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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: If I was really creative I would make a graph with the little deadweight loss triangles to illustrate all the time that disappears when I get out of work at 5:15 instead of 5. When I leave at 5, I’m always home by 5:45ish. Leave at 5:15, the 5:30 bus never shows and I don’t get home until 6:30. That 15 minutes turns into 45 minutes REAL quick.
    Rave: It is Friday. I am done with midterms. I can relax this weekend.
    Rant: I miss living near Georgetown where I felt like I could go out and wander and get groceries and window shop at night by myself. U St. isn’t the same, and along with getting home a whole hour later, it’s slowly driving me crazy. Oh well. At least my rent is less now.

    • Any option to shorten lunch to get there later but still leave at 5?

      • Not now, no. I need to talk to my supervisor again in a week or two (she’s relatively new to the office, too). My lunch is as short as we can get it. They’d have to let me come in at 8 instead of 8:15.

        • Oh. I thought you had an hr lunch since it’s 9 hrs. Who comes in at 815 as a required start time anyway?

          • Nope, 30 minutes, because I leave an hour early two days a week for class. That’s why things are getting messed up. But for 2 years my old offices let me come in at 7:45, which is why I never ran into this problem AND had a longer lunch! But its okay.

    • Anonynon

      Ask the new boy to go window shopping? I don’t think there is any need to live in that much fear….otherwise I would move out of the area.

      It is not easy to get down to G. Town from up here though, I would suggest biking its much much faster, but a little more dangerous. Life is full of choices and trade offs.

  • Rave: My book club book arrived last night, I can’t wait to start reading it!

    Rant: Maaaaaay have overdone it yesterday. Had to take a pain pill (not narcotic) this morning when I woke up. Home and rest tonight.

    Rant: Tried to look for a dress to wear to a winter wedding last night. What I found was either Sequins! or “Hey, thanks for taking the time to leave the important Powerpoint presentation at work to come to my wedding” so I am hopeful that by next week there might be more holiday-ish stuff out there (the wedding is the weekend before Thanksgiving).

    Rave/Rant: I got the boric acid tablets last night and put them in every crack and crevice in my kitchen. There were no roaches to be seen when I walked in there this morning. However, when I went to my front door, there was a big ol’ roach just hanging out on the wall saying “EFF YOU LADY” — until this morning, I’ve never seen a roach outside of my kitchen (nowhere near my front door).

    Rave: Mid 70s for November? Please and thank you.

    • I’m so sorry for your rants but your whole post made me chuckle! hope you’re able to find a perfect dress and hope that the boric acid tablets work well and fast!

    • not sure what your price range is for the dress, but check Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale’s (both in Friendship Heights right by the metro). I was there last weekend looking for a formal party dress and they had a lot that wasn’t in either category you describe 😛

      • I was looking at Lord & Taylor (I’ve had great luck in the past when I’ve shopped there) but didn’t think about Bloomingdale’s. I’m going shopping next Saturday with a good friend to a mall somewhere in Annapolis. Hopeful that I will find something awesome there. I think there’s a Lord & Taylor there? But if not, and I find nothing, I’ll go to Friendship Heights after work one night and check them both out.

        • I’ve always had success at Nordstrom in Tyson’s. The Macy’s in Tysons II can also have some good options. Bloomingdales can have amazing sales on designer lines.

          • Totally agree on Nordstrom’s. You can use their personal shopper service at no additional charge. I was short on time, signed up for an appointment, and had the shopper pick all of the dresses that met my criteria. Found a dress, no problem. Good stuff.

    • FtLincolnLove

      Have you considered Rent the Runway? There’s a brick and mortar shop in Georgetown- you can try on a bunch of dresses there and reserve the one you want. I love it because I can rent a dress that would normally be out of my price range if I were purchasing it!

