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The Heurich House in Dupont. And they’ve actually just posted a liquor license placard – can’t believe they haven’t had one already:

“New Multi-Purpose. Public programming includes guided tours and a wide variety of events (classical music performances, lectures, cultural celebrations, exhibitions). One of the museum’s programmatic themes is a focus on local craft brewing, beer is an important part of the business operation; the museum regularly hosts educational beer-focused public programs. All of our ticketed events include food from snacks (soft German pretzels, cookies, cheese platters) to full meals (sausage sandwich with pretzels and sauerkraut).”



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  • I’ve wondered what the heck this place is! I think I’ve only ever walked past it when it was closed. It’s….an interesting building. I find the architecture rather bulky and off-putting, like whoever built it was crazy rich and wanted to live in a fortress away from all the plebs. I think many of the elements are cool, but it just doesn’t scream “Welcome, friend!” to me.

    • Blithe

      I’ve been planning to do a tour — but since it’s been closed whenever I’ve been in the neighborhood, it’s still on my To Do list. LBP, I actually find it welcoming — in a rich, beer baron way. To me, the portico feels sheltering, I like the way the facades change to meet the architecture that is/was on the facing streets, and the garden — which is often open to the public — really feels like an oasis. I think part of what makes it feel fortress -like is, that it’s, well, fortress-like. But I think it might have felt somewhat different when it was built, since the surroundings have changed a LOT over the years.

      • See, I like the idea of a rich beer baron, standing on the little balcony greeting his neighbors as they pass by….maybe if I imagine that instead, it will feel more welcoming! We should go tour it sometime, Blithe!

        • Blithe

          Sure! I’d definitely be up for that! Tours are offered Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with starting times between 11:30 and 2:30. This would be fun!

          • General Grant Circle

            I strongly encourage you guys to go the 3rd Thursday of the month in the summer when they pair with a local brewery. You get a guided tour AND beer to drink along the way, with brewery people congregating by the indoor fountain to answer any questions you might have.

          • Oh! Thanks General Grant for all the info – now I’m actually excited to tour this place!!!

          • General Grant Circle

            No problem, I hope you and your crew all have a great time! (and excellent weather – the garden is lovely to explore as well and is actually open to the public. One of the better places to eat a picnic lunch if you work in Dupont)

  • General Grant Circle

    I have done the tours here during the summer when the 3rd Thursday of the month they join forces with a local brewery to do a tasting. Oftentimes these breweries are brand new or looking to expand into DC and the Heurich House, being a museum, is a great way for them to introduce the beer to DC before getting the licensing (I wasnt too clear on this but apparently the law is different when you are providing for a museum event than a bar or what have you. Apparently the Smithsonian is another big practitioner of this)

    • This month is Brewer’s Art on the 19th. I recommend buying tickets ahead of time as they can/do sell out early.

      • General Grant Circle

        They sold out both times I went but had gotten my tickets 3/4 weeks ahead. Thanks for the update! I LOVE Brewer’s Art but will unfortunately be traveling during that time. Anyone reading this comment I suggest you pick up the ticket I wouldve gotten!

  • orderedchaos

    Love this place! We attended their Oktoberfest in 2014 and had a blast, and have been to a couple of the Brewer’s Nights as well. Fascinating place to explore.

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