From the Forum – Quiet Date Places in D.C.

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Quiet Date Places in D.C.

“Hey folks! I’m looking for nice little quiet places to have a date in D.C., places without loud music, where, even if lots of people are present, the din doesn’t get overwhelming. I went to the new Laotian restaurant a few weeks ago, and it was overwhelmingly loud. I hate that. My date and I are still getting to know each other!”

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  • National Portrait Gallery (there’s a cafe in the atrium)
    Open City cafe at the National Cathedral

    • +100 on Portrait Gallery, pretty great date spot. Quiet, free, interesting art to talk about, and open til 7pm, making it a little more possible to go after work (unlike basically ever other Smithsonian closing at 5:30)

      • It might be good for a first internet date that you want to keep reeeallly short (which has its place for sure!), but who gets out of work in time to have a more than half-hour date at a place that closes by 7 p.m.? (Lucky people I guess…)

  • Netflix and Chill, bro.

  • Check out the Little Fountain in Adam’s Morgan. You will enjoy great food in a very quiet setting, with no rush to leave. There will probably only be a couple of other tables occupied. It’s not especially inexpensive, but it is a great dining experience, and the owners are sweet as can be.

    • Alternatively, I’ve found Angles, the bar upstairs, to be very quiet and divey. It’s owned by the same people and they share a kitchen with Little Fountain.

  • Central
    The Saloon on U St

    • Split the Celebration Cake at Central (make up a reason to celebrate)!

      • Yes! My wife and I once took a day off work and had lunch at Central before taking in a movie at E Street. We ordered the Celebration Cake and were briefly horrified at the spectacle caused by the massive pyrotechnic sparkler on top, awkward amid a scene of lobbyist power lunches. Ultimately we regrouped, giggled a lot, and enjoyed the cake.

  • Maple on 11th Street is good.
    Sackler Gallery on the mall is very quiet.

    • +1000 to Maple. Great place to catch a bite at the bar, or if you bundle up, sit out on the back porch.

    • I love Freer-Sackler.
      (Then again, if you’re going for “quiet date places so I can hear what we’re talking about,” it might be a little too quiet.)

    • Maple is OK on a weeknight. Quite busy and loud on the weekend (tables are close together, not much space at the bar for a quiet drink).

  • Room 11 – very small
    Two Birds, One Stone
    Toki Underground (super small so not too loud, but it is overwhelming how popular this place is and how long you have to wait)
    Fainting Goat
    Sona Creamery & Wine Bar – never crowded but soo gooood

    • Room 11 may be small but it is quite loud in the main dining room. Was just there last weekend. Two Birds One Stone is also VERY loud on the weekends – it’s more like a club atmosphere.

    • justinbc

      I love Toki, but their music is incredibly loud (they pride themselves on their playlists), and the way the stools are setup you have to sit next to someone, not across from them so you can actually see their face. I would take someone here on a date if they were into good food, not if I wanted to hear what they had to say.

    • Sona is a great suggestion!

  • McClelland’s Retreat in DuPont early on in happy hour on weeknights, early on weekends. Irongate in DuPont. 18th Street Lounge. Poste Happy Hour.

  • Bistro Cacao (you might want to save this for a special occasion, or one of those chilly winter nights when coziness sounds appealing).

    • Agree! Love Bistro Cacao. The back dining room with armchairs and drapes around the tables makes for a very intimate, romantic dinner.

  • Iron Gate – such a romantic spot and not loud.

  • The living room area at Tabard Inn! Not sure if it’s technically called a living room, but that’s what it looks like. I can’t remember if they play music but from what I recall it was pretty easy to hear each other and we weren’t sitting directly next to another group which was nice.

  • The bar at Tabard Inn (especially in the wintertime), though save that for a third or fourth date. It’s a little too romantic for a first date.

  • After Peacock Room

  • Bar Charley. Although the food there is terrible.
    Ritz Carlton Georgetown. Great for canoodling.
    Tabard Inn.

    • +1 to Bar Charley. Cocktails are awesome and relatively cheap. And I don’t think the food is bad! Though I supposed the fries with all of those sauces and and a fried egg on top aren’t really “date food”…

  • Kingman Island is nice and quiet, but I’d be afraid you were there to stab me if it’s an early date. Anacostia Riverfront Trail (access from behind baseball stadium) and its boardwalk is rather pleasant and has activities like kayaking, restaurants, etc.

  • justinbc

    Quill, you’ve got your pick of quiet, intimate spaces.

  • The Partisan in Penn Quarter

  • General Grant Circle

    The Reading Room at the Petworth Citizen.
    Any of the cemeteries (Rockcreek is the best – even has a huge fish pond!)
    The National Arboretum

  • Boundary Stone. You can get a booth. Not too crazy. Or the Royal.

  • Here’s what my dream (and by dream, I mean I’ve done this – still in love) date in DC looks like:

    Start out with dinner and drinks at Big Bear. Good food, but totally relaxed atmosphere. If you want something a little fancier, go to Red Hen (you’ll probably need to wait an hour or two before a table is available, but you can either get a drink at the bar or go to one of the great bars in Bloomingdale). Finish dinner, go for a drink at either Boundary Stone or Pub and the People. Then, another drink over at Showtime once that gets started. Talk into the night. On the way back to the metro (Shaw), or walking back to where you live, pop in to All Souls (spontaneously, of course). Have deep conversations. Fall madly in love. Propose at Iron Gate (h/t Anon 2:47). Have your wedding reception back at Big Bear.

    No need to thank me. Just name your first kid Studski, okay?

  • Kenilworth garden in the spring/summer!

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