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  • what. the. hell.

    • jack5

      Maybe it’s like how Nandos has those sinks out on the main floor so you can wash your hands without waiting in line at the bathrooms for hours where everyone is suffering from gastro-intestinal distress from eating Nandos chicken?

  • food here is bomb! i know a lot of people like the slick modern facade/interior, which may be missing here, but don’t let that deter you.

  • The photo of the outdoor patio really needs to be a photo caption of the week posting.

    I’ve been laughing for 5 minutes solid imagining the story on who/how/where/what this came to be.

  • Also doubles as an outdoor urinal.

  • Egad

    Love this place! Very laid back and friendly. The beefsteak sandwich is my favorite. I’m also a fan of their egg and meat breakfast sandwiches. The owner mentioned that they were going to start grilling on the patio soon.

  • palisades

    The term for this is “white trash”

    • Thinking outside of the box is cool here.. Don’t think its exactly trashy.

      I like the notion of re-purposing but i’d be afraid folks wold dump their coffee or food in those sinks.

      Or maybe that’s the idea? Leave your plates, etc. for service to pick up after?

      Or do you put your purse/bags/jacket there for safekeeping?

      It would be nice if the prices of menu items match the low-budget mindset of the decor here.

  • Great sandwiches and nice owners!

  • phl2dc

    That’s interesting, but I’d rather have more horizontal surface area to, I don’t know, put stuff down?

  • hold on guys. i spoke to the owner and the project is not done yet. There is more to come. stay tuned.
    its not a washing hand sink nor storage.
    let’s wait patiently for the complete job

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