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  • Hmmmm Suv, tinted windows, probably aggressive driver judging by how the car ended up, and NOT MD tags…that’s odd.

    • I was definitely surprised by the tags, too, especially in this location. Some Maryland drivers have a bad habit of using 13th Street all the way down as a speedway, barely pausing at stop signs, etc. They forget that this is a neighborhood street.

  • how did that MD driver get DC plates?!

  • How is it possible that no one in DC knows how to drive when there is the slightest hint of precipitation? I can understand snow, but rain?!?!

    • ah

      True that, although I can’t understand snow either. apparently people don’t realize that wet=slippery and that “SUV” doesn’t mean “4 wheel drive”

    • 4-wheel/allwheel drive doesn’t do anything for braking or lateral grip. If anything, its easier to lose control of an SUV in snow or rain because of the top-heaviness of the vehicle that sometimes makes for disastrous results following sudden movements and weight shifts.

    • It hasn’t rained very much this spring and summer, so folks are out of practice.

  • This reminds of a time my wife and I we’re driving up I-91 in VT in the snow. Almost every car in the median was a SUV.

  • I live right there at the corner. It was a drunk driver that the paramedics hauled away around 6:00AM

    • I walked my dog past this corner about an hour ago and was trying to figure out what happened based on the tire tracks in the yard, dented lamp post, and broken glass. And low and behold–an actual photo on PoPville! I love this site.

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