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  • Praise the lord.

    • Yeah, I always thought this little strip was pretty weak honestly… I get why ppl would be upset tho.

      Personally, I’m just fine with it.

    • Sad about Zenebech, but that block of buildings has long been suspected by residents and Law Enforcement as the source of most of the illegal drugs in that part of DC. Duke Ellington Park is a wonderful little Pavillion that the business owners, and residents would like to see cleaned up. Pretty cool our our ANC and Councilmembers told us DGS would be there to clean it up…say, 3-4 months ago? Nada.

  • This sucks.

  • I am sad

  • injera > condos

  • This makes me sad! One of my first dates with my husband was to Zenebech. This was 6.5 years ago before The Howard Theatre was remodeled and both of our first trips to Shaw. We were literally the only people dining in. It was so bizarre but delicious and is still our favorite Ethopian spot.

    • justinbc

      It was the first Ethiopian I ever had (6 or 7 years ago), and they went out of their way to bring us samples of stuff from the back so we could taste a lot of things before ordering. We were also the only ones in there at one of the two tiny tables they had back then. It’s still my favorite spot, and somewhere I take pretty much every single out of towner. If they’re looking for a new home, I know a great vacant building in Capitol Hill 🙂

  • This is great news: maybe the new development will take better care of the Duke Ellington park, the most poorly kept park in Washington DC. Sad about Zenebech, but it will be good to see the sketchy market next door go — they are undoubtedly responsible for supplying all the loiterers in the park with K2.

  • Zenebech is awesome, and I sure hope they survive. I can’t say I’m sad to see some of the other businesses go and hope it will help move the loiterers elsewhere.

  • It will be half that number of units…

  • tonyr

    I don’t think that they’re going to raze the “whole 600 block of T Street, NW”. Seems unlikely that they’d knock down the Howard and Right Proper!

  • I echo the sentiments already posted. Very hopeful that there is still a place for Zenebech here, but Duke Ellington Park is already a shambles and needs to be cleaned up. If the administration and law enforcement are really looking for craps games, open containers and K2, feel free to stop by morning, noon or night.

    • And some awesome drug deals and stolen bike sales. Not to mention the River of Urine, about a half block up across from Right Proper!

  • Ashy Oldlady

    What I’m really gonna miss is Flava Flav Lounge.

  • Good bye Shaw. Welcome Ballston, Bethesdaa, or whatever you are called.

  • Maybe if we all ask nicely we could get them to bulldoze the CVS and bus stop at 7th and Florida while they’re at it.

    • I don’t understand. You wan the bus stop to go or you want there to stop being poor people in Shaw?

      Just asking because we are trying to have a civilization here

    • The owner of that CVS refuses to sell the property. The new adjacent Shay Apartment building made several offers to buy the building and land and give CVS first dibs at moving into the new retail space in the building–they declined all offers.

      • It’s owned by Howard. They are not selling anything. They’d be stupid to sell, IMHO, when they can just do 50 to 100 year leases and continue the passive revenue stream. Universities don’t sell assets.

    • burritosinstereo

      I remember going into that CVS about 5 years ago and there was an actual turd on the floor in the vestibule area between the two sets of automatic doors. A POOP. ON THE CARPET.

  • Anyone know if this is a complete and total raze or if it’s just a “raze-everything-but-the-facades” deal where they step the rest of the building back like 2000 Penn NW or the new 14th Street project with Trader Joe’s? If it’s the former, I’ll be a little sad. Completely new buildings all seem to have all glass and no soul at the pedestrian level. If it’s the latter, I’ll chalk it up to progress 🙂

    • It is the latter — mostly. The plans show that they intend to keep the facades of two or three of the four buildings getting razed. Agreed that this is better than tearing it all down.

  • No doubt these will be expensive condos for contractors, lawyers, and subsidized 20 something interns/grad students, all of which it seems like there is a never-ending supply in DC. I don’t understand why DC can’t find a middle ground between destitution and ueber-gentrification.

    • It’s not just D.C…it’s every major coastal city.

      • Not sure I agree. Maybe in some areas of NYC (like Williamsburg) but I don’t think we should assume that what is happening in DC is somehow natural, “free market-based”, or the only neighborhood development model that is possible.

    • combination of high demand for living close to the business center–mostly in areas that were riot scarred and abandoned by the white middle/professional class–with property restrictions that stifle supply of new housing. DC doesn’t even want 3 story blocks to become 4 story blocks. We are destined for San Francisco or worse.

  • Monument Realty is razing them it looks like. Great addition.

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