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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • phl2dc

    Rave: Getting closer to the weekend!
    Rant: Construction noise in the office.
    Rave: Had a cupcake for breakfast!
    Rant: Not the healthiest breakfast πŸ™

    • I want a cupcake for breakfast. That is a brilliant idea.

    • Emmaleigh504

      cupcake= fancy muffin

      • phl2dc

        And now I want a muffin ^_^

        • Where, oh where, in this city can you find really good muffins? Ones with nuts and fruits and they’re dense and rich and moist? All I find are the same old light and fluffy blueberry or nutless cranberry or chocolate chip, etc.

          • +1 to this. I wondered the same thing. Would bake them myself but I have no time or muffin pans.

          • phl2dc

            I wish I could help you guys, but I have no idea. I love muffins but for some reason never really buy any…

          • uprising muffin company! also the inventor of the ‘upwhich’ — an ice cream sandwich made with muffin tops!!!

            but seriously, their muffins are delicious.

          • Aglets

            The coffee place two places before Peregrine….common grounds maybe? After Roasters on the hill but before the one before peregrine. They had this ‘Morning Glory
            muffin that was AWESEOME

          • +1 to Uprising. It’s on 7th, right near the Shaw metro.

          • Local coffee shops often have the good muffins. I love the muffins at La Mano. And the pumpkin muffins at Swing’s. Also, the morning glory muffins at Pret are surprisingly good. They’re not muffins but Baked and Wired quickbreads are always really good and dense – they often have pumpkin, banana, and zucchini.

          • Uprising and the Wydown. I miss fresh Wydown muffins

          • dcgator

            This just seems necessary:

            Rebecca: Are you the ones leaving the muffin pieces behind our shelter?

            Elaine: You been enjoying them?

            Rebecca: They’re just stumps.

            Elaine: Well they’re perfectly edible.

            Rebecca: Oh, so you just assume that the homeless will eat them, they’ll eat anything?

            Mr. Lippman: No no, we just thought…

            Rebecca: I know what you thought. They don’t have homes, they don’t have jobs, what do they need the top of a muffin for? They’re lucky to get the stumps.

            Elaine: If the homeless don’t like them, the homeless don’t have to eat them.

            Rebecca: The homeless don’t like them.

            Elaine: Fine.

            Rebecca: We’ve never gotten so many complaints. Every two minutes, “Where is the top of this muffin? Who ate the rest of this?”

          • I love the pumpkin muffins at Firehook, they have them all year round.

          • Whole Foods has a whole grain blueberry muffin that is pretty good

    • Now you are reminding me that I could have had a cupcake for breakfast but I forgot we had them πŸ™

  • I need a quick haircut. Can someone recommend a not-expensive ($50 is upper limit) place for a trim near Dupont? Nothing fancy, straight hair. I’d frankly be fine with a cheapo chain, but the only one I know of is up by Tenleytown…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Hey, if you are interested in a fiction book club give me a gmail at Emmaleigh504.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I think I had an actual asthma attack last night. and my RLS is back with a vengeance.
    Rave: I had my inhaler.
    Rave: playing music fairy for my nieces and nephew.

    • phl2dc

      So scary! Glad you had your inhaler! What do you do to assuage your RLS?

      • Emmaleigh504

        It was scary. It’s not fun not being able to breathe.
        For RLS I walk around and stretch, but that doesn’t make it go away. It just feels better. what really works is gabapentin. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and I will ask to go back on that. Not only does it get rid of RLS the side effects for me are staying asleep when I am supposed to and no headaches. It is a miracle drug!

        • phl2dc

          Wow, I wasn’t aware that there was an effective drug for it. That’s great! Why did you get off that drug to begin with?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I quit taking it b/c the manufacturer changed and it tasted badly. But I found that my RLS didn’t come back! That was in about 2010. So I’ve had almost 5 years of no RLS while off the gabapentin! Now, I’ll take a bad tasting drug to get rid of the RLS.

          • phl2dc

            Can you chase it with something delicious?

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s a pill, so really NBD if I take it with a yummy beverage. I stopped taking it b/c I’m a wimp πŸ™‚

    • I Dont Get It

      Yikes, sorry to hear this!

  • Rant: Washed something that released white bits and baubs all over my sweater. Didn’t realize until I was in the office early this morning. Spent the first hour of my work day insanely trying to fashion a lint roller out of packing tape. Resorted to picking it off one by one…
    Rave: Gorgeous night out at the barn last night.
    Rant: Living in two places and frequently visiting family in a third. I feel stupid buying duplicates/triplicates but I also don’t want to schelp tons of shit up and down the NE Corridor every two days.
    Rave: Ponies at lunchtime! Missing out on the greater fun this weekend at WIHS but still psyched.
    Rant: Can’t seem to rent out my place. Lowered the rent to $1700 (got $1800 2 years ago) – dupont circle, master bedroom/bathroom, pets allowed, I’m only there two nights, W/D in-unit. ARGH.

    • justinbc

      It’s a lot harder filling vacancies this time of year. =/

    • This is kind of a downtime to find a renter. Have you posted to multiple sites? Also, it’s really appealing that you’re only there two nights a week, but the potential renter doesn’t see that until they click the ad, right? Unless you alluded to it in the title…I would try to do that.

      • Yea – posted on trulia, hotpads, etc. (whatever else is through postlets), craigslist, sent out to friends/colleagues, and trying to get on listserves.
        I posted something like “Roommate travels freq” at the end of the title but perhaps I can make it clearer?

    • …is it possible to get an air bnb manager for a few months and then start over with rentals in the spring?

    • hammers

      I’m not seeing anything that resembles your posting on Craigslist.

      • Yeah, due to the nature of CL listings UDPie should be re-posting their ad every other day. Keep it fresh. Many people won’t even respond to something more than X days old as they assume the offer is gone.
        And yes, this is low season. You might be better off doing AirBnB rentals through the holidays.

        • Oooh – I didn’t know this! Thank you. I’ll refresh it. I have it in the rooms/shared section but should I put it elsewhere?
          Thanks for your help!

          • hammers

            I always search in apartments/housing for rent since that is what comes up automatically.

          • I’d probably put it in the actual apartments section. Explain in the add that it is technically a “share” but only for two days per week.

          • FYI – people looking in the rooms/shared section have a budget much lower than what you’re offering. They’re willing to live with a roommate in order to snag a deal.

