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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: kid on metro. “No, no Daddy, you swipe your card. See, you say I’m stupid, but I read that. Ha ha ha.” Heart.broken

    • Jesus! Putting down kids really grinds my gears.

      • Also: Lady in the car ahead of me at the drive through. Really telling someone off. No one in the car, so I guess she’s on the phone. Nope. She’s berating the kid in the backseat.

    • People can be so awful to kids (including those who don’t have then, as many a PoP thread indicates…) but my FAVORITE are the parents (ok, usually just moms) out at the mall at like 9:30 at night who yell at their kids because the kids are tired. I once saw one hit their kid with a belt (not their belt, a belt for sale, which she then put back). Another favorite is the parent(s) on their phones totally ignoring their kids. Who are you talking to at 8am that is so important you can’t engage your kid? So awful for kid AND parent, honestly.

      • I’m not going to defend parents who hit or verbally abuse their kids. But, I will say that I think too many people judge parents far too harshly for seeing a snippet of that life. What is so important at 8am that a parent is on the phone? One, they could be a single parent trying to desperately to hang on to a job, so yes they respond to every email as soon as they get it. Or they could be speaking with a family member or a friend about something important. The point is, you (and not just *you*, you as in the general “you”) don’t know. But you assume. You make a judgment. Based on a few minutes of seeing those children and parents interact.

        • I agree with you when it comes to *me* being judged by a snapshot in time. You might hear me speak harshly to my kid in the grocery store, but you didn’t hear the preceding 10 minutes of “Not today, honey. No, I said no candy. Please don’t ask again. Put the candy back, I told you we are not buying that. Did you just put that candy in your pocket??”
          All you heard was “NO!!! YOU CANNOT HAVE CANDY!!!”
          But I disagree that people *can’t* know what’s going on in someone’s life and that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. When I see a parent hanging out on the street corner with a fussing toddler trying to fall asleep in a stroller at 11pm, and that parent is shrieking with his/her friends between pulls on a smoke or a bottle… I’m pretty sure of my judgment.

          • I think that’s along the lines of what I meant to say. I would see the same children on my commute every day, parents would sit in different seats and talk to friends or curse. I can definitely be short with my kid at times, but I wouldn’t yank him by the arm or let him wander around a metro platform while I was on the phone. Some people can think that’s ok, but it doesn’t take much to make your child feel like you’re paying attention or be close to them. Or to NOT HIT THEM WITH A BELT

        • “But, I will say that I think too many people judge parents far too harshly for seeing a snippet of that life.”
          Couldn’t agree more.

        • there are ways to be on the phone and pay attention to your kid, like hold their hand or sit next to them on the bus. I’ll judge any parent that hits a kid with a belt at 9:30PM at the mall. Why? Because that’s awful. I’ve seen far too many people completely ignore their kids while on the phone. No parent is perfect (I’m certainly not), but telling your kid to shut up while you’re on the phone continues the cycle of thinking that’s an OK way to treat people. I’ll also say that there are cases where you see the same parents on a regular basis with your commute – which is what I would see.

          • As I said, the very first sentence in my comment above, “I’m not going to defend parents who hit or verbally abuse their kids.” My comment was in no way a defense of that or saying don’t judge that. Though I will challenge those who see that and do nothing, because I can promise you what you see in public is no where near as bad as what happens behind close doors.
            I won’t say anymore because I learned a long time ago that one, parents will absolutely judge each other for no reason based on their own parenting style because what they are really doing in judging is validating themselves and there is no changing that. I just think it happens far, far too often. It starts with natural vs medicated births, moves on the diapering and feeding choices, then SAHM vs working mom, then daycare vs nanny, then school choices, then discipline choices and so on and so forth.

        • The way I see some parents act in a given moment, like yelling obscenities at their kids, roughly grabbing them and striking them, a snippet is more than enough time to know the child’s future is in peril due to horrible parenting.

      • Emmaleigh504

        When I worked at a mall I saw a skirt* mom and teen, skirt daughter get into a fight. The daughter was late getting to their meeting place and knew she was in trouble. As they are leaving the mom is chewing her ass out for being late. She was so busy lecturing that she runs right into a sigh the store had. So of course she slaps the daughter across the face. It was so awful. I hope the daughter was able to get away from that family when she got a little older.
        *skirt people: the religious people whose women only wear skirts and have really long hair, aka the Duggars.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Gnats. Went for a run after work yesterday and they were all over my clothes, in my eyes, up my nose. Wiped three off my eyelid folds when I got home.
    Rave: Nats? Dare I hold out hope that Bud Black is what the team needs?

    • I got a mosquito bite yesterday, on October 29th. Disrespectful little bastards, don’t they know their season is over??

