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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: union market have over 3000 residential units in pipeline.
    Rave: will also have ton of retail.
    Rant: probably will cost a fortune to live there.

    • Are they destroying the entire wholesale food market? That seems like the only way they could add that much housing in the immediate area.

  • Rave: Topical flea stuff. Baby kitty came to us crawling with fleas, and 24 hours after one dose of frontline or revolution or something, they were all dead. I remember my dad flea-combing our cat every night for years, and the stinky flea collar she wore, and having to leave the house for a full day so the place could be flea-bombed.
    Rant: Baby kitty has a new game… when a kid begins to stir in the morning, he pounces on her head. You can see the manic glee in his eyes. “Yay, my friend’s alive! Playtime! Rowr!” Getting hit in the face with two pounds of ecstatic claw-wielding kitten is alarming at best. I think it’s time for claw caps. Does anyone know if PetSmart carries them in the store?
    Query: Interesting things to put in vegetarian burritos? Rice, beans, obvs. Sauteed onions and peppers, tomatoes, cheese… What else?

    • Tofu! Bake or fry it with taco seasoning! I’m a big meat eater, and still love it. Also, corn is good.

      • +1 to tofu and corn! Some avocado or guacamole wouldn’t hurt either. And I like to add sauteed fancy mushrooms and/or seitan on occasion.

      • Allison

        I think Morning Star company makes these… what are they called… meatless meat crumbles? They kind of have the texture of cooked ground turkey but they are made of veggie stuff. With the right seasonings, I think they’d be good.

        • I use these all the time with some taco seasoning. I honestly can’t tell they’re not real beef (and I think the nutritious value may be a little better for you).

        • I just had those in taco salad on Tuesday night. They’re pretty good!
          They are called Meatless Crumbles. They also sell a pre-seasoned Southwestern crumble with some other veggies mixed in.

    • Have you tried clipping the kitten’s claws? If you get him used to it while he’s a kitten, it’ll be easier down the road.

    • This was a while ago so I don’t know if they still carry them, but the Cleveland Park Petco had (dog) claw caps. I assume they’d have ones for cats as well.
      Agree with Bob on the tofu and taco seasoning!

    • special_k

      I love hearing about new kitty adventures!
      I hope you don’t mind me asking, but you recently lost a cat, right? I unexpectedly lost my tabby a little over a week ago and I’m torn about getting a new cat. I’m not sure when the right time is (for me or his 8-year-old cat brother) and I don’t want to feel like I’m trying to replace my irreplaceable sweetheart. Last time I lost a cat, I waited 5 months, but that was too long. Just wondering if you have any advice/thoughts.

      • Oh no. I’m so sorry.
        I can only speak for myself, but having no cat in the house makes me mopey and sad. Everything takes on extra melancholy significance after the cat is gone. That smudgy corner where he rubbed his cheek kept catching my eye, but I couldn’t bring myself to scrub it. I kept looking at the porch door, automatically thinking he’d probably like to come in about now. I thought about tuna salad for lunch, but with no cat to clamor for the tuna juice, what’s the point…
        With the new kitty, there’s something else to catch my eye. And it’s pretty much impossible to be sad with a kitten around. Did I replace my old cat? Yeah, kinda. But only because the hole he left was unbearably large.
        Since you have the older cat, maybe it’s not as dramatic for you. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with knowing what you need for your house to feel like a home. For me, that’s a cat. For you, it might be two, and that’s excellent. Go forth and get what you need.

        • palisades

          Well said

        • Emmaleigh504

          agree with all of this. I waited a month to get my new kitty and that was a month too long for me. I always need a pet to make my apartment seem like home.

        • special_k

          Thank you for this. This is how I feel except instead of the smudgy corner, it’s his little grey tabby hairs on everything. And instead of looking at the porch door, it’s looking at the kitchen counter he used to jump on so he could greet me with lots of head butts. And I miss how he would try to “save” me from the mean old garbage disposal by grabbing my hand and pulling it away whenever I turned it on. He had a heart of gold. It has been easier with one cat still in the house–thank God for his cat brother–but my heart has room for another little buddy.

          • Awww — what lovely (but understandably bittersweet) memories. That’s especially sweet about him trying to “save” you from the garbage disposal!

          • I’m so sorry to hear you lost your dear cat. It’s one of the toughest things to go through and the grief can be incredibly isolating. Deciding when to let a new kitty into your home and your life is going to be different for everyone and don’t feel guilty no matter what you decide to do. Know that you loved him and did your best by him and opening your home to another cat will do nothing to change that. We did exactly what Victoria suggests below and fostered kittens for several months after I lost my cat Emma. For me, it seemed like the best of both worlds, you get to take care of adorable kittens and don’t have to deal with the heartbreak of your dear kitties getting old and leaving this world. We did eventually cave in and adopted one of our foster kittens when we were finally ready and couldn’t bear to give him away. But fostering and having the kittens around definitely helped us come to terms with the loss of our cat and made it easier to come home at night.

          • special_k

            Thank you, all! It does help just to talk about him and hear from other people who have been there. Congrats on the foster success, btw!

          • I love it when kitties find a way to even out our height differences just because they want to interact. A previous feline also jumped on the countertop for head butting. The new baby scales my trousers with his little claws if I don’t pick him up on demand.

        • I agree with all this too. I lost a cat in July and have been waiting to see how my other cat seems before getting a second one again. The hole is still there but it is different when you still have one cat. I had a friend’s cat stay for 5 days recently and I think Lucy prefers to be solo at this point (or maybe with an older mellow cat who isn’t going to chase her around).
          It all comes down to how you feel, if you are ready to give another cat a home do it with no guilt.

          • special_k

            Thank you and I’m sorry for your recent loss. It does feel different with another cat in the home–last time I didn’t and home became such a lonely place. I’m really hoping the one I still have isn’t happier solo. It’s hard to tell with the little guy, though.