          • UdPIE- there is someone(female) looking for a temporary room from Nov- January under housing wanted section. Try replying to her post and see if its a fit. Shes in a similar situation but opposite, shes mocing for work and her husband will follow in near future.

          • I had a request for my VRBO rental last week from a “diplomat between assignments” looking for something now for 3-4 months. I already had bookings, but I could give you his email & phone number if you like. Contact me at vicmck at gmail.

          • Better yet, give us a link to the CL (I couldn’t find it based on what you posted here) and I’ll forward it to him.

          • Thanks all – I’ll e-mail you for sure Victoria. I don’t want to link directly to the listing as I don’t want to blow my (admittedly pretty terrible) cover πŸ˜‰

    • It took me five times as long to fill a room for October start than for August start. The time of year makes a huge difference.

      A word of caution because you didn’t specify whether utilities were included. I’ve had four roommates and three of them were incredibly careless about leaving toilets running, the refrigerator door open, the window open while AC was on, lights on (though at least the latter are cheap). If you include utilities make sure you have specific clauses about reasonable use and remedies.

      • I still think it would be better not to include utilities — the roommate will likely be more responsible with the heat/air/lights if he/she is paying 1/2 the utilities.

    • emvee

      I’m actually looking for a place and wondering if we should talk offline…. emveedc at gmail dot com if you’re interested!

    • Perhaps you could offer the bedroom furnished or unfurnished? Your idea of a comfortable bed may differ greatly from others’ ideas. Many people would rathe sleep in their own beds. Some may use some of the furniture you have in there – you could work out what they want if you gave the option of a furnished or unfurnished bedroom.

      Also, you own the place, right? If you can get rid of the carpet in the bedroom to leave wood floors underneath, that would help. The carpeting would be a deal breaker for me.

      • Really? I’m simply curious and would love your perspective on this in a bit more detail then. The bedroom is the *one* place I want carpeting, because who wants to get out of bed and immediately put their feet on cold floor? Also I cannot deal with hearing my dog’s nails tapping on the floor in the middle of the night but that’s a pet-owner-specific reason lol.

        • I’ve only had carpet in one place I’ve lived and I only went with the place because the carpet was brand new. The idea of old carpet really grosses me out. I also have dust allergies which seem to be a lot worse in rooms with carpet. About to sign a lease on a place in my college town, in part because it has all [really old and super worn out] hardwood floors.

        • It’s not a deal breaker for me, but I HATE carpet and I have bad allergies so no carpet is my preference too. I just put a rug down in the room. There’s no carpet in my house and there was no carpet in the house I grew up in.

        • If you’ve ever pulled up old carpeting, you’d know. And it doesn’t have to be very old, a few years will do. It is filthy, gross, traps a whole lot of dirt and dust (allergic to dust), lots of pet dander (allergic to cats and dogs, and can react badly to carpeting where pets formerly lived), full of mold from spills, pets accidents, and washing of carpet (it can’t really dry; allergic to mold).
          You people who like carpet underfoot – have you never heard of this thing called rugs? It’s like carpeting, only not nailed down, so they can be sent out to be cleaned, fully cleaned. Google it. I have them all over my place. I love rugs underfoot, just not filthy dirty carpeting. Carpeting floors is a filthy, gross, disgusting practice, really.

  • Rant: I’m really dreading “fall back.” With each passing year, the shorter days drag on me more and more. Where would I have to move to get 14 hours of sunlight this time of year?

  • Rave: New office is alright. We’ll see if the work picks up. At least my foot is in the door.
    Rant: Have been warned new office can be “too quiet” a lot of the time. Also, when I come in and say good morning no one ever answers. No response is really necessary but I like to acknowledge everyone’s presence and it’d be great if they acknowledged mine a little more.
    Question for the PoPulace: Looking ahead I’ll need to find an actual real full-time job around next summer. I hate for my resume to look like I’m backtracking but I’d really love to go back to a job where I just come in and do my work/meet my quota and where the hours are semi-flexible (i.e. can come in a little early and leave by 5). Ideas are welcome as I brainstorm over the next couple months.

    • phl2dc

      No one answers when you say “Good morning”? That’s kind of rude :\

    • If I saw three jobs in three years I might have a question as to why. It’s a bit different since you’re a student, but try and put in at least a year at each place. Otherwise it looks like you jump around a lot and aren’t committed. Just my 2 cents (as someone reviewing resumes today and who has contributed to hiring a bunch of people over the last 8 years).

      • I had a year at two places (now on my third year), but they are all through the same program that encourages rotations to different offices by time-limiting their positions to 1 year. Some of my peers who were already converted to FTEs had 3+ different assignments, like me. Then again, perhaps this is just a thing in my department and outsiders will question it.

        • … but thanks for the advice!! Once I’m out of this particular program I will definitely take that opinion to heart. (And frankly, I’d like to stop moving around, too!)

          • Anonynon

            get out of the public sector. Its is a nightmare for a young person with ambition. At least go to a consulting company for the government…then you will be valued (maybe only because you are billable) but it has been a much better experience compared to my time in public sector interning.

          • There’s some merit to what Anonynon said. I left the public sector after a little over three years because I felt like I wasn’t valued, there was never enough work, our mission constantly changed, and there was a reorg every 6 months. I just saw myself dwindling away never gaining any new skills…really scary thought at 25. I left for consulting and I have been exposed to lots of different work, gained new skills, and made lots of connections. However, yes billable hours can be an issue, benefits are not what they used to be, and pay isn’t either. There are pros and cons to both…it depends on what you value. One of the things I do love about it is my flexible schedule. I can pretty much come and go when I please as long as I meet my hours and get my work done.

          • Thanks, anonynon and parkviewres. That’s helpful feedback. I do know a couple people in consulting and will make it a point to sit down and talk with them about their experiences, as well. This is definitely an option that I’ll seriously consider.

          • anonymouse_dianne

            It depends on what kind of work you want to do. I’m technical and worked as a government contractor most of my career. I felt appreciated and used well – until I was laid off and out of work for 7 months. Now I am a fed and close to retirement and feel secure but I haven’t had a raise in 4 years. I can telework twice a week if I chose and my hours are flexible. I like the people I work with. I’d rather be in the city proper but … You pick and choose.

          • Or work for an independent agency not reliant on Congressional funding or the GS pay scale. Independent agency is where it’s at if you want to make $$$ and enjoy nice perks.

