“Yet another Package thief caught on camera in Brightwood. Should I confront them?”

“Dear PoPville,

Once again I was hit by yet another package thief (a pair of them in this case).
I work from home so I don’t usually have an issue when couriers leave the packages out on my porch, the problem is that the drivers for UPS and ‘LaserShip’ just plain refuse to ring the bell once they deliver a package, so, many times packages just sit there for a bit until I notice them. I actually walked out to pick up the packages (on this video) not even 2 minutes after the thieves stole some of them.

Funny thing is that the packages they stole only contained acne cream and other ‘beauty products’… judging by the video, they’re teens, so the acne cream might suit them well.

Sometimes I think I should take matters into my own hands and set them up and confront them… any thoughts on this PoPville?”

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  • Sure, confront them. You’re likely to either get assaulted by them, or end up in jail for assaulting them.

    If you really need to be a part of it, coordinate with the police – offer to let them use your house as a sting. And let the police do the confrontation.

    • SERIOUSLY. Have you really not heard about the rise in crime, numerous incidents reported on here, etc? Confronting them when you don’t know what to expect or if they will be armed is a GREAT idea…

  • Placing your camera that high up will ensure they won’t be recognizable.

  • Am I missing something or they gave up and returned the boxes? Seems they intended to steal but never took anything?

    • DC1

      looks like the guy in red put an envelope in his left pocket and stuffed a small box under his jacket and returned the bigger packages… something must’ve spooked them.

  • For halloween, my parents always hit a mat under our regular door mat that let off spooky sounds when you stepped on it. Would at least be funny and you may hear it inside!

    • What about putting a wireless motion sensor on the steps leading up to your house? There’s got to be something that could trigger a bell inside your house so you know someone is coming to the front door. Then you’d know to go outside and check for packages if you don’t hear UPS/Lazership ring your doorbell a few minutes later.

  • binpetworth

    No you should not confront them. However, it is perfectly acceptable to fill an enticing looking box with a disgusting substance that may deter future crime. I am happy to lend the contents of my litter box Genie should you require it.

    • Another option is to fill an envelope with powder and a note that says “You now have herpes” inside of it. These people are dumb enough to actually believe that they caught it.

  • I recently confronted a package thief. Well, I assume he was a thief. He was walking down my alley, tearing open a box. He dropped the box on the ground and examined the contents (still walking.) I made the mistake of hollering at him while I was trying to open my back gate. I was trying to get the box and then ask him his name to see if it matched. But he was pretty quick, and doubled back to grab the box before I could get to it. Pudgy teen, not at all threatening. He kept going, head down, wouldn’t engage. Didn’t seem threatened by me, either. *sigh*

  • UPS has Access Points all over the city so you can have your packages delivered to your local corner market or dry cleaner. Its free and you wont have to worry about those packages being stolen.

    FedEx you can request a 2 hr delivery window, LaserShip you are on your own, and USPS has My USPS so at least you know the day you are getting a package

    • FedEx also lets you have items shipped directly to any of their stores. I’ve had to do this a ton for alcohol shipments that you have to sign for but it could also be helpful for this!

    • Yeah, my son’s birth certificate went missing from a UPS access point – which just so happened to be a shady corner store. I didn’t even know it was getting delivered and went to pick it up and they couldn’t find it.

      • Yep, I never signed up for this “service” and my UPS package was automatically routed to a corner store. The guy running the register seemed like he had a clue what was happening when I picked it up, but I’m really not a fan of this service (our regular driver has a building key).

    • justinbc

      LaserShip seems to be operated by some third world wackos. Not sure how this company is still functioning.

  • I recently came out to sweep off my front porch and noticed a teenager with long dreads on my neighbor’s porch, picking up packages. At first I thought he was a delivery guy, but then he saw me, dropped the packages and walked quickly away.

  • How often do these guys actually get their hands on something good? My packages are all grocery store type stuff and mid-range women’s clothes.

  • How awesome would it be to have a system like the bookies in Snatc?. You hit a button and the front porch is enclosed by a heavy gate, giving you the option of placing a call to the police while the perps freak out that they are finally going to be caught for committing a crime that they thought they could get away with.

    • I worked in a liquor store in college and we had a double door system for the entrance to the store. Both doors had magnetic locks that could be activated from behind the counter or in the office in the back. We definitely caught a few shoplifters that way.

  • You should prob get a motion detector of some kind for the front of your house so you know when any activity has occurred (including when a package is dropped off). The Ring video doorbell is a great product that I use that has adjustable motion detection and allows one-way video and two-way audio interaction from your smartphone, among other features. Check it out

  • Even if you did confront them and drag them to the police station in handcuffs there would be no consequences for them as we all know.

  • Aglets

    Is it worth it to go through the aggravation of sending it to the local schools? i don’t know what i would expect them to do, but I’ve noticed an uptick in the police presence along Brentwood Parkway/ 6th st NE where they rehabbed the KIPP DC school when I’m coming home from work and there are large packs of kids. The schools should want their students to be respectful of their neighbors and their neighborhoods.

  • Semi-Related: Several FedEx packages (one containing a new cell phone for my neighbor) were stolen from outside my condo building yesterday. The delivery driver doesn’t seem to understand that he has to be buzzed in by the recipient and leaves them outside. My neighbors and I have had multiple conversations about this with him and with FedEx customer service – to no avail. We don’t have the same issue with UPS, which is what I generally prefer, as the drivers just dial the unit number and are generally buzzed in quite quickly. Short of switching to UPS entirely, is there anything we can do?

    • Sign up for Fedex delivery manager and schedule packages to be delivered at a time you’re home or reroute them to your office.

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