Rendering for the New Hotel and Apartments coming to 4th and K Streets, NW


From a press release:

“Lima Hotels, a new company established by Washington, DC developer Habte Sequar, plans to develop a 14-story building on the corner of 4th and K Streets, NW in downtown Washington, DC. Scheduled to break ground in mid-2016, the high-rise structure will have 200 hotel rooms on the first through 11th floors, topped by 30 apartment homes on the 12th through 14th floors.

Lima is in the process of identifying a management company and flag for the as yet unnamed hotel. An architectural design team, composed of PGN Architects and Gordon & Greenberg, already is on board.

The site at 317 K Street, NW is located within the 15-square-block Mount Vernon Triangle in Washington’s East End. A small commercial building and auto body shop on the site will be demolished.”

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  • This is interesting. I’m not sure I would want to live on top of a hotel, though.

    • Blithe

      Many people, especially if these are investment properties, or even if they have hectic work schedules, might welcome the amenities. Have you never wished that your home came with room service?

      • And a pool, plus maid service, a restaurant/bar on site, a gym, wi-fi, a nice lobby to meet & greet, a concierge etc. Sign me up.

        • Will this be structured like hotel living (w/maids etc.)? Usually a mixed use building is structured more like two separate buildings (separate elevators and lobby).

          • ^ this exactly. I highly, highly doubt that the apartments will have room service or maid service options, let alone even having access to the hotel-specific things. The possibility of a restaurant/bar on site would be very nice though!

  • Sounds like apartments will be only about 2x the size of the hotel rooms (200 hotel rooms / 10 floors = 20 per floor; 30 apartments / 3 floors = 10 apartments per floor). That’s assuming first floor is all common areas.

  • This is where Henry’s Soul Cafe was.
    I still can’t get over how much this area is changing.

    • glad to see the AutoBody shop goes. That Corner is hooker central and im pretty sure that Auto shop isnt reeeeeeally an AutoBody shop.

      • Are you sure you aren’t talking about the one on NY Ave at 4th (on the north side of NYA)? Because I have no idea what that is but it is garbage and needs to go.

  • I wonder if the United House of Prayer (UHOP) will threaten to sue the city and/or developer for the added congestion to the neighborhood and the resulting infringement on its congregants’ “constitutionally protected rights of religious freedom.”

    • Isn’t UHOP on the other side of 395? I mean, that isn’t necessarily a barrier from them trying, but this lot and the lots across from it are just about the last empty ones on that side of New Jersey Avenue at this point.

  • It guess its nice that the area is getting so much development, but IMO this stretch of K street is not particularly attractive with all the new condos, apts, ect… This development is just more of the same blah.

  • This general area is a good example of how high rises deaden a place rather than liven it up and there’s only so much high traffic ground floor retail you can do like City Vista and even that isn’t very lively. A hotel might contribute more, but you need to have places for people to go.

    • LIke a hotel bar or restaurant?

    • I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that folks who’ll end up staying at this hotel aren’t coming to stay for the ground-floor amenities in neighboring buildings.

    • how is the street life here any different than block after block of row houses elsewhere in the city? It is primarily residential. It is not 14th street, and doesn’t have the retail to attract tourists, but not every street can support that level of commercial activity.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      I agree, this is one of the least inviting neighborhoods in all of DC. So treeless and cold, and kind of boxed in on two sides by major highways. It’s great if you love Houston, I guess.

    • As a MtV Square resident who loves where I live, I’m going to defend my neighborhood. It’s the closest to downtown living as you can get without living directly in Dupont or paying absorbent prices for CityCenter and Foggy Bottom.

      You have nearly every amenity at your finger tips: three metro lines, circulator stops, grocery and hardware store, restaurants plus those north in shaw and south in Chinatown, gyms, coffee shops, nail salon, dry cleaners, etc.

      Sure we don’t have a ton of character, but when you can walk to nearly every other part of the main city and get every where else on public transit, it’s not really that much of an issue. An uber home never costs me more than $8-10 and is usually less.

      If only they could turn that ghastly parking lot into a park or something, but I’m sure the land is way too valuable for that.

    • Because empty parking lots or projects are better? You really anticipate the city will take prime real estate downtown and turn it into a residential neighborhood with lots of open land and parks? No, the city needs density downtown, not empty lots.

      As more people move into those buildings, the ground floor retail will build up. I’m not sure how often you walk over there, but Busboys and Poets is jumping all the time and there are a ton of people walking up and down 5th street around K. They don’t do that at 4th because 3 corners of that intersection are empty lots and the fourth is that heinous building with the dry cleaners under it.

      Once the A&P building is done and they build on that empty lot at 5th and K and the three empty ones at 4th and K AND the hotel on NY Ave and the development along NY Ave between 6th and 7th all go in, that area is going to be very dense and busy.

    • I would strongly disagree with this statement and I live in the area. We have 3 bakeries, a grocery store within two blocks, coffee houses, multiple gyms of all types. We have modern buildings with pools and some of the best views in the city. I don’t care if the buildings themselves blend in the with the office buildings. I find Dupont boring (its nothing but rowhouses) and actually not that convenient because most of the stops north of there on the red line have little use to me.

      I’m right in the center of everything and I can get to almost any part of the city in 10 minutes. Different places for different folks.

  • Will the apartment homes be rentals or condos?

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