          • Most of the jobs aren’t in independent agencies, however.

          • I Dont Get It

            For the non-Feds here can you provide examples of independent agencies?

          • @ I Don’t Get It:
            The Fed, OCC, FDIC, SEC, CFPB, CFTC, Ex-Im Bank, OPIC, etc.
            Here’s a big list. The ones that charge fees to create their own budgets are the best to work for, IMHO. Reliance on Congress sucks.
            en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Independent_agencies_of_the_United_States_government

          • I Dont Get It

            Thanks, I had no idea and some of those are ones I could actually qualify to work for.

        • As a student, this should not be an issue at all. Many places only do 1 year contracts for people in school or just out of school. Sometimes it’s just a rotational fellowship. It’s expected that you’ll bounce around early in your career, especially if you’re in policy or I-dev type fields.

      • We also ask the question (even if the term is 1-2 years). Getting approval to hire is rough, we don’t want to have to repeat the whole process in a year (or worse, go short-staffed).
        That said, we do understand that some positions are designed to be short term. I’d try to work something like this into a cover letter or resume (describe the position as a temporary rotation as part of X program). Then we’d know that it’s not necessarily you, but the nature of your program.

        • Btw, as far as value, workload potential, pay, etc, it really depends on the agency (or even the office). I always have plenty to do, am encouraged to be creative in thinking up my own projects, have great work/life balance, and generally feel appreciated/valued. The pay isn’t great to start, but after a few years I felt more than comfortable on my salary (which actually wasn’t a whole lot less than friends I have at consulting firms, particularly if you weighed it against hours worked). That said, other offices in my agency are different, let alone offices in other agencies.
          It’s tricky to navigate, admittedly. What you can do is look into agencies doing work you’re interested in, find contacts, and ask for an informational interview. I do this for students and PMFs all the time, and it can be useful for getting an honest feel on how a particular office works.

    • hammers

      That’s nowhere near enough information for people to recommend a job. Especially since I remember from a previous post you want to do policy work in Asia (?) Lots of professional jobs are somewhat flexible on hours so I think you should think about what you want to do first, then when interviewing for jobs ask about the work-life balance.

      • That’s a good point. Yeah, that was my original ultimate goal but I’ve been very conflicted. For example, I started in personnel security and am now thinking “maybe that wasn’t so bad.”

  • justinbc

    Rave: Girl in the Spider’s Web. Excellent, faithful continuation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series. I loved the detail and the new author was as true to the characters’ personalities as ever.
    Question: Anyone gone to both Barber of Hell’s Bottom and Wise Owl Club and have a preference / comparison of the two? Extra bonus points if you also got a shave with your cut. (Note: Not interested in other barber solicitations, as I already have a regular barber but need one with an old school stylish setup to have the experience photographed.)

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Husband’s childhood friends arriving tomorrow for a quick visit on their way south.
    Rant: House is a trash pit.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Additional rave: Hanging out with Eldest Zelda while she made cookies last night. This is why I had children 0 to provide me with baked goods.
      And the corollary: No, Youngest Zelda, cookies may not be your breakfast (he asked this question with a cookie already in his mouth).

  • What the….?: So Girlfriend shows me a catalog last night, “Whatever Works.” It’s kind of a low-rent, 4-color pictures on pulp thing selling pest repellents and flower arranging tool sets and lighted magnifying glasses — interesting and potentially handy knick-knacks that your mom or great uncle Lou might have around the house or the basement workshop. “Turn to the last page,” she says and I do and there between the eyebrow shavers and non-slip fuzzy slippers are three pages of neon-colored “personal vibrators!” Whatever works, indeed! Was this a misprint? Have we now gotten to the point where the sort of lady considering a package of four titanium-coated scissors is also flipping to the back pages to find something to supplement the pudgy husband now napping in front of the football game? (Is there something I should know, dear?”). It was truly bizarre and pretty funny.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Old people catalogs have always had “personal massagers” tucked between the stove covers and diabetic socks. I find it hilarious. I think the target market is more the widows than the married to pudge, but I may be wrong.

    • Quotia Zelda

      I just about died laughing the first time I got one of those catalogs in the mail. Shower seats…grippy things for opening jars…wacky old lady sweatshirts…vibrators – WHAT???

    • I once had an argument with my mother in a Brookstone. I was 13, and I wanted to buy a small personal massager *with my own money* because I thought maybe it would ease my growing pains. (That’s not a euphemism. My legs hurt.) I sincerely did not know about vibrators, or what little I did know didn’t relate in any way to this egg-shaped mint-green thing.
      My mom several different tacks to dissuade me from buying it; I didn’t understand her opposition, or why she was on my case about a $12 item from the mall. She finally gave up. And that thing sat in my room (it didn’t help my growing pains) for years before I tossed it. Only in adulthood did it occur to me what I had put my mother through.

      • Haha! Great story!

      • SouthwestDC

        I worked as a pharmacy technician in high school, and one time a little old lady asked me if we had a vibrator-type device to help with her wrist pain. I had no idea, so I reluctantly relayed the question to the pharmacist (I couldn’t think of a synonym for vibrator) who naturally made a sleazy joke about it. I was so embarrassed.

    • hammers

      I got one of those in the mail this summer. But they weren’t on the last page, they were completely sprinkled throughout and incredibly realistic veiny affairs, beads, and all of the accouterments. When I was young I would go through every page of catalogs I got in the mail- luckily we didn’t get anything as seemingly innocuous but facts of life focused in the 90s.

  • Recommendations? I need a good concealer. I have patches of what looks like rosacea on my cheeks that make me very self-conscious, and with my recent diet changes they seem to be getting worse. Concealer is far above my make-up skill level, so I’m hoping someone has a suggestion? I usually use Bare Minerals Bare Skin liquid foundation if that matters….
    Rant: Employee Wellness day at work. They are bribing us with gift cards to get a wellness screening including finger stick, lipid panel, and skin fold testing. Not only do I hate these sorts of screenings where I will inevitably be told that I drink too much, need to exercise more, and that I’m overweight, but to do it at work? Yeesh. However, Christmas is coming and I am not above a bribe. I think I need some tums for that indignation I just swallowed.

    • I hear REALLY good things about IT Cosmetics CC Cream at Ulta.

