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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • phl2dc

    Rant: Scratchy throat.
    Rave: Farmers market day by the office!
    Rant: Meetings.
    Rave: I’m starting to exercise again after being idle for about two months. Feels good!
    Happy Thursday, everyone!

    • I’ve been waking up with a scratchy throat for a few days now. I hate that in-between stage of “am I getting sick or not?” blah-ness.

      • Same! It’s been all week for me.

      • phl2dc

        Yeah, I have no idea either. So annoying.

      • It is always “getting sick” for me – the thinking otherwise is just wishful thinking.
        After waking up with scratchy throat for 5 or 6 days (longer than usual for that), I came down with the massive cold. Still have it 8 days later. It’s a b*tch. Hopefully leaving soon.

        • phl2dc

          Feel better soon! Hope you have some good home remedies to ease the symptoms a bit.

          • Thanks. I do the lot: herbal stuff, vitamins, homeopathy, food (garlic, lemon, honey, etc.) western medicine drugs used sparingly. All in an attempt to avoid progressing to needing an antibiotic. Being currently unemployed, I can stay home in bed, which helps considerably. Never could get rid of these without antibiotic when I was working (when can you take a whole week or more off work to get well? Been years since I had a job where you could – not just work demands, but managers won’t let you.) Finally feel like it may be on its way out today.

          • phl2dc

            Yeah, I feel you. At my last job we always felt somewhat judged for being sick and having to stay home (both to try to feel better and to not spread it to others). They’d let us, but you could just sense that they really hated it.

  • palisades

    Rave: Disclosure was amazing last night. Echostage is a very cool venue.
    Rant: I hate the mets

    • phl2dc

      Rant: I didn’t see Disclosure last night. I could have bought tickets when they first went on sale but I need to save money and decided to pass. I had to give up my ticket for their October 2013 show, too, but for other reasons. At least I saw them earlier that same year 🙁

    • Have they improved their live show? I saw them at 930 Club (January 2014?) and it was a bit lackluster, IMHO. They suffered the dilemma of most electronic “live” shows – it’s basically just Ableton running off a laptop. All the vocals are pre-recorded, so no singing. Etc.

      • palisades

        I thought it was pretty great. They were playing bass and doing drumsets. I don’t know which one is the singer but the one guy was definitely singing. I thought it was well done! I was so jealous of people that got to see them at 9:30 so I guess that makes me feel a little better haha

        • the crowd at the 930 club disclosure show a couple of years ago was LITERALLY the worst ever. talking, picture taking, pushing, being generally disruptive. even though I’m (gasp) over 30, I feel like I can usually stomach a lot, especially at an edm show, but the kids at this one, no thanks.

  • Rant: Dropped my personal phone taking the kids to school….distracted tracking it all day…Went to a couple of places where the lost phone app said where it was, no luck. End of the day no one called to say they would return it….lost a little more faith in humanity
    Rave: Comedians in Cars getting Coffee really helped my mood last night
    Rave: Its a new day….Moved on. Getting a new phone. F’em

    • That stinks about your phone. Did you check Craigslist and call your local precinct to see if someone turned it in? It’s a longshot, but you never know!

  • Rant: Sinus headache when I woke up this morning. It was so bad that I almost called in sick to work.
    Rave: I’m moving into a larger apartment with it’s own washer and dryer in the unit. No more dragging clothes down the hall only to see someone else using all of the machines.
    Rant: I hate moving. I’m paranoid that something won’t go right: movers not showing up, movers not being able to access loading dock, fire alarm going off during move, elevator not working, not being able to get keys to my new place for some weird reason,etc.
    Rave: My mother is coming in to help me move.
    Rave: Had a good iced mocha this morning.

    • Moving is so stressful, just did it last week. The worst is pulling up to a loading dock and you still see the people who had the time before you using it. Good luck!

    • I also have a sinus headache today. I’m so sorry. 🙁

    • and I’ve got a nasty migraine and feel congested. 🙁 had the windows open last night, maybe some plant was holding pollen in reserve?

