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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: My hospitalized friend is making very small improvements!!! She’ll likely be in the hospital for weeks, if not months, but she’s fighting and I am very happy!

    Rant: There’s going to be a fire alarm here shortly and I’m the floor warden. I don’t think people will leave when I ask them to. (Drill)

    Rave: People love the oatmeal apple pecan cookies that I made! Yay!

    Rave: Date next Thursday night. He seems nice, but I am still a bit gun shy after crazy dude.

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: The Force Awakens trailer!!!!!!! AMAZING. I got chills.
    Rave: I managed to snag tickets for opening night to see The Force Awakens in IMAX 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Resisting the urge to run around screaming from sheer excitement.
    Rave: My new boots. Finally caved and bought the pair that I have been lusting after for over a year. Couldn’t be happier!!!

    • Congrats! I thought the trailer was awesome, too. I think I’ll take the same tactic I did with Phantom Menace, though: Played hooky from work the afternoon of the 2nd day of release and enjoyed a half empty theater. I just can’t stand a packed theater anymore!

    • phl2dc

      BOOTS! Which ones???

      • FtLincolnLove

        They are the Melissa button boots from Frye! The best part was talking my way into a $70 discount at DSW, so I got them for a steal!!!!!!!

        • I want to hear you smooth talking ways so I can appropriate them for my own boot buying needs.

        • You found Frye boots at DSW??? I need to wander over there and check that out.

        • WHAT? DSW has Melissa Button boots? I’ve been wanting to get a new pair to replace an old pair that’s falling apart. Great choice by the way! They’re my favorite boots. I even wear them to work on cold days to my business casual office.

          • FtLincolnLove

            Yes!! Though I found them at the DSW in Columbia, MD- we were up there getting my husband’s car fixed (long story, but lesson learned, we should’ve had it towed back to DC), and so I stopped in while we were waiting. BUT I know I’ve seen Frye boots at the DSW in Friendship Heights and Bethesda before!! If you didn’t want to trek up to Columbia, I bet you could call the store and have them order a pair to be shipped to you!! I’ve worn them to work the past three days and I’m not even sorry about it 🙂

          • FtLincolnLove

            Yes!! Though I got them at the DSW in Columbia, MD- we were up there getting my husband’s car fixed (long story but lesson learned, we should’ve had his car towed back to DC) so I stopped in while we were waiting. I know I’ve seen Frye boots at the DSW in Friendship Heights and Bethesda though!! If you didn’t want to trek to Columbia, I bet you could call the store and have them order you a pair to be shipped to your house! I’ve worn them to work the past three days and I’m not even sorry about it 🙂

          • FtLincolnLove

            WHOOPS. So excited about my boots that I double posted!

          • I got Frye boots at Nordstrom Rack two weeks ago, wearing them today and totally loving them. They had a ton of nice boots for those who are looking…

            and I now also have to try that pumpkin oatmeal!

        • phl2dc

          I’m very happy for you. I had a feeling they were Frye – the only boots I ever lust after…

          • I’ve been lusting after a pair of red Frye boots for a long time!

          • phl2dc

            I can never bring myself to spend the $$ even though I know it’s a worthy investment…

          • Blithe

            I’ll leave the pro-level enabling to Emmaleigh, but seriously, I’ve had some Frye boots that have lasted over a decade — I just get new heels once a year. They’re expensive, but the cost-per-wearing works out to an insanely small amount.

          • FtLincolnLove

            phl2dc- I was the same way, but I’ve finally hit the point where I’m tired of spending money on cheap boots/clothes/etc that I’ll just have to replace every year- I’d rather pay a little more for something that will last me a long time!

            Blithe- do you take your boots to the Frye store for new heels or somewhere else?

    • Emmaleigh504

      “Resisting the urge to run around screaming from sheer excitement.” I think I love you.
      New boots, the Enabler is pleased.

    • Loved the trailer!!! Can’t wait for the release!

  • Rant: Three 20 hour work days in a row. I’m running on empty! So sick of being up until 4am working.
    Rave: I think last night was the last 4am-er!
    Unknown: Bf’s old roommate/bestie is moving soon and might not be able to find a cat-friendly place. So, we’re taking the cat tonight for a few days to see how he gets along with our dog… I’m nervous/skeptical. They’ve met before and it didn’t go so well.
    Rave: This fried egg/English muffin sandwich I’m eating.

    • phl2dc

      Would be good to keep the cat and dog in separate rooms for a bit, let them slowly get to know each other through a shared door… Good luck!

    • phl2dc

      Where did my comment go? Anyway, would be good to keep the cat and dog separate for a bit…let them interact and get to know each other slowly through a shared door.

      • phl2dc

        Great now I’ve double-posted. *sigh*

      • Allison

        We did this with two cats that didn’t get along. Start with a door, then move to a baby gate for a few weeks, then remove baby gate.

        • Do the cats stay on their respective sides of the baby gate? My cats are jumpers, so I can’t imagine this working….?

          • Allison

            Ours did, at least. Although there’s nothing to stop them from physically jumping the barrier, there seems to be some kind of the psychological boundary of not wanting to jump into the territory of another unknown cat unprotected.

  • Last night, my 6 yo nephew and I were watching an old episode of Fear Factor – Couple. Later, he informed his mother that when he grows up he is going to put worms on his wife’s head.

  • Rave: Canada’s election results. A nice “F-you Harper!”
    Rant: Chances of a similar nation-wide backlash against conservatives in the USA are very remote.

    • on a related rant, how in the ever-loving f#$% is it possible that Trump and Carson are leading in Republican polls? For the love of all that is good in the world, tell me this is all just some practical joke! How on earth is it possible that there are so many stupid, spiteful people? Please, America, you’re better than this. (I hope.)