    • phl2dc

      Have you given the Bare Minerals concealers a try? I’ve read some great reviews from people with rosacea.

      • Allison

        Yeah, some of their powder foundations have a high concentration of zinc oxide, which is an anti-inflammatory. (I haven’t used them myself, because I prefer not to put makeup on my skin anymore, but I know people on the internetz who rave about them.)

        • I did not know that! I tried a powder concealer of their’s once a while ago and it just didn’t seem to cover. I switched to their liquid foundation, which I love and used to cover great, but my face has gotten worse :/ I’ll check them out first.

          • Allison

            If you don’t find a high zinc foundation you like, an alternative is to wear a physical zinc-based sunscreen underneath your makeup. I prefer Neutrogena’s pure & free baby sunscreen. It drastically reduces any inflammation and redness I may have. I’m not sure whether it plays well under makeup, though.

    • Tarte makes some really great concealers – I have very sensitive skin and have had wonderful success with them….

    • It sounds like in addition to having similar moms, we have really similar skin. I’ve never had good luck with concealer, despite trying — it always seems to go on to thickly and no quite blend with my foundation — so I keep a couple of different foundations on hand, depending on the coverage level I need, and apply them with a “kabuki” brush to get good coverage. My absolute favorite, which is more $$ than I’d like it to be but works absolute wonders, is Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tintβ€Ž from Sephora. I also like NARS Sheer Glow foundation and cream foundation.

    • You might also ask your dermotologist or MD about using Metrogel for rosacea (if that’s what you have)

      • Thank you for the med recommendation. Not sure yet if it is rosacea yet. There is a pretty strong possibility that it’s related to whatever allergy I seem to have, and after my allergy testing I should have a better idea if it’s that or not. I’m leaning towards (hoping!) it’s that because when I was on the steroids, it completely cleared it up. But, if that’s not it, I will be going to a dermatologist so it’s good to know what to ask for!

        • I have skin reactions from my food allergies. Usually on my arms and legs but sometimes– always at the worst possible times– on my face. My nemesis at my old job loved to point out when it happened… Anyway, I use BareMinerals Complexion Rescue as a foundation and BareMinerals concealer when needed. I’ve also had great success with Kiehl’s skin products.

    • I use ZuZu by Gabriel Cosmetics on my cheeks, which have always been blotchy/rosy. Provides very good coverage and also vegan/cruelty-free, if you’re into that.

    • hammers

      I also have red patchy cheeks at times. The good folks at sephora recommended products with rose extract, so I’ve been using a rose cleanser and moisturizer. It seems to have helped a bit. Id also suggest (if possible for you) to go without any foundation for a few days or a week and maybe that could help reset the skin. I’m no makeup expert, but I think that a bare face can heal itself better than a covered one. As far as a concealer recommendation– I’ve never had good ones, I’m currently using bare minerals though–the coverage is ok for a blemish, but I don’t think it would work for entire cheeks; most concealers are meant for small areas.

    • I’m a big fan of the Laura Mercier line of tinted moisturizers. They provide light coverage, plus moderate sun protection. It’s pricey, but one tube lasts me 4-5 months.

    • Re: rant – you can always just underestimate the drinks and overestimate the exercise on the questionnaire… πŸ˜‰ At my office, the wellness folks are usually really friendly and don’t try to make you feel bad. So if you already know what your goals are, you can avoid the awkward part!

      • Luckily, they did not ask any of these questions πŸ˜€ And the Wellness people clearly did not GAF and gave us all the same “your BP should be… your cholesterol should be… your BMI should be…” Unfortunately I did find out that although my cholesterol is generally good, my HDL is so low that it puts me at major risk for heart disease. Also, no surprise, I am overweight. So apparently I need to eat even more fish, exercise, and lose 10 lbs.

    • Do you use blush/brushes for your foundation? I noticed a red breakout on my cheeks, finally bought some professional brush-cleaning stuff from Ulta, and it has definitely cleared up the redness. I clean my brushes about 1x a week. Hope your skin clears up soon!

    • I currently use Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover concealer and love it. Just bought a new tube, it lasts me a very long time. If it’s too heavy straight out of the bottle, you can always mix it with your favorite moisturizer for a good coverage light finish.

    • I have rosacea that is getting worse with age. I’m fair skinned and don’t like thick concealers. I’ve had really good luck with Clinique’s Even Better foundation. You can put a higher concentration over the red areas without it looking cakey. Good luck!

      p.s. caffeine and alcohol exacerbate rosacea so I’ve cut down on caffeine a bit.

  • Rave: Let’s go Mets go
    Rant: Tired – working too many extra hours per day and I am over it.
    Rave: Husband made dinner last night – really nice to come home from a stressful day at work to a delicious meal. Bonus: he did dishes as he went so there was nothing for me to clean up!

    • M-E-T-S, Mets, Mets, Mets!

    • I’ve said it before, but it’s Daniel Murphy’s (and the entire starting rotation’s) world, we’re just living in it.
      Though the combination of games that end after 11 and getting up at 4:30 is taking a toll on me.
      I do wish it was against any other team – would like to see the Cubs win it – but I haven’t been this excited about baseball in a while..
      Rave: My college roommate’s kids – avid Yankee fans – are vehemently rooting for Uncle DCD’s team.

      • Husband is convinced if they ever made a movie about Murphy, Chris Pratt would play the role. I’m all for it.
        My 4 yo daughter is getting into the team in the sense that husband talks them up to her and let’s her know when they win. Recent comments include “I know the Mets love me because I love them” and “Mama, the Mets won by putting the ball in the basket.”

  • Rave: great date last night
    Rant: dude just found out he’s moving, can’t win ’em all
    Rave: big hairy work project was delivered well yesterday. My boss fist bumped me, that was a first.

  • Rant: Stepped into a crowded Metro car about 6:50 this morning and it smelled like a Jimmy Buffet concert. No actual cloud, but damn close. Others were clearly annoyed, too. I’m for legalization as much as anyone, but seriously?!?
    Rave: Chicken soup! Whipped up my first pot of the fall last night using my most basic recipe, not even any fresh herbs on hand, and it was one of the best I’ve made in a long time. I was glad I had a bag of fideo on hand, far and away the best soup noodles.

