Morning Metro Malaise Vol. 1,362 “If intentional…..WHY??? Dear god why?”

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“Dear PoPville,

As I wait here on the platforms to U st to go into the city, two northbound trains have passed me, and I’m sure a third will come before at least one southbound train comes. This is literally the norm now, not some delay, or construction, or anything else. This appears retaliated to intentional scheduling.

And I’m sure once I get on the train, it will stop for several minutes outside of Mt Vernon to allow several trains to switch tracks and get in front.

My question, is it accurate that this is intentional, and not part of some unforeseen delay? If intentional…..WHY??? Dear god why?”

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  • And this is why I take the S buses to work. Also why the S buses are so crowded.

    • Or the 50s or 63 or 64. Yes, agreed. I’m looking for a job, and it makes me sad when I find positions that would require me to take the train rather than the bus.

  • I have no idea where this person works, but U St. is in fact in the middle of the city and as close to “downtown” as a neighborhood gets. Walking could well be a better option and cycling certainly is.

  • phl2dc

    “WHY??? Dear god why?” is how I feel about the metro every day.

  • justinbc

    It’s hard to answer this without knowing when this question was actually submitted. If it was rush hour this morning then it would seem odd that there are no southbound trains, but if it were 10PM last night that’s a very different situation.

    • It could be rush hour. I’ve dealt myself with 8 or 9 minute waits from U Street to go further south, while watching 2 trains going north in the same amount of time. I also agree it’s ridiculous to have a schedule set and the train still has to hold because of a yellow changing from Mt. Vernon to Huntington.

      This is apparently scheduled and scheduled horribly.

      • justinbc

        I’ve been on Metro buses that are running quickly (yay!) due to light traffic, and they will stop and sit on the side of the road waiting for a set time that they’re supposed to be at a stop.

    • Should have put the dateline: it was 7:50 this morning. (PS – I apologize for the auto-corrects/typos – I was groggy).

  • I take the red line and transfer to blue/orange/silver in the morning, and reverse at night. There are days when the metro is truly frustrating.

    But some of the complaining is a bit much. Hey, there is traffic, there are delays, and so on in every city. I agree Metro has major problems, but it’s easy enough to see when the train is coming in your direction, and in the other direction. This is not a problem. Delays are a bummer, but six or seven minutes shouldn’t cause a letter to Popville.

    • I agree a delay like 6-7 minutes shouldn’t trigger complaints, since Metro has larger issues (and personally I think they’re cramming too many trains in the system as it is). I was corroborating the story that it could be during rush hour. The only annoying part to me is the holding due to scheduled turnarounds, which again tells me there are too many trains on the track at one time.

      • I think the point of the letter was to ask why or if the delays are intentionally built into the schedule. And I suppose if they are, well they’re not “delays” then.

  • Started biking to work – lost 10 lbs.

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