      • As the sister of such a person, I can tell you, it just fucking baffles me. I think this is how the zombie apocalypse really occurs. Following years of brainwashing by Fox News, they fall for this hit and just hand their brains over to these idiots.

      • I like that Carson isn’t afraid to not make excuses for the antisocial and criminal behavior that plagues cities like DC, as chronicled by PoP’s crime posts. People may not agree with him, but he has the life story to call people out not to make excuses for victimizing others.

        • Yeah, and that part about the Holocaust being the Jews’ fault because they turned over their guns (which would have done a lot of good against a Panzer division) . . .
          And that bit about how victims are at fault for not rushing a gun-wielding assailant like he would have (despite his personal history with that situation coming about a bit differently) . . .
          He’s a real truth teller, that Dr. Carson.

          • I think i love you, dcd!

          • THANK YOU!
            Carson needs to stick with what he knows, which is not politics.

          • Or throwing the cashier at the Popeye’s under the bus when a gunman tried to rob him…yeah, I want THAT guy as the leader of the free world…NOT

          • Actually, the Nazis disarmed the Jews, they did not “turn over” their weapons. Would they have defended themselves if that had not happened? I think they would have.

          • Actually the citizens of the Weimar Democratic Republic disarmed themselves, with a few exceptions, in the wake of WWI. The Jews in Poland (think Warsaw Ghetto) and elsewhere weren’t disarmed, and neither wee the nascent underground resistance fighters, and that didn’t go so well. Middle class professionals and business owners with a few outdated revolvers weren’t going to slowdown the Wehrmacht, SS, Gestapo and Police any more than the Red Army.

          • Quotia Zelda

            Exactly, HistoryEvisionist.

        • Yeah, and he’s a giant hypocrite. He’s against all the social programs that allowed him the life story that he flaunts for political gain. He benefited from head start, public housing, food stamps, affirmative action, pell grants… And now, just like the Republican descendants of previous generations’ immigrants, he wants to pull up the drawbridge behind him. There is nothing more repugnant than denying others the same benefits that you received from the public coffers.

        • So Kev you are telling me that if the community of Jews were armed, they would have been able to stop the Nazi menace? You know the same Nazi’s that overran and conquered the majority of Europe.

          • I’m sure the 500,000 or so Jews living in Germany would have had more success against the Germans than, say, the French Army.
            There seriously aren’t enough eyerolls for this . . .

          • Rave: The security whateverit’scalled to post my last comment was 6FFU2. The last part of that is pretty much how I feel about Carson.

      • I heard (I think on a Slate podcast?) that the Trump numbers are somewhat misleading because they are gross, not net numbers. Apparently if you look at the numbers of Republicans who would vote for Trump AND the number of Republicans who would not vote for Trump, apparently the guy isn’t doing well at all. I haven’t seen the polls in question, so it may just be wishful thinking on my part to trust this, but it makes some sense to me.

        • yes they are really gross numbers

        • Sincere question: what are “gross numbers” related to polling? I worked in polling for five years and never heard that term used. Does it mean they were sampling the entire registered voter population (vs. only registered Republicans)? The poll methodology for the Republican primary should only poll registered Republicans (or even only those who will say they will vote in the primary). It would be bizarre to sample the entire voter population.
          It’s true that a large portion of the GOP views Trump unfavorably. But it will be interesting to see if that actually matters on primary day, where the most fervent supporters tend to dominate the early caucuses. My guess is that that GOP delegate counting goes well past Super Tuesday. Candidates will probably need to campaign in all 50 states as they will need every delegate they can muster.

          • Very good question. I listened to the podcast a few weeks ago and am going on pure memory here, and without ever seeing actual polling data. But I’m pretty sure that the poll they referenced asked registered Republicans who they viewed favorably and who they viewed unfavorably. If memory serves, Trump scored high in both, with the two results being nearly equal. I’m forgetting whether the “favorable” or “unfavorable” side came out ahead, but “unfavorable” numbers came in higher than any other candidate’s by quite a bit. Now I really want to see the original polling numbers… And I agree it will be interesting to see how voter turnout plays out in the primaries.

          • Also, I think the net vs. gross distinction was entirely from the commentators, not from the polling data itself.

      • I feel like the GOP base is trolling us with those choices. But I also think that neither of them stands a snowball’s chance in the general election. So while their success is horrifying, I’m sure that it will only be temporary.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I kind of want a batsht republican to get the nomination so the democrats win the presidency. but I’m terrified that the batsht will win the presidency and we will all lose.

          • Yes, this is what we said about Reagan. “Ha ha, let’s hope that dumb ass actor gets the nomination and hands the election to Carter.” We’re still paying the price. I personally am hoping for a sane Republican to get the nomination just in case.

          • Emmaleigh504

            When we voted in my kindergarten class, Carter won.

        • Here’s the thing that’s really awful, though – the vast majority of the other republican candidates are equally terrible, they’re just sneakier about it and know how to cloak their message better. I mean, let’s be honest, most of them want the same thing as the two leading dickbags, their meanness just has been overlooked while others try to out-Trump Trump.

      • justinbc

        Sure, but as a liberal, which one of the clown car would you actually prefer? If you had to lose, who would you be OK losing to?

        • None – I’m about as liberal as they come. I don’t want to lose to any of these clowns. I just think it says something really sad about the U.S. that there is, seemingly at least, so much support for such hatefulness.

          • justinbc

            That’s not a very convincing argument for why another candidate should theoretically be polling higher… They’ve all got a different brand of hate, Trump just happens to shout his louder. The others have been implementing their’s via legislation for years (at least those who are currently serving in public office). Personally I happen to think the latter is more destructive than the former, especially since Trump is basically a Democrat pretending to be a Republican because he knows how to appeal to the wacko portion of their base (kind of like what Webb and Chafee are doing on the other side).

