Warby Parker Opens 2nd Location in Shaw on Friday!

9th and Florida Ave, NW (U Street)

From an email:

“Location: Shaw (located in The Shay) – 1924 8th Street Suite 105, NW
Opening Date: Friday October 30, 2015
Design and Important Details: ​

With the launch of Warby Parker M Street in Georgetown, we released a limited edition frame to celebrate: Percey in Crystal with a mirrored lens along with a custom lens pouch. We’re excited to re-release this frame exclusively to our D.C. retail customers, along with a lens pouch exclusive to Warby Parker Shaw.

Customers will be greeted by a soft-glowing individually-lit lettered sign and inside, they will find elegant displays of books, custom brass library lamps, and leather seating aplenty (for reading and relaxing). Suspended globe lighting, custom checkered terrazzo tiled floors, and a selection of books sourced from our favorite independent publishers (also for sale to take home) invite you to stay a while, whether just lounging or contemplating frame choices. We’re overjoyed that our friend and artist, Maira Kalman, has collaborated with us for our Shaw location: her distinctive (and incredible) drawings will line the walls of our new store.

Step into our photo booth to see how your new frames look. The Booth’s background is created by artist Alia Penner – whose madly creative pastiches illustrated our very first TV AD (and our first ever store photo-booth). Visitors will get a real-life photo strip and a digital copy mailed to them.

We’re excited to now also offer eye exams for our D.C. customers: customers can book an appointment in advance to see our optometrist. Visitors can track their appointments by means of an appointment board designed after the train arrival and departure boards at grand central (including that lovely flipping sound).

Available services:
Full collection to try on
Same-day non-Rx purchases
Optical measurements
Eye Exams (customers can book online)
Photo booth
Frame adjustments
Progressive lenses (optical and sun)
Returns and exchanges”


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  • THIS. JUST. MADE. MY. DAY. I was just talking to a friend about driving to Georgetown to try on glasses together. Now, WE DON’T HAVE TO! #win #NerdsRejoice (Im a self-proclaimed nerd so i can say that) 🙂

  • Anonynon

    it would be cool if they sold other brands in the store too….i like warby but honestly….the brand kinda blew up i see people trying on pairs in my building all the time.

    I thought they were cooler a few years ago, now err’body has a pair of big old goofy glasses. Time to go back to ray ban?

    • Why would they ever consider selling other brands in their store? It’s not an eye doctors office, it’s a brand…

      • This. Plus Luxottica owns virtually every other eyewear “brand” in existence (including Ray Ban). They have charged monopoly prices and ripped off consumers for many years. Warby was one of the first real challengers to their monopoly and will never sell their products.

        • Anonynon

          yeah i mean that makes sense…its just a pain trying to figure out how to buy ray bans…i want to try them on but where?? I have had my warby’s for about 4 years now and am actually currently wearing them. I don’t get as many compliments now that they are so popular

        • Are you kidding? Literally every other eyeglass store in the city but Warby will sell you Ray Bans. They

    • Way more about affordability than style here. I can get three pairs of glasses here when I can only get one somewhere else.

    • “i like warby but honestly….the brand kinda blew up i see people trying on pairs in my building all the time…I thought they were cooler a few years ago, now err’body has a pair of big old goofy glasses”

      “I don’t get as many compliments now that they are so popular”

      Jesus how shallow can you be?

      • I LOL’d 😀

      • What’s shallow about wanting to wear a pair of glasses that no one else is wearing? Do you feel that way about your hair? A lot of people, myself included, have to wear them to see and we don’t consider them a trendy accessory. I put a lot of thought into the glasses I have to wear every single day and don’t find that shallow in the least bit.

  • Nice sinage

  • This is AWESOME.

  • it’s a rainy day, so i’ll rain on this parade…warby parker makes affordable (cheap) flimsy glasses – they’re kind of like the fast fashion purveyor of frames. lots of slick marketing and great customer service that blinds most folks to the fact that their product is pretty low quality (read: a step above gas station sunglasses).

    standing by!

    • yeah but as a contacts wearer, thats what I need. something cheap, to fall back on when you can’t wear your contacts.

    • From the description above, it sounds as if they’re selling more than just eyeglasses. Thinking about all that their retail store experience must be costing, I’d say the cheap-sell frame strategy is working. People (like me) are buying more than one pair at a time and going back often.

    • But I’ve never found gas station sunglasses in my prescription, so I’m happy with my Warby Parkers.

    • They may not be the most durable I’ve ever had, but I break and lose glasses a lot. This saves my bank account from taking such a hit. (Plus who doesn’t want a few glasses options, if they’re more affordable?)

    • I’ve been wearing their cheap glasses for several years now. They work just as well as my expensive ones – and it’s not like someone can tell from a distance anyway (well, aside from conspicuous brand placement, if you’re into that sort of thing). It’s not like luxotica pays any better wages to most of their workers than Warby Parker.

    • I don’t really want to pay top dollar for “high quality” though. I just want something that looks good, doesn’t fall off my face, or spontaneously disintegrate. I don’t actually care for the style of Warby Parker but I absolutely can’t argue with the cheap frames concept.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      I don’t think they’re trying to fool anyone into thinking they’re getting the same thing they’d get if they spent $700 on frames at a boutique eyewear shop, but I’ve been wearing the same pair of Warby Parker glasses for over four years now, and they’ve held up better than I thought a pair of $95 glasses might.

  • I love that they’re challenging Luxoticca’s stranglehold on the market. I’ve no need for prescription glasses, but do they sell sunglasses?

    • Yes. They can just swap out the lenses in most of their existing frame lines with tinted lenses (in various colors). You can get both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Pretty sweet.

  • My vision is too poor for Warby Parker. They don’t offer lenses at the strength I need. I must continue to suffer without hip frames.

    • Have you checked out See in Georgetown? They sell hip, funky, well priced frames for those of us with poor vision.

  • I like WP – been using them for a while now and they’re basically an inexpensive stylish frame. Before they came around you really had to spend quite a bit of cash for anything with any style. If you didn’t have a big budget, you were forced to select from the crappy frames at America’s Best or Hour Eyes.
    My only issue with WP is that I always had to go somewhere after I received them to straighten them out. I guess that’s will be solved with a storefront where you can get properly measured.

    • houseintherear

      I had the same issue re: getting WP glasses fitted. I ended up watching a bunch of youtube videos and doing it on my own with hot water from the tap… works great. Might not be the best strategy for everyone but thought I’d mention it!

  • I don’t really see the allure of Warby. They have like 4 styles that all look the same and aren’t THAT much less expensive than other glasses. I’ve been ordering from zennioptical.com and half or less the cost of Warby and they have way more options. Granted, you can’t try them on, but if you’re a regular glasses wearer this allows you to try new things and switch it up every year or two without a huge financial commitment.

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