      • So sorry about your cat. It is not disloyal at all to welcome a new cat into your home sooner rather than later. You’re not “replacing your sweetheart, you’re saving another sweetheart’s life! And if you don’t feel ready for a total new commitment, you could always foster until you really feel ready. (Or fall in love with the cat you’re fostering!)

        • special_k

          I know you’re right. I’ve had a lot of irrational, punishing guilty thoughts this week and I need to be kinder to myself. I have no doubt that any foster that came in would be my newest love.

      • There was an excellent article dealing with this in the Washingtonian recently (http://www.washingtonian.com/blogs/capitalcomment/pets/a-week-after-my-dogs-death-i-wanted-another-one-or-two.php) and it really made me feel about processing those feelings. After our last pup passed, we waited 5 months to get another – and that felt “too soon” by society’s standards. It’s all about how YOU feel. For me, I can’t come home to an empty apartment. It’s too heartbreaking. It just prolonged the pain for me, which I thought I deserved and “should” be feeling. Do it whenever feels right. <3

        • special_k

          Thank you for sharing this article and your own experience. This is it exactly–I am in so much pain but I feel like I should be. The idea of being happy with a new cat is really upsetting. I know loving a new cat wouldn’t mean loving my little buddy any less, but man oh man, it hurts to feel like I’m moving on without him. A lot of good stuff here to think about.

          • When my last dog died I was devastated, even though she was old and I had lots of time to know it was coming. It was solace to start looking through Petfinder and seeing all the dogs that needed homes. I decided to go ahead and fill out applications with some of the rescue groups so I would be ready when the right dog came along. As circumstances happened, my current adored Ginger came along barely a week later and we’ve been happy for 3 years now.

    • Favorite veggie burrito – sweet potatoes, black beans and onions. Throw chopped sweet potatoes, onion, and (rinsed) black beans into roasting pan; toss with oil, salt, and pepper; roast (covered) until potatoes are soft. Serve with sour cream, salsa, cheese, and greens. So good and easy!

    • After several years living in SoCal, french fries make almost any burrito better.

    • Sorry that this reply might overlap with burrito recipes, but since the kitten had fleas, do be extra vigilant in checking for tapeworms.

      • He’s been fully vetted, including treatment for tapeworm, with follow-up treatment to come.

        • Great. But tapeworms can be stubborn, and since treatments are 2 weeks apart, just keep an eye out. A friend went through tapeworm with a newly adopted kitten despite the first de-worming. Clean-up is a whole lot of work.

    • sauteed zucchini & queso fresco!

    • Sweet potato!

  • My neighbor has an alarm that goes off at the slightest bump ( heavy truck driving by or acorn hitting it). I’ve tried talking to them and was rebuffed as being too harsh. Last night it went off more than 5 times.
    What can I do? Can I file a noise complaint even though it may be stopped by the time cops arrive?
    I’m going crazy from the lack of sleep.

    • This is a car alarm, right? (Not a house alarm?)
      How loud is it? If you used a white noise machine/app, might that be enough to block it out?
      I don’t really understand the point of car alarms these days — nobody (except possibly the car’s owner) pays any attention to them, and they’re an annoyance to everyone else.

      • Yes car, and very loud. Fan, white noise machine, etc are no good. Maybe if I used max volume on the machine/app, but then it’d be too loud for me to sleep, and I’m not sure that would cut it.

        The alarm is apparently to prevent theft (car stolen multiple times), and they refuse to move it further away for the same reason.

        • Are they already using a Club-type device on their car? Maybe you could offer to buy them one that they could use instead of the car alarm?

          • Yup, they are. Offered to assist with a repair/consult If that would get it dealt with more quickly. I’ve tried to cover all my bases.

          • Ugh, that’s a bummer — you’ve really explored all the options, and it sounds like they’re not budging.

        • I presume your neighbor is also waking up 5x per night. How long does it take them to turn off the alarm?
          I agree – they need to adjust the sensitivity of the alarm sensors. That really sucks. Eventually someone is going to toss a brick through their windshield. Perhaps you can ask some of the other neighbors to sign a petition?

          • It varies usually about 45 seconds sometimes longer. Their bedroom doesn’t face the street, so I’m not sure if the alarm is waking them at all or if their roommate is waking them or some combo of the 2. This is the first time they moved the car, so I’m hoping it’ll get fixed because they’re finally as fed up as I am.
            I’m at my wits end; that’s for sure.

  • Rant: when people sit on the metro with either (1) bags on the seat next to them when other people are standing (what happened this morning) or (2) sit with their legs all spread open so they take up 1.5 chairs

    Rant: when other people don’t have professional courtesy (not going to get into it)

    Rave: boyfriend is back from 3 week work trip and it’s the weekend!

    • Quotia Zelda

      I just squeeze right in anyway. My ass is going to take its allotted space whether you want to move your bag or not.

  • Rave: Fantastic time last night at HH! Thanks Emmaleigh for arranging! Also, somehow the wine didn’t get added on to my tab, so whoever had my wine on their tab please let me know next HH and I’ll make it up to you!
    Rant: Maybe too much wine? Head is not happy this morning!
    Rant: Coming *thisclose* to being run over by a speeding ambulance.
    Rave: Getting churros to celebrate not dying – yum!
    Rave: Looks like a weekend of perfect fall weather ahead – hooray!

  • justinbc

    Comments are disabled on the “police attack” video, so can someone explain what exactly is so controversial about it? I get that the guy is on the ground yelling, but isn’t that the case with almost anyone who resists arrest? (according to the news reports I could find the suspect ran away from the police when approached) The police apparently were dispatched to him and his friend because they received a report from a woman that their behavior was making her uncomfortable…isn’t this exactly the type of situation that people post here about all the time the police NOT doing anything about? I just don’t get the outrage in this particular situation.

