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  • A few months ago I watched a guy light up and smoke a dipper on the train. I was so disgusted and astounded, thank god my stop was the next one because I do not have a good poker face and I’m pretty sure my disdain was palpable to that douche.

  • AND taking up two seats. Bravo!

  • There’s a video of someone snorting cocaine on the Metro. It first surfaced on unsuckdcmetro a few years ago, and is probably still out there somewhere.

  • Maybe ten years ago, I saw someone smoking crack on the Metro. Wasn’t that shocking, really.

  • I once sat behind a man smoking a cig on the metro during the morning commute. The rest of the passengers were all sharing WTF facial expressions with each other, but I think we all nonverbally agreed that if he was crazy enough to smoke on the metro, we weren’t going to find out what else he was willing to do if confronted.

  • The rules in DC only apply to some.

  • A disengaged DC urban youth who has no respect for others or the rules than apply for the common good of society? Shocking!!

    • Don’t forget entitled too

    • I KNOW! And someone is going to apologize for his bad behavior that will probably continue off the train.

    • binpetworth

      To be fair, I’ve seen two people light up on enclosed Metro platforms recently: an old white guy and a middle aged Asian woman. So it isn’t only the urban youth who don’t give a rat’s a**.

      • It’s incredibly strange, but I’ve seen a *lot* seemingly “decent” looking people doing dumb crap like. Yeah, we all see the youths with their awful music from their awful phone speakers…but I’ve seen plenty of “business” looking people watching videos on their laptop/tablet without headphones (because it’s not music, it doesn’t count, right? Also…cool Macbook/iPad bro. If you like it much, you might want to put it away on the Metro…), and there are a couple of 30-50-something white dudes who I constantly run into who smoke on the Metro platform in the morning. Yeah, it’s outdoors, but you couldn’t have done that outside the station? And, no, they don’t move all the way to the end of the platform away from the crowds waiting for the train…they *all* stand right near the end of the escalator so that everyone has to smell it as they enter.

    • Cross walks and “Don’t Walk” signs also never apply.

    • Is “urban” really necessary? There is no need for a euphemism. He’s simply an a/hole, much like someone who uses “urban” as a synonym for n.

      • seriously…? you’re trolling right? urban, in that he’s using public transportation in a city most demographers would describe as “urban”. ie, not “rural”. maybe the real a*holes are those looking for PC BS which aren’t there.

    • He’s got that much-admired “millennial mind-set.” A missed opportunity if nobody tried to market something to him.

  • After getting off the train, this guy probably bought some stuff just so he could litter with it, then parked taking up two spaces while not picking up his dog’s poop.

  • ugh….people are the worst!

  • Got to love the internet tough guys . . . You could ask him to to put it out, but honestly, sometimes its just better to switch cars and move on with your day. I’ll save my outrage for something else.

  • There you go! Another infraction that will result in execution in my future utopian/dystopian absolute dictatorship, where everyone gets free healthcare and education, and minor anti-social behavior is seen for the evil that it truly is.

  • I firmly believe individuals like this purposefully act out because they want to start something, whether it be a fight, argument, or whatever. They are just waiting for someone to say something to them.

  • I once watched a guy light a cigarette with a match and then pass out. His match was still lit and ignited the rest of the matches in his matchbook, which eventually set his jacket on fire right as we were arriving at my stop. I nudged him awake and helpfully pointed out that he was on fire before exiting the train.

  • Kevin,

    You must have been sitting right behind me! I smelled the smoke and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Had a brief thought that it was coming from the tunnel. Then, the train driver made an announcement and he tossed the cigarette on the floor and stepped on it.

    • In my mind, i imagine the operator reminding everyone there is no smoking on the train, then the guy makes an “ohhh, right” face and sheepishly puts it out :-). By the way, I’m impressed the OP took a picture. Like others have pointed out, this deadbeat looks like he was looking for a confrontation, so that was a risky proposition.

    • There was something wrong with him , he was rocking back and forth and had a large bandage on his head. So no one was going to hassle him, that would come across as mean.

  • I was on a red line train in the late evening and a man started to light up. I calmly told him that no smoking was allowed and he proceeded to spit on the floor, say terrible things about me, and stalk out at the next stop. Then three people around me proceeded to tell me that it was stupid of me to tell him not to smoke, that I shouldn’t have done that unless I had a death wish…

    • They had a really good point.

