Pedestrian Frustration in Petworth

Rock Creek Church Rd, New Hampshire and Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I was narrowly grazed by a car around 10pm tonight [Thursday] at the intersection of Georgia Ave + Rock Creek Church Rd NW. This is par for the course around Petworth Metro, as New Hampshire adds turns lanes that no one seems to expect pedestrians to be in – although the right of way is theirs. While walking south on GA with the right of way, I was narrowly grazed by a black Honda Civic who chose hot to yield although Rock Creek at this junction amounts to a service road and I had a walk sign & undeniably, the right of way. This is par for the course on GA Ave – If you need to speed down Rock Creek Church – either stop acting like an a**hole or go back to burbs. I EXPECT this while crossing Georgia Ave. Otherwise, follow basic road rules!”

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  • Seems that a few days per month of extra-strict traffic enforcement around this intersection would put the brakes (heh) on a lot of the reckless driving.

  • General Grant Circle

    Ive almost been hit twice just this week a block up at New Hampshire and Quincy, from drivers either going to 8th or Quincy… Probably the same ones barreling past you

  • Sadly this is not a problem unique to Petworth. I recently watched a woman make an illegal right on red (she had a red arrow) directly into a pedestrian crossing with the right of way. The driver was doing something with her handheld smartphone at the same time.

    This woman hit a human being with her car and was completely unphased. She would have just kept driving if two of us hadn’t positioned ourselves in front of her and started yelling. She was like “he’s fine.”

    • Walking on the sidewalk with the flow of traffic on Rhode Island Ave. (and I’m sure it’s the same on other diagonal streets) is such a pain for similar reasons. The crosswalks across the lettered streets are a nightmare to navigate. I’m constantly looking behind me to make sure cars aren’t zooming around the corner. More often than not, I’m walking briskly across the street and some car-driving a-hole is inching toward me as if I’m not moving fast enough for their liking. I sometimes feel like turning around and staring for a solid minute, but I also value my life, so I just try ignore them instead.

  • I’ve had numerous close calls here and would say that 9 out of 10 lights someone (or multiple people) run red lights.

    Idea: Put a red light camera there and you could use a fund to redevelop most of lower GA!

  • this is a terrible intersections even with those massive painted crosswalks. People driving north on GA avenue barely slow down to make the right turn onto Rock Creek or New Hampshire. Rock Creek especially dangerous.

  • rock creek church is my favorite street in DC!

  • General Grant Circle

    Looks like Atlas is gonna get some more business

  • Did you get any information? License plate? Grazing counts as hit and run, and you can report it. I have had luck with that, but I had video footage per chance.

  • On the flip side, I was cycling down the M street bicycle lane and had pedestrians crossing while I had a green light. And not a recently turned green light.

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