      • When I got out of the shower this morning and put on my glasses, I saw that I had FOUR mosquito bites on my left leg. I said out loud, “How is this even possible??”
        I _did_ do some gardening work yesterday (planting bulbs)… but I was wearing long pants! With rubber bands over the ankles so that mosquitoes couldn’t get in and bite me on the lower leg!
        The rubber band I was using on my right pants leg was a lot thicker. Hmm, maybe I need to go for thicker rubber bands in future….

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: projectile vomiting at 2am for no good reason.
    Rave: Half asleep and aimed for the trash can and made it! No puke in my bed!

    • Ugh, that sucks! Hope you’re feeling better this morning.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Thank you! I am, but I still kind of wish I had stayed home. But no PTO so here I am.

        • hammers

          It is just so counter intuitive that offices don’t let employees stay home when they are sick. Sick employees don’t really get any work done, are likely be sicker longer, and going out and exerting themselves increases the severity, and probably spreads the bug around to other employees. I previously worked for a company that had 90 days sick leave and no one abused it, and it sure felt a lot better to feel like if I was sick, I had the ability to stay home.

          • wow, that company sounds awesome. right up there with companies that give you bonuses for taking all of your annual leave. i want to work for these types of people…

          • Emmaleigh504

            wow! I can stay home sick or have a vacation. I am having the vacation b/c it will be good for my mental health which in turn will be good for my physical health. Work is such a pains sometimes.

          • Yeah, I really disagree with the concept of having a single bank of leave time, rather than separating sick leave from vacation leave.
            As I was saying last time this came up on RRRR, I think it’s better to have two separate banks of leave and risk a little bit of abuse than it is to basically encourage employees to come in when they’re 1) not feeling well and 2) possibly contagious (depending on what kind of illness it is) to boot.

          • +1 to what textdoc says. Obviously people will rationalize their decision to work while sick and use their time off only for vacation. Of course, if you have a separate allocation of sick days and your office discourages using it, then that’s a problem too.

    • That’s a terrible rant, but an impressive rave!
      Are you feeling better this morning?

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m not queasy πŸ™‚ but feel tired. This has been a rough week for my body. It may be giving up on me πŸ˜‰
        and no cleaning supplies fell on me when I went to puke some more in the bathroom! Things are looking up!

    • You deserve all the ginger ale today. Feel better!

    • ugh! That sounds awful, but hooray for not getting it all over the bed! Hope you feel lots better soon!

    • Ugh. Your rant sounds terrible but your rave is something that would honestly make me proud if I had done it. Hope you feel better.

  • Rave: It’s Friday and we gain an extra hour.
    Rant: Colleagues who think work laptops and smartphones grow on trees.

    • +1 for the extra hour tomorrow night! yayayayay.

    • hammers

      I think if I’m expected to be accessible 24 hours a day and work from home, I should be provided the equipment to do so. I’m going to Asia for work and they wont even provide me a cell phone; that’s frustrating.

  • Rave: Finally got work to do at work!
    Rant: The work is for the entire.freaking.bureau. Not just my office. And I was warned by a little bird that people who are assigned this work routinely end up working until 10pm at night. Um. No. Like, I actually can’t do that because of the program I’m on and my school schedule. There will be chats about my responsibilities here next week.
    Rant: In the middle of midterms. Trying to get a draft of a paper done before tonight.
    Rave: … so that I can have a glorious work-free day tomorrow for Halloween/Momofuku! HUZZAH!

  • Rant – My sweet dog tested positive for heartworms at her recent vet visit. πŸ™ She tested negative when we adopted her 10 months ago and has been on Heartguard ever since, so I’m shocked and sad about this. Poor girl has had a rough life already and now this. Damn.
    Rave – At least it’s Friday.

    • Our dog had the same thing happen. It is easily treated! I think we were in the clear after a month of very careful waste pickup. ALSO (cannot stress this enough!) any heartgard/flea/tick meds should be purchased by a vet or animal hospital. Pet stores/online/target products aren’t regulated or controlled and our vet considers it black market. We had no idea until our dog tested positive about a year after adopting.

    • So sorry to hear about your pooch’s heartworm diagnosis. Is there a lag period where the testing can produce false negatives (like if she could have gotten it before she was on Heartguard, but somehow it didn’t show up in the initial test)?
      What is the treatment process for a dog that’s been diagnosed with heartworm?

