Today in 7-Eleven Take Overs – The Old Golden Garter (Remingtons)

639 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

A reader reports:

“I saw the 7-ELEVEN sign all lit up in the former Remingtons space on Pennsylvania Ave SE. This is right around the corner from the rather notorious one on Barracks Row. I remember from reading about this about a year ago that they usually don’t open 7-11s so close to one another but apparently an exception was made.”

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  • What a shame to waste prime real estate on a redundant loitering magnet like 7-11.

  • What a way to move backwards.

  • While the building looks much better it remains to be seen how successful it will be with another just about a block or so away and situated much more conveniently to the big bus stop on 8th. I really don’t wish bad things for this type of business but I can’t help but feel this wasn’t the best location for another 7-11. Time will tell.

  • Really? It looked like another gastropub type place was going in there. Looks awfully swank for a 7-11.

    • This particular 7-11 will be serving artisan taquitos with a housemade remoulade.

    • Just give it some time after opening, it will look like a 7-11 soon enough. I fervently hope that this ridiculous decision will lead to the imminent demise of that stinking eye-sore on 8th St., but then again I seem to have an enormous problem with underestimating the general public’s desire for places to purchase food that looks like something you would scrape off the sides of a Dempsey dumpster along with the certainty of being aggressively panhandled and the possibility of getting stabbed.

  • The same thing has occurred in the Bellevue neighborhood. A 7-11 is located off South Capitol St SW and MLK SW. Not far up the road, the old Bank of America on South Capitol SW was turned into a 7-11. It’s weird. I hope this isn’t becoming a new ‘thing’ for them.

  • Are most 7-11’s franchisees or corporate owned?

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