    • What was suspicious about their behavior? What was their “crime”? When did holding the door open to a bank for a white couple make you a suspicious person about to commit a crime? If you don’t see that race is MAJOR factor in this, well, then, maybe you’re one of those people who “just doesn’t see race” and that would be a shame because then you’re just being oblivious to the strained race relations in our country.

      • justinbc

        Your fault seems to be with the people who placed the police call, not the actual officers, which is what my question is about. The officers didn’t claim the suspects were “suspicious”, the caller did. The officers responded to that call and then the suspects ran away from them, which of course causes the officers to pursue and use force. From the video the force doesn’t really seem excessive, they just appear to be trying to get the guys arms behind his back to place cuffs on, standard procedure. Again, I’m not saying that there weren’t racial motives behind the original complaint, only the person who called that in can know for sure since we only have the suspect’s word to go on the situation, but as for what the police did wrong in this situation I just don’t see it. They wound up not even charging the guy with anything. If he hadn’t run away and actually just answered their questions this likely would have never been an issue.

        • Did you read the WJLA story? If what’s said there is true, the police came charging on kid, almost hitting hitting him with their policecar, then an officer approached him with one hand on his gun and the other hand on pepper spray. If that happened to me while I was just going about my regular business, I might run away too.
          It sounds like the police response was disproportionate to the alleged threat from the very beginning.
          And in my old neighborhood, if I called the police because I saw someone threatening people with a two-by-four or smoking crack, I could expect that nothing would be done and the same person would be back there the next do, doing the same thing.

          • *next day

          • HaileUnlikely

            I hope that the manner in which the police initially approached the young man can be observed on a camera either from the police car or from a nearby business, and that there will be an investigation into whether the police did really come close to striking the young man with the vehicle. I have a much more serious problem with the police nearly hitting somebody with their vehicle than I do with any aspect of the remainder of the story.

          • Didn’t see this before making a very similar point below. But yup–agreed that the account of *how* the police arrived is compelling and should be factored into the kid’s response.

          • justinbc

            Yes I read the story and read the account. As Haile says, this happened near an ATM machine in Eastern Market, so surely surveillance footage exists and will be produced to determine whether or not that account is accurate. But again, I would contrast with the anger of the previous responses on this forum about an alleged shooting near a school where the people were upset that the police weren’t blazing in and seemed to be showing restraint in driving to the investigation. Without hearing the details of the 911 call and finding out from the caller what the supposed suspicious activity actually witnessed was it’s really hard to just say that these guys were treated in the manner they were simply because they were black. I find it very unlikely that a police cruiser pulled up onto the curb in the middle of the day nearly crashing into an ATM in Eastern Market to come “within inches” of this guy, but hopefully some footage will come out since the officers aren’t yet required to wear body cameras (which I fully endorse them doing).

          • My guess is that if there was surveillance video supporting the police (i.e. they didn’t swarm and approached him in a reasonable manner), they would have “leaked” it by now to the the crime beat reporters. The cops are pretty good about getting their narrative out to the public in an expeditious manner when they are not at-fault.
            We’ve seen no surveillance video yet, so that means they’re stonewalling. This kid will probably get some sort of settlement, as the charges have been dropped completely.

          • justinbc

            “We’ve seen no surveillance video yet, so that means they’re stonewalling.”
            That’s completely speculative, it doesn’t necessarily “mean” anything at this point.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I agree that, all else equal, the caller probably would not have called 911 to report a white person. However, starting from the point of the police being called due to a suspicious person described as white (again, probably wouldn’t have happened, but that part isn’t the point), I really do believe that if the police arrived on the scene, saw a person fitting the description they were given (white teenage male, about 18 years old, about 5’10, brown hair, backpack, whatever), and the individual took of running, the police almost certainly would have chased him down and tackled him. I might be wrong (and I am absolutely *not* willing to test this directly), but I would fully expect the police to chase me and tackle me if I were approached by an officer who wished to question me (this has happened) and I responded by turning and running away (this part has not happened).

        • There was a little more context of the whole situation in the Post coverage today — it looks like the 911 caller’s concern was that the young men were in the ATM vestibule and were letting people in, but weren’t conducting any ATM business. And I guess I can see that if you walked into an ATM vestibule and there was someone already there who appeared to be waiting there, rather than either conducting a transaction or leaving, that would be seem odd.
          Originally I was thinking that Goolsby had held the door open for the woman when he was on his way _out_ of the vestibule.

        • From today’s Post coverage (actually, last night’s) — https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/youth-detained-by-dc-police-says-he-ran-fearing-he-would-be-shot/2015/10/15/c8a47af6-7358-11e5-8248-98e0f5a2e830_story.html :
          “Grenier [Goolsby’s lawyer] said Goolsby was in the ATM vestibule and had his bank card out when he got a text saying the recording session had been canceled. He then held the door open for a woman with a stroller and a man who was with her. Grenier said the woman told the man that she had forgotten something and they left. Goolsby and his friends left a few minutes later.
          “In the meantime, a woman had called 911 and identified the ATM site.
          “The woman, who was not identified, told the 911 operator that black youths were ‘waiting at the door to let people in but aren’t doing anything inside of the bank.’
          “She also said, ‘We just left but we felt like if we had taken money out we might’ve gotten robbed,’ according to the transcript. “

          • justinbc

            Thanks for adding that bit of info. Going back to my original point, I feel like that exactly the kind of activity (person waiting in ATM lobby for several minutes without doing any banking activity) that people here would all be calling suspicious if someone here posted about it occurring. After the fact when you know they’re nice boys who go to college and were waiting on details of their recording session you might change your original view, but if all you had to go on was the caller’s point of view, you know what the reaction here would be.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I probably wouldn’t have called 911, but probably wouldn’t have used the ATM either. If I saw a male of any race between the ages of about 14 and about 60 who appeared to be hanging out by the ATM yet clearly using it or preparing to use it, it wouldn’t make me feel great about using that ATM right then.

