Anyone Missing a Siamese Cat?


“This Siamese (or part Siamese?) cat has been hanging out on my front stoop on Harvard Street NW in Columbia Heights. He came over and let me pick him up today. He seems lost and friendly so I think he may have a home. I have him in my bathroom for now, and will start investigating potential microchipping/home location tomorrow.”

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  • If you do not find the owners please contact the Siamese Rescue Center. They are in Virginia and would likely come pick the cat up. It would be a much better situation for him to avoid public shelters.

  • Cue Disney’s Lady and the Tramp: “We Are Siamese, If You Please!”

  • Are you CERTAIN this isn’t just a neighbor’s indoor-outdoor cat who is a little too friendly for his own good? Not everyone reads Popville and he might not have been “lost” until you took him into your house. Not everyone gets their cats chipped either. If he doesn’t look unfed he probably belongs to someone near you. People can debate endlessly whether it’s OK to let cats outdoors, but it’s a fact that some people do, and the owner is probably worried sick right now.

    • Then they should put a collar on him and a chip in him. Or just keep him inside.

    • I’ve reported him lost to Washington Humane, and I’ve contacted my neighbor who cares for our local cat colony to see if she knows anything about his origins. Since he has no collar and I saw him about 4 times over the course of 10 days or so (when I’d never seen him before that), and in light of the fact that he was making camp under the porch of an abandoned house, I’m erring on the side of him being lost or abandoned. Of course I’m not “certain” of anything, but I’m doing my best to do right by this little guy.

      If he is, as I suspect, an indoor cat who got out and lost, or an outdoor cat who scurried out of its collar, I’ll look forward to reuniting him with his person. If he’s someone’s cat and that person has not given him tags or a collar, perhaps I’ll give the owner those things as a reunion gift. Responsible pet guardianship is important, but I just want this little guy to be okay.

      • The comments from readers about contacting an org in Virginia, and urging not contacting the shelter, had me concerned but from your follow-up it sounds like you are doing the right things. As Lisa suggests flyers are important too for those who don’t follow neighborhood blogs.

    • Not everyone reads Popville, but everyone who looses a cat that they care about will be putting up notices around the neighborhood and calling the shelters. Thanks Tory for taking him in.

      • According to WHS, it is a responsible thing to do for the finder to put up posters around the neighborhood. “Flyers placed in your neighborhood can aide in reuniting a pet with his/her guardian as well as posting on Craigslist under the lost/found community page.”

  • For the rescuer to put up flyers is certainly a nice thing to do, but since that can take a couple of hours, I think it is more above and beyond than should be expected. The owner of the lost cat should be putting up flyers.

  • Here is the Craigslist post I made, which has a better photo of the little guy:

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    As an aside–I love the floor tile in your shower! 🙂

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