“We’re all walking in the street”


Some construction frustration sent to us this morning from JJ:

“Seriously, @DDOTDC *both* sidewalks on 17th at R closed for construction. We’re all walking in the street”

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  • To be fair, Alleypalooza was badly needed in that area. Of course by this afternoon, there will be the standard double-parked UPS trucks as well, leaving a single lane for cars, bikes and peds.

    • they did alleypalooza on my block and it made it much worse than before

      • I see.

      • How so? They re-did it in myalley earlier this spring and it was definitely a huge positive change. Of course, they need to block off stretches of the alley for certain days and they stored equipment on the street and alley. But it was only 10 days of inconvenience that resulted in a big benefit.

    • We still need streetapalooza. It must be nice that cushy northwest alleys are getting attention, when there are still major thoroughfares that are full of potholes in other parts of town.

  • Notice how they shut down the sidewalk but not the road.

    Can’t inconvenience the car traffic!

    • In Europe, a protected pedestrian walkway would be moved into the car lane, and the car drivers could fight it out with their remaining lanes. The worst spot for this now is in front of the West Building of the National Gallery of Art, along Constitution Avenue NW and around the Mellon Fountain just north. Pedestrians along Pennsylvania Avenue are required to detour around a half mile of wide avenues. Meanwhile, speeders roosting from Virginia have their usual unimpeded wide lanes.

      • That’s how it’s done in DC too, for anyone other than DDOT that is. If this was a private developer there would have been a DDOT approved traffic control plan detailing where pedestrians could walk. When it’s their own job, they apparently don’t care.

  • The closure on the east side of the street is legit. On the west side the asshats that are renovating the building at 1712 block off the sidewalk every time they get a delivery. I’ve already confronted the foreman once and the rep from the construction management company once. Calls to DDOT aren’t working apparently. Next time people just need to rip their tape down and keep walking.

    • yeah i just walk through illegal sidewalk closures and call the police if confronted. Actually, I call the police if a sidewalk is shut just in case, since they shouldn’t be getting a permit to close sidewalk (or bike lane) unless it is absolutely necessary

    • I forgot to note that this morning at least they had taped off a little pedestrian walkway so people could get around the sidewalk closure. Of course, that led people right into the bike lane (which was itself taped off), but I’ll let my cyclist brethren fight that fight. I’m still hoarse from cursing them out the last time they closed the sidewalk illegally. 😉

    • How do you recognize a legitimate sidewalk closing from an illegal one? Legitimate question, as I’d do the same as you if I knew how to identify them.

      • Legal ones will be on the DDOT Public Space Permit Locater.

      • Good question. Will wait for someone in-the-know to respond.

      • You can search the Public Space Permit database here: gis.ddot.dc.gov/PermitLocator/#Home
        It appears that no public space permits have been issued for this construction site. I’m pretty sure any blocking they are doing of the sidewalk, bike lanes, or parking spots is totally illegal.
        Public space permits are not cheap. You need to pay by the linear foot of blocked space and the amount of time you want to block the space.

      • If in doubt, ask to see their public space permit. It is required, by law, to be “prominently displayed” within sight of the closed public space – not in a binder inside, not in the foreman’s truck – within sight of the closed area and clearly visible from accessible public space. If the permit is not displayed, the closure is illegal by default because it is, at best, a permitted closure which is out of compliance with the permit, thereby rendering said permit invalid until it is brought back into compliance.
        I’m with the first guy – I just tear the tape right down the middle and keep right on going if I can’t see a permit. If they yell at me, they yell at me. Doesn’t bother me one bit.

        • Yep. I checked on pivs.dcra.dc.gov when I got to my office later that day, but it’s obvious that they don’t have a public space permit. First, there wasn’t one displayed. Second, there’s no way they’re buying a public space permit for the kind of intermittent deliveries they’re getting — it’s too expensive. Third, for the first 2 closures I had to walk through they didn’t have any accommodations for pedestrians, which is required. No, they’re just being inconsiderate and unsafe.
          Did OP actually tweet DDOT? I couldn’t find it on their twitter feed, but I don’t tweet so I’m not sure if I missed it. If not, could someone who does tweet send this to them? Phone calls aren’t getting it done.

        • The red circle is for construction taking place in public space (street excavation, etc). The blue circle is for occupying public space (for a dumpster, etc.). And we’re talking about 1712 17th Street, not 15th & W, where there is a big street reconstruction project going on right now.

  • DDOT don’t care. They double-sold reserved parking on my block: to me for a moving truck, and two weeks later (two days before the move) to a crane company. And when I called them, they said since I had the permit first, I could tell the crane company to move. Shyeah, like the crane operators are going to look at THEIR permits, bought and paid for, and pack up and leave early because DDOT screwed up? It was a boneheaded mistake (or corruption, I don’t know) and DDOT just shrugged and said I could call parking enforcement. (Who never showed. Finally the crane people finished and left, and my move was only delayed by an hour. That I paid for.)

  • Welcome to the Bowser administration. Actually, Fenty has been the only mayor in memory who seemed to care about sidewalk blockages.

  • I love that DC always posts the “sidewalk closed” signs 6 inches from the closure (which can’t be up to code) – instead of at the preceding corner, where you could presumably do something about it.

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