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  • Is 14th street too cool for this? Doesn’t seem to “fit in”.

    • I suspect you haven’t been in one of these stores lately, because I would have thought the same thing except for stumbling into one recently and being surprised at the variety of furniture they offer. Not just recliners. I live just off of 14th, and while I don’t need more furniture (I), I’m thrilled to have one more furniture store here – the more there are, the more of a destination it makes these few blocks.

      • There was a recent WSj article, which mentioned the Logan store, describing their push into a better variety and not just the recliners everyone knows them for. Sounded like they had a plan to open many downtown stores.

        • The WSJ article in question:
          Key excerpt:
          ‘The problem is that the La-Z-Boy brand doesn’t exactly evoke elegance. Yet the company doesn’t want to ditch one of the most-recognized brands in furniture. So it is trying to gradually change its image by freshening up its stores and sending in-house designers into customers’ homes to offer free advice.
          ‘In the past year, the company has devoted more retail floor space to its Urban Attitudes line, featuring sleeker furniture. At the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries store in Robinson Township, Pa., prime space directly in front of the door goes to a living room set labeled “downtown style.” Recliners are off to one side.
          ‘To reach urban customers, the company is experimenting with smaller stores—about 5,000 square feet, or a third of the typical shop—including one set to open at Logan Circle in Washington, D.C., in November. The store renovations can cost up to $600,000 each.’

      • maxwell smart

        Do they carry different products in their stores… because a quick view of their website and all I see are the same over-stuffed, frumpy, ugly fabric furniture that I would honestly expect La Z Boy to carry. Not sure I see this really appealing to the 14th street crowd. Plus… who has the space for this furniture? If you’re living in an ultra-trendy, 400 sq. ft micro-studio steps away from all the hottest bars and clubs…pretty sure a recliner is the last thing you are looking to buy.

        • Where are all these ultra-trendy, 400 sq. ft micro-studio steps away from all the hottest bars and clubs? When I walk around Logan Circle, I see a whole lot of 100-year-old rowhouses, many of which probably already contain over-stuffed, frumpy, ugly fabric furniture. Of course if your taste leans more toward an uncomfortable, beautiful $3,000 plastic chair designed in Denmark, then the shops to accommodate you are more than abundant in this area.

          • Seriously? You can simply walk to the La Z Boy store here and look in *literally any direction* to see the new and very expensive trendy buildings with very small units to which he refers. This La Z Boy store is IN one such building.

        • It’s right on the front page: http://www.la-z-boy.com/b/urban-attitudes/_/N-1nto8nl
          I had a LaZBoy sofa that was neither frumptastic nor a recliner. It was one of the few places I found that carried affordable, stylish, good quality, and apartment size sofas.

          • maxwell smart

            I mean, I guess this is a little less frumpy then their usual offering, but personally I wouldn’t want any of this in my apartment.

        • binntp

          Personally, I don’t mind frumpy fabric furniture. I know a) I’m a slob who often spills beer/wine/coffee on her couch and b) my cat will puke on anything, irrespective of price and style. Why not buy something that cleans up easily, lasts longer than IKEA, and you don’t feel you have to walk on eggshells around? I’ll certainly be shopping here!

    • Even their recliners are much more stylish than the one your mom had.

    • With this and West Elm and a few other stores, I’m actually kind of liking the direction 14th Street is heading. It’s become more of a well-rounded destination while avoiding the trappings of too many generic chains.

    • Past PoPville threads have discussed this — apparently La-Z-Boy now makes sleeker furniture, but it’s certainly going to have an uphill struggle to shed its image as a place that makes grandpa furniture.

  • It sounds like if they really want to execute on their plans they should change their name

  • really disappointed to see this open up across the street from my block, but maybe i’m not a typical logan circle resident? i have absolutely no reason nor space for new furniture. and even if i needed to replace my furniture, i see nothing wrong with ikea.

    i guess there are enough wealthy people moving into new condos to support these places on 14th? so it makes sense

    • Clearly, the people buying condos in the 14th street area can afford more than just IKEA furniture. And just because you have no space for new furniture means that there should be no furniture stores near you? The neighborhood is better when many stores are grouped together. “Let’s go furniture shopping, or browsing”… now means 14th street is a destination for an afternoon of shopping and grabbing lunch somewhere too. It’s good for your neighborhood. And you talk about having enough wealthy people around to support these places. Plenty of comfortable, but not necessarily wealthy, people shop at West Elm and LaZBoy… It’s great that there’s now a variety of furniture styles and price points in the area, so somebody who heads to 14th Street to shop at Room&Board will very likely pop into West Elm and LaZBoy and maybe Miss Pixies and other furniture stores too… because they’re in the neighborhood already…. and vice versa. “Stores that I don’t shop in are bad… why doesn’t everybody just drive out to IKEA for everything?!”

  • We just bought the glider for our nursery at La Z Boy. They have a lot of different fabrics, so that was a nice choice, and it was super comfortable. Would have loved not to have had to drive all the way out to god knows where in Virginia to buy it!

  • It seems like a lot of frumpy old brands are trying to combine the (inexplicable to me) current rage for the mid-century aesthetic with a moderately updated style. What is Warby Parker but an on-line boutique for LA Z BOY -era clunky glasses? Men’s fashion magazines are full of Gant, Munsingwear (Origional Penguin), Brooks Brothers and other once decrepit marques bent on making a comeback. Heck. Abercrombie & Fitch was a fusty old line of travel/adventure gear not long ago. It’s an interesting trend and you can;t blame them — the alternative is fading into nothingness.
    I draw the line at Sansabelt, however.

  • Not cool enough? May they should call it what we did in Canada: La Zed Boy

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