Wanna Get in on the Upshur Revival/Restaurant Explosion?

4203 Georgia Avenue Northwest
4203 Georgia Avenue, NW

This is next door to the coming Slim’s Diner right off Upshur St, NW and Georgia Ave – the listing says:

“busy intersection of GA & Kansas Av NW. Tenant has to build out the interior.”

It’s going for $3,200/Mo.

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  • I have walked by that many a time — I think it would be the perfect spot for a toy store. It is across the street from the library, has easy parking (I don’t drive, but I could see if being a plus for a lot of people with kids in tow), is near a huge number of schools, is right off of street, has a great window, is a good size for a small store, and there really isn’t anything like that anywhere near by.

    • Actually, I think that’s a really good idea.

    • YES! I’ve long thought that Petworth needs some more businesses that cater to kids and their parents. What about a store that sells toys and quality consignment kids’ clothing? I’ll shop there, I promise.

      • Honestly, in the days of Amazon Prime, I suspect it’s pretty hard for a local toy store and consignment shop to turn anything close to 3200/month in profit. That’s not even considering paying employees, utilities, insurance, build out, etc.

  • I’ve always thought it would make sense for slims to take this space too, put the kitchen in there, and have more floor space in the area they’re in now.

  • Too late for Slim’s to take over. Maybe if they would’ve offered the space earlier. I think the rent is a little high.

  • Love this! Any place that opens next to Slim’s is going to go over very well. Neighborhood has been begging for a. Ice cream shoppe, Jewish or Greek deli, Sweet Greens or bakery. Im of course dreaming of Red Hen or Rose’s Luxury!

  • This space has had a “for lease” sign up for the the almost entire 8 years I have lived in Petworth. I am pretty sure they are just trying to avoid vacant property taxes… but who knows. I know multiple people that have called about it and always get the run around.

    • Why do property owners do this?!!! This drives me crazy. Are they just waiting for a developer with deep pockets to buy the place? Totally unhelpful for neighborhoods throughout the District.

      • The huge loopholes in the vacant and blighted property laws and very lax enforcement of tax rates for these properties don’t help the matter. There also seems to be a very poor understanding of opportunity cost among property owners.

  • $3200 is great if it’s 5000 sf. But if it’s 500 sf not so great. Square footage or price per square foot would help this listing greatly, maybe.

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