  • Rant: Talked with friend in the psych ward yesterday and felt like the most horrible human being.
    Rant: Doctor not talking to friend’s family so no way of knowing what her progress is like.
    Rave: Chose to do an “Ironman” month – biking, running/walking, and swimming the distances of the ironman over the course of the month. It’s getting me back into tracking my activity.
    Rant: Had to switch my telecommute days due to an external all-day meeting that was pretty worthless.
    Rave: Windows open, vanilla black tea, and XPN’s best year in music countdown.

    • I am glad that your friend spoke to you. It means she hasn’t completely shut you out. I’m sorry that you are feeling horrible, but you did the right thing (the hardest thing).

      Do you think your friend would give you permission to speak to her doctor, or is she too angry?

      • I need to ask her. The doctor isn’t talking to her brother and the place is uber confidential (like when I call to talk to my friend they say things like “if the patient is in the facility, we will notify the patient of your call). I’m planning a visit this weekend (there are super limited visit hours) and have no idea what to do or say and so wish the doctors would support us in supporting her.

        • I’m glad that you’re going to see her. That’s important.
          Unfortunately, I have no advice on what to say, but maybe Google does?

    • I Dont Get It

      The most horrible person in the world would be the one who ignored a friend in desperate need. Give yourself a break here.

      • 100% agree with IDGI – remind yourself that you absolutely did the right thing for your friend.

      • Thanks guys. In the moment it feels like the right thing.
        And then I panic about the fact that very likely, this solves nothing. She probably will only be in for 7-10 days and then what? Just hoping to hear from the doctors that we’re on the right path, that she’s on meds, etc. But no communication from them makes it so so hard to know what’s coming.

        • Glad to hear your friend is getting help. You’re a good friend! I don’t know what the nursing staff is like there, but the nurses may also be good resources (even just for general support) if you’re having a hard time getting info from the doctors.

  • Rave: Shaw restaurants. Lucky enough to check out both the Dabney and Convivial this week. Dabney has an awesome atmosphere, great food and even better drinks, but i was surprised at how non-vegetarian friendly it was given the chef’s focus on foraging for vegetables. they said the menu changes often, so maybe they’ll add some more.

    Convivial was the best meal I’ve had in a long time. Everything was so good–my favorites were pickled rockfish (almost tasted like pickled herring) and the “smores” dessert that was to die for. The drinks were uncreative and just okay, but the food was out of this world.

    • Excited to hear this! I walked by Convivial the other day and literally thought “where did you come from?” I didn’t remember reading any buzz, but it looked great! Glad to hear you enjoyed both!

  • That One Guy

    I’m not feeling great, but not crappy enough to stay home. May turn grumpy as the day progresses.
    I like the Person First Project posting.
    Question: what’s your favorite comfort food?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: The new (at least to me) lighted sign on the 17th st side of the Renwick Gallery. Seems inappropriately garish for such a historic corner.
    Rave: A great night’s sleep last night including a trippy dream that I was joining the next cast of DWTS with previous champions Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson. It’s gonna be huuuuge!

  • Rave: Yoga and dinner on 14th Street tonight!
    Rave: Wedding venues have more availability for next fall than I expected. Whoo hoo! Also, I solemnly swear to never become a person who complains about planning a wedding, because it’s a very fortunate position to be in and one I waited for for a very long time!

  • Rant: Probably should have defended myself to my boss better than I did.

  • Rant: Stupid people.
    Rave: FRIDAY!!!! looking forward to a relaxing weekend, hopefully full of getting (domestic) sh!t done!
    Rave: Getting good feedback from people I work with – it’s always nice to hear that you’re doing a good job!
    Rant: I want an office with a door soooooo bad. I am going to lose my mind one of these days in this noisy cube farm!

    • I feel your pain on such an enormous level!.
      I’d advocate for the cube room next door when that gets vacated…..