          • True, I guess I’m just sad and frustrated by the vocal hate drowning out the actual hate being put into action, as you say.

        • There are no GOP candidates running this year that I would be OK with losing to. There are no reasonable, non-extremists that I would trust not to do awful things to the country. Especially with the strong possibility that one or more seats on the Supreme Court may be opening up soon.

      • A large chunk of conservatives are poor and have few prospects. They been treated like “useful idiots” by the monied Republican Establishment for a long, long time. Many of them are finally waking up to this fact – “Hey, why hasn’t the money trickled down? And why are Fem-Nazis and minorities actually in powerful positions? And how are the gays getting married? They broke all their promises!”
        The big money GOP’ers created and fed an Anti-Establishment animal they can no longer control.

        • I have a hard time with the “useful idiot” paradigm – that large swaths of the population are dupes because they “vote against their own interests” (I know you didn’t say that, but it’s a commonly heard corollary.) It assumes that the only thing poor Republicans should consider is taxes/what can the government give me. But by those standards, couldn’t the same be said for well-off liberals? I’d certainly love a 10% drop in marginal tax rates, but there’s no chance I’d vote for a Republican in this election. No one accuses me of being an uninformed, unwitting “useful idiot.” (Well, they do, but not because of this.)
          I think we’re setting ourselves up for a bad situation is we assume the only reason that poor white voters vote for Republicans is (i) lack of information and/or (ii) racism/scapegoating.

          • Accountering

            As a quite liberal person, I in significant part vote liberal because I think the country does better when everyone prospers. I think less income inequality helps the country as a whole, which in turn allows me to prosper (higher 401K, home prices, more guests for my AirBNB, better future entrepreneurial prospects etc)
            This of course in addition to the fact that I disagree with the republicans on 100% of their social issues makes me a staunch Democrat.

          • Accountering

            I do think there is a SIGNIFICANT portion of the population voting completely against their self interests. The poor white guy on food stamps who votes republican because they have convinced him that the Democrats want to take his guns, and that the democrats want to take his money and give it to minorities and immigrants.
            Best related joke I have ever heard:
            A banker, a middle class guy, and an immigrant sit at a table with 20 cookies in front of them. The banker takes 19 of the cookies, then says to the middle class guy, you better watch out, or that immigrant is going to take your cookie!
            The greatest trick the republicans have ever pulled, is convincing the middle class that the poor are to blame for their plight.

          • In the case of well-off people voting for liberals rather conservatives, it’s usually a conscious choice of “voting what I think is in everyone’s best interest” rather than “voting for what would benefit me personally the most.”

          • Accountering

            I agree with Textdoc, but I think there is a bit of “what is best for everyone, is good for me” as well. I know there is for me..
            The republicans aren’t actually going to cut my taxes anyways, they are just going to spend it on dumb stuff, that won’t grow the economy (see Iraq) vs spending it on things that would (roads, bridges etc)

          • Accountering — There was an interesting segment on (I think) NPR recently about Al Gore’s socially conscious investment company, and how it manages to get a significantly higher rate of return than the average investment fund.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Textdoc – that was also covered in a recent article in the Atlantic. I was genuinely interested in investing in it until I got to the part where they said that the minimum investment in said fund is $3M.

          • “In the case of well-off people voting for liberals rather conservatives, it’s usually a conscious choice of “voting what I think is in everyone’s best interest” rather than “voting for what would benefit me personally the most.””
            I agree with this, and that’s kinda the point. Well-off liberals (including me) suggest that when we vote democratic, it’s because on the whole, it’s best for the country and us, even though there’s a bigger tax burden, etc. But when low-income voters vote “against their interests” – i.e., for officials who would reduce government benefits and

            I’m not saying they are right, of course – I think they’re completely wrong. But why not give them the dignity of the benefit of the doubt – that they take those positions and vote for those officials because they truly believe they, and the rest of the country would be better off? Why assume they are just gullible rubes who were sold a bill of goods?

      • It’s a mistake — on colored by arrogance, very often — to dismiss Trump/Carson supporters as willfully ignorant, racist, bitter jerks. The fact is that the American economy is fundamentally broken a for a huge swath of American society and, at the same time their economic prospects were being erased, these same folks — largely white, non-college-educated males — their social and political roles vastly diminished, largely for reasons related to “progress” but also because they are convenient whipping boys for all of America’s ills (according to the elites). Throw in a dysfunctional federal government and suddenly the idea that millions of disaffected people want to blow the system up by putting fringe lunatics in office makes a lot of sense. To be frank, if we want to keep these folks out of power, or to bring them around to our way of thinking, we’re (ie, progressives) going to have to prioritize their prospects and empathize with their their lives much more than we have in recent elections. From their point of view, their response to the current state of affairs is perfectly reasonable. We have to give them a reason to change their minds.

        • HaileUnlikely

          That is quite possibly the most sensible thing I have ever seen written here about this election.

        • Emmaleigh504

          time for the ” white, non-college-educated males” to adapt to the times lest they become extinct.

          • A core belief of progressives is that government has a justifiable and important role in aiding change, and — through the courts and the legislative process — the government has prioritized positive change for many different groups (including some that didn’t need much help, like shareholders). Simply telling the Trump voters to adapt — can we imagine a Democratic presidential candidate telling women “sure, there’s pay discrimination, deal with it”? — goes against the belief system and is, frankly, wrong. The world is changing and people are getting a raw deal through no fault of their own. If we walk away from them then they have every right to give us the middle finger (or President Trump). It also helps not to think of them as privileged white males (we can argue that some other time) but decent working folks who have seen their fortunes decline dramatically while a small sector of the economy gets obscenely rich.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Then perhaps they should stop voting against their interests. Trump only cares about the dollar, his dollar. It’s not my fault they are morons, and I’m not holding anyone’s hand through these tumultuous times. Sink or swim etc etc

          • I agree with you at least in part, but I don’t see some of these folks as having gotten a raw deal “through no fault of their own.” Uh, many of them elected the very same people who set in motion the policies that are hurting them so much, whether through ignorance, fear, or they were simply outright lied to (very very possible). While I’m not wishing them ill, I don’t see them as completely blameless.

