Readers Report Multiple Shots Fired around 7th and Jefferson St, NW Last Night

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Shots fired were reported around 7th and Jefferson St, NW at both 9:11pm and 1:41am – the later was described as “LOTS OF GUNFIRE”.

Another reader reported:

“Just heard three or four shots fired around gallatin ne and north capitol.”

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  • I think it may be time to re-evaluate Chief Lanier’s role

    • Yeah- because she has full control of when someone random person decides to pull a gun out and fire shots.

      • yeah bc the police Chief can not be held responsible at all for the up tick in crime and the policing of neighborhoods. If she is not responsible then who the hell is?!?

      • I think the question is whether this was some random person who decided to pull a gun and fire shots or whether this is a person who is on, or should have been on, MPD’s radar. We already know that a large number of people who have killed or have been killed in the city are people on parole/bail etc. So yea, if this is one of those situations, it is on MPD and the Courts to ensure it dosent happen so often.

    • “Your fired” doesn’t fix everything, Mr. Trump.

      • So you’re* fine with incompetent policing and increasingly unsafe neighborhoods?

        your* grammar teacher should be fired


  • This happened in front of 626 Jefferson St NW; a property that has been reported numerous times to MPD for drugs being sold and used at and prostitution being run out of. There was the normal “crew” out when 2 cars pulled and and grabbed one of the guys. They attempted to pull him into the lead car and then all hell broke loose. This wasn’t random and gunfire has occurred in front of this home 2 (at least) other times in
    past 6 months. The emergency meetings the mayor and police chief have called have urged residents to report problem homes and illegal behavior, yet even after repeatedly reporting this as a problem property nothing is done. It seems, unfortunately, that the mayor and MPD have given up on Jefferson St between 5th and 7th and have decided to let the drugs and prostitution proliferate there. I hope that change occurs, but after years of being given lip service without action, I’m not holding my breath.

    • Just FYI, neighbor…. I copied your comment and sent it on the MPD 4D email that is going on regarding this situation…. just to continue to spread the word. I will also reach out to my friend at OAG who deals with nuisance properties. It may go nowhere, but worth a shot. Sorry that you are dealing with this so close to your place!

  • Do we know if anyone called to report the shots. I am new-ish to the neighborhood and couldn’t decide if what had awoken me were shots or not. I saw surprisingly little police response though, which makes me think that one no called it in. But if they did, does that mean they basically just ignored the report.

    • I called it in and was told that others had as well. I thought police showed up pretty quickly, but not sure what the norm is, or what their response should entail. I’m also new-ish.

    • I called in and was told others did as well. I thought the police showed up quickly, but I’m not sure what the norm is or what the response should entail. I’m also new-ish.

  • Called this one in around the time of the second occurrence. I was also told that there were multiple reports coming in from the same area. MPD was quick to respond and arrived within a few minutes. This stretch of Jefferson has been a problem for the last decade or so that I have lived in the area. It is the same set of people, time and time again, that peddle drugs, drink in public, and have no regard for their community let alone their “neighbors”. No matter how much we report or complain to authorities about this area nothing seems to change. The MPD, Mayor’s Office, HAS TO KNOW what is going on this neighborhood yet they choose to turn a blind eye. I really just don’t get it and I am at a loss on what steps we as a community can take to bring more attention to this troubled stretch of blocks.

    • Thank you, all. I’m glad that we are having this conversation. As one of the newbies to the neighborhood (less than 6 months – previously was in Glover Park for 5 years. Not blind to the fact that they are WORLDS apart), I’ve read all the reports of other gun crime on other streets and corners throughout Brightwood Park in recent months, but this is the first time I’ve heard them with my own two ears. (I am not surprised that this is a years-long problem on that stretch of Jefferson. My husband and I live on 7th between Ingraham and Jefferson and it’s obvious that Jefferson has some history.) I won’t claim to have any magical answers for citizen action on this but will plan to do the ol’ “if you see something, say something” in the future. (oh hey look – WMATA was helpful in this tiny little instance!) If others have suggestions though, I’d love to hear them.

  • I called in also. The 8+ gunshots woke me up as I live half a block from this nuisance property. I try to avoid walking by that property whenever I can. It seems like nothing is really being done, apart from the occasional high wattage light on the street corner of 7th and Jefferson.

    Can others list some contact info to make a nuisance property report? That would be very helpful. Thanks.