      • ha! I have a feeling that will not be until the current occupant dies in the cube! Which may not be for a long, long time. Plus, I’d still hear everything! I can hear current occupant clearing her throat, flipping through magazines, so even tho there’s a door, it doesn’t do much for the sound, unfortunately! 🙂


        • SouthwestDC

          Be careful what you wish for. The guy in the cube across from me used to drive me crazy with his noises, and then he died suddenly and I felt bad that I’d been annoyed with him all that time.

          • whoa! : 0 I’m certainly not wishing this current person a sudden death! What i do wish is that she would stop wearing so. much. perfume! As far as noise goes, she’s the quietest of the whole bunch!

  • Rant: Misplaced my MFing passport. Today is going to be spent at the State Department. Heading that way shortly. Any advice on getting a same-day passport? I already called and got an appointment, but it’s for 11/12, which is when we’re supposed to be in Paris. I figured I’ll take my confirmation number, my travel docs, and other things and hope for the best. I’ve heard good things in the past.
    Rant: Outbid on a (cheap, fixer-upper) place in Cambridge.
    Rant: If bad luck comes in three’s, I’m waiting for that final one to drop…and I’m really hoping it doesn’t involve missing an international trip.
    Rave: I packed before I realized the passport was MIA – small graces.

    • you can get a passport same day if you show your travel plans.

    • Eek!
      Do you by any chance have a photocopy/scan of the picture page of the passport? I’ve heard it makes getting a replacement passport faster.
      Which reminds me, I ought to make a copy of the picture page of my current passport…

      • I’ll have to see. I don’t THINK so, but if I do, I emailed it to myself in gmail…so worth a shot!

      • Any recs for where to get your photos done? I got the last ones done at a camera/film place and there’s just not many of them anymore!

        • I thought every CVS does this? I’ll find out and let you know 🙂

        • CVS. Fedex/Kinkos (whatever it’s called now) store. UPS store. Google can surely tell you a nearby place.

        • Walgreens definitely does it. I suspect cvs may also.

        • SouthwestDC

          I’ve always gone to CVS, but you should know what the requirements are so you can verify they did it correctly. My last photo was almost rejected because they didn’t white balance it correctly.
          There are also places right next to the passport office (probably more expensive but more likely to get it right).

        • I had my most recent passport photos done at a Walgreens (the one in Cleveland Park).

        • DIY – I printed out passport sized photos at home. The State Dept website has a photo tool so you can make sure it is the right size/etc.

        • Blithe

          I got mine done at the Ritz photo shop — which still exists — on Arlington Road in downtown Bethesda.

    • SouthwestDC

      The security guards will ask if you have an appointment for today– just tell them you do. They asked me for the confirmation number, which I didn’t have with me, so I told them that and they let me in anyway. I’m not sure if the confirmation number can tell them what day the appointment is for, so you might want to err on the side of caution and pretend you don’t have it.
      Once you get in, assuming you have all the documents, it should be a breeze. I got my new passport the same day. My girlfriend had to do the same thing a few months later (we are apparently bad at keeping track of expiration dates) and she got hers back the next morning.

    • Ralphie!

      Are you open to traveling? Found out that my husband’s passport had expired the night before a trip, he managed to get a next-morning appointment at the passport center in Philly, and there was a CVS a block away that did passport photos. He was back in the car with a fresh passport in less than 2 hours. He did miss the flight that day but made one the next morning.

      • This gives me hope that if I cannot get it today, I have until 11pm Monday night in NYC and they have a passport office there too. I’ll have to log in on Monday and let you guys know how it went 🙂

    • Photo: check; Application and supporting documents: check; Getting through to the window: check…and now the system is down and I’ll be traveling to Connecticut on Monday morning to see if the system issue is resolved. Here we go!

    • This happened to me 2 years ago. Advice, just go to the passport office and wait in line. Tell them you don’t have an appt. that day, but show that you have documents and photos in hand. I got my pictures at CVS @ 6 am, was in line by 7 am and had my passport by 2 pm same day. Found my old passport 15 mins. after that. Still, so impressed with the Passport Office and still grateful.

