GDoN “sun-drenched South facing 2-bedroom condo” edition

1421 Columbia Road Northwest

This unit is located at 1421 Columbia Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“Hurry to this sun-drenched South facing 2-bedroom condo in the heart of Columbia Heights. One block to Metro, Target, Giant, & great dining & night life options in the C.H., A.M., Logan and other closeby neighborhoods.Stack w/d in unit.Gleaming hardwood flrs & bay windows. Walkscore = 99. Renov. kitchen with Corion counters, breakfast bar & pass thru window . Low condo fee. Pet friendly building.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $385,000 ($290 monthly fee.)

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  • The community shots are hilarious. About 5 of target, and then 3 of P street whole foods, sbux, and general p street. The seller really needs to get a new agent, this one is ridiculous.

  • Okay, I still can’t figure this out… what does “GDoN” stand for??

  • It’s a good price for a 2 bedroom but there is absolutely nothing about these photos that says “sun-drenched.”

  • This is a great price for a 2 bedroom. I was in the market for one a few months ago and ended up not buying because we couldn’t find a two bedroom under $400K in a good location. Wish this one had been on the market..

  • The bedrooms are sunnier than the living space, but I think most people would prefer sun in the latter (so they can sleep in the former). It’s appropriately priced for a 2BR1BA. That’s not a fantastic street and parking will be difficult.

    • Sorry if this makes me sound weird (I’m oddly good at sussing out little details…look out the living room windows), but if you go look at the street view, I’m pretty sure this unit faces south and west (there’s a building to the west of the address, but not immediately to the east). In that case, unless you need to go to bed at 8:30 in the summer, the light in the bedrooms will probably be nice. It won’t be intense in the morning (moreso in the winter than summer, when sunrises are later anyway), but enough to get you going, and will be gone by the time you go to bed.
      Given other prices I’ve seen in the neighborhood, seems like a solid deal. There are two comparable units on the same block priced *much* higher (a little higher-end finishes and a handful more square feet, but not enough to justify the price difference on those alone). The second bedroom is plenty big for a roommate, so this even offers the opportunity to grow into the condo (roommate while single, then if you couple up you have some space, and even space for a kid if that’s in your plans). A little weird that the W/D is kind of sitting in the middle of the master bedroom, but it’s better than no machine at all/pay machines/few machines you have to wait for.

      • Good point on how the W/D is kind of awkwardly squeezed in — I meant to mention that too.

        • I mean, a curved curtain rod and some panels would be under $100 and improve the look of that 1000%. That’s actually how I squeezed a full-size W/D into my home (closet is built for a compact machine…mine doesn’t stick all the way out of the closet, but doors wouldn’t work). It’s not a deal-breaker for most, but there are some people who will turn and walk away at the slightest thing they don’t like. Covering up imperfections for those people, if cheap and not hiding real flaws, seems like a no-brainer.

  • I used to live in this building. Unless it was radically remodeled, it is a pretty crappy place to live. There was a serious roach infestation (like roaches running in the hall), mice, and there was a panhandler (living the building) who asked you for money in the halls and lobby. I couldn’t move fast enough.

    • I looked in this building when searching for a one bedroom. They’re doing significant work to the facade and lobby to spruce it up. The neighbors seemed happy with the community. I didn’t put in an offer because the place was a little two far north for me to walk to work but I seriously considered it.

  • I used to live in this building (as a renter) about 5 years ago. From what I remember our landlord telling us, there are 6 units in the basement that are Section 8 rentals, which would explain why the price seems so good. I should add I never had any problems living there, other than roaches, but the building sprayed pretty frequently.

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