Placard Posted for Ambar at 7th and Q St, NW

1547 7th Street, NW

Looks like Ambar is coming to the beat up building catercorner to Dacha after all. The placard says:

“New Restaurant serving Balkan food. Total Occupancy Load is 250. Sidewalk Café with 34 seats.”

Obviously a ways to go before they open. You can see their menu from their Capitol Hill location here.


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  • I think this demolition was occurring without the proper permits. The second story was being demo’d about 4 months ago. Shame for the nice brickwork (and chimneys) and old wood. Now it’s sat like this for sometime.

    • While this is not in an historic district, it would be nice if somebody from the DC gov’t could prevent this kind of “demolition by neglect.” A few months ago a crew was scouring the mortar for the un-collapsed sections of wall – presumably to repoint the brickwork??? However nothing has been done since then, which makes me very suspicious that another part of the remaining building may mysteriously “fall apart” and the whole thing would “have” to be demolished. Shame, really, since it’s one of the few Arts and Crafts style buildings in DC.

      • It *was* one of a few arts and crafts building. :-/

      • This building was hit by a metro bus in 1997, or 99- the building was falling down, and would have fallen down eventually- and from what I understand unsound structurally, if you had a chance to walk by it a majority of the facade was in very poor shape. In cases like this its often best to start over. What’s really crazy about his space is that Streetsense was trying to lease it as is, from what I understand.

        • Streetsense was trying to lease it as is because the slum owner was trying to stay off the vacant property tax rolls, as he successfully did for years and years and years. Enjoy the spoils, Warren Williams.

          • I’m guessing that being entirely uninhabitable and “under construction” also exempts one from paying proper taxes? So glad the concerned residents of Shaw are trying to drive Dacha out of business but are perfectly happy to let these ridiculous shenanigans perpetuate themselves….

  • Accountering

    I went WAY overboard on bottomless mimosas at the Ambar in Barracks Row, so I shant be attending, but great to see this corner turn over. It will be great to get a daily reminder of that fateful day! 🙂

    • As a person that has had too much to drink on several occasions- people forgive and remember it was an exception…not the rule.

      • I think Accountering might be trying to protect himself against temptation, rather than against embarrassment per se. 😉

  • ambar is heaven. I am excited.

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