      I’m also in the throes of arranging a move – stress is probably also a factor. hope all goes well and you feel better soon!

    • Moving is always so stressful. Especially when people park in the spaces you reserve for the moving truck! That always happens to me. Good luck! It will be over soon!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Browsing vintage china patterns in a search for new everyday dishes. So many pretty patterns out there, though the current frontrunner is not very easy to find.
    Rave: Current everyday pattern will be demoted to breakfast china.
    Rant: When the Metro operator says “do not be alarmed.” That’s the point at which I wonder if I should be alarmed.

    • Love this idea! My mom has two sets she’ll give to me someday – one is yellow depression glass that was my paternal grandmother’s and one is a Spode set that was her mother’s. I hope I use them more than she does.

      • Quotia Zelda

        The current frontrunner is Spode’s green Eden pattern with the plain rim. I love Spode.
        If Crown Staffordshire’s Ellesmere pattern didn’t have gold trim, the green version would be the frontrunner. It has griffins!
        Wedgwood is my true china love, and I adore Wild Strawberry, but it’s bone and has gold trim. For everyday, I’m looking for porcelain/stoneware and no metallic trim.

      • Quotia Zelda

        And someday I hope to inherit my mother’s Spode Rockingham (which was my grandmother’s) and half of her Lu-Ray Pastels (much of which belonged to my great-great aunt). Maybe all if Emily doesn’t want the Lu-Ray!

    • Yikes! I would very much be alarmed if I heard the Metro operator say that! But I’m guessing in this case, all’s well that ends well, huh?

      • Quotia Zelda

        We did get offloaded (you’re welcome, everyone stuck behind us on the Red Line), but otherwise no problems.

      • I had a metro operator say the same thing while we’re stuck in tunnel once. Not reassuring at all. I got off the train the next stop/

    • I thought I was the last person around with multiple china sets! I remember going to Hillwood for the tour years ago and, because the Faberge eggs were on tour, the thing I envied the most about being rich as heck was the pantry with 10 or 12 sets of china in it.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I have 3 sets in a tiny studio, I would kill for a pantry!

        • I can let you use some of mine! If, you know, you don’t mind me “borrowing” a few pieces every now and then.
          (Of course, more china would mean I’d have to buy more linens, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.)
          When we were unpacking everything after the renovation, my girlfriend kept asking “are you sure you need this much china?” In this, she differs from my wife who, a month before she died, traveled to Florida to pack and ship up a set that had been stashed in her father’s basement, to ensure that it didn’t fall into her brother’s hands. We also once bought each other a complete set we saw in the Christ Child Opportunity shop in Georgetown (a good place to shop for that sort of thing, now that I think of it) on the spur of the moment, instead of celebrating our anniversary.

          • Quotia Zelda

            Oh, that reminds me of the time we saw a full set of Singapore Bird at the Christ Child Opportunity Shop. I kinda feel like I should have bought it.

      • I Dont Get It

        LOL yeah that pantry is amazing!

      • Quotia Zelda

        I only have 2 currently. I’ve always felt a little deprived.

    • My grandparents had a full set for 12 of Royal Crown Derby, something similar to the traditional Imari (I haven’t seen it in a while), which I believe originally was my great-grandmother’s. I probably won’t ever see any of it since my aunt lives in their former house, and thinks it should stay there. Not sure what happens when she’s gone and the house is razed (which it should have been 20 years ago….)

    • One day I will inherit a TON of Royal Albert Old Country Rose china. Not sure how I feel about it. I do look forward to getting the Nicholas Mosse pottery. Though I will probably get stuck with the china sooner as my mom is already trying to sell me on it since they just “downsized” last week.