      • Yeah, the vet said it usually takes about 6 months for a dog to test positive after initial infection, so she probably had heartworms when we adopted her, we just didn’t know it. We’re bringing her in on Saturday for another test to confirm, but false positives are not common. Treatment takes 2-3 months and involves painful shots and dogs are put on strict crate rest with exercise limits (no walks or playtime) and we’re supposed to keep her from getting overly excited. My dog is a pit mix which means she gets overly excited about everything in life! It’s going to be a rough few weeks for anyone πŸ™

        • anonymouse_dianne

          Puppy Prozac. πŸ˜‰

          When I volunteered at WARL quite a few dogs were treated for heartworm and it wasn’t so bad. Just think, maybe ten years ago, it’d be an automatic PTS for a shelter dog, let alone one of those vicious pit bulls! Anyway, if I remember, they would be on crate rest, and then only walked on a leash – no free play – because that can cause the worms to spread. Sounds like you caught it early which is a blessing. So sorry. I <3 pit bulls.

        • I Dont Get It

          When I adopted Lucy and Lizzy, Lizzy was still recovering from heartworms and WARL kept her in a kennel in the cat room!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry.

    • oh no I hope your dog gets well soon!

  • Rave/rant: Moving day.
    Rave: Bed. Is. Amazing! And high up, so dog can’t get in it while I’m working.
    Rant: Lots of cleaning to do, but at least I know it’ll be done right.
    Rave: Mom coming to help out.
    Rave: New job is pretty awesome.

  • Rave/rant: I had a really great first date last night. The guy seemed very interested in further dates and the optimist in me wants to be excited and not worry but this happened a few weeks ago and I was stood up for the second date (after he planned the second date halfway through the first and confirmed twice that week). It hurt way more than I would have expected so now my guard is up. I love that I’m protecting myself better but hate that I can’t just be giddy without doubts.

    • That’s tough. I wish I had some actual advice, but I feel like some people you meet will be considerate and some will not. Some will be straightforward and some will not.
      Anytime you meet someone new you risk pain, but you also risk finding someone great. You can’t escape the potential for either or anything in between.
      Best of luck! I hope this new guy works out and you can enjoy the excitement.

  • Best place in DC for bespoke suit under 1000?

  • Rant: I woke up early and put on athletic gear ready to head to the gym. I then proceeded to puke twice and crawl back into bed. Who starts with the puking in the second trimester???? Ugh.
    Rave: It is Friday. I have a blessedly unscheduled weekend ahead.

    • Yikes, sorry about your rant. Do you think it was a pregnancy puke or is something going around? Lots of puking going on in RRRR so far this morning.

    • My pregnancy puking started in the second trimester, too. I hope yours isn’t long-lasting, but if it is, it could be reflux!

    • I am almost 100% sure that it it acid reflux related. πŸ™ Pregnancy heartburn is no joke.

      • I’m somewhat horrified to be recommended it since I was so conflicted about taking it and still am not sure it’s the right move. But my doctor recommended the over-the-counter Prilosec and I haven’t been sick at all since I started taking it.

        • I’m currently on a Zantac and Tums routine. But if I don’t see improvement in the next week or so, I think I’m going to have to go the Prilosec route even though I’m also ambivalent about taking it.

          • That was the exact road I went down and I hope you don’t end up in the same place as me! By time time I started taking Prilosec, I was just super desperate for anything that could help.

      • Oh god, pregnancy heartburn is definitely no joke. I feel like I’ve been living on Zantac 75 and Tums lately (though I try to limit the Zantac to every few days even thought the OB said it was fine to take).

  • Rave: Got engaged last week and very excited!
    Rant: We’ve contacted tons of venues already and everything is booked. Not just for our dates (fall 2016), but through 2016 and sometimes part of 2017! Seriously?

    • argh oh no. am in the same boat (hoping to book fall 2016) and that is disheartening!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Best Wishes!

    • congrats! where have you contacted? Maybe PoPville has some ideas?

      • Thanks! We’ve been looking at rustic farm/vineyards and historic sites in and around Loudoun. We’d like an outdoor ceremony with mountain views if possible, but really want the wide open/natural feel. We like barns and historic homes too. My favorite so far has been Silverbrook Farm, but they are now taking contracts for 2017. We’re willing to widen our search area, we just want to be conscious of our family who will be traveling. We are trying to be as budget friendly as possible, so we are looking for places as close to $5k as possible, nothing over $7k (so much money for a barn!). We’ve contacted nearly everything in the area in those parameters so far with little to no luck. I would love any suggestions if anyone has some.

        • One of my coworkers recently got married at Bluemont Vineyard on a Friday. From the photos it looked gorgeous! No idea how much it cost though.

          • Bluemont is pretty pricey unfortunately, and is SUPER popular. Definitely check into them but I would not be surprised if they’re booked solid for next year already.

        • Have you looked at Chesnut Hill B&B? Friends of mine got married there a few years back and it was beautiful! They had a walled tent put up for the reception. It’s definitely within your budget!