  • Rant: Sick again. My immune system has been crap since I moved to DC, and it takes me longer to recover. I need country air or something.
    Rave: tgif

    • We have this really gross, hard-to-kick cold-like illness going around my office. Got it, finally got over it, and feel like I’m coming down with it again. So over it.

      • People at my work are dealing with this too. Thankfully my office is small and it isn’t here yet, so I’ve been sort of sealed off from exposure.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: planning train trip around the country. It’s only necessary for me as an American citizen.

  • Had a near-miss with a cyclist blowing through a crosswalk today. That’s not noteworthy, that happens a couple times a week. What was different this time was when I yelled “CROSSWALK!” at him, he yelled back “I’m not a car!” I guess his disdain for the law is… refreshing? Never mind that he was going about eight times as fast as any car on the road. SMDH.
    Wasted $8 on a collar for NBK. It took him less than one minute to pop it off. Occasionally, if I was actively distracting him, it stayed on for as many as 20 minutes. But as soon as he thought about it, he had it off again. Break-away collars suck.

    • janie4

      Is there a bell on the collar? My cat took the collars off every other day until I took the bell off. He didn’t like giving one advance warning he was coming.

      • No bell; I took it off. He doesn’t go outside (at least, that’s the plan) so there’s no need for it.

        • janie4

          Oh. Then unfortunately, I have no tips. That was the only thing that worked to keep a collar on a cat. Every other cat I knew who hated them, just never took to them.

          • It’s the break-away closure that’s the problem. It’s much too weak. I wonder if anyone still sells buckle collars. I’m off to the google!

    • Yeah, I saw a cyclist go through a red light and almost hit an older man who was pulling some luggage this morning on my way to work. I feel for good cyclists dealing with crappy drivers, but I really have no sympathy for cyclists who think they can be a car sometimes and “not a car” at other times.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Try a Sturdi walking jacket (take off the leash in the house).

      • But then you’d be petting/ snuggling with the straightjacket, instead of the actual cat. I already don’t much like having a collar interfere with my tactile enjoyment of my cat.

    • I had to get a leather tiny dog collar for my one cat because she chewed through her little kitten collar when she was a baby….I don’t like having to make her wear a non-breakaway collar, but it’s the only solution I’ve been able to come up with – plus, I have it juuuust loose enough that if it were to get snagged, she could most likely slip out of it in dire need. She is also microchipped, but I still have my cats wear collars so that they’re immediately identifiable as “pet,” not stray.

    • I’ve had pretty good luck with the breakaway collars at MadeByCleo.com with my crazy kitten and they can do the engraved non-dangling ID tags. They have collars in kitten sizes too so you can make sure it can be tightened enough (tips of two fingers should fit underneath). If it’s too loose, they can get a paw under and tug the breakaway collars free or get their bottom jaw in it. Good luck with NBK!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m exhausted after all the crazy hours I’ve had to work this week and I have to work late tonight.
    Rave: Next week’s schedule is so much better. I can’t wait til it’s normal again.

    • Sorry to hear 🙁 But you’re almost there! Hopefully there will be plenty of glorious sleep this weekend and next week.

    • Glad to hear that your work schedule is easing up — I was wondering the other day if maybe you were out sick!

  • emvee

    Rant: My family is doing Philly Thanksgiving this year and I cannot, for the life of me, find somewhere to leave my dog for a night (pets are not invited to Thanksgiving). I’m hesitant to board him because he has bad separation anxiety and I don’t have a place I usually leave him. I’ve reached out to a fair number of people on DogVacay to do a meet and greet prior to leaving him with someone, and no one is around for the holiday. I’m contemplating seeing if I can find an airbnb in Philly that accepts pets and go from there.
    Rave: Friday?

