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  • I wonder if they bought the air rights above the Laundromat since they built windows on what would be party wall.

  • This is just a not as good copy of the 7-11 up the street, but whatever.

  • If the finished product looks anything like the rendering, I will be very pleased.

  • Blithe

    Nice! I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out IRL.

  • It’s all wooden construction — you’ll hear your neighbors snoring.

    • Seems like all modern construction is that way. Are there any condo/apartment buildings that have gone up in the past few years that aren’t stick built? I bought in a renovated 1950s building and the thickness of the walls might be my favorite thing. I never hear a single thing from my neighbors – very peaceful.

    • At least they have concrete floors which I think is the main cause for noise transfer between units. Also, from the looks of the floor plans- I don’t see any bedrooms that shares wall with other units. The units actually look really well laid out in my opinion compare to a lot of the new buildings.

      • Layout makes a huge difference. I live in an all-wood building (built in 2005) where I know that sound travels easily. But because the units are well-laid out I rarely hear anything from the neighboring units.

    • Not sure where you see wood, it is all steel and concrete.

    • First, at that height they need a concrete structure so it’s not “wooden construction.” Second, all construction these days uses wood to frame out the walls. You’re not going to find new plaster pretty much anywhere, or anyone who knows how to build it for that matter.
      Wether sound travels between units will depend on the kind of panels they used for the walls. You can buy cheap drywall that transmits sound very easily and more expensive panels that insulate sound effectively. There is no way to tell from this photo what type of panel they are using.

    • It’s not wooden construction, it’s concrete and steel. You can see the steel framing inside the building. The wood you see on the patios and building edges looks like it’s for worker protection. Been watching this go up from my apartment, steel frame and concrete deck.

    • Cranes are needed for wooden construction. Also see all that concrete between each floor – steel and concrete skeleton with wood interior framing.

    • 1000000% it’s not all wooden construction, wooden constructions only legal to 4 floors, and even that is not done often.. It’s concrete deck construction. The exterior walls and some interior walls may have some wooden framing, but that is only to hold non-structural elements like exterior sheathing. Concrete deck has the highest STC ratings for sound and highest impact rating, so wrong on that count as well.

  • The floors plans actually look decent. Plenty of the two bedrooms are proper 2 beds, and not a 1 bed + den set up. I like that they have the dimensions shown as well – all too often, the floor plan makes a place look bigger than it actually is.

    • They have the dimensions, but they are all depressingly tiny. 1000 sq/ft 2 bed 2 bath. Master bedroom in some is 10 by 11? Living area that looks to be half kitchen? No thanks.

      • 1000sqft 2 bed/2bath sounds good to me. That’s the size of my place and it’s more than enough space.

      • justinbc

        I had a 1000sqft 2br / 2ba in college and it never felt depressingly tiny. It had 14 foot ceilings, so I’m sure that helped, but the bedrooms were both plenty big.

      • This seems to be the norm for everything being built. That’s why I don’t get the hate against popups/conversion of row homes because they are much larger than anything you would find in one of these new buildings. Must of them units end up with as much/more sqft than the original rowhome.

      • That’s kind of how apartments are. 1000 square feet for a 2BR/2BA isn’t small at all. The 2nd bathroom chews up a lot of space, but it’s a trade-off a lot of people are willing to make. Now, the 800 sq ft ones are pushing it, but again, not uncommon.

      • I see a lot of listings for 700 sq ft (or even less) 2BD/2BA. Having lived in a 1BD/1BA 700 sq ft unit I don’t know how they fit another bedroom and bathroom into that space. But 1000 sq ft is plenty of space.

        • My condo is a 2/1.5 @702sqft. Small main bath and smaller bedrooms but lots of closet space with an open kitchen, living room and high ceilings. My tenants have a lot more stuff than me, but it doesn’t feel cramped.

        • I think 1000sq feet depends on layout. I’ve seen play of poorly laid out 1000 places with bad storage situations. We briefly looked at City Market when looking for a temp 2/2 before figuring out next steps and the layouts, even with 900sq feet or so, were awful. I also think 1.5ba helps the space a lot, but there are ways to use space well. Closets do wonders in needing to limit furniture which makes rooms feel larger.

  • justinbc

    Wow, the rendering is pretty classy. Looks much more classic DC than 90% of the other buildings going up.

  • ….not the best corner in the area (loud, parking is very difficult at all times – the consulate doesn’t help). I lived at 13th and M and had to walk it every day to get to the metro. Further up 11th is much better, but I’m happy when any place opens with more than 1 bedrooms and studios available.

  • This looks great. The 11th street corridor has some of the lowest hanging fruit in all DC for developers. Zoned commercial from M Street to R Street. Still multiple surface parking lots! The big 1-floor grocery store. Aware of the backstory with Frontiers, but that’s some of the worst-utilized space in the city… People always focus on the 14th street parcel of Frontiers, but the three parcels on 11th street probably have even more potential and even less units on them…

    • I wonder if, eventually, the compromise will be the Frontiers selling the parking lots and keeping the houses where they are. It seems like a great way for each homeowner to pocket a few hundred grand without having to move. (Although who knows the legality or marketability of that.)

  • Used to live in the building just to the right of this, facing what was then a parking lot. So glad I don’t live there anymore. Used to love all the natural light I got in there.

  • The exterior looks nice, but there’s only two floorplans of one bedrooms that actually have windows in the bedroom! And of course, one is the one with the private terrace, and the other is the second largest one bedroom, so they will be the most insanely priced in the whole building. The other 15 or so are all studio+dens! That’s insane. Why on earth would anyone want to sleep in a windowless cave every night? And how does a design even get regulatory approval to advertise as a one bedroom when the bedroom has no window?

    • I don’t think I would mind a windowless bedroom – I have trouble sleeping if it’s not really dark. I’ve never understood when people on house hunter shows rave about a “light filled bedroom.” Don’t even get me started on skylights in the bedroom – how does that make sense??

      • Oh I have had a skylight in the bedroom and it was divine. I put my bed right under it. Go to sleep looking at the stars every night and wake up naturally every day – I never needed to use my alarm clock once, and I never woke up with that awful jolt. Just gently being brought out of your peaceful sleep slowly as light fills the room. I was early to work every day that I lived in that house, since I’d wake up at dawn each day and get my day started. Oh, those were the days!

  • Love it -reminds me of some of the buildings around that neighborhood. If you aren’t going to do something cool and modern – then blend in.

  • Here’s the pricing, I just got an email from 10Eleven:
    1BR/1BA: $385K to $675K, 520 to 830 sq feet
    2BR/2BA: $575K to $1.05mn, 810 sq feet to 1,095 sq feet
    3 penthouses: $1mn+, 1,500 sq feet

  • Beautiful job. So hope it looks like the rendering. Very well integrated with the neighboring architecture in this transition zone from commercial to residential neighborhoods.

  • justinbc

    Also gotta give them props on the “community” page on their website. I love the photos of the businesses with walking & biking times overlaid, that’s a huge seller if you’re moving here from another area.

  • No prices on their site? Way to go.

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