          • It’s all the way out in Orange VA but has affordable places to stay within walking distance and shuttle distance.

        • A friend got married at the Khimaira Goat Farm in Luray, VA a few years ago.

        • Have you looked at Whitehall Estate? My friend had a great experience there and they let her bring in her own alcohol, which was a big savings.

        • Check out Thorpewood – in the Catoctin mts near Thurmont MD. Rustic and lovely.

        • I don’t know if this property (Rolling River Farm) is available for weddings – but I just emailed the owner to ask. (I’ve rented both these houses for 5 years with friends) A caterer would have to bring in tents and everything – but it would be perfect location. You can sleep 14 people comfortably between both houses and there are lots more accommodations only 15 min. drive away in Front Royal. Front Royal is a 90 min. drive from DC.


    • Yay congrats! Yeah, fall is a very popular time for weddings around here things get booked crazy fast. The upside is if you get married during the wedding ‘off season’ like January – March you usually get some pretty sweet discounts.

      • Also! Look into getting married on a Friday or Sunday, if that’s a possibility for you.

        • We wanted Saturday so people from out of town wouldn’t have to take too much time off, but we’ve inquired about Fridays and Sundays and it’s a similar story. A lot of the places also only do one wedding per weekend. I just never realized a year wouldn’t be enough!

      • My friend from grad school had an awesome boozy brunch winter wedding in February of this year here in DC. They booked everything only a few months in advance (time from engagement to wedding – only 5 months). Definitely lots of good deals and their pictures are pretty awesome – gorgeous light, snow on the ground, etc.

        • PS – this was at the Josephine Butler Park Center next to Meridian Hill Park.

        • Yes I love brunch weddings!! Then just hit the bars that night in your wedding attire πŸ™‚

        • Glad to hear you enjoyed the winter wedding. We’re planning for New Year’s Eve wedding (in a long while) if we can swing it.

          • I am dying to be invited to a NYE wedding!!!!

          • anonymouse_dianne

            My niece got married on NYE a few years back in Baltimore Science Museum or some such … It was really beautiful with chandeliers, etc. I found out because she changed her name on Facebook πŸ™

    • Have you tried Doukenie?

  • Rave: I’m digging my curls today. I’ve been having issues with my hair latly, its still too layered to properly wear braided. But i’ve been playing with styles and I found a way to keep it curly and non puffy. I can’t wait for it to completely grow out again
    Rave: I’m still a little kid at heart and have taken every opportunity to dress in costume this week. Work party yesterday? I was Storm. Today i’m a hippie. I have at least 3 events I’m doing tomorrow and I plan to wear different costumes to each.
    Rant: I’m a glutton for punishment it seems. I keep taking on projects I shouldn’t and then overwhelm myself. I keep talking to the guy I used to date even though I know it’s a horrible idea. I keep putting off important tasks then panic when I have no time to finish. I think its time for therapy again.

  • Rave: Otis got all of the pets and love last night and got to show off his mad hunting skills, aka barking at things that are not even close to him.
    Rave: Got my lost Smarttrip card in its little pink card holder back last night. Being a regular at bars pays off sometimes.
    Rant: I ordered some stuff online and told myself I would send back what I didn’t want in the limited amount of time. I did not. Ugh, why do I keep wasting money and not doing things in a timely manner?

  • Rant: Kid’s birthday weekend. I mean, it’s a rave…especially a halloween birthday. But rant because I can definitely see how this is the second kid starts. Your nostalgic for the tiny squishy being. But I’m in no way in the right health to do this again (both physically and mentally). I don’t even know if I want another child vs just feeling like that’s what I’m supposed to do vs. nostalgia
    Rant: I’m not getting any younger
    Rant: I definitely miss all the good thai takeout I had near us. Why is Thai food SO MUCH more expensive?! I got dinner for 3.5 people last night (my son = half…he did like satay though!) and it was like $85! I miss thai tanic and beau thai!

  • Rave: Impromptu PoPville mini-happy hour at D.C. Reynolds last night. Good to see Accountering, Andie, Jeslett, Pablo, LittleBluePenguin, and TonyR, and great to meet Otis, Jeslett’s dog! (A.k.a. Dapper Old Gentleman, a.k.a. D.O.G.)
    Rave: Actually having a good day today.