  • SUPER RANT: Just watched three guys try to break in the house diagonal from mine at 10:40a with people all around. I called the cops right away, one cop responded and the 3 dudes were still there. The fucking cop didn’t even get out the car, just told them to leave so they walked up the street. That’s it, no nothing. He didn’t get out of the car until they were gone and walked up the street with the fucking crowbar they used to try and break in. I’m so pissed right now because if this was another area, I know there would have been more done. Who should I talk to at 5D about this? This is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    • Ugh, that’s terrible. Take it straight to the 5D Commander?

      • YES – that is unbelievable. If you have the time, I’d be curious to know what the commander says. And if that doesn’t work, keep moving up the chain of command. Lanier seems pretty responsive via email.
        These kinds of incidents remind me of the “juking the stats” storyline in The Wire.

        • When my house was broken into the cops tried to threaten us so we wouldn’t file a report. I don’t think they can get away with it in most neighborhoods, but in the poorer ones they do sneaky things in an attempt to get the crime stats down.

          • How did they threaten you?

          • If I’m thinking of the same poster, the cops spotted a hookah and threatened to haul the homeowners in on drug charges if they didn’t stop insisting about a burglary report.
            (If this is the right story, the glow of knowing a popville story that textdoc didn’t know is going to stay with me all evening… It’s like beating Ken Jennings at trivia.)

          • WDC, I remember the hookah story, but I was assuming that Caroline wasn’t the same poster. So I was wondering if the cops have different threats up their sleeves.

          • That was me with the roommate that had the hookah! I may have posted as an Anon that time. 🙂

          • And they scared your cats too, right?

          • I think the burglarers scared the cats, but the cops were sitting around for a while laughing at how freaked out the cats were. Your memory for this stuff is terrifyingly amazing.

        • I will be contacting Commander Fitzgerald via email and copying Chief Lanier. I will post the response here. Thanks.

  • Rant: Managed to eff up my leg running down my back steps after an opossum spooked me. I don’t know what pisses me off more, running like a little b*tch because I saw two beady eyes, or the co-pay that I will end up having to fork over.
    Rave: Some hard work paying off at work – very happy about this

    • oh no! I would have run too, I know opossum’s are harmless but they sure don’t look it! Hope your leg gets better fast!

    • OH no… I’m so sorry to hear about your leg but the mental picture also made me seriously laugh

    • I also get pissed off when I have an involuntary reaction to something I know shouldn’t scare me. I kicked the trashcan once because a rat jumped out a scared me. I hurt my foot. So I feel you.

  • Rant: Neighbors above have sex at the same time every night. Easy to avoid at least.
    Andie: used your rosemary to make honey garlic chicken (name is deceiving) because I wanted more of the sauce for the first batch as the chicken was a little overcooked. Lots of potatos and a little chicken.
    Rave: Job is still chill!
    Rave?: comcast put in my numbers incorrectly, so hopefully I’ll have internet and cable tonight.

    • Oi! I had Comcast issues when I moved too because they had my name but with the wrong apartment number! And someone else’s name with my apartment number! And the poor guy who came to connect things (tenant before me had fios) called Comcast and was like “Why can’t y’all do anything right?! This should be easy!”

      • Mine is much easier. Simple fix with the wrong number put in for my box. Should be good to go tonight. Now to get the tv remote to work, but I should be able to use the comcast one in any event.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Any one else have time to kill next Wednesday (Veteran’s Day). I respect our Vets but that is a totally useless middle of the week day to have off.

  • Rant: I’m still having trouble getting answers to important financial questions and there is nothing I can do at this point but be patient and try not to have panic attacks about it while I wait.
    Rave: My husband is being a lot more helpful and supportive than I had given him credit for. He always comes through.
    Rave: Even though this is all super stressful, I believe it will work out okay one way or another.
    Not sure if it’s a rant or rave, but the babies are now big enough that I can feel exactly where they are in my belly and identify body parts. Their little heads feel like tennis balls and sometimes they stick out of my belly at funny angles.