  • Rave: New couch coming today!! So excited.
    Rave: Washington International Horse Show – I snuck in during lunch for yesterday. Loved seeing the ponies in the city and picking up all the free magazines!
    Rant: Olive oil on cinnamon raisin toast? Come on husband – that’s not breakfast.
    Rave: Going to be able to hit up our friend’s annual halloween party finally! But need a costume idea. They’re musical theater in NYC folks and go big every year. Husband and were thinking Caitlyn and Bruce Jenner or Weekend at Bernie’s (Bernie Sanders that is…)

  • Rave: My baby brother got his first job out of college in DC! So excited to have him close. I’m almost a decade older than him and moved when he was 13, so we’re not as close as I’d like. It’s going to be nice to bond. My other brother is looking to do Grad school in the city once his wife finishes in the spring. It would be wonderful having them all around.

    Rant: I lost my key to the office bathroom. Got another one and lost it as well. Well not lost per se, left in one of my jacket pockets. I don’t want to ask the OM for a new key. May have to sneak the visitor key today.

  • Rave: Let’s go Mets go!
    Rant: Limited sleep.
    Rave: Free bus ride this morning – fare box wasn’t working.
    Rant: Snarky/condescending emails first thing in the morning. Rude. Rude any time of day, but first thing in the morning is worst of all.

  • Rave: One more day til I get to go see my momma! So excited for our Girls’ Weekend!
    Rant: So much crap to do before then
    Rant: Having a hard time concentrating on things lately. Not sure why.
    Rave: Love seeing the colors of the leaves changing

    • Hooray for moms! And also, I understand your rant. I’ve found over the past year or so that I’ve gotten a lot worse at focusing — I either obsess over the wrong thing entirely, or my brain just prances around to a million different things in a disorganized fashion.

      • yeah, I’ve always been borderline ADHD, but when I was growing up, that was the least of my issues, and anyway, I’ve always managed. But ugh, I tend to vacillate between hyper-focusing on the tiniest, least important things, or being completely unable to maintain a conversation or a single train of thought. And it weirdly seems to come and go, with no predictable pattern that I can spot. Sometimes I can go for months without major concentration issues. And then it’ll be months of problems focusing. Why?!

        • Huh, it’s interesting that your issues are so similar to mine. Especially the hyperfocused on least important things part. My family was a little worried about ADHD at one point, but we agreed it has all started since I started doing the work-school thing at the same time, so I’m pretty positive it’s caused by stress and lack of sleep. Hoping it remedies itself after I settle down into a normal life and routine.

  • Unknown: It has been a bizarre week.
    Also Unknown: Just got a random phone call from Department HR offering me a position (not a promotion — just a transfer) to another office that never contacted or interviewed me from a pool of applications I submitted about 3 months ago. Oh, federal government. Even if I hadn’t just moved I wouldn’t have taken that offer anyway, so no biggie.
    Rave: The weekend is in sight! Any good free things going on Saturday night around or after dinnertime? I’ll be studying for midterms during the day and I want to go out!

  • Rant: People who try explain away personal or professional failings as immutable characteristics. No, that isn’t “just how you are.” Of course you “weren’t born with that skill” – no one is. The rest of us recognize that it’s an important skill to have, though, and work to cultivate it. You could (and should) do the same; you just choose not to (in reality, you’re too lazy and self-centered). You don’t care enough to make the effort. Own it.
    Rant: Moving offices. Aargh.
    Rave: All rants are minor today, because . . .
    (There mush be much gnashing of the teeth and rending of the garments in the Palisades . . . )

    • I’m going to piggy back on this and add people who try to explain away personal/professional failings by blaming everyone else.

    • Quotia Zelda

      I just hope we see a repeat of 1986, when my mother’s informing my father of the Mets’ win turned into a nuclear argument in the middle of the night (my dad comes from a Yankees family). I believe that was the time I threw shoes at their bedroom door and informed them that some of us would like to sleep.

    • I come from a family of die-hard Met’s fans. My dad and my brother were texting each other within our family group text about the game until 1am last night. Thank goodness for the do not disturb function on my phone! I woke up to 15 text messages about the Mets.
      Rave? I love that I have group texts with my fam.