      • This is true. People who are antisocial enough to flagrantly violate the law (not to mention common courtesy) in this manner aren’t exactly going to respond in a rational, polite manner.

      • But isn’t this a terrible spiral of never holding anyone accountable? I read the situation and mentioned calmly that there is no smoking allowed. He “acted out” but ultimately left. I understand there is a possibility of drugs, attacks, knives, etc. but I responsibly read the situation, expressed myself calmly, and he moved along then was set upon by the strangers around me telling me how stupid I was…really? That’s appropriate?

        • I definitely understand what you’re saying, because yes, if everyone turns a blind eye, how is this kind of antisocial behavior going to stop? And I agree strangers shouldn’t have scolded you. However, having once tried this tactic living in NYC, when I saw a man in Central Park swinging a heavy bag trying to club some geese, I can say you may want to reaaaalllly think it through! I definitely feared for my life as soon as the words left my lips and the man get in my face and started screaming profanity at me and making threats. It sucks, but my safety is my bigger priority.

        • Thanks for (potentially) taking one for the team? I guess I value my personal safety and well-being more than others. For instance, assume that the guy just calmly gave up his camera on 4th of July – he’d probably still be alive today. If someone is that far detached from regular society, I surely won’t be the one bringing them back. And honestly, you probably won’t be the one either.

        • Well everyone has to make that determination for themselves. Personally I go so far as to knock on car windows to ask people to stop using their phones while driving (I’m on a bike, so it’s not like I’m aggressively exiting a car or something). The range of reactions is from sheepish acknowledgement to calling me a b*tch, but I have never felt in danger as a result of doing so. And I’ve been doing this for many years. The police aren’t doing enough about distracted driving, and we are all less safe for it, so I’m willing to take the very small chance that I’ll confront the 1 murderous asshole in 1 million drivers.

          I have had people threaten my life while riding my bike, but typically those people are unhinged and seemingly even unprovoked (like the guy who started screaming at me because I yielded to pedestrians before making a left turn and then repeatedly cut me off in the bike lane to prove his point).

        • Or you could be promptly stabbed to death in the middle of a crowded metro car, just like what happened this summer. You decide.

  • justinbc

    If you’re on the Metro smoking cigarettes your life probably sucks enough that you don’t care about any internet shame.

  • AND manspreading?!

  • If he were driving he’d be throwing trash out of the window…

  • If there’s no enforcement and no repercussions, the Metro “rules” really don’t matter, or even exist. Same can be said for the “laws” in DC. If there’s no enforcement, why even bother?

  • I’ve never seen anyone smoke in the Metro. However, I see people drinking coffee (or whatever is in their Starbucks or Dunkin Donut cup) on Metro trains everyday. Last I heard that wasn’t allowed either.

    • Uh, no, it’s not, but there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE

      • palisades

        There’s a big difference, sure, but they’re both not allowed. It’s a slippery slope argument but there’s truth in it.

      • So the line isn’t what is allowed by the rules? Where then is the line? Does each person get to decide for him or herself? I agree that there is a big difference between having a smoke and drinking a cup of coffee on the metro, but for me it’s a problem if you’re suggesting that people get to arbitrarily decide when it’s OK to break the rules based on their own tolerance level.

        • Not suggesting that at all — I don’t think either should be allowed and people shouldn’t do either. My point was more that cigarette smoke affects more people than one person drinking coffee. Again, I don’t think people should be doing either.

    • The smell of a cup of coffee does not make everyone in the rail car sit up and wonder if they are about to become Metro’s latest casualties.

  • Metro Transit Cops don’t really care either. I saw a guy eating a whole chicken dinner (spread out on the seat) on a Red Line train one night a couple years ago. A transit cop happened to walk by and ignored the guy, so I got the cops attention and asked about Metro food policy. He said “no food allowed” so I asked about the guy eating the chicken. He told the guy to put it away and then left quickly. Of course, the guy chose not to pack up and then proceed to swear at me the rest of the trip.

    • it’s not a matter of cops “caring” or not, it’s that these quality of life violations aren’t worth arresting because they won’t get prosecuted or lead to any punishment.

    • This is the result of a case many years ago, where a teenage girl was roughed up and arrested for eating french fries on the platform. There was quite an outcry, and the Metro cops pulled way back on enforcement.

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