    • Gardening-related rants and raves:
      Rave: Planted a bunch of daffodils yesterday…
      Rave: … after cutting down all of my gladioli and then digging up their bulbs. (These were the ones that the boxes claimed were “gladiolus nanus” — a much shorter and more weather-hardy plant — but turned out to be tall, floppy regular gladioli.)
      Rave: The yard looks so much better without the gladioli foliage.
      Rant: Somehow got mosquito bites on one leg, despite having worn long pants while gardening and having secured them them with rubber bands at the ends.
      Rant: I think my vision for my front yard is going to mean that I’ll have to dig up the daffodil bulbs I planted last year and re-plant them elsewhere.
      Rave: I’m planning to plant an assortment of pastel tulips in their place, and I think they’ll be really pretty.
      Rave: IDGI’s mention of dutchbulbs.com in a previous RRRR — it’s good for me to have my bulb horizons expanded beyond Home Depot. Will probably be ordering some bulbs today!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I approve of you plan πŸ™‚ I love daffodils and tulips, but gladiola are only meh. Maybe you could get fancy and add some wee bulbs like crocuses, snow drops, and lilly of the valley! OH and there’s an iris on my street that is blooming! So yours aren’t the only ones.

        • I actually have a whole bunch of crocus bulbs that I dug up in late spring/early summer — I was getting rid of my orange daylilies, and most of my crocuses were sort of planted among the daylilies, so I had to dig them up too. And then I dug up the rest of them for good measure.
          I was kind of disappointed with how the crocuses turned out last spring. I think there were supposed to be three different colors, but only two colors bloomed, which made me wonder if the third color was extra-tasty to squirrels.

        • Re. gladioli — The “gladiolus nanus” flowers in the photos on the boxes looked different than regular gladioli, and were very pretty. I was so irked when what sprouted did not match what was on the boxes. (And these were eight boxes’ worth of bulbs, so it wasn’t like a one-off mistake on the distributor’s part.)

      • It was great to see you last night! P.S. Happy Birthday!

    • Accountering

      Woohoo! It was great seeing everyone!

  • Revel: dress as your favorite book character day. I’m the main character from A Bad Case of Stripes. I really committed with the face paint.
    Rant: locked my keys in my car last night.
    Rant/revel: met with a therapist Wednesday night. I’m not all that into her but I’ll see how I feel in a couple weeks.
    Revel: excited to carve my pumpkin and hand out candy tomorrow night. I’m old.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Candy Corn!
    Rant: Circus Peanuts!
    Rave: Watching “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special” (1976) on YouTube.com
    Rant: Watching “news persons” in costume this morning.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: I have an interview with the company I want to work for in a position I would love to have..please don’t fudge this up.
    Random: Found out my close friend is dressing as the same character as me for Halloween….and its a male character (very unexpected) haha
    Rave: Gonna drink a bunch with friends tomorrow to celebrate the holiday

  • Rave: Nice HH last night, great to finally meet Accountering and Andie, and other fun Popville-ians from the neighborhood. Especially enjoyed getting to pet Otis for an extended period – he’s just so soft and sweet, even if he did have a few moments where he wanted to eat kittens!
    Rant: Do you ever have days where you just have pains in the most random spots and can’t figure out why? Yeah, I’m having one of those days. Hoping it just goes away as suddenly as it came on
    Rant: Feeling stressed by a lot of things, and a little despondent that I’ll ever get the hang of this whole “life” thing….
    Not sure: Making a chicken vindaloo in the crockpot. Hoping it comes out tasty, but also wondering if this is the best thing for me to eat right before a hiking trip!

  • Suggestions for favorite massage places in DC? I remember there being a discussion about this on a RRRR a while ago but I can’t seem to find it…

  • Revel: The other Mrs. Rabbit passed her naturalization interview!!!!
    Rave: My folks are adorable and had flowers delivered for her last night.
    Rave: I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

  • Rave: Apple cake. I definitely recommend the recipe I mentioned yesterday!
    Rant: Can’t stop eating the apple cake.
    Rave: Really looking forward to a totally unprogrammed weekend with the husband. It could be a long, long time before we’ll have this again!

    • Belated rant: I am kind of addicted to hate-reading the Facebook page of the wife I mentioned in my post earlier this week about divorce. It’s updated many times a day and is an odd, sideways view into a story I’m hearing completely differently offline. Although you’d never know from the FB page that divorce was on the table or that finances are a concern, I am seeing plenty of TBT photos of her half naked and advertisements for multiple labor-intensive home businesses that always seem to cost more money to run than they bring in. I sort of feel like a rubbernecker watching it, but I Can’t Stop.

      • I think there’s freeware that lets you block certain sites from yourself (either indefinitely, or for a set period of time) — maybe this would be a good method of trying to combat the desire to read the page?

