Odin Missing from Takoma


“My cat Odin is missing and I am wondering if you could post about him? He went awol from 8th and Fern NW Tuesday night. No collar, no chip. He’s pretty friendly and is seen here DJing. Please note that he doesn’t like to be picked up.

Contact: [email protected] or (202) 642-9417.

I am hoping as soon as I hit send he’ll come home. We just moved so he’s probably having a hard time getting back to me.”

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  • I love the turntable scratcher! Hope Odin is found soon.

  • Hey fellow Takoma neighbor, I’ll keep my eyes out for Odin. Hope he’s found soon!

  • I hope that Odin comes home soon! I recommend putting some of your clothing outside where he might be able to smell it and recognize his new home. We did this with dirty t-shirts and socks when our cat escaped over the summer, and while I don’t know if it’s the reason he came back, he did show up on our front porch the day after we tried this tactic. If you just moved, he might need some extra help finding home. Also, if you haven’t already, I would put up signs in both your new and old neighborhood in case someone spots him. Good luck!

    • Good tips! I also wonder if it would be worth checking your old residence to see if he’s hanging around somewhere around there (assuming it isn’t like 20 miles away).

  • I hope your djcat comes back! You should check out getting him microchipped at Washington Humane when he comes home. It’s really inexpensive (under $50 if I remember correctly) and really worth the peace of mind!

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