(Some) Starbucks to Sell Beer and Wine After All!

443 7th Street, NW

Back in March of 2014 a reader heard that Starbucks was considering selling alcohol. Turns out they were right! Some recent liquor license placards have been posted around town:

“A restaurant serving savory small plates and desserts meant for sharing, in addition to its coffee and breakfast offerings served all day, and offering wine & beer selections to its guest in a relaxing and comfortable environment.”


Here are the other locations:

1301 Connecticut Avenue, NW in south Dupont/Downtown

1700 Connecticut Avenue, NW in north Dupont

and 1810 Wisconsin Ave, NW in Georgetown and 5500 Connecticut Ave, NW in Chevy Chase.

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  • I hope it’s worth their time and effort. While I don’t think there’s any particular down side to it, I just have trouble seeing result in any significant sales. There’s plenty of chill after work places to meet up already, plenty of which have wifi as well. And if you’re on a day drinking mission, Starbucks seems like the last place you’d want to embark.

    • Totally agree with you, sproc. I can’t imagine wanting to get a wine buzz going at a Starbucks but more power to those who would.

    • Kind of like Chipotle. I know a lot of them sell beer, but that’s about the last place I’m going if I want to go out and have a few drinks.

  • They tried this once in the 90s – it didn’t last long.

  • Don’t some Cosi locations serve drinks too? It seems like this could only be a plus for Starbucks — isn’t the profit margin on alcohol usuallhy fairly high?

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