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  • Wow… end of an era…

  • Damn. $9 supermugs and $5 burgers made for a great happy hour.

  • the end of an era! I met my husband through a missed connection and we went to chef Geoff’s downtown for our first real date.

  • ah

    Also announced (on Facebook at least) he’s closing Rockville location.

    • ah

      Ahh, clicking through the articles shows that the downtown closure is because the building won’t extend his lease. Sounds like he’d like to stay if possible.

      • Building being torn down and redeveloped….

      • ah

        Kind of odd he didn’t get a new location downtown. The ThenPen location might have suited him (although perhaps not at the price).

        • Ten Penh? That’s where Tadich is. But I hear the Trump Hotel may have an opening…

        • ah

          Tadich is there now, but not sure when they signed the lease. It was available for a couple of years, including when the lawsuit started in 2013.

          From the article, it sounded like the real issue wasn’t whether Geoff would stay at that location but rather how much the landlord would have to pay him for breaking the lease (if it was broken).

    • That Rockville location seems like it can’t support any restaurant. First Houston’s, then that Gastropub, then Chef Geoff’s.

  • SusanRH

    This place had one of the best HH’s in the city

  • Oh that’s too bad. Back when I was an exec assistant it was one place that I knew my (fussy) boss liked so it was my go-to in setting up business dinners for him. I was only there once, but I made dozens of reservations for the boss there.

  • Anonynon

    I remember seeing ads for this place on the side of busses. It seemed really ‘cheese’ it was like ‘do you love bacon?!’

  • I apparently went here the wrong time of day. I went to brunch once; they served my order about 15 minutes after those of my dining companions, and the order turned out to be wrong. It took them another 15 minutes or so to give me the right order. No apology.

  • He should open up I’m Bellevue. DHS and USCG along with the MPD and DCFD academies, would spend money there a the time. They don’t have decent food options in Bellevue yet the leasing costs over there are far lower than the rest of the city, with plenty of condo projects in the pipeline.

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