City Sports is going out of business

city sports

Thanks to all who emailed and tweeted word. From theBoston Globe:

“City Sports, the Boston athletic retailer that filed for bankruptcy in October, plans to hold going-out-of-business sales after failing to find a buyer willing to keep its 26 stores open.”

Keep your eyes peeled for sales at in Chinatown [715 7th St NW] and Downtown [1111 19th St NW]. Is there still one in Georgetown too?

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  • binpetworth

    City Sports makes the best women’s running shorts, with multiple deep pockets. I am going to have to hit up the going out of business sales just to stock up on these!

  • retropean

    The Georgetown one had a going out of business clearance sale a couple weeks ago, actually. Not sure if there’s anything left, but I might as well go back to the other locations and stock up on their iconic t-shirts while they last.

  • wow, even with the closing of the georgetown store i didn’t really see this coming, i love city sports. i went to the going out of business sale at the georgetown location about 3 weeks ago and everything was 25% off – but even then it was pretty picked over. sad to lose the downtown store.

  • Was suprisingly sad to read the email from them 🙁 I’ll miss them as the good dependable store with decent variety of sports covered that was always in convenient locations as opposed to the giant warehouse types in the boonies. Sigh

  • We went to the Georgetown sale and got some great deals but most things had been picked over. Hoping to get to the other locations earlier in the process. I’d love to know when they’ll start marking down.

  • Descent store with convenient downtown location in D.C., Philly, and Boston, at least. I’ll miss it.

  • Got some good gear during the sale at Georgetown. Going to miss having a good store like them around town. Hopefully someone will jump in and fill that gap.

    • The gap has already been filled – it’s called the Internet. Enjoy shopping on-line and jogging past empty storefronts!

      • well if your jogging anyway…pacers still exists! Please support your local running store because they are awesome and an asset to the community.

        • Pacers is a pretty terrible store. I go for gels and body glide, but that’s about it. Selection is super limited (shoes especially) and they carry next to nothing for the trail runner.

          • I participate in a lot of their races, but dont’ regularly shop the store. I feel like the races are a good way to support them.

    • Pacers is opening a new store at Yards Park… Pacers is still around.

  • Sucks, they made some really nice, affordable mens running pants and shorts. I only recently had to replace the shorts since my new puppy had an affinity for jumping up and ripping them.

  • The death of retail is like climate change – the upsides of doing nothing to stem the tide of destruction are not immediate enough for people to generally act in their own, long-term self-interest. Cheaper on-line -BUY IT! Want to go somewhere – DRIVE THERE!

  • I’m surprised, they always seemed to do a brisk business when I was an the 19th St. location. It also saved me a bunch of times when I needed to get some running shorts or something else quick.

  • Boo. I was a regular shopper there. Great running gear, soccer stuff, swimsuits. I don’t love the idea of having to go out to the boonies to get my sporting goods.

  • Those City Sports t-shirts were inexplicably very trendy for a while. Maybe they gave them away with a purchase? I don’t know.

  • This really bums me out. They were my go-to for soccer shorts, winter riding gear, local sports team merchandise, and other random stuff. Mostly good in a pinch but also a solid selection of stuff that you could actually try on.

  • first hudson trail, now city sports. seems to be a trend like bookstores

  • Georgetown already shuttered

  • Went to the Bethesda one .. 10-20% off the entire store. Whoopie – discount I could have already got, and still 40-50% overpriced for a poor selection of entry-mid grade items.

    Can’t really say I didn’t see hits coming.

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