Readers Report Up to Ten Shots Fired in Shaw around 2am

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Readers report anywhere from 8-10 came from the vicinity of 7th and P Street, NW around 2am. Equally concerning are reports that no police response was witnessed despite calls to 911. Anyone else hear these shots?

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  • damn I sleep through everything

  • Haven’t seen the MPD pop-up tent in a few days, which was right at this location. Guess we’re back to shootings here again?

  • But guys, guys, how could anyone predict where a shooting may occur? I mean, odds of a shootout are just high in the Palisades as they are around the Kennedy Center or 14/V. It’s like, one of those things that are hard to predict, you know? We just have to stay vigilant and keep our ears to the grindstone!
    God bless,
    Muriel Bowser

    • PS, do you like my new haircut?

      • Why yes! It’s a hip variation of the classic Bob to endear me to both the young and the old. Because if nothing else, we’re hip and happening! Am I right or am I right? That’s why I love DC as much as I do! It’s the vibrancy and the people and things! Oh, and the schools! We have some of the best public schools in the country, dontcha know. I’m so proud!

    • palisades

      I’ll have you know, the Palisades can get pretty dangerous. I occasionally use the deadbolt on my door and close my windows when I leave for work.

    • Please tell me your joking?!?!?

  • We heard it too – figured with the lack of police response that it wasn’t gunfire.

  • So, I heard the shots and saw a guy walking away from 7th and P. He was walking in the middle of the street, kept looking back, and then turned onto 8th towards the giant. I call 911, told them all this and gave a description of the guy–never saw a police car or heard any sirens or anything after that. Disappointing considering all the recent shootings in this area.

  • It was at 8th and O in the church parking lot. Lack of police response is just plain false. There were two cars within two minutes and at least 6 canvassing the area within 5 minutes of the shots. It seems as if no one was hit and any witnesses had long since scattered.

    • A lot of folks unaccustomed to these situations don’t realize police response isn’t like the movies.

      They usually silently flood an area with multiple units and rapidly scour alleys without lights, whip around corners….

      The element of surprise is this new tactic some agencies have been experimenting with

      • Also, I use sirens and lights to get cars out of my way to get to a scene. At 2AM on a Thursday, I can probably get there quite quickly without. There are some calls, like burglaries, where I may use lights but no siren because I want to catch the guy in the business or dwelling. The sirens may bring comfort to people as neighbors, but they don’t help us catch the bad guys.

      • Was it at 8th & O? It sounded like 7th & P, but those intersections are the same distance from me. I’ve been in Shaw a while, very familiar with the silent cruisers. I didn’t see ANY cars driving around afterwards–police or otherwise, which is why it didn’t seem like there was much of a response. Good to know there was though.

  • 7th & O Crew represent.

    • Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever read a good analysis or history of DC’s crews? It’s a very unique phenomenon that seems to me ill understood given the effect it has on life here.

    • That’s KDP and 1512 turf.

  • No, but I saw what looked like a guy urinating into an open convertible around this area.

  • I live nearby. I’ve seen people lighting off fireworks in Shaw in the past week or so. I’m not saying this was fireworks, but the lack of any evidence of gunshots in surprising considering the number of rounds fired.

    • There was a fusillade of fireworks set off Tuesday night around 7:45pm in the Seaton elementary school play area (Columbia St/P St). The reported 8 to 10 gunshots is a huge number, so I’m guessing (or deluding myself into believing) that last night was just more fireworks…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      How do you know there is lack of any evidence?

    • I heard the shots and have plenty of experience around firearms. Definitely a gun and not fireworks.

  • palisades

    Probably rowdy Cubs fans from Ivy and Coney. #BulletsForArrieta

  • Yes, i live at City Market and I also heard 9 to 10 shots. I looked at my watch when it happened, it was 2:45 am.

  • I didn’t hear the shots, but I did see 5 or 6 officers standing at 8th and O outside the Giant this morning. Wondered why they were there.

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