          • “I feel like that exactly the kind of activity (person waiting in ATM lobby for several minutes without doing any banking activity) that people here would all be calling suspicious if someone here posted about it occurring.” I didn’t read the account to say that he was waiting in the ATM without doing banking activity. I read that he held the door for the caller’s baby stroller. A nice thing to do. Not sure what would be suspicious about that.
            But in any case, the police decide how seriously they will take 911 calls and how they respond. In this case, it sounds like they chose to respond immediately and at a highly escalated level. Which is especially angering because there are countless stories of the police not taking very credible calls seriously … if they answer them at all.

          • In any case, I agree with alkebulan that I’m just not going to be able to convince justinbc that there’s any reason for his own outrage here.

          • justinbc

            Shawess, if more evidence actually comes in that the police actually did something wrong then I’ll gladly share in your outrage. As of yet I’ve seen no evidence other than standard protocol.

          • Shawess — The part that wasn’t clear to me yesterday (see the Post excerpt above) was that the young men remained in the ATM vestibule for a while after Goolsby realized he didn’t need to make a withdrawal after all — long enough for the woman with the stroller to come in, decide not to make a withdrawal, and leave, and for a few minutes after that.
            Originally I thought the woman sounded paranoid/racist/etc. (who calls 911 because someone’s mere presence makes them feel “uncomfortable”?), but with the additional context, I can see why she found the young men’s presence odd/suspicious.
            It still sounds like the way the police arrived and approached would have been better suited to actual muggers, not young men who the woman thought were _potential_ muggers.

          • I never said I was outraged — that’s your word, Justin. You love to hate outrage, but it seems you have plenty of your own.

          • justinbc

            @Shawess, fine, you’re just arguing on behalf of people who are, I guess? I began by asking why some people were, and they’ve answered that. I happen to share a different threshold than them, it doesn’t mean I’m “outraged” by their outrage. But you keep going to that for some reason. Questioning does not equal anger.

          • “Questioning does not equal anger.” I totally agree, but think you call your version of it “questioning” and other people’s version “anger” or “outrage.” Can’t we just have our own opinions on subjects, even if we don’t agree on their importance?
            And if I “keep going on about”your outrage against outrage, it’s because you claim to hate it, but seem like you look for reasons to bring it up and fan the flames. It seems like you’re doing precisely the thing you’re trying to call out. That’s totally your right, especially here on RRRR, but yes, I am going to continue to take note of it, especially when your responses take up a decent part of the sub-thread.

          • justinbc

            On that part I disagree. I am actually asking questions, trying to find out why people are outraged. The “other side”, if you will, is making claims that the situation only happened because the “victim” was black. There is no questioning happening there. There is a distinct line between questioning and showing outrage in this scenario.

          • I’m done trying to convince you. You’re not convincing me. We’re just talking past each other, I guess.

    • You don’t see anything wrong with police getting a call only for a report of a suspicious person, but they pull up as if it’s a report of active shooter? Or that any kids, and yes the looked like kids where tackled to the ground? Do you really believe the same thing would have happened to a white kid with earphones and backpack?

      If no, then your part of the problem.

      • justinbc

        You’re ignoring the fact that the kids ran away from the cops when approached.
        From the linked article: At the news conference, Ronald Mason Jr., President of the University of the District of Columbia, said he has spoken with D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser about the case. Mason said the two young men involved, Goolsby and Michael Brown, who recorded the handcuffing, “were taught that when police cars” go towards “young black men, there was reason to be afraid.”

        • Of course they have to be afraid. As black man who has lived in this city his whole life, I have been stopped and harassesed many times just for being in the wrong neighborhood. Stuck on the wall or curb, just to get released later. Told get out of here before I shoot you,etc.

          You learn that innocent or not you are a criminal in many of their eyes. You never know how far they going to take it. And again this speaking from experience, that you will never have or know.

          • justinbc

            Being afraid, and actually running from the police when approached are very different things. If you can’t understand why the police would try to detain someone who fits the description of a suspect and is actively fleeing from them, I’m not sure how a genuine discussion can go forward. One of the officers in the video is a black man himself, do you think he was prejudiced as well?

          • +1 Trust me some people will never understand. It’s similar to how most men will never understand the level of harassment alot of women are subjected too. If it doesn’t consistently happen to you, you have no idea how it feels.

          • You keep saying suspect. Please explain to me what he was suspected of?

    • “isn’t this exactly the type of situation that people post here about all the time the police NOT doing anything about?” Not at all. To generalize broadly, I think that people here get angry when there is sustained criminal activity in their community that goes unchecked by the police and results in the community actually being unsafe. In the case here, without knowing any more than what the story and video suggest, it sounds like the police were basically arresting this guy for existing and being black (see the hashtag #walkingwhileblack on Twitter, etc. for many, many other examples of this). Police brutalizing someone just because a white person said they made them uncomfortable is infuriating on its own. And it’s especially so if they’re responding to unspecific and likely unsubstantiated complaints without taking real action in places where there is known criminal activity.

      • Yes. + 1 million.

      • +1

      • justinbc

        As I stated above, I think if you want to find fault here you do it with the caller, and not the police, who seemed to follow protocol in this situation. He wasn’t arrested “for exiting and being black”, he was arrested because someone called about a suspect who fit his description, and when approached he fled the scene. That gives plenty of probable cause in pretty much any police jurisdiction regardless of your race.
        But, back to the point you addressed…which I think relates more to the caller, not the police. So often on this blog I read reports of women who ask “should I call the police about so and so” and the resounding answer given here is almost always “yes always call in to report everything that happened”, or some derivation of that. In this case someone actually did that and the police responded in what seems to be a timely manner. There are many instances of blatant police wrongdoing on this subject, I just don’t see it in this particular one.