          • See my comment above about “voting against your interest.” If that’s the criteria we use, why would one who makes over $100,000 vote for (or contribute to) a Democrat? Sink or swim, right?

          • Perhaps we should make a strong case that we have their interests at heart rather than building campaigns (like Obama’s and Hillary’s) that completely ignore. Telling people that they’re too stupid to know their own interests is unproductive. And let’s face it, Democrats have been no better on lunchbucket issues than the Republicans. Bill and Hillary are both in Goldman’s back pockets, Obama and Clinton both embraced international trade and tax policies that moved jobs overseas, Clinton cut the capital gains tax and Obama has largely left the current system in place. Opposition to things like the Keystone Pipeline — which will have no discernible effect on the global environment but might actually create a few blue collar jobs sends the message that we’re willing to keep people out of work for purely symbolic reasons. Progressives pretty much write off the the blue collar white male vote and then wonder why those people don’t vote the way they “should.”

          • Emmaleigh504

            discuss amongst yourselves, I’m bored now. (this is why I should never wonder into political conversations) (and yes, progressives or whoever have their own set of problems.)

          • The Keystone pipeline may not have a massive effect on the environment (though history has shown us time and again how many big companies just don’t give a f*ck about things like safety, etc) but what it will bring is temporary jobs that will serve to support a horrifying mobile drug and sex trade. I’m not willing to hold that out to folks as the “fix” they need. I agree that the Dems are pretty much no better, and it’s frustrating as sh&t. I wish there was a more effective way to come together with people and figure out what’s in EVERYONE’s best interest. Anyway, I’m done. I’m just so thoroughly discouraged by everything on the political landscape.

          • “Adapt to the times?” Like they could all pool their spare change and open a factory? Overthrowing the govt. is in fact a method of adaptation.

          • Can’t we just talk about shoes?

          • dcd – Sure! I love shoes! that’ll perk my mood back up! 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            We talked about boots a little further down, sorry you missed that, dcd.

          • I Dont Get It

            After reading this I’d welcome a lengthy bra discussion.

          • Blithe

            Really IDGI?!!!! I’m SURE that can be arranged! lol

  • Rant: How is it only Tuesday? I’m beat.
    Rave: *Undefeated* STILL in my Fantasy league 6-0!!!
    Rant: Not enough time for social stuff, also not enough money..

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend back in D.C.! Our engagement party was a lot of fun and it was so great to see close friends and family.
    Rave: Loved helping my parents unpack and set up their new house. This move was a great decision for them.
    Rant: Don’t want to leave! Missing everyone already.
    Rant: Starting to look at sublets in NYC for the summer to get an idea about what kind of pricing is out there. This won’t be easy.

  • Rant-ish: Reviews on the Tamale Pie were very mixed last night. I liked it, but the majority of the kids were not fans. At least they tried it! Except of course for littlest Anonachild. He is definitely the pickiest one, and unfortunately due to his stubborn streak the old “eat what I cook or don’t eat” really isn’t an option (he will just choose not to eat dinner for several nights). Need to come up with more options for him.
    Kvetch: Mother issues continue. I have hidden her from my FB feed, but still check on her page every now and then, and her passive aggressive meme game is still continuing. I decided not to confront her after her post saying that I had blocked her (I hadn’t), but now I feel like she is goading me into a confrontation. I am trying to be the bigger person and not fall into the same old manipulative circle, but it’s hard. Also hard is that my kids are asking to go to her house, but I can’t stand the thought of having to spend any amount of time with her. Very crappy situation.

    • Rave: The song “That’s How you Know” by Nico & Vinz. Just makes me smile every time I hear it

    • So sorry you’re going through this. Can you just drop them off for a set period of time? If she’s going to complain about your behavior no matter what you do, might as well take advantage of some free time. Maybe say that with the second job you really need to work on the weekend? I feel for you! I lucked out in the mom department, but I’ve watched my mom deal with an absent/flaky mother for my whole life, and it really has taken it’s toll on her.

      • I was going to suggest dropping them off too. Though it doesn’t sound like middle grounds exist in this relationship.

        • That’s a great suggestion. Unfortunately, they live too far for this to be easy to do and to make an excuse for me not sticking around for the visit. Also, we have a history of this type of thing not going well – she asks for the kids, takes the kids, then accuses me of using her for free childcare. It just isn’t worth the headache or argument that inevitably follows.

    • phl2dc

      I’m sorry about the mother issues. Stay strong, ignore, and just interact with her in person as much as you need to (e.g., for the kids).

    • Re: Your kvetch. I don’t have good advice, but can just say (again) that I completely relate. It’s not easy at all. It seems like you’re doing the right things — drawing health boundaries and enforcing them. That’s probably all you can do.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Story time! My mother refused to eat her supper once when she was a kid and was told eat it or go hungry. She went hungry. It was served to her at breakfast and she didn’t eat it. ditto for supper. Finally the next morning rolled around and the offensive meal showed up again and the very quiet maid stepped in and said she wasn’t serving it again. My grandmother gave up and knew eat it or go hungry wasn’t ever going to work.

    • In my family, if you didn’t like dinner, you had the option to make yourself a sandwich. By the time I was five, I could crawl on a bar stool to get the peanut butter down and assemble pbj on my own.

