Woman Tries to Drive Through Bloomingdale Farmers Market After Car Ticketed

bloomingdale farmers market
1700 1st Street, NW

A reader reported Sunday:

“at the Bloomingdale farmers market this AM a car was parked in the market and was ticketed. When the owner came out she tried to drive out of the market (which would have run over stands and people) so the market director tried to block her. He also claimed she had an open container of alcohol with her. He blocked her, she hit him, people were yelling and cursing. I went over and reminded everyone that there were children present and to calm down especially the hitting. She eventually got in her car and backed out of the market going down the alley that was closed next to big bear. Honestly it was lucky no one was hurt. The cops came too Late but hopefully found her. Silver Mercedes with MD tags.”

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  • When are we going to stop letting MD enter the District?

  • It’s like a less classy version of New Jersey.

  • Hopefully they can use the ticket to track her down

  • This is confusing. How could she have tried to drive out of the market if she wasn’t in her car yet?

    • Presumably the OP meant she came out “of a store” or something to that effect.

      • OP said “she tried to drive out of the market”, but it doesn’t sound like she actually tried to do that (although maybe she wanted to). The wording is kind of confusing.

      • “When the owner came out she tried to drive out of the market (which would have run over stands and people).”
        Then several things happened, and THEN she “eventually got in her car.”
        It has her trying to drive over stands and people well before she actually got in her car.

        • Confusing but “trying to drive out of the market” doesn’t technically mean she’s in a car. Saying she was going to do that, and then heading over to her car–where she was stopped–would qualify as “trying to drive”–she just didn’t get so far as to actually accomplish any driving.

        • From what I understand from friend who were there at the time – she got into her car (which had already been ticketed), was drinking in the car and then tried to drive out of the market. At which point someone tried to stop her – she got out and tried to hit him with a bottle, and then got back in the car and successfully drove off.

        • Agreed with wdc — the description is really confusing.
          Disagreed with DM — saying “I’m going to do x” does not qualify as “trying to do x.”

          • Original poster. I guess I left out the middle hug figure people could connect the dots. what happened is she got in her car and tried to drive out. The market manager blocked her so she got out and started yelling/hitting. Eventually she got back in and drove out almost hitting people in the process. The market director was trying to keep her and her car in the market so the police could deal with it but he was unsuccessful.

          • Sorry! I that should say “I left out the middle but…”

  • what was the plate #

  • I heard they got her at a gas station not far from there.

  • she was with a friend, both dressed in Halloween costumes (presumably from the night before), and drinking a Corona. got in her car which was directly between two vendor stands (No.1 Sons and Keswick Creamery) – maybe 6 inches of space to work with. market manager tried to stop her, she cursed him and threw her beer at him. i hear she got busted by the cops.

  • Silver Mercedes with MD Tags…That’s almost every car I see on DC roads

  • Pictures?!?!? i wanna see their drunk costumes!!!

  • I was there! That woman was intoxicated and shouldn’t have been driving. She threw her open container of beer at the market manager when he tried to stop her from getting into her car – which, considering that she wasn’t able to operate a vehicle and the market was full of customers, was pretty sensible of him. Her car bumped against Number One Son’s table, moving it at least a foot, and she almost hit the music tent. The cops caught her at a gas station a couple blocks away. Thank God, because someone like that shouldn’t be out on the road. I hope it was worth the DUI.

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