        • I just responded to this above.

        • And there goes your problem, he was already a suspect? A suspect of what, conducting suspicious behavior? Is that a crime, that I should get stopped for and asked questions about while you have your hand on your gun?

          How about doing some police work, observe, watch, before taking action. But hey it’s much easier just to just harass somebody.

          There so much white privilege in some of these statements, that I see some people wont ever get it.

          • justinbc

            I’m not a police officer or an attorney, so please forgive me if I’m using the wrong terminology here. Please focus less on the phrasing and more on the message. I completely understand the merits of what you’re saying and agree on many counts where it’s been the case, I just don’t see it in THIS case.

          • No no no. You can’t wiggle out of it like that. That’s like me calling you an asshat, and when you take offense, saying “I’m not young, I don’t know what the youth mean when they say that, don’t be so sensitive.”
            By calling the kid a “suspect” you’re saying that he is suspected of committing a crime. No one, at any point, from what I can tell, accused him of any criminal activity. HAD he been a suspect, perhaps the police enthusiasm would have been warranted. But to use force on a kid who made someone uncomfortable? It can only be racial.

          • justinbc

            I’m not wiggling out of anything. I’m using the phrases that I associate with what I can only assume the police terminology is. If you have a call of suspicious activity, are provided a description, and the person you see matches that description, what would YOU call that person? Suspect does not by itself denote criminal activity. I can be suspected of being an asshat, but that’s not a crime. If you’ve got more accurate term then please share rather than just criticizing.

          • I’d go with “subject” if the person is unknown, or in this case, Mr. Goolsby.

          • nobody talks like that though, watch any police show on TV and the phrase is suspect no matter what phase of the investigation. that’s because the police are called on suspected behavior, it’s fairly straightforward if you’re not being pedantic.

        • I mostly agree with you Justin. Running from the police will increase how suspicious you look & they’ll give chase. However, the account of their arrival on the scene is what’s striking to me–car screeching to a halt inches from Goolsby, and coming out with hands on gun holsters & pepper spray. That would scare the crap out of me, and I’m sure it scared the crap out of the kid. So then the “fight or flight” reflex kicks in and he ran. If the police showed up on the scene in a less-dramatic fashion, perhaps he wouldn’t have run.

        • valentina

          Don’t you have to actually do something to be a “suspect?” I would be curious as to what the police would ask him? “Why are you at the atm making white people uncomfortable?” As a black woman, this is infuriating because this could have been me.

  • Rave: XPN morning radio listening.
    Rant: Long trip to Cape May tonight from NYC (4 hours!), then Sunday long trip home to DC (4 hours again!). Family doesn’t understand that family trips to Cape May are incredibly difficult and expensive for us to get to – 6 hours with transit OR rent a car and drive for four hours…
    Rave: Cape May is beautiful in the fall.
    Rant: Cramps and back ache.
    Rave: Vanilla black tea, sunshine, and some interesting work.

    • If you are at all interested in birds, Cape May is a fantastic place to watch annual hawk and other accipiter migrations – you can literally see hundreds of hawks, kestrels, and merlins soaring over the Cape for hours. It’s really cool!

      • Cape May is one of the greatest birding spots in the country! I love it there.

      • About how long does the migration go on?

        • So, it last from about late August to December, but it’s divided into early and late seasons. Each season will bring different types of birds. The early season is just about at an end (late August to Oct 15th), which is mostly sharp-shinned hawks but also Cooper’s hawks, ospreys, northern harriers, american kestrels, merlins and Peregrine Falcons. I’m not very sure when the “late” season is because I’ve only ever gone to see it in the “early” season.

      • Thanks! I do love Cape May – and I’ll love seeing the birds and monarchs for sure. It’s just that the rest of the family commutes 1.5 hours to get there and then complains that we’re not there enough. It’s a long trip from DC and/or NYC and not convenient for us…

    • Are you going for the monarchs?? That’s a lifelong dream of mine. The pictures from today are great, and it’s supposed to be good all weekend.

  • Revel: it was great seeing everyone at HH last night! Civita next month?
    Revel: no work today, on my way to Ocean City
    Rant: took work with me

  • Rave?: I am “officially” pregnant – two women on the bus offered me their seats this morning. God(s) bless the sisterhood of solidarity.
    Rave: I actually slept somewhat well last night.
    Major Rave: Going to see my best friend this weekend. I can’t wait to just spend time hanging out on the couch with her. I love those friendships where you could laugh and have fun in a padded room together.

  • Rave: Decided on some pieces; picking up, ordering this weekend.
    Rant: Too many mattress options.
    Rave: Getting to sleep in.
    Rave: Going out this weekend, and my friend is driving.

  • Rave: Great time at Hatty Hour last night! Good seeing everyone and thier hats.

    Rave: Tomorrow is the first day in a long time where I have nowhere to be and nothing to do. I declare it skj84 gets shit done day. Or stay in bed all day.

    Rant: My right arm hurts for some reason. I’m thinking it may be carpel tunnel related? The pain starts in my pinky finger, goes all the way up my forearm to my shoulder. Typing is really painful right now. I took some ibuprofen which helped a bit, but not that much.

    • Allison

      Sometimes I get a nerve pain like that if I sleep on my arm wrong and a nerve gets pinched by my elbow or shoulder. Ibuprofen was a good choice, and you might try googling “pinched nerve shoulder exercises” to see if they help.

      • I have the same problem! I have a terrible tendency to sleep with my right arm under my pillow and I’d wake up with arm all tingly and weird and it would be painful to type or use the mouse during the day.

    • i also get this in my right arm, and it sometimes turns into a migraine. i’m trying to get a doctor’s appointment about it because it is noticeably worse when i’m at work vs. when i’m not at work. i feel your pain!

