Props to the Leaf Collection Crews


A reader nominates DPW:

“These guys don’t get a lot of props, but they were out all week last week raking the sidewalk and blowing up and down the street making sure all the dead leaves were cleared. Some areas were getting really thick with leaves, so really glad guys like this are out there working hard.”

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  • Yes, I came home the other day to a completely clean block. Leaves and trash, all the way up to the retaining walls, all cleared away. The leaf guys do a MUCH better job than the street sweeper guys!

  • binntp

    Well, I’m glad they’re doing a good job in some neighborhoods. They were supposed to do mine last week, didn’t show up until Saturday late afternoon, and then cleared only one small patch on the corner. All of the diligent raking I and my neighbors on the 3 blocks up and down my street did was for naught. The piles were still there when I got home last night (but blown around a bit by the weekend’s wind).

    • This happened to us last year. They were two weeks late to collect our first round. And then they never came for the second round.

      • That always happens to us, I think they end up behind schedule by the time they get to our neighborhood. I watch the status map like a hawk to get a better idea of when they’ll actually come. Sometimes I’ll cover the pile with a tarp so the leaves don’t blow around and I have to do all that work again.

    • They were supposed to come to our street last week, but haven’t even gotten here yet. So, yeah, we all raked a bunch of leaves 10 days ago, and they’re half in ever-diminishing piles, and half all over the street.

      • Oh, nevermind. I checked the GIS link below, and they claim to have completed our street. They just didn’t take anyone’s leaves as part of that completion.

  • I’ve often thought this is probably the best run program in all of DC.

  • Guys AND gals! A big crew was out on Nebraska Ave NW this morning raking out from under and around parked cars and had some huge piles going. That’s some hard work and they were hard at it. Happy taxpayer today 🙂

  • Where do they burn them all once they’re done collecting them?

    • They compost them. District residents used to be able to go pick up some composted leaves to fertilize their gardens, but I don’t know if they’re still doing that.

      • Brochure says free compost is available at Ft. Totten transfer station, March to October, Saturdays from 8 to 3.

        • Every time I’ve been to Ft. Totten transfer station they only have partially composted mulch (shredded wood), and not leaf compost. Maryland uses it’ collected leaves to make LeafGro brand compost which I use a lot of.

  • They are usually in my neighborhood on Thanksgiving day. Last year they weren’t and I heard that they had issues all over last year because the had someone new who thought they new better or some such. That picture shows them on 13th and D NE which puts them on schedule for my neighborhood next week.

  • Let’s hope that they don’t blow off the far western corner of Petworth…again…like they’ve done the last two years in a row…marking us “complete” when we still have leaves all over our streets and piles in our treeboxes.

  • Glad this was posted. Saw them hard at work on my street. They’ve got an efficient system going and they do a great job!

  • Yes! It always boggles my mind to see my neighbors spending all this time to bag their leaves when all they have to do is rake them to the curb. I guess they don’t read the informational hangers the city leaves on their doors.

  • Happy to say they did an outstanding job in our neighborhood, Hillcrest (Ward 7). That has not always been the case over the years (we’ve been here since 2000), but much to the delight of my 80 something neighbor, they came as scheduled and did a great job.

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