  • justinbc

    Rant: Sometime last week my partner heard knocking on the front door around 2AM in the morning (extra rant, she didn’t wake me to tell me then). It seems to me now like the locking mechanism is a bit more loose than it had been before, so my guess is they tried to pick it when nobody answered and then realized it was more heavy duty than they were expecting and gave up.
    Rave: At least nobody broke in.
    Rant: Last night, coming home late tired and hungry and carrying all of her shoe shopping bags I accidentally left the keys in the front door.
    Rave: Still nobody took them or tried to enter. *whew*

    • I’d be annoyed if partner didn’t wake me for something like that too, but I’m pretty sure there’s no chance she wouldn’t.

    • Is it best to pretend not to be home, or to yell through the door that you are calling the police?

      • Definitely the latter. The vast majority of burglars don’t want the hassle of subduing you, tying you up, and running the risk that you’re armed.

      • I’ve heard you should indicate in some way that you’re home, like turning on a hall light.
        If it sounds like an attempted break-in, saying that you’re calling the police might be a good added step.

      • justinbc

        I have an alarm trigger that I can activate from my nightstand. Either that or yell down from the bedroom window that they should leave before their head develops a hole in it.

  • Rave: Ziggy, the runt of my current litter of foster kittens, might finally have turned the corner! She weighed in at 10.2 oz. this morning. (Siblings are all a little over a pound now!) See them all, (plus the most beautiful mom-cat Zena in the world.) http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/5280076763.html

    • Awww! Those are some awfully cute kittens — little grey fluffballs!

    • I put the link on my FB wall. I’m even interested, even though I have Karma keeping me company…they are gorgeous.

    • I love our new baby kitty, but if we didn’t have him, I might re-consider my one-cat-only stance and take Zena and one of her babies. She’s so pretty!
      New baby kitty is growing fast. The training to stop the biting continues, to little effect so far. I have to keep a spray bottle by my bed because it’s the only way to get him to stop trying to destroy my bedspread. (It’s the only place he scratches, so far.) Most of his claw caps have fallen off, and I’m wary about replacing them because they got caught on things twice and he couldn’t get himself loose.
      That said, once he’s tuckered out, he’s like a snuggly, purry plush toy, so soft and warm and agreeable. I can drape him across my shoulders, and the kids like putting him in their sweatshirt hoods and pockets.

      • There’s nothing like one rambunctious kitten to help keep another one in line! If you do re-consider, (and after fostering up to 7 at a time, plus my own 2, I’ve found it isn’t really much more work. Well o.k., yes, 9 is a lOT more work, but 2-3 is easy!) please contact me through the CL post. Though these guys won’t be ready for another 2-4 weeks, there are plenty of other kittens available.

        Anyone is welcome to come meet them at my house. Or come over just to play with them – as they are at a critical age for socializing.

        • Two kittens keep each other company — and wear each other out. I highly recommend having two the same age!

        • Here’s my honest concern (aside from the doubled expenses (vet, good food, etc), the doubled litterbox upkeep, the doubled fur on everything): The cats will be each others’ buddies, and they won’t be into the humans. I want my cat to seek me out, to snuggle me, to play with me, to be overjoyed when I get home. I worry that if they have cat-company, they’ll be even more aloof about the people.

          • anonymouse_dianne

            Some times it works the other way, too. I have a Savannah who are not know to be lapcats but she is a total snuggler, on the couch, in bed. She’s about 5. I got an Abyssinian as an older kitten (5 mos) she is now about 3. Abys are notoriously aloof and when she first came home it was like she had memorized the breed description. Now, however, she is still not a lap cat but she is a next-to-you snuggler. I make a “nest” out of a lap rug next to me on the couch and she snuggles there. And quite recently she has started snuggling up against the small of my back in the am when she wants me to get up.

          • From everything I’ve read, it sounds like cats interact with humans in a different way than they interact with other cats. (My experience is with a single cat who doesn’t like other cats — as a first-time cat adopter, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted more than one cat.) So I don’t think you’d need to worry about the cats spurning human company in favor of each other.
            I get the feeling that in most pairs of cats who grow up together, one cat might be more people-oriented than the other. But I don’t think feline company would make them aloof… maybe just keep them from being clingy/needy. I love my cat, but she can be a bit demanding sometimes.

          • Emmaleigh504

            We always had multiple cats growing up and they always interacted with the humans. Kelly used to sit behind my mom on the couch and steal popcorn, Lydia used to sit on my back when I was laying on my belly, Vincent used to scratch my dad’s legs when he got home from work (not the best behavior). We were never in want of kitty love even though they had both dog and cat playmates.

          • Doubled expenses are definitely something to consider, as is the cost of good food. (Though I’ve found most of my fosters are happy with Dave’s brand, which is the cheapest of the good brands. You can buy it by the case online for around $1.90 per large cans. Or Trader Joe’s, which is 79 cents per small can. HT says it is a good brand, just not the tuna.)