  • Rave: I had a great time at HH last night! Thanks Emilie for organizing. It was nice to meet some new people and see some folks again.
    Rave: Thanks to LBP for splitting some amazing churros with me after. I hadn’t been to that place in forever.
    Rant: I take my dog with me on Fridays when my house gets cleaned because he barks at the vacuum and I think he’s just a lot of dog to subject the house cleaner to. But now that it’s cold I don’t think it’s going to be possible anymore. I might have to cancel my cleanings until spring and I’m a lazy house cleaner.
    Rave: good friend coming into town tonight. We’re going to taste test my pumpkin beer together, hit some breweries, and go dancing. I can’t wait.
    Rave: great feedback on my public speaking.

    • Can you send DOG to puppy daycare on house cleaner days?

      • That’s a good idea, I’ll just be mad at myself for spending money on another thing in addition to the thing I’m spending money on that I could do myself.
        But DOG also kind of hates work from home days, so day care one day a month might be nice for him.

      • There is also a daycare option on DogVacay now too. You could see if someone near you does it, and see if he gets along with their dog(s) and problem solved.

    • i’m always up for sharing churros 🙂

  • Hey Popville…any recommendations for three star (mid range) hotels in or near San Juan, Puerto Rico? I am open to boutiques as well as, chains.

  • justinbc

    Rant/Rave: Nall spent half an hour trying to reach the ceiling fan chain (https://instagram.com/p/801dqbJlCI/). It’s hilarious now watching him fail, but given that he’s only 6 months old right now I have doubt he’ll easily get it once he’s full grown and the result won’t be quite so funny.

    • HaileUnlikely

      That’s adorable. That said, I’d be inclined to take the chain off and install a fan speed control and dimmer switch to control the fan and lights from the wall. (I have an adventurous cat but I also just dislike having to mess around with pull chains)

      • Tangential question for you, HaileUnlikely: I remember you said you’d installed a “dusk-to-dawn” thing for your porch light that didn’t use a light sensor, but rather a time setting that was synchronized to the times that dusk and dawn were supposed to be. What is such a device called, and would a place like Home Depot have it? (Maybe online, if not in the store?)

        • justinbc

          The RI HD definitely has those. They’re on one of the end caps in the lighting / outdoor equipment sections.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I got mine at HomeDepot, but they appear to no longer stock it. Anyway, it was called the GE SunSmart In-Wall Digital Timer. I have two of them, which I bought about a year apart (one for front porch first, other for light by basement stairs a year later). The first one, to the best of my ability to tell, was actually made by GE. It has worked perfectly ever since I installed it in or around January 2013. By the time I bought the second one, which appears to be identical, it appeared that it and all other GE-labeled products like it were being produced by some other company that I have not heard of and sold under the GE name. That one has malfunctioned on numerous occasions (either failed to turn the lights on or failed to turn the lights off). Thus, I would hesitate to recommend it at this point. A quick check on Amazon shows that Honeywell makes a functionally similar timer that has very good reviews. If I were buying a new one today, given my experience with the “GE” one, I’d go with the Honeywell. (search for “Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B 7-Day Solar”)

          • I’ve had that Honeywell switch for a couple of years and it hasn’t failed yet. It’s easy to install and program, and it has a couple of other programs in addition to the sunrise/sunset program, which is based on your latitude and longitude. One of them is an “away” feature, which turns your light on at a random time each night while you’re on vacation. I highly recommend it.

      • justinbc

        I can easily do that, but if it’s not the chain it’s something else with these two, and we only operate the fan when we’re at home so it’s not like they would be bouncing around during the day unsupervised. I might still do it anyway just to cut down on the risk (although to be honest I’m not sure if it’s the chain or the movement of the blades that interested him).

      • Ditto on getting rid of the chain–I’ve had bad luck with those breaking, so replacing with a remote that can be attached to the wall (or a light switch/dimmer) is definitely the way to go.

    • I Dont Get It

      That’s hilarious!

    • Hilarious pic, but I like HaileUnlikely’s idea of removing the chain and shifting the function to the wall switch — I wouldn’t want Nall to get anywhere near moving fan blades.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your cats are awesome; they’ll be swinging from the rafters in no time.

    • Hahahaha gorgeous cat despite the cat fail

  • Rant/rave: Five months into planning our wedding with a flaky (but lovely) venue near my hometown, we’re thinking of throwing everything out the window and having it here in DC instead. We think we’ve got food and venue figured out, but the band and photographer we had on board won’t travel so far.

    PoPville suggestions for bands and/or photographers?

  • Revel: I slept for 8 hours last night. It was marvelous.
    Rave: Smoked gouda and spinach crust less quiche for breakfast. Ridiculously good.
    Rave: Weekend packed with Fall activities.

    • I Dont Get It

      Crustless quiche? Never heard of such a magical thing!

      • I got the recipe from the Food Network website. It’s amazing. All the wonderful flavor of quiche without the guilt of having a pie crust first thing in the morning. And it’s the only way I’m able to get eggs into me these days. We did alter the recipe to increase the number of eggs (we used 3 whole eggs and 3 egg yolks, instead of 2 of each) and it didn’t seem to affect the texture.

  • Rant: We’ve never had to cut a check as big as the 50% payment being made towards the wedding venue and photographer. Sheesh.
    Rave: Wedding planning has become less stressful in recent weeks, still a lot to take care of, such as a wedding cake, DJ but its less hectic. I think we agreed on colors a couple of weeks ago
    Rant: Every weekend we’re doing something wedding related, so we kinda just stopped hanging out with friends for a bit. Almost been 2 months since a buddy of mine wanted to have dinner with us but between 10 hour work days and pushing everything off to the weekend we haven’t had time for a social life. Is this normal? Are we planning too much or too hard?