  • Rant: Piano player upstairs from me has started to compose electronic music (i.e., really bad techno tracks), starting at 9:30 in the evening.
    Rave: I’m slowly adjusting to becoming a side or back sleeper as this pregnancy progresses. I traditionally sleep on my stomach, so this has been a transition.
    Rave: Leaves starting to change, cooler weather, weekend on the way.

  • rave: Benghazi hearings! political theater at its best, love it. they’ve spent 10 minutes or so talking about how important the committee is
    rant: real estate sales drama
    rave: may end up better for us in the end
    rave: day off tomorrow to MOVE IN including a big Wegmans/Costco run. i love that part of moving!

  • Rant: MD drivers might be crazy, VA drivers might be totally aloof, but DC drivers are actually downright jerks. I’ve never seen worse/aggressive/rude driving than those with DC plates. Had a lady in a nice Range Rover honk at me for not proceeding into a blocked intersection.

  • Rave: 3 weeks into a new workout plan – feel good and stronger
    Rant: Need to ditch a bit of summer leftover lbs
    Rave: BF comes to town on Monday!
    Rave: Brother’s wedding photos are great!

  • Rant/rave: Too sick to hit the gym, so I get to explore other hobbies.
    Rave: New place is coming along nicely. We have a bed and small stuff at least.
    Rave: Project ended just as I felt my worst, and I was able to use all my sick leave. Nice!
    Rave: Although DC DMV seems very confused about what permits they offer, I was able to get in and out in under 10 mins.
    Rave: Almost a week off before new job starts. Should have no problem being mostly moved before the weekend.

  • Rant: Cubs
    Rave: Cubs’ season overall

  • Rave: Started my Christmas shopping courtesy of the gift card I received for participating in the Employee Wellness crap yesterday.
    Rant: 2 months to Christmas and having total holiday plan anxiety.
    Rant: 2 WEEKS to kiddo birthday party and completely unprepared.
    Rant: Found out last night that my son has a soccer tournament Saturday morning at 8 am (?!). I love the program he is in, but come on, a little more notice would be nice!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Had a fantastic time camping over the weekend; it was colder than I anticipated and woke up at night because of coyotes and birds sounds. Still woke up in the morning so rested. Amazing hike to see waterfalls.
    I’ll definitely do more camping in the future.

  • Rave: I’m taking the dog and myself to CT for the weekend. My mom asked what apples I want, so I pressed her into telling me where she’s going for apples….my favorite orchard! And she’s getting apple cider donuts!
    Rant: in return for the donuts, or just because I’m her kid, I have to help her with technology this weekend. Ugh.
    Rave: she also got dog bowls and offered to get dog food and is really excited about Otis coming to visit.
    Rant: I’m worried about him trying to use the hardwood stairs at their house to come sleep with me, I think he might slip on the way down. They have baby gates if I decide we need them.
    Rave: squeezing in another date tonight before this guy moves 🙂 then 🙁

    • Jealousss of your trip up to CT and tasty applies and donuts!! I haven’t been back up to CT for the fall since I started working… It’s so pretty.

    • hammers

      you may have addressed this before, but could he wear shoes while on the visit? Either way, have a lovely escape!

      • We did and it was not the best solution for my home because I’d have to keep them on him all the time inside, but it might be a great solution for visiting houses with lots of wood floors. I drive by a Petco on the way home, I’ll have to grab some.

    • Oh man now I want cider and donuts soooo badly! Have a great time, jeslett! And I hope Otis has a great, safe time too!

    • If the stairs are the only concern, you could go to Home Depot or something and pick up some of that grippy lining for inside cabinets and just cut it up and lay it on the stairs, then throw it away when you leave.

