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  • Spring forward year-round?! Aren’t people going to be depressed when the sun rises at 8:30 in the morning in the dead of winter?

    You don’t get “extra” sunlight with DST – you’re just shifting what time the sun rises and sets…

    We need to go back to the times of year the changes happened pre-2007.

    • I agree about DST being way too long – I hate these mornings when I’m up for nearly 2 hours before there’s light in the sky. However, staying on Standard time eliminates the extra sun time in the afternoon and would make sunrise around 4:30 AM at the height of summer, and that’s way too early.

      • Agree with that – we should keep DST in the summer. It just extends too far into the spring/fall right now.

    • hammers

      doesnt make a difference to me- in the winter it feels like the sun always rises and sets while I’m at work.

    • Adam

      Daylight in the evening is far more useful than daylight in the morning. The reasons for DST are antiquated and pointless in the present-day. Also, the Monday after DST starts (“spring-forward”) is one of the most dangerous days of the year on the road after New Years, Memorial Day, and July 4th. Tons of cons, and hard to think of a pro.

      • +1. Switching back and forth is an inane, archaic civic exercise, not to mention a PITA…sort of like keeping pennies in circulation. The only thing a twice-annual time change is good for is a reminder to check your smoke alarms, and there are other ways to accomplish that. We should pick one (preferably keeping it light a little later, whichever one that is) and stick with it.

  • Standard time is more in alignment with my natural body clock.

  • If we went to permanently sprung ahead we’d have to cut Eastern time in half because there is no way people are accepting winter sunrise at nearly 9:00.

  • I choose option #4: don’t really mind, it’s all the same to me.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I think clocks need to be moved 1/2 an hour and then NEVER TOUCHED AGAIN.

  • Ehn. I’m always happy for the extra daylight in spring, and always happy for the extra morning light in winter. As long as my days are longer than the planet’s daylight hours, I’m ok with the shift. I think DST has gotten a little long, tbh. We should have switched several weeks ago.

  • I voted for Option #3 — I was tempted to vote for Option #1, but I have been having a REALLY hard time getting up in the morning as the sunrise has been getting later and later, and I’m hoping the time change will make it easier.
    Having standard time year-round in a latitude like ours is a waste, IMO. When I lived in Japan (which doesn’t use Daylight Saving Time), it was bright as day at 5:30 a.m. in June, and it seemed like a waste of good sunlight that could have been put to use in the evening.

    • I also have a super hard time waking up with no sun. Also agreed about the longitudinal thing. When I lived in the UK, it was seriously needed, and even then it would be dark when I left for lectures at 9am and dark when I got out at 5pm for a certain length of time each year. But thanks to legal drinking age being 18, I don’t think I really cared that much…

  • Compromise: Fall back a half hour on Saturday and never change the clock again.

  • Real time sucks. DST Forever!

    I feel like most office time people could use the extra hour in the evening more so than in the morning. Who cares if the morning commute is in the dark. It’s either that or we all agree to change 9-5 to 8-4.

    • +1. As it is, I go to work in the dark (as well as run before that) for several months even when we switch back to “standard” time. I’d much rather have the extra light in the afternoon.

  • i am not comfortable running in the morning in the dark. would keep as is or make the switch a little earlier.

  • pick one and stick with it. The number of accidents, little kids messed up at school for weeks and general loss of productivity with the time change twice a year is just not worth it anymore.
    Some countries already switched to keep one time. We will all adjust to whatever it is.
    My personal preference is for DST forever but I’m not as much of a morning person. I’d rather come home and have light out even in winter.

  • Isn’t dst for kids’ safety? Something about early-bird criminals will get them if it’s still dark out as they walk to school? This never made sense to me.

    • I think the idea was more that they might get hit by cars or something while walking to the bus stop in the dark.

  • saf

    Don’t care which we keep so much as I just want to STOP time changes.

  • justinbc

    Really do not care in any way, so I guess I’m abstaining.

  • DC is the first place that I have lived in since I was a child that changes the clock. When I moved here (I was 28) and I changed the clock the wrong way, was actually very confusing for me. People said you “gain” an hour, so I put the clock forward. Ooops. I really hate the loss of evening daylight, so I choose option 1. I remember living in Arizona (does not change the clock) it would get really annoying watching TV and suddenly all your favorite shows are aired 1 hour different (most our channels were from California).

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