    • Yes. Go have fun with friends. Focus on relationships – with each other together, with friends separately, with families, etc. The wedding will be one day. It’s the relationships that will (hopefully) continue, and I’ve seen too many people jeopardize those relationships over a wedding. It’s not worth that much stress and money, in my opinion!

    • It’s normal to get caught up in the planning, especially in the beginning when you’re trying to book vendors, and towards the end when you’re trying to finalize all the annoying last minute details. Make an effort to hang out with your friends, and your SO. It really helps to spend time doing non-wedding things!

    • For me it wasn’t time consuming or stressful until about a month before the wedding. But I wasn’t that “in to” the whole wedding planning and all the small details. I knew what I wanted and it was nothing crazy. We also settled on our venue pretty quickly though, which took care of a lot of things. I agree with LBP…it’s ONE DAY and it’s not even what matters. The marriage and your relationship, life, family, etc. is what really matters.

  • Rave: Slept so well last night! Glorious!
    Rave: Very little planned for the weekend. Hoping to meet up with some neighborhood friends and get some work done around the house.
    Rant: Super chilly weather coming this weekend and few large-enough clothing options. I think I have a maternity sweater or two in my stash somewhere….

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: busy Fridays
    Rave: Had fun last night even if I did have to leave early.

  • Rant: This is unbelievable. I see station managers letting kids going through the emergency gate (well, maybe not “letting,” but doing zero to stop them) ALL THE TIME, but some station manager chooses to be a [email protected] and not let a freaking SERVICE DOG through the gate??

  • SouthwestDC

    Gardening question: My tomato and pepper plants should be ok this wekeend, right? I live in DC proper.

    • That One Guy

      I brought the last of my potted plants indoors last night, but I live in the boonies.

    • I Dont Get It

      Would it be that difficult to cover at night with trash bags or something?

      • SouthwestDC

        I guess my question is really whether to cover them or not. I’ll be out of town Saturday night, and it’s supposed to get down to 37. So they should be ok, but I won’t be here to do anything if it happens to get colder. I also have a bunch of potted plants that I really would like to keep out a little longer.

  • Rant: Post disappeared.
    Query: Any ideas from the PoPulace about places I could take two thirty-something women with my baby boy (10 months) this weekend? I’m stumped. We may just end up chilling at the house, but I’d love to show them a nice time while they are visiting.

  • Rave – So glad I made it to happy hour last night! I had fun and it was great to meet some new people.
    Rant – My dog did not eat her breakfast this morning and didn’t get out of her bed when I left, which is very unusual for her. Hope she’s ok.

    • Allison

      Maybe doggie is sensing the big cold front that’s coming this weekend?

    • Maybe it’s that new bed, she can’t get enough.

      • That did cross my mind! But it is very unusual for her to skip eating Maybe the combined cold weather plus new comfy bed just made her extra lazy this morning.

        • Is her stomach gurgling? My dog has general gastritis fairly often and when it flares up she won’t eat breakfast and just lies around (though more often on the hard floor, I think to relieve the discomfort.) It usually remedies itself in a day, but if not, ask your vet. She might recommend a small dose of Pepto Bismol or Pepcid AC

  • Rave: Enjoyed last night’s happy hour. It was great to see a bunch of familiar faces, and also to meet Pixie!
    Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rant: I have to do some major house-tidying and file-organizing this weekend.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Yet another trip up to NJ this weekend.
    Rave: HH last night.
    Rant/Rave: I think I’m geeking out too hard with the glasses. At least I can see more clearly.

    • SouthwestDC

      Rave for me: is that I’m going to NJ this weekend (it helps that I have an adorable niece to see).
      Rant: My eyes have been killing me this week so I’m wearing my glasses, and within 5 minutes of being at work someone commented on it saying I looked like a hipster.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: IDGI SR who has dealt with prostate cancer for years had a PSA level of 3 in his last checkup which isn’t bad at all, especially for an 85 year old man. However, since it had gone up since his last test, the DR recommended an MRI and he did find a tiny spot on his prostate which the DR said he can easily freeze off. I talked to IDGI SR last night and he has a very positive outlook with the situation.
    Rant: Well sort of–my sister and his wife. My biggest concern is overtreatment in an 85 year old man but they are both a bit of drama queens when it comes to his health and I’m afraid if they continue to overreact (out of love) at some point will push him into more radical treatment.
    Rave: Otherwise he is very healthy!
    Question: My body is becoming as inflexible as my personality and I’m thinking of taking some beginning Yoga on YouTube. I remember someone recommending some videos on here before so please feel free to advise. It looks like Adrienes’s videos have the most viewers but that doesn’t necessarily mean she is the best.

  • topscallop

    Rant: work procrastination and lack of motivation
    Rave: it’s Friday
    Rant: this weekend is super busy and I really wish I could just make soup, read books, and go for a hike
    Rave: got in two workouts this week
    Rave: the donut truck is near my office today
    Rave? Boyfriend wants us to eat the same thing when we cook dinner together (I’m mostly veg but eat seafood occasionally, he’s a meat and potatoes guy) but he seems skeptical that we can make something that is filling enough, with enough protein, etc. for him. I honestly don’t mind if he has meat, and mine is veg, but suggestions for hearty, protein-filled veg recipes would be welcome. Meanwhile last night on my own I made roasted eggplant and tomatoes with scallion miso butter, over farro, and it was absolutely delicious.

    • Allison

      How about, like, a sweet potato and blackbean chili?

    • One of my favorite vegetarian standbys is pasta with a tomato-chickpea sauce. Take a can of rinsed chickpeas & use a food processor or stick blender (or even a fork/potato masher) to smush them–saute with a couple of cloves of garlic & olive oil, add a little white wine if you want, then add a can of crushed tomatoes and let simmer for a few minutes. Super easy & super delicious.
      I also have a Moroccan chickpea recipe that includes spinach, apricots, and a few other things I’m forgetting. I can pass along the recipe for that if you’re interested.