  • Rant: Aggressive Uber driver yesterday. I got in the car (he seemed already a bit unfriendly) and he took a direction that I am not used to to go to a destination I go all the time, I asked him politely if he had the correct address and he started yelling at me, telling me that he is from DC and he knows the city and asking me if I wanted to get out to get another driver, asking me if I was from DC (which he knew I wasnt bc I have an accent). I was so chocked and scared (I am a very pregnant female). At the end of the trip he tried to overcompensate by being overly “nice”.
    Rant: I was too scared to give him a bad review because I could see that he had my address and phone number (since he picked me up from my house). I believe that this a hole in the Uber system. A driver can get back at you if you give them a bad review…

    • I had an identical experience with an Uber driver on Saturday afternoon. I was going home from Adams Morgan and the driver took a route I wasn’t familiar with (I’ve lived in the same apartment for four years, so I’m very familiar with the routes to-from there). I also politely asked if the address he had was correct and he started yelling about how he was from DC and that I shouldn’t be looking at the GPS. I just sat back quietly for the rest of the ride, not wanting to “set him off” again.

      I’m sorry you had to experience this, too. I emailed Uber to complain and they told me that they would be “following up with the driver.” I strongly doubt anything will come of it, though.

      • Would either of you care to share a first name of the driver, if this is allowed on here? I’m curious if it is the same person, so that I can avoid him if possible.

      • My driver name was George, I also wonder if it is the same guy.

        • Mine WASN’T named George (it’s a unique name, so I don’t feel comfortable posting it here). I think that’s actually worse, because it means there is more than one driver acting inappropriately in the same manner.

          • Also, even though the driver’s behavior is inappropriate regardless of whether the passenger is drunk or sober, I also hadn’t been drinking. I was actually on my way home from a run with a friend in RCP. And it was the middle of the afternoon, too (2:30 p.m.).

    • Similar experience too. Uber driver picked up a block away rather than in front of the building. I got in the car first and greeted him and asked him if he was the Uber car. He didn’t greet me and just said, “How many?” Then, my colleague asked why didn’t he pick us up in front of the building and the Uber driver yelled that the GPS told him he had arrived when he reached the corner (by the way, he was blocking the cross walk and didn’t even pull over to the curb). Then my colleague said, “Ok, I’m sorry” and the Uber driver kicked us out of the car. This happened at 1pm on a Tuesday, to 4 people dressed in professional outfits (a.k.a. we were not drunk and obnoxious; we were sober employees heading back to the office).

    • Adam

      To avoid this situation don’t put in your exact home address for a pick-up/drop-off in the app (e.g. 710 G St instead of 702 G St). Even better, if there’s an alley close on your block, use the address for the house that’s on the alley so the driver has a spot to easily pull over and pick-up/drop you off.

      Lastly, always report incidents like this. The driver has no clue how you rated them (unless he’s only giving one single ride a week, which is doubtful) and he/she will never ever see a negative comment that you left about him. Phone numbers are anonymized thru a forwarding number also…you don’t have the driver’s personal number and they won’t have yours. Reporting bad incidents improves the experience for everyone.

    • If it makes you feel any better, they don’t have your number (just like you don’t have theirs) – Uber generates a “mask” number that redirects to yours. I found this out when I tried to call one back to see if they found a friend’s phone in their car. The number I called was for Michigan, the number I got the returned call back from was a 202 DC number. I also found this out when a driver showed me that he had tried to call me, and I was like “that isn’t my number showing on your screen though” and he was like “oh no that’s the fake number Uber generates so we don’t have your actual number”.

    • I am not sure who mentioned being drunk here, I was going to a doctor visit at 2pm, not sure how asking if the driver has the correct address is a bad thing. I have experiences where the address didn’t transfer to driver and I had to tell them where I was going.

      • Oh, it was just mentioned in Me Too’s comment, the fact that it was the middle of the day and that no one was drunk or obnoxious. I wanted to include that it was a similar case with me (as with you) that these incidents came out of nowhere when we simply asked a question and received extreme responses, during what would be otherwise totally mundane trips in the middle of the day.

