his friends are, and he wants to identify with his friends, I think you should get him the Barca kit — which is what he’d like. You can certainly nudge him in the directions of your own alliances as he gets older. Actually, I think Krampus has the best advice — get him both! Win-win!

    • Why on earth should kids’ sports preferences be dictated by their parents? I mean, go for it – my 8 yo has had 4 Jets jerseys in her short lifetime – but ultimately it’s her decision. If she wanted a Patriots jersey, I’d swallow hard and allow her aunt to purchase one for her. Then have tons of fun teasing her as a frontrunner.

    • Get him the Barca kit. Kids know enough about the game at that age to have opinions.

    • That depends. Do you want him to be a walking billboard for Etihad Airways, or Qatar Airways?

  • Rave: Happy Veterans Day to all those in POPville who have and will serve and their families. I hope folks take time out to remember what today is for
    Rant: No day off for me, but plenty are in worse situations in the name of military service
    Rave: Happy belated birthday, Marines.
    Rave: The GOP eating its young with the immigration issue. Demographics aren’t in your favor, folks. But it’s good TV!

  • jack5

    Rant: Working on a holiday. But Vets did so I can too.

    Rave: Traffic was like it was back in 2008. I got to work in 30 minutes… Amazing.

    Rant: Inheriting IT problems that don’t have easy solutions, because ppl before me took big shortcuts.

    Rave: Parrots make really great pets, I still wake up early thinking I need to let my dog out for a poop and then pick it up in the cold, but then realize I don’t need to do that with a parrot.

  • Rave: Echoing everyone’s traffic raves. I should’ve been late today, but with traffic I was early!

    Rave: Today is the first day in a long time I have an evening to myself. I plan to catch up on my grocery shopping, clean the house and watch TV.

    Rant: It’s a gorgeous day and I won’t get to enjoy it. It will be dark when I leave work. At least my friends who are off today will get to appreciate it.

  • Rant: my office swapped out my machine for a new one because of software updates… and gave me a new keyboard, this should be a rant, but the new machine has all kinds of minor (annoying) new software issues and the keyboard is very uncomfortable to use (it’s one of those mushy kind).
    Rave: super empty metro!!!!

  • Rant: Had to work today
    Rant: Bus running Saturday schedule, and i didn’t have the 40 minutes to wait, so bikeshared to Metro
    Rant: had to go to apple store to pick up something for boss and it doesn’t open until 10
    Rave: No one on the Metro had a whole car to myself
    Rave: My kitties didn’t want me to leave this morning, lot of cute kitty cuddles and kisses.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Employed by a NGO that has a long, historic association with the military that continues today yet Veteran’s Day is no longer an employee holiday.
    Rave: Drinking my tea today from one of those satanic red Starbucks cups.

  • Rant: Have to work today.
    Rave: Totally empty office (I work at an independent federal agency where the Feds have off, but my company doesn’t give it to us as contractors) so it’s nice and quiet and I’m getting sooooo much done!
    Rant/Rave: Just purchased a pair of Frye boots last night online…hoping they’re as good as everyone says they are, because if they’re not amazing they’re going back (omg $$$$$$$)
    Rave: Since I’ve already got everything done for the day, working on finding recipes for Thanksgiving and planning it all out! BIG thanks (to Anonamom I think?) for mentioning that Mom’s Organic Market is offering pre-orders of the Maple Lawn turkeys – pre-ordered one last night!
    Question: When did “revel” become “rave”? Has anyone else noticed this?

    • palisades

      Did you go to the Frye store in georgetown? Seems like the easiest way to try out a product before blowin a ton of money on it…

      • Blithe

        Or Zappos — free shipping both ways and a year long return policy while you’re deciding is pretty easy too.

      • I tried on a pair at DSW two days ago (they wouldn’t zip all the way up, first time a pair of boots has ever done this for me, so I couldn’t entirely judge them) but ended up buying them from Nordstrom Rack – the pair I wanted was almost half off yesterday AND they had the extended calf option in my size – so free shipping was included because it was over $100. Three months to return to any Nordstrom Rack or Nordstrom seems like plenty for me.

    • Oooh which kind of Frye boots?