      • Emmaleigh504

        on of the first things my mom taught us was to fix a bowl of cereal on our own. My parents wanted to sleep in on the weekend. It was always sad when the milk carton was full b/c I couldn’t lift and would have to wait for someone to wake up.

        • The kiddos are all pretty adept at making cereal, and sandwiches, though youngest anonachild will straight up eat a jar of jelly if left to his own devices, so I still supervise that process. Funny enough, I opened a jar of pickles for him Sunday afternoon, went to go switch the laundry, and came back to an empty jar of pickles. I don’t see how he can happily polish off a jar of baby dills in about 15 minutes but won’t even try Tamale Pie.

    • Bummer on the Tamale Pie! 🙁

    • hammers

      our moms should be friends

  • Rant: kiddo still sick
    Rave: doc said he could go to school tomorrow. After being in school, I’m sure being home is SUPER dull
    Rave: MOVING IN TO HOUSE THIS WEEKEND! What started as a “I really want the laundry on the second floor” turned in to a massive reno of the 2nd floor….living with my folks for 2 months hasn’t been fun. So glad it’s done.
    Rave: Having a job where, because I need a day to unpack while my son is out of the way (at school), my boss just tells me to stay home and take care of things. I’ve seriously never had this much respect and flexibility – it’s so liberating. It makes me much less annoyed at the low pay when the quality of life is so great. I could stay here forever if they’ll let me! (at least until my son is out of college, since I get a big employee discount)
    Rave: The number of PregnantPOPers

    • YAY! on the move–hope everything goes as smoothly as possible! And so glad that you’ve got the time & flexibility to take care of what you need to in advance.

  • Rant: The pup is so sick. He has two kinds of parasites and it on three kinds of medicine. I feel like a failure of a pet parent. I’m also not sure what we did wrong to make this happen.

    • phl2dc

      Don’t beat yourself up. Pets get sick! You can’t possibly control every single thing they’re exposed to. Poor pup, hope he’s better soon! Try not to stress too much. Good luck!

    • You probably did nothing wrong! My cat – an indoor-only fancy-pants kitty – somehow managed to get Giardia a few years ago, and I could not for the life of me figure out how! She was so so sick, and hated the medicine so much that she foamed and spit, I definitely felt like a failure. The only think I could think was that I used to take her on walks when in lived in NYC, and that maybe she picked up the parasite then and it lay dormant for several years. ugh. Anyway, I hope Gary is feeling much better soon, and that you don’t let yourself feel too guilty!

    • Also, can we talk about the Gilmore Girls reboot? I’m very excited about this in theory but am having a hard time figuring out how they’ll pull it off. I wonder if they’ll take a similar approach as Veronica Mars did and just pick up many years later.

      • justinbc

        I read something on behalf of a friend who I know is a huge fan, and apparently they’re going to pick up in “present day”.

      • hammers

        gotta say- I watched Gilmore Girls over the summer and it was AWFUL. I kept watching because I kept waiting for it to get good. I do like Lorelai but…. the show is so so bad. I wonder if I would have liked it if I watched it as a teen

        • I’ve never watched it because it sounds so bad, but there are so many fans that maybe I should give it a try.

        • I can totally see why you might not like it. I didn’t like it one bit when it originally aired because I was just a little bit older than Rory and alternately found her to be hard to relate to and a little bit too easy to relate to. She was sort of the ur-teen of her time and that annoyed me. When I binge watched the whole series a few months back, I enjoyed it more for nostalgia’s sake than anything else. And also found myself relating to both Rory and Lorelai in ways I wouldn’t have expected. That said, the last season was utter crap.

      • I cannot wait for this!

      • topscallop

        I’m so excited for this! Even though I was kind of disappointed by the Veronica Mars reboot, I think doing it the same way makes the most sense. I hope Lorelei has a little kid and Emily babysits all the time. Hopefully Melissa McCarthy will make an appearance! I loved her on that show but I would not have guessed she’d be the movie star to come out of it.

        • Emmaleigh504

          oooh maybe Lorelai and Luke will have a wee baby and call her Emily. And I sort of want Rory to grow up to be an Emily Gilmore b/c I love Emily.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Wait. How were you disappointed in Veronica Mars? They only thing that made me sad is that it wasn’t a full series b/c the world needs more Dick.

          • topscallop

            I didn’t think the plot was that tight! And I was disappointed that they didn’t have her go into the FBI like that trailer that Rob Thomas made when they were trying to get another season, that would have been a great way to jump forward. But yes, definitely needs more Dick Casablancas.

          • Quotia Zelda


      • I am beyond excited!!

      • Relatedly, WHY has Aaron Sorkin not done a West Wing reboot? The timing is perfect – about 9 years since the show ended, so we could see the waning days of President Santos’s second term, a new cast with cameos by the older original cast members and perhaps recurring roles for some of the younger ones (Senator Sam Seaborn? Deputy Chief of Staff Charles Young, married to Zoe Bartlett?) transitioning to a new administration – heck, even make it a non-crazy GOP administration (just to show then it’s possible). You can’t tell me this wouldn’t work.

    • Because he’s so little and thereby closer to the ground, I’d be extra vigilant about checking for tasty bits on walks. And animal poop. Dogs get bugs just like us. We eat questionable buffet food they eat cat poop. Happens to the best of us.

    • FWIW, my dog got sick a lot more often when we lived in Berkeley and Oakland than he does now that we live in DC. He had worms, Giardia, a foxtail up the nose, and would get fleas despite using topical flea meds. Haven’t had an such problems in 4+ years in DC.

