Morning Shooting at 13th and Pennsylvania Ave, SE

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From DC Alerts:

“Shooting at 13th & Pennsylvania Ave SE LOF Dark colored Blue/Blk vehicle last seen towards downtown from the scene. 13th and E ST SE (southbound lanes), 500 b/o 13th Street and 13th and Pennsylvania Ave SE are closed due to police activity.”

On the Hill East listserve one resident reports:

“Ironically, I had just come from the [safety meeting with Councilman Allen] meeting at Curbside Cupcakes and was sweeping the sidewalk less than 500 ft. from where this shooting took place. From what I gather someone was shot in the leg coming out of Gourmet Express. He got into a car and they sped off.”

Update from MPD:

“This morning at approximately 9:00am, MPD responded to the 1400 block of First St. SW, for the report of a shooting. Upon arrival, a male victim was found suffering from a gunshot wound to the body. He was transported to an area hospital for treatment. DCHA and detectives from the First District are actively investigating this offense.

Also this morning at approximately 10:20am, members responded to the 1300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE for the report of a shooting. It was later learned the victim sustained a gunshot wound to the leg area and was being transported to the hospital by a private vehicle. Preliminary information indicates this offense may be the result of a traffic altercation between the victim and the suspect at the Sunoco Gas Station.

There is no correlation between these two events. However, the serious nature of both is of great concern and we have allocated additional resources to address the matter(s).

Anyone having information regarding either offense is asked to call MPD at (202) 727-9099 or Text Tip at 50411.”

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  • and 2500 feet from Charles Allen’s community meeting on uptick in violent crime. surprised they didn’t just go after people attending that meeting just to prove a point

  • Unbelievable. I’ll just cut and paste the comment I just posted to WaPo on the article about 5 robberies in 40 minutes…it applies even more to this latest shooting:

    “I just moved our family from the 1300 Block of Penn SE to Alexandria this past month…I spent some time regretting my loss of city life. I don’t have that regret anymore.”

    • Agree! My husband and I moved to Arlington earlier this month and have really missed our city life. Reading about the continuing increase in crime makes me feel much better about the decision and reminds me of why we left.

  • This concerns me very much as I have a 3rd grader in school on the Hill, not too far from Eastern Market and the location of both of today’s shootings. The children are on the playground throughout the day during recess and physical education.

  • it is really disheartening to see people posting how happy they are to have moved out of DC. it’s counterproductive and really unnecessary. cap hill is the largest residential neighborhood in the city and all its residents are not just going to get up and leave. it’s a wonderful neighborhood that i am lucky to call home and it’s worth fighting for. please, if you decided to leave the area, keep it to yourself. it comes across as a strange form of gloating and makes me doubly happy to have purchased a home on the Hill, rather than out in the burbs surrounded by people like that.

    also – there is a community meeting of “Citizens for a Safe Capitol Hill” – a new group that sprung up from the Hill East Listserv – being held this Sunday afternoon at 2 pm at Bayou Bakery – 901 Pennsylvania Ave. SE. if you would like to attend, please RSVP using this form:

    i hope neighbors can attend and we can all come together to work on making our community safe again!

    • Yes, this was discussed at length yesterday. It’s counterproductive because it does nothing to improve DC. If people who live in the ‘burbs want to come here and comment on new restaurants, stores, real estate, etc. that’s great, but coming here to seemingly gloat is quite annoying. There will always be people who choose to leave and that’s fine, but plenty of people stay.

    • Leaving is hard, but flight is often the rational response. People move to send their kids to “good” schools and it is why many of our families had to come to America in the first place. This bragging about leaving is a way to cover the remorse.

    • “People like that”? Everyone I have met here in Alexandria is friendly, concerned about their neighbors, wants good safe schools for their kids, and has a stake in their neighborhood. We are a neighborhood of White, Black, Hispanic, Asian. Heck, if anything my new neighborhood is more diverse than the Hill.

      This isn’t gloating or bragging and I’m still missing DC, but this is a husband and a stepfather seeing horrible acts of violence steps from where his family used to live. You have to think about that: gunshots where your spouse or children walk on a daily basis? My obligation is to protect them, give my stepdaughter a chance to actually study in high school (she is from abroad), and have my wife and stepson have the freedom to walk the streets safely. We needed a home that fit us that won’t cost $800k or more where we can have our mail and packages delivered to us without worry that some a-hole will simply pilfer them. A place where the only thing in and on our grill is some burgers and steaks, not discarded weapons.

      I moved to DC in January of 1999. Of course there is sadness to leave the walking-centric life of the Hill. But we had to weigh how a family of four, with a 15yo and a 5yo can find a home that won’t bankrupt us and a public school that is safe and builds a child’s future. So far as I can tell, Edison High School isn’t just a good school, it’s a great school. No elite private institution, just a solid Public School.

      So, having lived in DC for 15+ years…I’ll claim some right to be able to comment on things beyond new restaurants if I want to.

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