“loaded .380 caliber handgun was located and recovered” after call for a “fight” near Cardozo High School Last Night

via google maps

From MPD:

“At approximately 9:19pm [Thursday], officers in the Crime Suppression Team responded to 2369 11th St for a “fight”. The officers observed several potential suspects in the area. These suspects fled from the officers. Three suspects were stopped. In the immediate area where the suspects fled, a loaded .380 caliber handgun was located and recovered. Anyone with information is asked to call MPD.”

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  • Ha. High school kids and their toys. Good to see they haven’t move on to a 9mm. At least the neighborhood is still somewhat safe.

    • A loaded handgun is indicative of “somewhat safe” — It feels more or less like a free-for-all in the U Street area as of late — there are active shootings every week — that indicates completely unsafe to me.

  • Do cops ever make arrests on their own? From like an investigation? Are they even investigating the violent crime and drugs in Wards 1 & 4? I’m not meaning to be antagonistic. I just don’t see any proactive policing near me.

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