      • I’m sure our location has something to do with it. We live in a building with a ton of dogs, so we have to watch him constantly on walks to get his nose out of other dogs’ “leftovers.” I’m really hoping our new place is an improvement. I hate to see the little guy like this.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: After some Popvillager encouragement for how to approach the situation, I have managed to get my mom (who I believe may have Parkinson’s) to agree to see a neurologist to get a full assessment in early November about what her symptoms might mean.
    Neither rant/rave: I often think about the woman who wrote here about being pregnant and not wanting to be, having recently adopted a child, and not sure what to say to her husband. I hope she was able to come to some sort of peace and make the decision that is best for her.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: the bathroom is about 5 miles from my bed in this temp apartment.
    Rave? was asleep by 9pm last night
    Rave: Medium Rare is right by the temp apt, so I need to visit.

  • Rave: My overnight slow-cooker pumpkin oatmeal came out wonderfully! Take that, cholesterol!
    Rant: Idiots. I just feel like we, as a society, are being sucked down a drain by the lowest common denominators in the world. So much stupid, everywhere.
    Rant: In an attempt to limit cat fur to specific areas (rather than alll over my comforter and pillows), I bought a cat bed. Neither cat is interested, and they even take pains to avoid it. I’m sure one day it’ll click, but in the meanwhile, it leaves me feeling like a dummy!
    Rave: Life is pretty good, all things considered.

  • Rant: A bit jet-lagged this morning. I slept from four am until my alarm went off on the couch.
    Rave: When I walked into my bedroom this morning to get clothes, my husband was snuggling with my Snoogle. So adorable.

  • Rant: the anticipation of possibly going into labor “any day now” (due tomorrow). Super distracting & hard to focus on anything productive. Hoping things go more smoothly the second time around!
    Rave: Still feeling generally great, walking a lot, enjoying extra cuddles and time spent with my daughter.
    Rave: Apparently, she’s decided that one of the dolls at school is “her baby” and carries it around, feeds it, dresses it, etc. Here’s hoping that translates into enjoying being a big sister! Either way, it’s very cute.

  • Rant: It’s nice that people are so excited about it, but I don’t care about either Gilmore Girls or Star Wars and I feel a bit out of the loop media-wise this morning.
    Rant: Work. Just in general.
    Rave: Got black bean chili in the crock pot for when I get home.

    • oh! Recipe please!

      • Not much of a recipe…1 can tomatoes, 1 can black beans, 1 can corn, and whatever leftover vegetables I have on hand (butternut squash in this case). I usually add chopped spinach or kale in the last 30 minutes of cooking. For spices I use a Mrs. Dash southwestern spice blend, cumin, smoked paprika, and a little bit of red pepper flakes. Cook on low for 8 hours.

  • Query – I’ll be in New Orleans for the first time over New Years. Any recommendations for New Years Eve activities or favorite places to eat? [Paging Emmaleigh…] I know they have New Years Eve fire works… does it crazy crowded like in NYC?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Assuming you will be in the French Quarter: Verti Mart for late night eats, get the grilled shrimp poboy (not on the menu). Gotta eat on the street, but so worth it. Mr B’s Bistro and Galatoires is good for fancy eats. If you can get uptown, go to Frankie and Johnny’s for the fried bell pepper rings. It’s at the corner of Arabella and Tchoupitoulas.
      For New Year’s, the Quarter is fun, but cold. Just hanging out on the street is fun, pop into a bar for warmth and a go cup, then pop back outside.

  • Rave: Thanks to same-day delivery, I don’t actually need to leave my house today to pick up the OTC medication my wife’s doctor recommended she try.
    Rant: This may mean I am the laziest person alive.
    Rave: Starting the countdown to the annual Thanksgiving trip to my parents’ house. And starting the food planning… Bourbon Pecan Pie seems to be calling this year.

    • You can’t be the laziest person alive because I have almost everything delivered to me at this point. I consider it to be a great miracle of living in 2015 that I can have toilet paper, iced tea, cereal and prepared food arrive at my house after just pushing some buttons. It also means that when I take walks, I’m not putting any extra pressure on my super-achy hips and lower back, so yay for health!

  • Rant: Not allowed to take empty water bottle on the plane. Why? “You might put water in the bottle while on the plane” — yes, that’s exactly what I planned to do!! Reminded me of having a roll of tape confiscated on previous trip. Why? “You might use it to tape things” — yes, that’s usually what I do with tape, but generally not on airplanes.
    Rant: During my absence, one pot of annual plants stolen and 2/3 of my rosemary bush was chopped off. One big branch was broken off, another was cut with pruners. Grrrrrrr….
    Raves: Leftover pizza for breakfast (Irving Streete, was that you in Pete’s Apizza yesterday?), lemon chicken orzo soup simmering on the stove, two orchids sending up bloom stalks.

    • justinbc

      That’s really awful. Thankfully nobody has done that with my lavender yet, although one of the neighbor’s indoor/outdoor cats spraying has all but killed one of them.

    • phl2dc

      Those in-flight restrictions make no sense.

      • I’m not much for conspiracy theories, but if ever there was one I could imagine, it’s that the TSA and the bottled-water folks are in bed together big time!

      • Also had a stick of deoderant confiscated because it was “gel” – when I tried to insist that it was not gel the security person dug his thumbnail into it. Ugh – guess I didn’t need it after all.
        * these were all on flights returning to the US

        • Some countries have different rules I guess? I’m so used to the US where i buy a bottle of water after I clear security and take it on the plane… apparently in Costa Rica, you cannot bring water bottles on the plane, at all, even ones purchased by the gate. So that was a waste of $!

    • That’s weird — I’ve taken empty bottles onto planes a couple of times (although maybe it was when departing from the UK, rather than when departing from the U.S.).
      Sorry to hear about the plant-related theft/vandalism. 🙁

    • Tall guy, grey suit and lavender-ish shirt, glasses beard? Probably was. Say “Hi” next time!

