Sakuramen Expansion Opening Soon – Great New Mural Inside 2nd Floor

2441 18th Street, NW

Subterranean Sakuramen now sees the light! Almost exactly a year ago we learned that Sakuramen would be expanding into the former Botanica Yemaya space upstairs. For those not familiar with the deliciousness at Sakuramen – you can check out their menu here. I’m told that the new upstairs space is opening up soon, possibly today. Check out the great new mural done by Henley Bounkhong, a self-taught ballpoint pen artist, aka Golden Rabbit Silent Monkey:




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  • maxwell smart

    I want that mural in my apartment!

  • Finally this place is expanding! There’s always a wait on weekend nights, just right in time for the upcoming cold! Anyone know if they will be expanding the menu? Adding an Izakaya menu would be awesome.

  • justinbc

    Their art has always surpassed their food.

    • Agreed. Its a cool spot, but the ramen is significantly subpar to Daikya and Toki. Still a good option in the neighborhood though

    • The broth is better at Dakaiya and arguably the noodles are too, but Sakuramen has the advantage of using far-superior Korean-prepared meats (pork belly, bulgogi) in their ramen. If I could get bulgogi at Dakaiya I would eat there weekly.

  • We just had finished moving into our new place, it was winter, our first amazon package had arrived: “Ramen girl” which she had seen numerous times while we waited for the spouse visa to process.

    My bosslady insisted that we HAD TO HAVE RAMEN!!!

    This happily coincided with Sakuramen’s opening day and we were the very first customers!!!

    Jonathan, your soup will always hold a special place for us. Best of luck, and thanks to your staff for all the great service.

  • The mural reminds me of The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife. (If you’re not familiar, don’t google it at work).

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