        I’ve never had the address transferring issue you describe, but I’ve had numerous drivers not know where they are going, so I’ve had to give them verbal directions. It’s frustrating to get such an unprofessional and aggressive response when I was simply trying to figure out if that was the case here.

        • Uber uses google maps. I live in SW, work on NY Ave NW…it’s about a 10 minute drive. Just turn on Independence, take that until you hit 17th. Done. I’ve had multiple Uber drivers for whatever reason take the 3rd street tunnel. I have no idea why, they even drop me off on E street as opposed to NY Ave which is the next block over. It’s especially frustrating when there’s already a surge pricing so the bill would go from 11-12 to 15-16. They haven’t pulled the “I’m from DC” line on me though, I was born and raised here too so if they wanna throw that in my face, I’ll politely do the same. Whatever GPS system they’re using is terrible.

          • You can rate them lower for going the long way, and you’ll get your money back. At the same time, if it’s the apps fault and not the driver, that’s kind of sucky. This has been a predicament for me a couple times.

          • Adam

            Yeah, that’s embarrassing on the driver’s part. If your driver takes a circuitous route, complain thru the app and you’ll get a credit.

  • Rave: 29 weeks and baby kicking lots.
    Rant: Had to do a 3 hour glucose test because I failed the one hour by one tiny point.
    Rave: good friends who take you to the doc and keep you company,
    Rant: I have a cold.
    Rant: Husband traveling.

  • rant: i need to lose some weight. was told a diet may be the best way. never been on a diet before. ugh
    rant: bathroom at work is flooded. god.
    rave: my nails look good. LOL

    • Lifestyle changes > diets
      Diets are short-term after all. Smallish changes can get results: not eating late at night, cutting down/out carbs, swapping in healthy snacks, etc. The combo of better eating and exercise is by far the best combo, but if you’re only doing one, then go for the food.

    • I highly recommend Weight Watchers. The points system really helps to teach you how to eat and make life changes versus a diet, which I agree with Anon Spock, are short term. Also, definitely incorporate some sort of exercise. I have lost a great deal of weight in the last few years, and am only 6 pounds away from a “healthy” weight, however, I had my cholesterol level checked yesterday and my healthy cholesterol is too low. I do zero cardio, and I really need to start this as it will help to increase by good cholesterol. Remember that the number on the scale isn’t the only indicator of health.
      Good luck!

      • +1 to WW…I did it online and if you do it (and not even be super strict about it) it totally works! I didn’t really care for the meetings, so I just stick to the online stuff. They have forums similar to this one, only just for specific weight loss topics. I found it to be very supportive. Now if I can just get myself to pay attention to it again!

        • Agreed on the online vs in person! Also, many employers offer a discount. It’s worth checking if you are interested.

    • you should download my fitness pal and count calories, if you’ve never tried it. MFP makes it very simple, I’ve lost 70 lbs (combined with exercise, but diet is the most important thing!)

  • Rant: parent conference today. I’m still kind of intimidated by parents even though they’ve been mostly super nice.
    Revel: the squash I made for lunch
    Rant: squash is all I have to revel about

  • Rave: That golden week after you get your hair done when it’s incredibly easy and fast to make your hair look good in the morning. I love it.
    Rave: Butternut squash in its many forms.
    Rant: Why on earth did I schedule a doctor’s appointment for 8am on a Friday? I must have been out of my mind.

    • I Dont Get It

      Yes but the odds are the Dr won’t be running behind 🙂

      • That is true. The only problem for me is that I probably won’t be able to eat breakfast before the appointment so I’ll be ravenous by the time I get out of there.