    • Awww! That was my favorite part of pregnancy. I loved pushing them around to get them to kick and playing guess the baby part. Focus on the good stuff, it’ll help distract you from the stress.

      • Me too! I loved when they would flop over and my whole belly would change shape/ location. Freaked out my colleagues, though. 🙂
        Take note of specific movements, shawess, because they might keep doing those things on the outside. One of mine freaked me out by breathing quickly and heavily (for the uninitiated, yes, fetuses breathe) and then going still. And now, years later, I can tell when she’s falling asleep, because she takes a half-dozen quick heaving breaths at the moment she drops off.

        • Oh, the flipping is my least favorite part — it can be super painful and bring on Braxton Hicks! Sometimes They seem to like flipping when I stand up so sometimes I stay seated just to avoid it!

          • Well, it’s all many years behind me now. It’s all kind of a happy fun fog. Except the round ligament stretching. That was miserable…

          • Also, I only had one in there at a time. I think it would have been less entertaining in a double occupancy room.

      • I Dont Get It

        Wow reading this stuff is freaking me out…who knew?

    • Blithe

      Awww! I really look forward to your pregnancy updates fka Shawess! From “cashews” to OMG, there are PEOPLE moving in there — is beyond awesome! Thanks for sharing your stories!

  • Rant: due to some car stuff, I had time this morning to take DOG to the dog park. I was already dressed in normal clothes, which included a white drapey cardigan. I didn’t even consider getting dirty because my dog doesn’t jump, but apparently I should have because someone else’s dog was all over me. He got me at least 4 times. I don’t even think the dog’s owner said anything to the dog or me. Apparently I shouldn’t wear something I want to keep clean to the dog park, but an apology would have been nice.
    Rave: this weather. It’s weird, but I love it.
    Rave: everyone from the inspection station, to the body shop to the rental car guy was super nice this morning.

  • Rave: Sunshine and gelato (lemon ricotta cardamon is amazing!)
    Rant: Starting to seriously stress about parenthood. I think it is the whole hunt for childcare that sent me into a bit of a tailspin. I’m trying to just remind myself to chill and keep plodding through my very long to do list. It will work itself out.

  • Bear

    Rave: I got hitched, went on an amazing honeymoon, and started a new job all in the last month.
    Rant: I am EXHAUSTED. I have no plans except to just sleep and chill this weekend, and it will be amazing.

  • RAVE: I’m an UNCLE! Baby is a month early and sister and niece are doing well. Yeah!!!!

  • Blithe

    Ranty Rant: Several months ago I ranted about getting a horribly early mosquito bite. Now I have a horribly late one. I’m resigned to being a mosquito magnet, but really! — It’s November! Shouldn’t they all be dead by now? %$#^%$

  • Rave: Planted a bunch of tulip bulbs yesterday.
    Rave: Did not get bitten by mosquitoes.
    Rant: I’m little worried as to where I’m going to find the space to plant all of the remaining bulbs I want to plant — especially the ones from dutchbulbs.com, since I can’t just return those the way I can with the Home Depot ones. (Well, maybe I could, but the shipping cost is a strong incentive to keep them and plant them.)
    Rave: I think I will find a way.
    Rant: Work stuff.
    Rave: Non-work stuff.

    • SouthwestDC

      I planted my extra bulbs in a container. I’ve seen container tulip gardens in the neighborhood, so it must work.

      • Ahh, that’s a good idea. I tried planting daffodil bulbs in containers last year, but it didn’t work — I think there wasn’t sufficient drainage, even though there were holes in the bottom of the pots. Maybe I will buy some landscaping rocks and put them in the bottoms of the pots to try for better drainage.

  • Rave: Gorgeous Fall weather today. Best time of the year.

    Rant; Gotta rake all this ginko leaves which are ridged and hard to get hold of.

    Rave: Still love my giant ginko tree anyway.

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