GDoN “Sparkling wood floors” edition

426 Irving Street Northwest

This house is located at 426 Irving Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Classic Updating to this federal style townhome. Ready to move in and hang your pictures. CAC has been added, open kitchen floorplan. Sparkling wood floors, new windows and much to enjoy. Basement offers chance to add more living space. Great location between several METRO Stations and all that is going on in Parkview and eastern Columbia Heights.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $579,000.

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  • Pretty sure this is right next door to a daycare, so hopefully buyers like the sounds of children!

    • Aren’t daycares usually open when most people are working? Seems like not much of a big deal for the average person.

      • probably not. I just see this daycare (and this house) everyday and wonder how loud it does or doesn’t get .

  • That seems like a lot for the area and condition of the home. Zero cabinets in the kitchen and super low basement. There’s not much within walking distance (walkscore 82). Very close to highway and Irving is a loud street.Nice porch and living room. 3rd bedroom seems very small.

    • The complete lack of upper cabinets in the kitchen is really surprising. I wonder if the person who renovated this house is a Brit — British kitchens seem to have a surprising (to an American, at least) paucity of upper cabinets.

    • on the way to the hospital…very loud street!

  • It’s priced at $536/sq. foot, which is what a new, full gut renovation with a finished basement sells for around these parts. Since this property hasn’t had that work done, I’m going to say it’s priced a bit high. Someone will probably pay list, thought.

    • This looks like a great option for someone interested in a rowhouse but with a more modest budget. It seems smaller than the typical rowhouse in the area, so the price might be a little high, but not by much. I disagree that this is priced like a “new, full gut renovation” – based on what else is around it looks like a house fully renovated would be at least $100K more.

      There are not that many houses in good condition on the 500-600K range. Houses in this price range often do not have central air, as this house does, and have major cosmetic flaws – like a kitchen so out of date that it’s unusable or major renovations needed in every room.

      I have to laugh that a walk score of 82 means that “not much is in walking distance” – it’s not the best location in terms of being close to metro or business areas, but WalkScore ranks it as “Very Walkable.”

      • You misunderstood what I was saying. I’m talking about the price per square foot being at reno’ed levels, not the total sales price. I’d expect something in this shape to sell for about $100/sq. foot less than what it’s priced at.

        • It looks to me to be a little bigger than the 1,080 sqft it’s listed at — in the photo of the backyard you can see what looks like a small addition which they probably didn’t count in the overall square footage.

        • There are many examples in the neighborhood of houses that are essentially shells selling for > $400/sq ft. This house is renovated, maybe not to your liking, but IMHO way better than a cheap flip and certainly very livable in its current condition. I do think it’s priced a little high, but probably will sell for at least $525K.

  • I love how colored bathroom fixtures used to be stylish.

  • justinbc

    House ain’t bad, I’m digging that sofa though.

  • I like it except the redrum bedrum has to go.

  • Ralphie!

    Is the crazy-colored house next door the daycare?

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