        • I Dont Get It

          LOL with my appointments usually I can’t eat before so even better to go early so I can get something to eat!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: My house smells faintly of burnt sage.
    Rave: I have the house alone for the next four days.
    Rant: I left Lizzy, who no longer can climb stairs in the TV room last night when Lucy and the cat and I went up to go to bed. Feeling bad that she was alone, and she sometimes paces for hours, I went downstairs to get Lizzy although she was sound asleep on the floor. She hates to be carried by me but I carried her upstairs as she struggled. I put her on the floor and then she paced…click click click from midnight to 3:00 am making the circuit through the closet to the bathroom out to the hallway and back into the bedroom. Repeat, repeat, repeat…
    Somewhere along the way she pooped in the hallway and she walked through it several times smearing it down the hallway. Finally at 3:00 am I shut the closet door and she paced for about 30 minutes in a smaller circuit before settling down to go to sleep. Senior citizen dogs!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Oh man I laughed, I shouldn’t have, OMG funny!

    • Awwww, poor Lizzy 🙁
      My former pup had dementia and it was both sad and silly. He’d get stuck in corners, or under the table. He’d pace either when I left the house (front door, stairway, basement door, repeat repeat) or on my bed (walking in circles).
      His vet recommended Anipryl which didn’t seem to help him but it’s worth trying.
      Can you cut her nails so you don’t hear her pace at night?

      • I Dont Get It

        I’m thinking of trying Benadryl to help her with her anxiety. Has anyone tried that with dogs? Yes her nails do need cutting but she freaks out when I try to do it. I think I need to find a mobile service for this.

        • Soft Claws makes claw covers for dogs. Maybe she would be less freaked out by having something gently glued to her claws than by the sensation of clipping?

        • Yes you can give Benadryl to dogs. There is also Bach’s Rescue Remedy in liquid form. It is a human thing as well. Dogs are like babies, if they are sleeping let them be.

        • emvee

          Have you tried the Thundershirt? I call it my dog’s sausage casing (he was between a M and L, and I stubbornly got the M, so it’s a little snug), but it did wonders for his separation anxiety when I first got him. It does great things to calm you pet.

          • I have a Thundershirt and it doesn’t really work for my dog. She’s 16lbs so I got her the small. Maybe the shirt is too big? She still claws at the door when I leave my place for work albeit not as frantically.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          You can also try Dog Appeasing Pheromone DAP. I have used the feline version which comes as a plug-in with new foster kitties. At first I didn’t think it really did anything – until it ran out! then it was obvious the cats were benefitting from it.

      • For mobile grooming, I’ll recommend Sniffs & Wiggles
        Benedryl is definitely worth trying

  • I’m 90% sure I saw Lenny Kravitz ride by me on the Met Branch trail this morning. Can anyone disprove this? If not, I’m going with it.

  • Rave: got my tickets to DC for november!!!!! It’s been a year since i’ve been there. Can’t wait. SO excited. Trying to make a list of all the new restaurants to try in the 4 days i’ll be there.

    Rant: no rants today.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      See Tom Sietsma’s fall guide – so many new restaurants that some old timers dropped off. And a couple got added when he couldn’t get into Rose’s Luxury (Garrisons for one). I highly recommend Chez Billy Sud, lovely setting by the canal, attentive servers, and excellent food.

      • yes! thanks on chez billy recommendations, we had our wedding reception at the original chez billy, so i do love those guys!

    • Maybe Odessa will be open…oh wait its a night club and not a Ukrainian restaurant

      • I’m sure I can find an all white outfit with 5″ gold heels and something sparkly to wear there… 🙂

  • Rant: DC Water flooded the ditch on our jobsite, just before meter vault delivery.
    Rave: Tomorrow is Friday
    Rant: DDOT tried to shut our guys down, because someone else was in the way and blocking traffic.
    Rave: Our permits are good!
    Rave: Next weekend is carriage driving with my daughter for 3 days!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Lost in the weeds these days. (o__o)
    Rave: ???

  • Anyone have some good suggestions on where to take 7 ladies to dinner on Saturday night? We have several family members in town for our baby shower and will probably need to eat something later. Would need to have relatively easy parking for 2 cars and cater to a wide range of eaters. I have no idea what my aunts would like!

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