GDoN “Stunning piece of Historic Ledroit Park” edition

1901 3rd Street Northwest

This house is located at 1901 3rd Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Stunning piece of Historic Ledriot Park, being offered for sale! Beautiful early 1900~s construction awaits your ideas and renovation. Over 4000sq-ft of living space on 5 lvls, three car garage, and many original characteristics throughout. Nestled on Anna J. Cooper circle makes this a rare find. Blks to Metro & Shopping. Sold As-Is. Condo Possibility.”


You can see more photos here.

This 7 bed/4.5 bath is going for $1,695,000.

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  • OMG I love this.

  • I WANT!!! so everyone else back off…..

  • binntp

    Oh, man, I wish I was rich. I’d restore this to its former glory. I hope whoever does purchase it–whether they develop it as a multi-unit or single family household–keeps and restores some of the gorgeous woodwork and ceilings…I’d hate to see it made into half a dozen bland units that look like every other boring condo conversion in town.

    • But the woodwork is getting in the way of a spacious open layout concept, which would be perfect for entertaining!

      • It’s also getting in the way of the gray paint.

      • Don’t EVEN joke about that! >:(

      • I am pro open floor plans for many of the homes that are featured on here simply because they are a much smaller footprint and the open feel makes them feel less cramped. But it would pain my hurt to see something like that happen to a place like this. I mean that staircase and banisters alone is worth designing the rest of the house around.

      • Exactly! Before open concepts existed, how did parents effectively hover over their children all the time???

    • Agreed. It needs work, but it’s still evident how grand this house must once have been, and how grand it could be if restored.

  • From what I recall, the mansion on 18th Street in Mount Pleasant did a nice job of keeping the cool historic features while still chopping it up into a half-dozen condos. And it made the most sense, really. There can’t have been a huge market for a place that big, and that expensive (following the extensive restoration that was required– it was falling apart) in that neighborhood.
    So here’s hoping that the inevitable condo developer who gets a hold of this place will do something similar.

  • Drool.
    Although seeing as how this sold a month ago for 1.3M I’m going to say definitively not a good deal.
    Also, how bad do you wish you were to be the one who bought this place in 1997 for 133k. I don’t live around there, has anyone been living there since then or has it just been vacant?

  • Does anyone know the history of this house? Was it always a duplex?

  • I want to see what Darryl Carter would do with this place. Maybe he can do another collaboration with Ditto?

  • Get a few POPvillians together and do a reno!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Oh God, please let someone buy this and not destroy it with a bad renovation.

  • I have always loved this house. Its magical. If I had 1.7 mil, I would buy it.

  • Sparta

    Rumor a few years ago had it that George Stuffin’envelopes was planning to buy it. No idea if true.

  • THIS is the ACTUAL impact of the immensely stupid R-4 zoning changes. No pop-ups or additions needed here. This house is exactly like the ones on Logan Circle which were converted into condos and added lots of vibrancy to the neighborhood. This home is far too expensive and large for a single family in that neighborhood. Under the old R-4 rules, this could have been 5 very spacious and nice units. Under the new R-4 rules, it can be 2 units which would be very difficult to sell. So nice job everyone who worked to change the R-4 rules, give yourselves a pat on the back, we can now look forward to another 18 years of this property being vacant.

  • The mix of styles looks bizarre right now but its obvious that the house could be spectacular (but you must remove some of that stone from the walls!). I hope it’s lovingly restores rather than bland-ized.

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