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  • I like going to la colombe when I’m around blagden alley (or philly), but I don’t really understand this new location. chinatown coffee is just two blocks away at 5th and h and I’d certainly go there instead. too bad they didn’t pick a location that doesn’t already have an option for good coffee.

    • It actually is a great location. Right across from 6th and I, next door to two law firms, and not to mention all of the Mount Vernon Residents (truth be told me being one of them), who do not want to go to Starbucks in Safeway for a good cup of coffee.

      They and Chinatown coffee will do just fine.

  • 2 blocks, but also requires crossing I, 6th, and 5th Streets, which ultimately makes it a 3-4 minute walk if traffic lights are cooperating.

    Also, while I enjoy the espresso drinks at Chinatown, if I’m just getting a cup of coffee, I much prefer a good roasty blend (like you can get at La Colombe or Compass) to a single-origin cup, which is the only option Chinatown has for drip.

  • this whole chain is style over substance.

    • Really? They are a little highly priced, but I’ve never heard anyone accuse them of not having good coffee. Some people will pay an extra $1 to drink their brew at a hip stop. I have no problem with that.

      • I have to agree with SteamFunk. I like La Colombe enough, and enjoy going to the Blagden Alley shop, but would like them a lot more if they put more effort into training their baristas to make consistently good espresso shots. I’ve had some very good espresso drinks there and almost as many bad ones. It seems like they care more about having the perfect mugs / speakers / storefront than they care about the quality of their drinks.

        • Hmm, my experience has been the complete opposite. Any time I’ve gone here, whatever I get has been excellent (usually a cortado or cappuccino) – same when I buy their beans. But to each his own. Regardless, I don’t get this new location choice as it’s only about 7 blocks from their current location.

      • yes, because during each of the half dozen visits I made – with their ‘launch’ husband & wife training crew present – the barista(s) couldn’t even operate their ‘steam punk’ brewer – nor pull a simple shot.

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