  • Rave: great photo – looks like a painting
    Rant/rave: my walk to work, I pass so many wonderful food smells – federal donuts, some bbq place…it’s deadly
    POP help needed: What are your favorite vegetarian make ahead lunches to take to work? We are moving in to our house this weekend and i’m doing a big grocery run before hand. We can’t buy lunch every day ($$$ and unhealthy), but I get tired of soup and salad. I’m probably able to make a bunch of things on Sundays now.

    • phl2dc

      Roasted veggies with (pan) fried tofu! I’m especially fond of zucchini. Grilled veggie sandwiches? You could grill the veggies at home and then toast the sandwich at work if you have a toaster oven there… Veggie chili? Or is that too similar to soup?

    • Caprese sandwiches travel well. Also, have you tried making your own Indian dishes? I’ve made chana masala a few times and it’s been great all week.

      • Oh that sounds amazing! (the chana masala–one of my favorite Indian dishes!) Recipe?

        • I think the one in my binder is from allrecipes. The ingredients are really mundane except for garam masala spice blend. If it’s not on your spice rack, it’s pretty easy to find, but I think it really makes a difference in the flavor.

    • Curried chickpeas with tofu, chickpea and artichoke hearts, curried vegetables with lentils, all from Moosewood Cooks at Home.

    • I’m a fan of making a big batch of pasta or a casserole for work lunches, especially in colder weather I usually divide the servings into individual microwave-safe containers right after making them so I can just grab the containers on the way out the door. I usually make the pasta with whatever veg and protein I have on hand. Casseroles can be super simple (lasagna) or a bit more involved (shepherd’s pie, enchiladas).

      • thanks – I guess I’ve just got to get back in to it. I used to do quinoa salad but then I get so sick of the same quinoa salad over and over again. Maybe need to do a big bowl of sesame or peanut noodles.

        • That sounds really yummy and now I want sesame or peanut noodles too! I should have mentioned that I often swap out the kind of pasta (both the grain and the shape) to keep things interesting. Asian-style noodle dishes are always good choices and I like using rice pasta for those. This week, I made Creste di Gallo shaped (semolina) pasta with chicken sausage and a sauce of sungold tomatoes, diced red tomatoes, spinach and arugula. A pound of pasta lasted us three days and the sausage could have been subbed for veg sausage very easily.

        • topscallop

          I like to try the Food52 Genius recipes, and the Kitchn and Smitten Kitchen often have good vegetarian recipes to try out. Food gawker is great too when you want inspiration, though sometimes the recipe will be in a foreign language. Maybe there’s an ingredient you like and want to try more of or using in new ways? With the season changing I foresee a lot of butternut squash being roasted in my house.

      • I do a LOT of casseroles and big pasta dishes like this for lunches when it gets cool! I had leftover stroganoff for lunch yesterday and leftover chicken pot pie for lunch today, tomorrow will be leftover buffalo chicken mac and cheese <3 I just wish I enjoyed eating these things when it's warm out too! I end up spending way too much on lunch during the spring and summer because I'm not as good at getting leftovers for lunches then out of our usual grilled dinners.

    • I like to make a big batch of butternut squash (or kabocha, if I can find it) curry. Roasted squash, can or two of coconut milk, lots of ginger, bit of Thai red curry paste, button mushrooms, tofu. Serve with rice.
      Sweet potato chili, veggie fried rice, quinoa and grilled veggies.
      I also really love this recipe: http://www.runningtothekitchen.com/soba-noodles-with-leeks-sweet-onions-and-egg/ (I’ll often add mushrooms and arugula as well).

    • Allison

      How about quiche? You can make it crustless, or use just breadcrumbs for the crust, if you’re not into pie crust.

    • I love both of the veggie pasta bake recipes from Smitten Kitchen, particularly the summer squash one (there’s also a mushroom version). Delicious and it reheats like a dream.

    • Veggie chili cooked in the crockpot, broccoli; rice and chickpea casserole; daal and rice; aloo gobi.

    • Late in day, but in case you look, some of my favorite vegetarian lunches (and I’m not vegetarian). I have more detailed recipes if anyone wants them:
      – Daal with rice (I bring a whole wheat tortilla to use as roti) – or really any Indian vegetarian dish
      – Canned Indian “simmer sauces” mixed with chickpeas, potato, and zucchini (maybe spinach) over rice
      – Warm lentil salad: sautee onions, then sear sliced zucchini and carrots and toss with cooked lentils and some salad dressing (I like a lemon garlic ginger vinaigrette). Serve warm (or cold) over baby greens and top with chopped tomato. I pack the greens/tomato separately and microwave the lentils when I get to work, but you can do it all in one dish if you don’t mind them also getting a little cooked
      – grilled vegetable lentil wraps: marinate vegetables (zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant) and broil or grill until cooked. Spread some hummus on a wrap and add cooked vegetables and lentils (“It’s a Wrap” tortillas tend to work well without getting too soggy)
      – Lentil Shepherd’s Pie (dinner leftovers): sautee onions and mushrooms, add some tomato paste and cook for a bit, add lentils, Worcestershire & spices. Pour in a casserole dish, top with mashed potatoes, and bake.
      – Spaghetti squash casserole: mix cooked spaghetti squash with sauteed onion, canned tomatoes, herbs, and parmesan. Top with bread crumbs and bake
      – Miso roasted butternut squash with stir-fried tofu and rice (the butternut squash is crazily good)
      – Ratatouille or zucchini parm (I don’t fry it, more like a tian. Layer sliced zucchini, eggplant, and summer squash with cheese and a mushroom tomato sauce) – both keep really well for a few days and taste better after a day or so

  • Anyone know what’s up with the Room 11 bakery going into the Heller’s site? It looks like nothing is happening in there….. I really hope it’s just a delay.

  • Rave: Florida bound in 2 days! In uncharacteristic news for me, I’m only bringing a carry on. Light packing is not my style, but I don’t want to pay to check a bag. Or wait for my bag. Gotta figure out how to pack in streamlined manner!
    Rant: In the most first world problem ever, I forgot my breakfast scone and headphones at home. I had to use my earbuds which kept slipping out of my ears. Was going to try to hold out for lunch, which I did remember to bring, but I caved. Just bought a breakfast sandwich. This defeats the purpose of bringing my food to work!!