    • I have been considering/wanting a pair of Fryes forever. Please let us know how they are. They say the value is in the fact they will last for up to 10 years and seemingly get better with time.

      • I have a few pairs and love them. The soles do need replacing every so often but the leather ages beautifully. I condition them at the beginning of the season and I think it helps keep the leather looking nice through the weather (though I wouldn’t purposefully wear them in wet/icy weather).

  • Rave: Working today so I can take the day before Thanksgiving off for travel – and that’s a rave because I was actually excited to go into the office today! (just over a month into a new job that I’m loving)
    Rave: Meeting a friend I haven’t seen in awhile for lunch today.

  • Rant: It’s “FEWER philosophers,” Marco, not “less philosophers.” Fewer. Haven’t we had our fill of GOP candidates (and presidents) who do violence to the English language?

    • Thank you! I am amazed by the number of (even seemingly well-educated) people who use “less” and “fewer” incorrectly. It’s not that hard people!

      • This is not actually a grammar rule even though someone told you it is. I am amazed by how many well educated people think that it is. Less has always been used with counting nouns long before someone thought fewer sounded better.

      • Well it may not be a “rule” but references like strunk and white say when to use “fewer” and when to use “less”

        • HaileUnlikely

          Courting the pedant vote is unlikely to be a winning strategy in the Republican primary, or in the general election for that matter.

        • Strunk and White is both a style guide and for writing (as opposed to speech). The “rule” serves no grammatical purpose (other than for those with a more formal education to look down on those with a less formal education) and fewer has been used four counting nouns for far less time than less.

          The whole fewer thing reminds me of Mitch Hedberg’s joke about the letter x

          • It’s this kind of nonsense that had led to “literal” meaning both literal and figurative. Words have meaning. Precision is a virtue. Sloppy speech and writing is indicative of sloppy thinking. I suppose that makes me a pedant, but I’m good with that.
            BTW, Anon . . . homonyms are tough, aren’t they?

          • Less and fewer have the same meaning. Figuratively and literally have the opposite meaning. you can’t see the difference because you have a blind insistence on following rules.

            If you think things like spelling and grammar rules are in any way related to intelligence you have never studied how the brain works. I could argue that ridged adherence to useless rules is indicative of stale thinking. I don’t think it’s true though I think it is really just a way for people to feel superior to others.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Such pedantic nonsense makes me want to defend him even though the relevant assertion in his statement appears to be incorrect.
      Also, I say “appears to be” because all of the fact checking gurus have ignored important aspects of the question such as the percent of trained welders who are a.) employed at all and b.) employed as welders vs. the percent of trained philosophers who are a.) employed at all and b.) employed as philosophers. I suspect that he was altogether wrong, but I have little patience for professionals who tout themselves as fact-checkers and “check” their “facts” by finding a number or two that are tangentially relevant to the matter and passing that off as THE TRUTH.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Related Rant: Some misuses of words actually change meaning. Misuse of “x times more than” to mean “x times as many as” changes the interpretation of the numbers in a way that is sometimes important. 2 is not “two times more than” 1. 2 is “two times as much/many as” 1. 3 is “two times more than” 1. Misuse of this has become so rampant even among people who should really know better (e.g., technical writers) that correcting people has become a losing battle and I am now left unwilling to take any speaker’s or author’s word that anything is however-many-times-more-than-whatever without seeing the actual numbers myself.

  • Rant: Just got back from over a month of cobbled together work and personal travel to realize I forgot my niece’s birthday is today. Oops.

  • Blithe

    Observation: Every time I think I’ve read the “weirdest post ever” I realize that it can, indeed, get weirder.
    Query: I’m admittedly being lazy, but I DID look at the list of PoPville topics. Is there a section for some of the “Best of PoPville” or something like that– where gems like the chicken bacon ranch post are collected?
    Rant: My most comfortable shoes bit the dust. I ordered a new pair. They’ve been “improved”. 🙁
    Rant: I’m sleepy. Grumpy. Dopey. Sneezy. And now I’m trying to resist looking up the names of the seven dwarfs to see how many I actually match.