    • For flexible meat/veg meals, I love enchiladas. You can make them pretty hearty on their own without meat — I like using sweet potatoes, quinoa and black beans — but have added shredded rotisserie chicken or other shredded meat before. They’re nice because you can easily make half the pan with meat and half without. Also, thefullhelping.com and ohsheglows.com have some great recipes that are vegan, filling, and flexible enough to change up for non-vegan diets.

    • We both love this one: http://ohsheglows.com/2011/05/12/lightened-up-protein-power-goddess-bowl/

      Just don’t call it a “goddess bowl” if you want him to eat it 🙂 To simplify, you can use “goddess dressing” plus an extra half lemon juiced, or skip the nutritional yeast and only do one grain (I usually do quinoa). It’s yummy and really filling.

  • RAVE: headed to Homestead Farm with the munchkins tomorrow morning. Love that place.
    RAVE: will start the morning off with bagels & lox, then take White’s Ferry across to Ashburn after we do the farm.
    QUERY: any suggestions for the Ashburn Outlets? Any particular stores we should hit up? We both need work clothes, kitchen supplies, and perhaps some furniture (if we find something that works for us).

  • Rave: Seriously thinking about adopting a dog!
    Question: Is two humans + two cats + (hopefully) one low energy dog in a one bedroom apartment too much? Do any of you own a dog and cat(s) and live in a small place? I am curious what your experience has been and if you have any tips for making this work.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Greyhounds are great city dogs b/c all they do is sleep. If you have a corner for a bed you are good to go.

    • As long as the dog gets enough exercise, they can pretty much live anywhere, in my experience. I’ve had big dogs in small spaces and it’s fine, there’s just less room for the humans. But I didn’t have cats. Greyhounds are great low energy dogs, but they usually are not good with cats as they like to chase small animals.

      • I have a friend with a rescue greyhound and two cats, and it took some time to introduce them but they all get along very well now! The coordinators should be able to tell you which ones are more likely to be fine with them, and it’ll take patience. But this is a great point to keep in mind.

    • Thanks everyone! We will check out some upcoming greyhound adoption events and see how that goes!

      • If you work with any of the rescue groups, City Dogs, Homeward Trails, Lucky Dog etc. that have most of their dogs in foster homes, you will be able to pretty much “place and order” for the kind of dog that would fit into your family & lifestyle. Lots of dogs do well in a small space as long as they get enough exercise and attention.

  • Blithe

    Observation: Reading the comments here have made me wonder what it might feel like to go through life getting the benefit of doubt, and having the security that comes along with that. I think about all of the times that my presence has been questioned, and all of the times that I have had to assert my right to walk in the world and to accept the risks that come along with that — even as I realize that other people have a whole different set of risks and expectations. I wonder what it might be like to not just walk, but to skip freely, and I feel profoundly grateful that I was able to grow up when and where I did.

    • Your phrase “going through life getting the benefit of the doubt” has been haunting me the past few hours — another way of describing what Ta-nehisi Coates calls living in “the Dream” of obliviousness to white power. Thanks for this.

  • Rant: Conservative/Bigoted People. Sigh. I know I’m really liberal (like, *really* liberal). I am fully aware of my biases, and I really try really hard to be open to others and respect their opinions. But sometimes it is just so effing hard! My kids go to bilingual school, we live and are a sort of weird post-modern blended family with my Latina BFF. My kids go to bi-lingual school, and I swear when you hear middle Anonachild speak, you would not realize she’s an Irish kid born in Maryland. To me, this is all great!! I love it! I love that my kids are growing up to be multi-cultural, and to appreciate and celebrate diversity! And then I get that one asshole relative who wants to post a meme about “not being forced to learn Spanish because of the illegals” on the same night of all the posts about my kids enjoying and participating in Hispanic Heritage Night at school. For one thing, my kids aren’t forced to learn Spanish (actually, they are being forced to learn Latin, but that’s a different post for a different day) anymore than I was forced to learn French in HS. For another thing it absolutely disgusts me how anyone with brown skin and an accent is automatically assumed to be undocumented. It’s just so ignorant and hateful and absolutely infuriating!!!! And what really pisses me off is how this person managed to slip through the Block-Hide Spree following the death of Michael Brown AND the passage of Marriage Equality. Bigots can be such sneaky little fuckers.

  • Rave: It’s a beautiful day. I took myself out for a walk and lunch because…
    Rave: It’s finally my last day at my office. New office job starts Monday.
    Rave: Things are going wonderfully with the boy.
    Rant: If only I could leave work early to go frolic in the sun, I’d be so happy! A good 2/3rds of my office is out today.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rave #1: Just got back from Target and they had stack of Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower fans 50% off. Remote control and it even has a white noise setting! $16.48…score! They are on the second floor next to the elevator if anyone is interested.

    Bonus Rave #2: People who get snockered up at PoP unofficial happy hours and send emails to people who have never been. I ain’t naming names…

  • RAVE: I GOT THE JOB!! (also, holy cow that was fast)
    Rave: Got offered a little more than I expected! Trying to figure out if I should still negotiate a bit, waiting to see the benefits package still.
    Rant: They need me to start in 2 weeks. My current guys are going to flip out since we just started working on a major event…
    Rave: But yaaaay I’m so excited!!

  • Late-day rave: Just learned how easy it is to make egg drop soup. My life is forever improved. I’m totally making some this weekend!!!!

    • Allison

      Yum — egg drop soup with a little bit of powdered ginger and lemon pepper mixed in is my go-to home cold remedy. It took me a long time to learn to make it right — I always put the eggs in at too high a temperature and ended up with scrambled eggs floating in chicken broth.

      • Yum! Was planning on using black pepper instead of white pepper from the recipe I found, but lemon pepper sounds even better! And duly noted on the eggs–I’ll keep that in mind.

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