      • My (somewhat foggy) brain registered a tall guy with beard and glasses who looked familiar… didn’t register until my friend and I were walking down Irving Street. Belated hi and hope your pizza was also excellent 🙂

    • I’ve taken empty water bottles through security on 30+ flights this year. Including international flights just last month. Both disposable and reusable water bottles.
      When did this become a restriction? Which airport? Also, what prevents you from buying a water bottle on the other side of security and carrying it on? My guess is that the airport wants to drive concession sales while you wait at the gate for your flights. Yes, $3.50 for Dasani….thank you.

      • Allison

        “My guess is that the airport wants to drive concession sales while you wait at the gate for your flights.” — while generally true, I don’t think TSA’s objectives and goals always align with the airport’s. There’s no financial reason for TSA to insist on no empty water bottles.

        • If there ever were a situation where Hanlon’s Razor applied, this is it (also anything to do with WMATA): “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

      • OP Anon this was in Dubai, the final screening at the gate & prior to boarding plane. I’ve always carried an empty water bottle onto the plane for the sole purpose of putting more water into it. Trying to stay hydrated is not permitted? Made no sense.

        • Ah, this happened to me in Korea, too! But never in the U.S.

        • I’m curious (based on Caroline’s post below about bacteria levels in the plane water) – how are you planning to fill the bottle once you’re on the plane? I get taking an empty bottle through security to fill from a water fountain. I’m confused about taking an empty bottle on the plane though.

          • I’ve used an empty bottle on a plane to pour my glass of soda/ice water/whatever into, so that I can put a cap on it, stick it in the back-of-seat pocket thing, and put the tray table up, rather than be stuck having to keep the tray table down because there’s a glass on it.

          • Perhaps she had a layover where she wanted to fill it for the next flight? That was my case, at least.

          • I drank most of the water while waiting in different lines & planned to have the flight attendants fill from one of their bottles. Because usually they won’t give me a big bottle but will fill my own bottle

          • Ahh that makes sense, as does textdoc’s explanation! I was genuinely curious because I fly often for work and was wondering if I could learn from this haha. Thanks!

    • SouthwestDC

      Didn’t the EPA recently find that airplane water has high levels of bacteria? Maybe they’re worried you’ll drink a lot of airplane water and get sick?

      • Airlines use bottled water to serve passengers, can’t imagine passengers drinking from the bathroom faucets

        • SouthwestDC

          That’s what I mean. Maybe they’re concerned that someone will try to fill their own bottle from the bathroom faucet.

          • I don’t think TSA is concerned about that. Maybe their Dubai equivalent is??

          • SouthwestDC

            Yeah, you wouldn’t think so. Then again, I recently had TSA confiscate all my liquids from my checked bag, which has never happened before.

    • It’s because the enforcer is not American, but is enforcing US regulations for US-bound flights. They generally err way too much on the side of caution. That was my experience in the UAE, Qatar, Turkey, and Hong Kong. Narita was the one place that seemed to actually know what it was supposed to be doing…

  • Rant: Almost exactly 1 year ago, I had the same bad reaction to OTC cold medicine. I don’t think it was the same medicine. People wonder why I don’t like taking medicine.
    Rave: Boss gave me not one bit of guff for leaving super early. Yay sick leave I saved just in case!
    Let’s hope this whole day isn’t shot to hell.

    • OTC cough and cold products are typically variations on a theme, they combine a number of drugs in one product in different ways. It’s possible you took two different products that both contained the same ingredient but were marketed under different names/functions. And they reformulate all the time.
      Sorry that happened, I’m sure it’s painful. Is there a way you can narrow down what overlaps in the two and avoid that in the future?

      • +1
        Speaking as a person who seems to have every adverse reaction to every drug possible, I sympathize. I would also suggest trying to figure out the exact ingredient or ingredients you have issues with so as to avoid them in the future.

    • Not sure what kind of reaction you had, but when I was taking an OTC cold/cough medicine that contained three ingredients that I had previous taken individually and had no problems with, the combination somehow made me feel REALLY loopy.

      • Dry heaving, horrible stomach cramps, bathroom visits, and I was really dizzy earlier. My sinuses feel great though.
        Jeslett: I think it’s the acetaminophen. I vaguely recall the doc mentioning it. In that case, I was throwing up pretty much immediately. Maybe this brand has a lower dose.

    • HaileUnlikely

      That sucks. I also mostly avoid OTC cold medicines. I am dangerously allergic to something in Dayquil, which by process of elimination I believe is almost certainly the phenylephrine (the decongestant that is also the active ingredient in Sudafed).

  • Rant: Sooo nervous about the upcoming move. Just made a reservation with the movers. Now I need to reserve elevators. Keeping fingers crossed that this move won’t be too stressful but I keep thinking that something’s bad is bound to happen.
    Rave: boss liked my idea for a new report at work.
    Rave: My mother’s coming to help me move.

  • Rant: I’ve got the sniffles
    Revel: in another early literacy workshop. I’m learning a lot at this one.
    Rant: falling farther and farther behind. I feel like I’ll never catch up unless I put in another 20 hours or so on the weekend.

  • Blithe

    Rave: It’s new boot week! I’m really enjoying my new Ariats — which I hope will turn out to be as good as my old Ariats.
    Rant: I got a phone “call” from Ben Carson. It was pretty creepy. His voice could be used to demonstrate what “absence of affect” sounds like.
    Rant: The many vocal, privileged people who assume that their reality is the only reality. As a society, our empathy deficit seems to be growing, and our sense of community seems to be dropping precipitously.
    Related Rant: Empathy aside, there really are some things that have to be experienced to be understood.
    Rave: My ShopHouse swoon continues: leftovers make sublimely great omelets.