    • I Dont Get It

      I’m all for tags that are added later when something blows up. They are fun reads!

      • I Dont Get It

        I always hate it when I come to a fairly new post and it already has 80 replies and all the good snarky comments have already been taken.

  • Rave: Made switchel (also called Haymakers Punch); it’s vinegar based (similar to a shrub) and refreshing. And has great potential as a base for a cocktail
    Rave: @NPRchicken has + 1000 followers since yesterday
    Rant: Lingering cough, ugh
    Rave: Pre-testing Thanksgiving recipes starting with Smitten Kitchen’s red cabbage/date/feta salad and kale/carmelized onion stuffing

  • palisades

    Rave: Just heard on Spotify that a The Tie Bar store opened in the Shay. I’ll definitely have to check that out.

  • Rave: Closed on the condo! And I finally got all of the other life/financial information I’ve been awaiting and it’s mostly good news. Yes, this all happened in the span of maybe 3 hours. My breathing has been restored to its normal rhythm and pace and I even got a good night’s sleep last night.
    Rave: I decided to surprise the husband last night with a dinner of boeuf bourguignon, buttered noodles and vinaigrette green beans. It felt properly festive and it was a hit! I also really liked this boeuf bourguignon recipe and will likely make it again for special occasions.
    Rave: The babies feel SO big. It’s becoming easier and easier to figure out their positions now that I can better identify body parts. Really looking forward to seeing them again on ultrasound tomorrow.

  • Rant: Meant to use the holiday to get an oil change for my car, but missed my window of opportunity.
    Rave: Lounging instead. Need to make myself go outside and plant bulbs.
    Rant: IDGI, I don’t hold you personally responsible, but MAN am I getting a ton of e-mails from K. Van Bourgundien & Sons (dutchbulbs.com) ever since ordering bulbs from them about a week ago. Will need to investigate “subscription preferences” to stem the deluge.

  • Rant: Work today – parent teacher conferences. Not that I hate parents, but I’m still new enough to be intimidated by them!
    Revel: Every parent I have met with so far has been wonderful and supportive!
    Rant: Translation services not working.

  • Rant: long set of raves is trapped in moderation 🙁

  • Rave: Took a night to relax and binge watch Netflix last night. Started with a Gilmore Girls episode (the Yale years) and then went on to watch way too much of The Good Wife. I love how Cary is pretty much a grown up Logan– and he grew up nicely. 🙂
    Rave: My beloved Barbour jacket finally returned after a [really long] vacation to New Hampshire for reproofing. Good as new.
    Rant: Ridiculous series of events trying to do laundry yesterday. Locked myself out, had to stagger the timing on my loads, dropped my detergent and it exploded in a common area.
    Rave: Counting down the days until Thanksgiving. I’m grateful to be coming back home to D.C. for a few days before finals.

    • Uh-oh — sounds like your detergent is perhaps getting ideas from Emilie504’s detergent!

    • It sounds like we have similar binge-watching habits. I’m also really into this season of The Good Wife. It’s always a good show, but have really liked every episode so far this season. Also: Scream Queens! Surprisingly entertaining and the guest appearance by Tavi Gevinson was a nice touch too. (Ok, I’ll admit it. I mostly watch it for the clothes.)

  • Rave: NYC was great this weekend! Kinky Boots was awesome!
    Rave: operation take the train to Stamford and get a passport Monday (after the system being down Friday in DC and hearing NYC wasn’t a great idea) was a raving success!
    Rave: Copenhagen!!! Food, architecture, people…all of it!
    Rave: posting from free online wifi on our flight to Paris…thanks Norwegian!
    Rave: AirBNB….Accomodations have been great and (knock on wood) guests at our place haven’t needed anything.
    Rave: Happy Veterans Day to all that serve(d)!
    Only rant: Veterans Day is always a reminder of those that I served with that have passed away. 2 while serving and 2 unrelated to serving (that I know of)…all far far to young.

  • Neither rant nor rave:
    Reading “Thank You to our Veterans” posts and being greatful to the men and women who have, and are, serving in the military. And their families

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Bored Rave: I just drank a Muscle Milk and
    Bonus Bored Rant: Nothing happened.

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