Half Smoke “serving sausages and other fast, casual menu items” coming to 7th/Georgia and Florida Ave, NW


The liquor license placard for Half Smoke says:

“A Retailer’s Class ‘C’ Restaurant serving sausages and other fast, casual menu items. Entertainment may include a DJ or live entertainment up to a 5 piece band. Total Occupancy Load of restaurant is 199 with 104 seats inside and 24 seats in Summer Garden area.”


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  • this place won’t last long but at least they will build the restaurant infrastructure for something decent to follow

    • What a vile little comment. It must be exhausting being you.

      • I’m not sure expressing dissatisfaction about encased meat rises to the level of “vile.”

        • Someone worked hard to open this place, they went through getting a loan and renovations and some jaded little yuppie shits on that dream in a nasty little post; that’s vile.

    • Why don’t you think it will last? Do you have some information beyond that in this press release?

      I’m thinking it could be very popular–good spot for Howard students for late night eats if they’re open late on weekends.

      Or is “decent” code for small plates and craft beer? What if they cut up the half smokes and serve them on tiny wooden discs?

      • Tsar of Truxton

        I guess it will depend on quality, as it has some established competition nearby. There is Meat & Foods two blocks away in one direction and Ben’s ~five blocks in the other direction. I am not sure how many half smoke places this area can support, but I guess we will find out in a few months.

    • Agree with you. Enough of these cheap restaurants. This is such a key location… why cant they come up with some thing nice!

  • It’s a large space compared to the other eateries in the neighborhood that are surviving. I’m still waiting for the bagel shop and Whole Foods that are supposed to be coming.

  • Fast and casual? All night diner, please! People watching from a diner booth in one of those huge windows would be great. This will be a fantastic place if they keep it down to earth and affordable.

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