  • Rave: have my third book talk in a week tonight, thoroughly enjoyed the first two I went to and happy to have friends who love hearing authors talks. I hope Yotam doesn’t disappoint! Especially since I’m no longer a Mark Bittman fan because
    Rant: How to make everything granola recipe is a fail. I was extremely lucky to be facing away from the stove when the pyrex filled with oatmeal exploded. Still shaking my head at my own stupidity for following directions that just didn’t seem right.
    Rave 2: Lucy the cat loves “Da bird” so much she races to where I keep it when I walk in that direction so i’ll play with her. It’s really cute to see the prey instinct come out.
    Rave 3: since I posted about the oatmeal in the wrong place, I’ll just say thanks to those who share cooking experiences as it frequently inspires me to try new things and look a blogs I don’t read regularly.

    • Could it have been the fault of the pyrex, not the recipe? I had pyrex bowl shatter for no apparent reason

      • Maybe, but in reality pyrex should not be used on the stovetop, or at least not over a low gas flame, as when it explodes it’s not trivial. “Toasting” the oatmeal would have been safer in a dry frying pan and then transferring to a pyrex for the oven part of the recipe.

        • Blithe

          Are there different kinds of pyrex? I have a vintage saucepan that I’m pretty sure is pyrex — so it was designed to be used on the stove burners. Is that, now, a bad idea? I’ve had a pyrex dish shatter and it was, indeed, not trivial — and not something that I’d want to repeat.

          • I think Corning had those brown transparent stovetop pots for a while but what I used was a classic 9×13″ pyrex baking dish. That’s what was in the How to Cook Everything cookbook I have (later edition).

          • I’d expect a saucepan would be heavier/sturdier than a bowl and safe, or safer, to use on the stovetop

          • And Tall E, yikes on having an exploding glass bowl!

        • The Mark Bittman how to make everything granola recipe I’ve used has oatmeal and other ingredients baked in oven. Which recipe says toast oatmeal in bowl? That doesn’t make sense

          • phl2dc

            +1, this is the first I’ve heard of a granola recipe that involves that kind of practice. I’m glad you’re ok post-Pyrex explosion!!

  • topscallop

    Rave: I’m in a MUCH better mood today than I was yesterday. Working out and making cookies for my roommates last night totally flipped things right again. Half a bottle of wine also helped. Also the fact that I finally got a move on something I’d been procrastinating doing…I do this much less than I did as a kid but damn it feels awful to have that weight on your shoulders.
    Rave: my mom asked me last night what I want for my birthday next month so lying in bed this morning I started pulling ideas from the pretty things I have saved on Pinterest and Etsy. All I really want is some vacation time at home, though! Luckily I’ll be there at Thanksgiving and plan to stock up on cider donuts from Atkins.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Question: I’m contemplating starting a (fiction) book club, anyone interested? I’m thinking the lighter variety of fiction.

    • Any GOP candidate’s tax plan for the first assignment?

      • Accountering

        +1. This stuff is farcical, I wonder if Hillary would press Trump et al on it during a debate? I really wish someone would tell them to their face, you are simply lying, or wrong, and neither of them is acceptable for something this important.

    • Emmaleigh504

      dcd and accountering aren’t interested, any one actually interested? No need to reply if you aren’t.

      • hammers

        possibly- depends on what is meant by light– I’m not really into romances or things, but I like mysteries and (especially) fantasy (give me magic, witches and wizards). I’d be open to try some new books or genres, but I’ll never really like nicholas sparks or literary chick flicks

        • Allison

          We’re on the same page, hammers!

        • I’m with hammers, not super into romance novels but if it’s a fun read, not too heavy, and WELL WRITTEN (please dear god no Stephanie Meyers- or EL James-level tripe!), I’d be willing to join in, I’ve been meaning to read more books!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Doesn’t have to be romance, I don’t actually read those, but thought it could be fun a topic.

          y’all gmail me at Emmaleigh504 and lets see if I can get this started!

      • topscallop

        Oooh, me!

      • I would join if you don’t mind a new/mostly lurker popvillager. I love romance, sci-fi, and YA. And would be happy to recommend some good genre romance if you’ve only read the bad stuff before. Some of them don’t need to be ripped apart at all.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I’m interested — I like the idea of local authors. We could start with George Pelacanos
        who is local and sets his stories locally as well.

    • UDPie was talking about starting a book club before she (quasi-?) relocated, and there was a fair amount of interest.
      Does it have to be “the lighter variety of fiction”? What would some examples of that be?

      • Emmaleigh504

        stuff that doesn’t require major brain power to ingest. I guess what some would call “beach reads”. Some YA, maybe romance (how much fun to rip one of those apart). Light, not heavy. We could start with one of Victoria’s YA books.

    • Allison

      I’m interested!
      Right now I’m reading the Dresden files books. But that may be too light for some people. I just need stuff that’s easy to blow through when I come home from work with mushy brain. Another book that comes to mind that I read recently is Shades of Milk and Honey; it’s like Jane Austen but with maaaaaaagic. *Wiggle fingers*

    • Reminds me–I was going to ask for fiction suggestions to be able to load up on my kindle during maternity leave. Thanks for the mental jog, Emmaleigh! I’m up for a book club in theory, it’s just hard to say if I can make it work in practice.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: My Dr’s office clearly screwed things up because
    Rave: My test results came back and were very good.
    Rant: Dentist and eye doctor this quarter and colonoscopy first quarter of 16 and I’ll be caught up again.

  • Late-in-the-day rant: I have now been on hold with the millwork (doors and windows) desk at Home Depot for 24 minutes. Wondering whether to give up or wait it out.

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