    • Hi Friends – After moving to the neighborhood a few months ago, I got in touch with ANC Commissioner David Sheon to introduce myself and get on his email list. I have yet to meet him in person but, over email he is very responsive and communicative. I sent him an email this morning about this not as a ‘hey this happened’ message because he’s heard it 1,000 times, I’m sure – but instead as a ‘hey, this happened and while I know there are no easy answers, I don’t want to become scared and complacent. So is there anything I can do?’

      Here’s part of his response: “I am working with the Pastor at Brightwood United Methodist to pull together a meeting of apartment building owners in the area to look at what additional security measures they may consider. I don’t yet know the details but I believe the Mayor announced a new program that allows for a tax credit for security cameras that are made available to MPD. In the coming weeks I will learn more, and I hope to work with Commissioner Nancy Roth and MPD to have a respectful and “fact finding” type discussion with the owners.”

      Also he said: “Attend the monthly Patrol Service Area meeting for your neighborhood (I believe it’s PSA 403 headed by Lt Shane Lamond).”

      David said he would let me know when the next meeting is being held. I don’t know how effective these two comments are, but I appreciated his communication.

      Anyone know a way to share contact information aside from just posting it here in the comments section? I’d be happy to give my email and discuss with neighbors who posted here.

  • I heard those gun shots last night and I live by Crittenden and New Hampshire.
    I have lived in the area since 2009 and I cannot remember ever experiencing so much violence.
    Sat morning at 550 am my gf and I were woken up with gun shots which seemed as if they were in front of our building. I called 911 and no police car came, no one followed up, nothing…
    Several weeks ago, 2 blocks from our place was a drive by and the get –away car almost hit us, driving +60mph while running through stop signs on 5th st (25mph zone). The car was literally a couple of seconds from killing us.
    I don’t understand why there isn’t more being done, it seems the city is unraveling and I have never before felt less safe.

  • I live a few blocks away and stopped walking my dog on Jefferson a while ago. After the camera was installed at 8th and Jefferson, the activity seemed to move down the street. It’s sad to feel like I have to avoid an entire street in the neighborhood but I guess that’s city living.

  • I live around 8th and Jefferson, this crew has been hanging out on that corner and 8th and Jefferson for as long as I remember. There have been multiple shootings, with the same crew that hangs out there night after night. When I come home late at night, there are sometimes as many as 30 people hanging out on the street, drinking, smoking weed, and being a loud nuisance. We have called the cops many, many times over the years with nothing done. I guess the bright side for us is the camera going up at 8th and Jefferson, but unfortunately it just moved them down a block to terrorize down there. SOMETHING needs to be done, people dont feel safe, and Im sorry the safety meetings do not do anything. There is a nuisance on that block, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    • “There have been multiple shootings, with the same crew that hangs out there night after night. When I come home late at night, there are sometimes as many as 30 people hanging out on the street, drinking, smoking weed, and being a loud nuisance. We have called the cops many, many times over the years with nothing done.”

      This is ridiculous. Send this to Brandon Todd. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

  • I thought that mighta been gunfire I heard. The dog didn’t like it one bit.

  • I think all of the suggestions on this thread are great. I DEFINITELY want to suggest going to the PSA 403 meeting. It is held quarterly, the next one is Wednesday, October 21 at 7 PM at Emery Rec Center. I’ve attended these for a while, and there are generally not that many people there. I know it is difficult to have meetings during the week for some people, but the Lt. is there, and often other MPD officers are there to hear concerns as well. It is definitely underutilized resource at this point.

    The other thing is the Citizen’s Advisory Council. This meeting is held at 4D headquarters the third Thursday of each month at 7 PM. Commander Manlapaz is there, along with several Lts. and officers. This is also an underutilized resource for MPD to hear our concerns in the neighborhood.

    You can also reach out to the Office of the Attorney General regarding nuisance properties. They are helpful in terms of getting landlords to comply with orders, etc. They actually just got the Riyad Market on 8th and Upshur shut down for selling synthetic drugs. Also keep contacting ANC reps and Councilmember Todd’s office with your complaints.

    And to sound like a broken record, keep calling 911. Even if you feel like it isn’t doing any good. This is one of the ways MPD allocates resources, so the more calls they have in one area, the more they will deploy resources to this area. Hope this helps.

  • I shared this post with Brandon Todd so that he and his team could read this discussion in the comments. They said they saw the post this morning and told me that they are working with the Commander on immediate solutions. I think even though it is discouraging to feel like things are not changing I agree with 8th and Kennedy’s comment to keep up all the communication and participation with the ANC, police, Citizens Advisory Council, Attorney General, etc.

    • Awesome, I was planning on doing that as well. Glad someone did. I shared on the MPD listserv and contacted OAG regarding the house. Hopefully, it will help out. We all need to stick together!

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