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  • Near my office! I usually grab coffee at work, this is a bit dangerous if I want to save money.

  • maxwell smart

    FINALLY! Some decent coffee in the area!

  • Yes! I walked it this morning. While it doesn’t have the charm of the S St shop, it is definitely a nice addtion to the Farragut/ South Dupont area.

  • justinbc

    Sweeeet, so close to my new office!

  • It looks great! I walked past last night after the High Heel race and saw a whole bunch of people hard at work putting on the finishing touches. I wish this was near my office!

  • So that’s where they all went. I haven’t recognized any of the S Street TCB staff in the past month…..all my original favorite baristas are at 17th Street! 🙁
    PS – by far the most attractive coffee shop staff in DC, IMHO. 😉

  • How come TCB can get their act together and have a complete menu board ready on Day 1, but A Baked Joint in Mt. Vernon Triangle still looks like it has no idea what it’s doing (paper menus, sloppy menu board)

    • I mean, Baked Joint has a pretty decent menu set-up IMO, and many more rotating items, which makes a set-in-stone menu board less urgent. Bit of an apples/oranges thing.

  • Gotta say, the coffee is a bit overrated (same with Compass). They sell good beans though (unlike Compass).

    • spot on. Compass got good marketing team. Filter still pulls best espresso imo. All the other non-espresso related stuff you can easily do yourself with good bean.

      • Too bad. Filter is great and along with Qualia, best coffee in DC in my opinion. Crazy how crap the coffee culture is here in DC as compared to SF, Chi, NY, [insert any city here]

  • Wayne here. Big fan of The Coffee Bar’s original place ever since it opened. In fact, I just got back from it a few minutes ago. Can’t wait to try the new location!!!!

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