            As for human attention, it really depends on the individual. I got both my cats as tiny kittens and one is a total lap cat and the other aloof. If you really want an affectionate kitten, a foster will be able to tell you a lot about the personality by the time they are around 6-8 weeks old.

    • Oh my gosh so adorable!! Mamma cat is really beautiful too. It’s a good thing I’m restricted to one pet only in my apartment, otherwise I would adopt all the animals!

  • Rave: Business trip to NYC was great, product launch was a big success, ran into my high school bf I hadn’t seen in about 8 years, as well as a friend I met in SF. Small world.
    Rant: Joining the pregnant ladies with this awful heartburn here. It was so bad yesterday that I was dry heaving. Gross.
    Rave: Halloween tomorrow! Thinking of making some candy corn jello shots (that don’t actually taste like candy corn).
    Rant: Need to clean the apartment before we have people over but it’s such a mess I don’t know where to start.

    • “Joining the pregnant ladies with this awful heartburn here.” Just on the heartburn side, or did we miss an announcement? πŸ˜‰

      • lol only the heartburn!!

        • Allison

          lol yeah the presence of “jello shots” in her next Rave confirmed that for me.

          • Ahh, but _making_ Jello shots doesn’t necessarily mean _consuming_ Jello shots. πŸ˜‰
            (I was pretty sure there wasn’t a pregnancy involved, but just wanted to make sure.)
            Incidentally, Jello shots that are the colors of candy corn sound like an excellent idea. I HATE candy corn (who doesn’t?), but the colors are very Halloween-appropriate.

          • Strangely, this isn’t the first time on here someone has asked/suggested I should check if I’m pregnant. I think I need to start phrasing my rants&raves more carefully.
            I also HATE candy corn but I think (hope!) these will taste more like orange creamsicles.

          • LOL skt, I remember that other time too. I forgot about that. That’s really funny….

    • Emmaleigh504

      My great grandmother said to prep for a party all you needed to do was vacuum the center of the rug, keep the lights low, and hand people a drink when they walk in the door. 3 easy little things πŸ™‚

    • I’ve made those candy corn colored Jello shots but would LOVE to find a recipe for them sometime that actually tastes like candy corn. I love candy corn.

  • Rave: We won the pumpkin carving contest!!

    Rant: Expedia/American Airlines. I’m not actually sure who to direct my rage at. 2 days ago, Expedia emailed me to tell me that American changed my flight times. My outbound trip scheduled to arrive originally at 2:30pm was now going to arrive at almost 7PM. In the middle of winter. In the middle-of-nowhere-Midwest. NOPE. So they said “An Expedia representative will contact you.” No one did. I was disconnected/on hold for over 3 hours yesterday with Expedia sorting this out. We finally confirmed me for a much, much earlier flight, and while it’s not the best solution, it’s definitely better than what i was being offered.

    Weekend of Fun! Tonight I’m having dinner with friends, tomorrow Halloween-ing it up with other friends, and Sunday doing that self-care thing you guys keep talking about (mani/pedi and treating myself to a dress I am obsessed with). I’ve also reached out to my friends (whose sister has been fighting in the hospital) to see if I can take them to a movie on Sunday evening, hopefully they are free and will want to do something fun for a couple of hours that is not hospital-related.

    Rave/Rant: Date I had last night was great but he is not interested in trying to date me due to distance. Oh well. I’m still hoping things continue to go smoothly with the guy I saw last week.

    • I’m sorry about your expedia experience! This happened to me once with United but I called them directly (not expedia) and they had me on an earlier flight in about 15 minutes for free. Just an FYI in case anyone else has this happen to them over the holidays!

      • American said because I booked through Expedia, I had to resolve it through Expedia. :/ I’m not going until January, thankfully, but ugh. I think maybe next time I might go with a different airline.

    • This has happened to me with American/ US Air more times than I care to count. I don’t know why they constantly change their flight times– it’s infuriating!

  • Rant: missed PoP HH last night. One day I’ll make it.
    Rave: missed PoP HH because I went to another HH with a group of new people. Made some new friends again! Similar interests and personalities and plans to meet up soon. I’m never complaining about not being able to make friends in this city again!
    Rave: gonna have a quiet friday night. resting for what should be a wild saturday night party. see you at the party, low match! we’ll do our now normal hi and bye so I can get down with my bbs.

