Modest Changes Continue at the Florida Avenue Grill – Liquor License Placard Posted

11th and Florida Avenue, NW

Most recently in August we noted that the Florida Avenue Grill had added outdoor seating (obviously more substantial in the warmer months than what’s pictured here but check out the sweet table below.) Now they’ve posted a liquor license placard too:

“Soul food restaurant. Total Occupancy Load of 50. Sidewalk Café with seating for 36.”

Hours of alcohol consumption are listed as Sunday through Thursday 10am-12am, Friday and Saturday 10am-2am and sidewalk cafe hours are listed as Sunday through Saturday 8am-9pm.

For those who haven’t been in a while you can see their menu here.


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  • When did they take scrapple off the menu? So disappointing…

  • This used to be one of my favorite spots for years but since it’s been discovered by the masses, I no longer go. I knew the place was no longer for me when I left after my meal and an initial 30 minute wait and half of the patrons were still at their table, slowly sipping on coffee and checking their social media feeds. And now that they’ll be serving alcohol, I can already see the brunch line. RIPFAGRILL.

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