  • Rant: Apparently I grabbed the wrong tube of toothpaste at the store and didn’t realize until I put my toothbrush in my mouth this morning. Blech! That tasted terrible.
    Rave: Random email from Amazon this morning suggesting I purchase more hot iron spray…. I ran out yesterday. Their algorithms scare me sometimes.
    Rave: Homemade chocolate ganache

    • Re your first rave: my boyfriend brought ingredients for dinner from a store out in VA that i’ve never been to last weekend. Have been seeing ads on various apps for said store the past few days. never typed it into my browser but we did talk about it out loud. hoping that is a coincidence. is my phone listening to me? (I read an Atlantic article about this the other day and now I’m paranoid..)

      • phl2dc

        I think that phones do listen to you on some level, since you can use voice commands without touching them nowadays… so they’re always “listening”… as far as what’s done with the data… *shudders*

      • My husband and I were discussing (in the car, verbally) a specific upcoming video game that he hadn’t looked up online, talked about online, etc. and later that day BAM his Google Now card was giving him articles about it. So weird.

  • Rave: Lemon chicken orzo soup for breakfast, plus a good amount in the freezer for another time
    Rave: Heating frozen chocolate chip cookie dough in a cast iron skillet, for the times when I want two cookies and don’t want to turn on the oven
    Rave: Inadvertent testing of new alarm system; forgot I’d turned it on & walked out the back door. Came back in quickly when the alarm sounded, lights flashed, voice system said “intruder intruder!” (or something), dog freaked. Call from alarm company came immediately — no need to send responders thank you very much

    • Woah – what is this making cookies in a cast iron skillet thing? Sounds amazing!

      • It’s the lazy way to make cookies using frozen cookie dough cooked over low/med heat in skillet (cover with lid). Sometimes the cookies only make it to the melted warm dough stage πŸ™‚

    • phl2dc

      I lived in a group house with an alarm system once… and a few times I’d forget what the code was as soon as I came home and you can guess what happened next.

  • Rant: Headhunter won’t leave me alone. I told her I’m not interested in the job after reading the details she sent over and her next email to me was one telling me she the date and time of the interview she set up. Now she won’t stop calling (I’ve been letting them all go to voicemail)!
    Rant: Dog and cat were terrified of each other last night. Dog is now curious and wants to play. Cat still terrified.
    Rave: NYC next week for a big launch party for the project I’ve been managing. Feels so good to be near the finish line.
    Rave?: Phone interview yesterday for next job went well (I think?). Fingers crossed.

  • Rave: Week is halfway done
    Rant: Tweaked my back last night in yoga class, now I feel like I have to walk on eggshells and turn veerrry carefully to avoid it spasming out on me πŸ™

  • RantturningintoRave: I went shopping last night and had a jarring moment where I realized my excuses for not being able to lose weight are just excuses. I am going to be super motivated (besides Saturday) to work very hard at eating better and actually working out (hello 21 Day Fix) and if I lose a specific amount of weight in 2 weeks, I am going to reward myself with the gorgeous dress that almost fit me last night.

    Rave: Looking forward to my weekend trip to Richmond to see friends and also Eric Idle/John Cleese perform.

    Rave: My friend finished making the dress portion of my Halloween costume and it exceeded every expectation I ever had. So I ordered a wig and purple gloves and I guess now I have to go out on Halloween.

    Question: Do women wear nude hose anymore? I found some really pretty shoes last night (burgundy — my favorite color) that I obviously can’t wear with black tights, but I don’t know how I’d feel in bare legs. I’ve just managed to get around this situation by either wearing tall boots with tights, or sandals when it’s warm. But I have to face it head on, I need options. Also, I have super white legs and I don’t want to scare the public.

  • Rant: Biking down 19th street to work about to cross over Eye St, after working my way up the hill below K Street, I have the green light with plenty of time to spare and just as I enter the intersection a load of people start crossing without the walk signal. Seeing as I’ve just built up my momentum, I have to slam on my breaks to avoid running into anyone. I shake my head in annoyance, since there was no walk sign and most people wouldn’t step in front of a car like that in the same situation, and someone had the nerve to say to me “you’ll manage”. I didn’t respond, but I was pretty annoyed by that. This is in no way a isolated incident, and I have no problem with people crossing a clear roadway, but if a bike is coming, please acknowledge it and get out of the way if it is passing legally through an intersection on green, same as you would for a car.

    • I’ve seen this happen before. While I get annoyed by bikers who run a red and almost run me over in the crosswalk, I get equally irritated when I see someone step out in front of a bike who had a green light.

      • Yeah, it also happens all the time on the block of 19th St between Dupont Circle and N Street. In this case there are no crosswalks in the middle of the block and many people seem to cross over without even looking. I’ve had some very close calls there being at speed and someone just steps off the curb into the street without even glancing back once.

    • Get a big clown horn on your bike. It scares the crap out of pedestrians and they’ll think twice before jumping out in front.

      • Please do that. I am laughing just thinking about it.

      • Right, because what pedestrians need is to be scared by bikers more often. It happens almost every. damn. day that I cross 14th street, with the walk signal, and a biker flying down the bike lane hidden by the waiting cars almost creams me in the crosswalk. I have to pause and peek out around the car/ bus waiting at the light. Most days, I have to duck back as a bike blows through the red light.
        Maybe I should get a clown horn for these occasions?

        • Waaah.
          We’re discussing anonymousbiker’s scenario this morning where he/she had the green light and peds stepped into the lane (like morons). A loud clown horn is apropos for such clown behavior.

          • Agreed. Clown horn for clown behavior. Headed to amazon now to get one to use when bikers plow through crosswalks against the light. Thanks for the idea! (Maybe an air horn will be easier to carry/ deploy, though. Thoughts?)

        • I Dont Get It

          Or dress like a clown?

      • The horn might help. It works when I use my car horn to stop pedestrians who are starting to cross the street – especially where I have the green arrow for a right turn, and so have the right of way, and they know it.

    • I drive in and out of DC every day and I am AMAZED at the number of people who walk in front of my car when a. I am coming at them b. they do not have the walk sign. When I honk they usually give me a look like how dare you! On Monday I was about to make a left on 13th (I had the green arrow and she had the do not walk) and this lady just starts walking right in front of my car like it’s nothing. It’s really frustrating.

    • I feel you on this one! Happens regularly at two intersections on my ride home. Related Rant: When a vehicle (for some reason it is often a delivery truck) takes a left hand turn on green when you (the biker) are proceeding straight on green. You know they would not have tried to make the turn if it was car.
      Rave: new bike racks and a bike repair station (pump and tools) at work!