  • Need some enabling: Keep thinking about this really soft, kelly green blanket scarf that I saw in a boutique last week. Seems silly to spend $40 on a scarf that’s not even very warm but that’s the most flattering color on me!
    Weird rave: While I really don’t enjoy that whole long distance relationship thing, I’m so glad my fiance didn’t just follow me here. Seems like a big point of contention and stress for my friends here who are in the position of trying to make a significant other happy– who has no job or a lackluster job and no real friends–on top of surviving law school.
    Rave: Engagement prints arrived! They are beautiful. But… did I temporarily loose my mind when I ordered a 20×30 print?

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s the most flattering color on you, what is the problem?
      Even thin scarves can be surprisingly warm.
      It will make you smile every time you wear it.

    • hammers

      haha I havent quite talked myself out of a 300+ dollar coach scarf because it has (skulls!) on it. I think you can justify your 40 dollar scarf. Even if it just because it makes winter a little brighter for you!

    • Definitely get it! My self-imposed rule when I’m unsure about a purchase is to walk away and if I’m still thinking about it in a few days, I go back and get it. I forget about most things but if I’m still thinking about it that means I *really* want it.

    • Blithe

      One of my rules is the Cost-per-Wearing rule. If this scarf is as flattering as you say it is, you’ll probably wear it at least 40 times this year alone. So that’s a dollar per wearing. A scarf is something that you could easily keep for multiple years, and wash by hand, so cleaning costs don’t need to be factored in. Two years, you’re down to .50 a wearing. If you’re still thinking about it, something that makes you feel cozy and gorgeous is surely worth 50 cents a wearing — or less. No?
      – Also, you seem to be assuming that the point of a scarf is to keep you warm. I disagree. There are useful accessories, and beautiful ones. If you can have both at once that’s nice, by why wouldn’t “flattering” be enough to make this a worthwhile purchase?
      -Emmaleigh is always, always right about these things! πŸ™‚

      • Emmaleigh504

        I do my best!

      • SouthwestDC

        And even small lightweight scarves have amazing warming abilities. Just having your neck covered with something makes your whole body a lot warmer.

      • These are all excellent points! I very rarely think about cost-per-wear… I need start incorporating that into my purchase decision making process.

        Bought the scarf! It’s so pretty.

  • Rave: ASH VS EVIL DEAD TOMORROW!!!!. Groovy baby.
    Rave: Company paying for AI trip to Cancun
    Rant: So much chillier than yesterday πŸ™ Rant completely over-shadowed by raves!

  • Blithe

    Rant: I got hit on the head by an acorn yesterday. It actually hurt for quite awhile. Nature is out to get me.
    Rant-ish: The people who have always laughed at my distrust of nature are really enjoying this one! πŸ˜‰
    Real Rant: I’ve often tried to reach beyond my comfort zone . I try to challenge my assumptions, and to understand other points of view. I’m realizing, though, that this is a great policy when other people share it, and not so great when others don’t. I’m seriously wondering if complacency might be healthier than curiosity.
    Rave: Zappos.
    Breakfast Rave: Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Cakes.

    • I very much share your Real Rant. I say, stay curious! But if you’re in a conversation with someone who really only wants to impose their views on you, rather than actually have an exchange that could change someone’s mind, I don’t think there’s any harm in cutting off the conversation. I don’t think it’s the same as complacency. It’s more like self-preservation and not wasting time.

    • I’m with you on the distrust of nature. Matt Bellassai does a pretty funny/ridiculous silly video on “reasons outside is the worst”.

      • Blithe

        LOL! That was hilarious! And the upside is that, in contrast, I now feel almost like NatureGrrrl! πŸ˜‰ I’m with him on the bears though….

    • Emmaleigh504

      Nature IS out to get us.

  • Rave: Very busy week at work. I love being busy and feeling productive.
    Rant: I often walk to the mall for lunch. Having to walk past the Michael Kors store on a pay day is freaking TORTURE. I just want Panera, not to have the most luscious boots I have ever seen try and seduce me from a store window.
    Rant: I will be that mom buying the last minute Halloween costume for the oldest today.
    Rave: The combination of trick-or-treating tiring the kids out plus daylight savings equals a blissfully hour+ of sleep this weekend as my kids are far more likely to sleep in. Huzzah!

    • Blithe

      Don’t go to Panera. Don’t go to Panera 30 more times. Take all of the money that you saved by not going to Panera and buy the Michael Kors luscious boots!
      – Where’s Emmaleigh the Enabler?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Luscious boots will last forever and will look great! They will keep your feet warm all winter. Just say no to ugly boots!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Also, luscious boots will put an extra spring in your step b/c you will know you are fabulous. Great clothes/shoes make people happier. #science

  • Blithe

    Forgot to say: I think this is a beautiful picture!

  • Rant? That DC Reynolds pumpkin ended up in front of my apartment building last night. At first I was excited to see it, but then I realized that it is gross and moldy.

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