Sugar Factory Opens in Union Station – No Kardashians Sighted


Sugar Factory’s website says:

“Our eighth Sugar Factory location will be in the historic city of Washington, D.C. as a fab café and goblet bar in Union Station! All of our sweet fans can grab our special treats on the go when they are traveling for work or pleasure. One-of-a-kind candy confections have been created for our new D.C. home that include a signature All-American Couture Pop and White House-inspired gummies. We can’t wait to see what you all think of our new Washington, D.C. location this fall!”

I still don’t get the beer part.


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  • justinbc

    I had to look up just wtf the “goblet bar” is…
    “Examples of things that happen to cocktails at the Sugar Factory: They are garnished with “floating gummi worms” and are “adorned with candy necklaces and swirly lollipops.” The Blow Pop-themed martini glass has a Pop Rocks rim. Over at the “Goblet Bar,” you can pick up a drink made with watermelon vodka, tropical fruit liqueurs, gummy bears, and Red Bull.”

  • I’m totally going to open a dentistry practice down the hall called “Happy Fillings”. Anyone know any dentists?

  • Went to the one in Vegas because it was really late at night and we were a large group. It was fun. Culinary masterminds? No. But that is what the rest of the trip was for. I thought the drinks were great if you’re rich and wanna get drunk. But I didn’t realize it was a Kardashian place until our way out. Then I felt awful about myself.

    • I can imagine this place totally working in Vegas or South Beach. Or maaaaaybe even Georgetown. But Union Station? I don’t see it lasting. Unless it focuses on the candy and not on the bar.

  • General Grant Circle

    Do you need a liquor license to sell liqueur chocolates? Maybe that is why.

  • Descriptions of bars, restaurants, and apartment buildings are always obnoxious, but that blurb on their website is straight-up nauseating.

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