    • palisades

      haha that made me laugh. Pedestrians can be pretty brazen.

  • hammers

    Rave: Delicious warm savory bread pudding for breakfast right now. From the freezer, when I made it a few (months!) ago. Why oh why don’t I cook more and eat more leftovers? This is much better than my typical starbucks breakfast sandwich
    Rant: Been so busy this month is moving by way too quickly. Also the dreaded holidays are coming up.

  • Aglets

    Rant: This temp guy keeps hocking back phlegmn into his sinus’. WE CAN ALL HEAR YOU AND IT’S GROSS. He’s within an arms reach of tissues. JUST BLOW YOUR EFFING NOSE.

    Sorry, this is driving me crazy.

  • Rave: Gorgeous photo, Justin!
    Rant: Boss is still cool towards me. Oh well.
    Rave: A lot of other colleagues have been coming up to tell me how much I’ll be missed here, and that I did really great work. I don’t have much confidence in myself, so this has really meant a lot. I keep getting all choked up, the people are really the best part of this job and I’ll miss that.
    Rant: Haven’t really heard from the guy from the other weekend (although I know last week and this week are busy ones for him). Hopefully next week, once things calm down…
    Amused rave: One of the Japanese guys at work asked me – back in June – to be Black Widow for Halloween at work (we have a happy hour at the end of the work day next Friday) to his Captain America. He is SO EXCITED about it, it’s really cute. Halloween isn’t that big in Japan, and he got inspired by some of the Americans dressing up last year. Fun way to end my time here!

    • Accountering

      I didn’t get a chance to congratulate you, but wanted to now. You had a horrible situation with the taxes and such at the embassy, and your manager should be frankly embarrassed to be offended you are leaving. You are SO doing the right thing, when it comes to your job, you need to look our for #1 (yourself.)
      It made my day late in the evening to see you had gotten the job. A well deserved congrats!

      • +1 congrats!

      • Thank you!! πŸ˜€ I really appreciate that, and it will be a huge relief to not have to worry about that anymore. I think mostly my manager takes it personally that so many people have been leaving – he’s trying to improve things, but his hands are tied with bureaucracy, so it’s probably frustrating. Plus I’m leaving at a really busy, stressful time for them… Hopefully he’ll thaw in a few days though.

  • Anonynon

    Rant: Someone I really care about but cant tell them…I don’t think they know how much they mean to me. Maybe I am crazy, but I think they feel the same way.
    Rave: Feeling so much better this week compared to last, been a bit of a roller coaster this month.

  • RAVE: DC traffic control personnel at L Street NW and 19th this morning. A woman in an SUV with VA plates tried to cut the line of cars patiently waiting to make a right turn to head south on 19th. The traffic officer stepped in front of her car and refused to allow her to turn. She kept trying to drive around him and he kept blocking her. The woman was SCREAMING at the traffic officer and absolutely livid. Eventually he forced her to pull over and the senior traffic officer, who just happened to be standing on the corner, started reaming out the driver and was pulling out her book to write the driver a ticket. It didn’t help that the driver was blocking traffic that was stopped at the red light.
    I hope she got a big fat ticket for her impatience and stupidity. She almost hit the officer with her SUV multiple times.

    • I love things like that! It warms the cockles of my cold, cruel heart!

      • Yes. I was first in line to head straight south on 19th and her SUV was blocking the entire intersection for us, once we had the green light. About 12 cars simultaneously laid on their horns at her.
        Entitled is an understatement w/r/t her attitude.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Comeuppance is a beautiful thing.

    • But she is from Virginia, she’s very important and gets to go first.

      • Very Important. I bet she had a Big Important Meeting to attend this morning. She was wearing a very nice suit and only Important People wear those. Don’t these proles know their position? πŸ™‚

      • And I’ll bet she’s told the story over and over today, about how awful the traffic is in DC and how bad the police are. (Even though it wasn’t the police….) And how horrible the city is, and… somehow, Marion Barry.

        Without having met her, I think I know her….

    • love this story!

    • Accountering

      This should have been a reckless driving ticket, with a summons, and associated large fine and points. This is NOT acceptable. Glad she got caught.

  • Rave: Yotam Ottolenghi did not disappoint. The friend I went with and I starting planning a Nopi dinner party to put the book to use.
    Rant: Left my cell at home today, it’s weird being unhooked but I will be more productive.
    Rave 2: plum cake for breakfast πŸ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      plum cake, what is plum cake? do I want to make it? I have some plums preserved in honey…

      • I highly recommend the cake – but it calls for fresh Italian plums, which I still saw at the Dupont market last sunday. It’s essentially a pound cake in a round cake/pie pan, with plum halves tossed in lemon juice laid across the top. Happy to email you the recipe if you want to try it. It also freezes well (but I already have one in the freezer so I have to eat this one).

  • Late Day Rant: Just found a piece of hair in my hot-out-of-the-microwave Trader Joe’s frozen mac & cheese. It’s definitely not mine. And I had the plastic over it until I sat down at my desk. This after getting 2 packages of unsealed chicken tikka masala last week, after getting a tikka masala with only 3 tiny (think less than 1″x1″) pieces of chicken the week before.
    Trader Joe’s, I give up on you. I’m going to another store from now on.

  • justinbc

    Have the ginkgo trees started turning yellow yet? None on my current commute, and I hate the mess they make, but I do miss seeing those colors every fall around Logan.

  • emvee

    Rave: Back from whirlwind England trip that was good because Wales and IOM are breathtaking but also
    Rant: wow SO’s family dynamics.
    Rave: Earth Treks is opening a gym inside the beltway!!! Exact location TBD before New Years! You guys!!!

  • Rant: Everything I have to do before the babies arrive. Last night my husband and I went to a class on how to prepare for twins and I left with a printed slide deck that’s effectively a to-do list. Just thinking about that to-do list, along with my moving to-do list, fills me with anxiety. I can’t tell if the better approach is to stop going to these kind of classes / reading baby prep books / talking to people who have advice or just getting stuff done and rolling with the punches. The latter approach generally works a lot better for me than stressing out about to-do lists, but I’m not sure that approach will work here. Seems like a bit more type-A-ness may be needed.

    • Also, the teacher of this class basically insisted that as a parent of identical twins, I am duty bound to “color code” my children so everyone will be able to tell them apart. As in, twin one always dresses in peach and twin two always dresses in grey. Is she right?

      • As long as you and your family know which is which, why is it anyone else’s business? You do what works for you.

        • Agreed.
          I feel bad for twins whose parents insist on dressing them alike, but as long as you’re not doing that, IMO you can do whatever you want.

      • No, she is not, not for now. But when they get older, like in preschool (or even day care) it will help them to develop their own identities if people can tell them apart. Then they can treat them as individuals, instead of a joint unit. This is an issue for twins. I learned about it from doing some reading after talking to a friend who was talking about her 5 year old twins’ issues. There is a lot of psychological stuff about twins development that I never knew – like the dominant one issue, which is what my friend was trying to address. Knowing about some of this stuff will help you to help your kids develop their separate identities. Reading comments on website from twins, I was surprised at how many said they never had their own identity until they were grown and went away to different schools. Knowledge will help you here.

        • Now -this- makes perfect sense to me. I know I have a lot of reading to do on identical twins and identity formation, but that seems like a lifelong commitment rather than something I have to completely front load. In the early days/months/years(?) I imagine ID bracelets, an identifying birthmark or the like could be just fine.

          • Yeah I was thinking some kind of identifying bracelets or something would be a good option at first. I think the instructor is crazy lol.

        • My cousin asks that people not refer to his twins as “the girls” or “the twins.” They should be called Paisley and Juniper, or Juniper and Paisley, and please do vary the order in which you say the names. (these are not the real names, but they aren’t far off.) This is to avoid that two people as one unit problem, but he can’t get his wife to stop dressing them identically, because she thinks that being a twin is part of their identity too.

          • That makes me laugh a little because it made me think of the dynamics of my big family, where the first four were boys close in age. They were something of a unit, with a set of twins, and the other two always being roommates… so over the years my mother took to referring to them as ‘the brothers’…. except that there was also my little brother and me, who are somewhat younger…. it didn’t really bother me too much, but it seriously irked my little brother who always made a point of correcting her, since after all he, and I, were part of the brothers as well.

            (Meanwhile, the twins have always been The Twins, but they are fraternal and of very different personalities so they didn’t have the identity issues that identicals might.)

      • Honestly, the answer that is right for you probably won’t reveal itself until after the girls are here. A parent who *needs* to be organized in order to not go absolutely crazy would do best to follow the teacher’s advice, where as a parent who is more laid back would do better to take the latter approach. I have known moms who just need organization. The two twin moms I know well enough to comment on have been the highly organized types. But they would have been like that with a singleton too. I was pretty much the latter, getting more relaxed with each baby, and I would have been with twins. So they key is, find what works for you.
        Also, as far as the color coding thing goes… that sounds very old school to me. It’s completely your choice, but you do not have an obligation to others. That seems like saying that a parent has an obligation to dress a girl in pink and a boy in blue so that the outside world knows what’s on the inside of their diaper. It’s just silly to m. Dress them how you want.

        • “So they key is, find what works for you.” I think this is good advice. With a little bit of distance from the class, I’m starting to think that if the teacher had a single message to pass on, it was something like “prepare EVERYTHING early and put the babies on a highly, highly regimented schedule or else you WILL have problems feeding, sleeping and taking care of yourself and you WILL get postpartum depression.” She may be right. I’m just not sure.

          • I’ve definitely heard the scheduling thing before. It doesn’t always work, but it can make things easier from what I understand. I don’t have personal experience to back that up, though.

          • Did my mom teach that class?!?! Seriously though, the one thing that I really don’t like about that sort of advice (Like, seriously, did my mom teach that class?!) is that it makes it seem like if you do x, y, and z you will not get PPD, but the truth is, you could do everything the “right” way and still get it. You could also do none of those things and not get it. Personally, I raised three babies and my version of “sleep training” was co-sleeping and my version of a “feeding schedule” was on-demand. I did prepare for my kids, but to differing degrees, and only within my comfort level. You’ll figure it all out πŸ™‚ Or you won’t and they’ll be healthy and happy anyway!

          • OMG I think the reason this is wigging me out so much is that it reminds me of my mom, too, Anonamom!

      • justinbc

        LOL that sounds terrible. I would think slightly different haircuts might be more effective (I don’t know if they’re boys or girls). I’m guessing this is really only relevant for the teachers and immediate family anyway, most average acquaintances won’t really care which is Phil and which is Bill outside of the congenial passing comment.

      • My friends with twins would paint the babies’ toe nails a different color. That’s how they could tell them apart in the early years.

        • Most identical twin parents seem to do this and it seems to work well for them. The teacher last night explained that this isn’t the best way to do it because babies wear footed pajamas so often that you can’t tell them apart. I have to admit I was slightly crushed by that news because she’s probably right….

    • Emmaleigh504

      I can see color coding them at first when they both look like little old men, but once you can tell Thoah and Thuy apart, dress them anyway you like. Heck, let them go naked if you want!

      • justinbc

        My dad did that a lot. The photos my grandma has are still used as leverage against me to this day.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Naked photos? my mom has several >:( But nothing is as bad as the one her friend took and made copies of to send to fcking everyone! Karen, you are still on my shtlist.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I work with one of a set of identical twins. They are totally identical, except one wears dress shoes and the other wears Nikes. I still don’t know which is which.

      • Emmaleigh504

        There was a set of twins at my high school that still dressed alike. People just called them “Twin” b/c it was so difficult to tell them apart.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Book Club is full.
    I’m going to be a dictator and say that we are full up for the book club. My thinking is too many people and it will just turn into Happy Hour. I mean it might anyway, but this way I get to talk to everyone.

  • Rave: Snuggly kitty.
    Rant: Afraid to move, for fear of disturbing snuggly kitty.

  • Rant: Revise & resubmit #2 for a paper showed up in my inbox this morning. With a 60-day deadline to resubmit. And early/pre/whatever not-quite-labor began last night. Blargh.
    Rave: At least I slept last night!
    Rave: At work to get a few things sorted out while I still can.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I just the most delish Tuna Melt.
    Double Rave: The counter clerk wrote “Tuna Milk” on the wrapper which is both hilarious and disgusting.
    Rant: Day 2 of hauling around my work laptop with the DOA hard drive. Please come fix it! I hate working using my phone and by working I mean trolling PoPville.
    Rave: Tuna Milk may be my new userid!

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